A Linear Shooter: Wolfenstein 1-D

Just because something can be made doesn’t mean you should make it. That said, Wolfenstein 1-D is surprisingly good. Is this the true essence of gaming? (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)


  1. Dreamhacker says:

    Heh, a fake 2D game! Don’t see those every day. :)

  2. Pani says:

    Nice, $35 sent! Although I’m still waiting for Wolfenstein 4-D.

    • Navagon says:

      A fully real time Wolfenstein where the guards have shifts, need to eat and sleep and write home to their families about the next visit home they’re doomed never to make thanks to your escape and subsequent rampage?

    • simonh says:

      Whenever 4D is brought up, why does someone always assume that the fourth dimension must be time? What we clearly want is Wolfenstein with four SPATIAL dimensions (like Miegakure).

  3. Lewie Procter says:

    Nice, but I wish it supported resolutions higher than 640×1.

    I’d probably upgrade my monitor if I’d be able to play this in 1920×1.

  4. Navagon says:

    I shoot all my bullets. :<

  5. Ross Mills says:

    This is…

    Actually not all that bad!

    Slightly hard to tell the difference between the green/blue, so I shot a lot of doors, but otherwise fun!

  6. liquidsoap89 says:

    Graphics could be better… This IS the 21st century!

  7. BooleanBob says:

    I’m glad we’re all too classy here to mention that this isn’t truly 1d, the engine just pulls some clever tricks to give you that impression.

    Oh damnit

  8. lethu says:

    Any chances they implement the more up-to-date 2D in the near future?

  9. zak canard says:

    Game of the year. Now all we need is a ZX Spectrum conversion and I’ll be a very happy chap.

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      Wolf1D is clearly an early contender for GOTY 2011.

    • tossrStu says:

      I don’t think a Spectrum version would be possible, due to colour clash; sadly this is the closest we’ll get to Wolfenstein 1-D on the Speccy :(

  10. stahlwerk says:

    This is oddly relaxing after working on 3d graphics related stuff all day.

    Edit for an honest question: is this only one level or did I skip something by chance?

  11. Oak says:

    Meh. Basically just Flatland with guns.

  12. Inglourious Badger says:

    1D, maybe, but it’s still less linear than Cod:Blops.

    ZING! That’s right, I went there

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Also, am I really the first time/space pedant to point out it’s not actually 1D, it’s 2D?

      1 pixel high, by lots of pixels wide = 2D

    • Berzee says:

      You aren’t the first, see above people mentioning that they WON’T mention it because they’re too classy.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Damn, outclassed again. Sorry all

    • stahlwerk says:

      it is 1-d, or at the very least a degenerate case of 2-d (it being displayed in an oriented fashion on a 2-d screen). By your reasoning you could even call it 3-d, since the line is also one level deep.


    • BAReFOOt says:

      @Inglourious Badger:
      This is the same stupid pseudo-argument that is used, every time someone is using a representation of a 1D space on our 2D screens. The original space still has only 1 dimension. Otherwise you could move up and down (or in and out). Also 1px height can still be called 1-dimensional, since the pixel is only the quantization. Same as a elementary particle can be called bigger than 1 Planck-length. Yet it still is a point object with no size.

      By your logic, Crysis is a 2D game, since what you see is 2D…
      It’s called a projection! Which is a form of representation.

      BTW: I’d like to see a 1D projection of a 2D projection of a 3D Crysis that is still playable. ;))

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Hmmm, yeah, you’re right. It only has one dimension.

      In response, and to make up for my invalid pedantry, I’ve made this version: Wolfenstein 0D. Enjoy!

    • gwathdring says:

      Wolfenstein 0-d could actually be rather interesting. A one pixel rhythm games has a modicum of potential. Of course, that’s also how you would do a 1-d first person shooter. A single, color shifting pixel.

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      Is time not a dimension? Thus making this 2d, streetfighter 3d and quake 4d?
      /smart arse mode

    • bill says:

      Time AND Relative Dimension In Space. Therefore clearly time is not a relative dimension.

  13. Initialised says:

    I’m getting like 1000000 fps

  14. Teddy Leach says:

    It needs multiple endings, multiplayer, and achievements.

  15. BathroomCitizen says:

    oooh man

    I’m really, really bad at this game!
    Eh, off for some Quake 1love then.

  16. Risingson says:

    Now, this reminded me that the music in Wolfenstein 3D was wonderful.

    • Ridiculous Human says:

      My first thought as well. Those songs are ingrained in my soft, broken brain, and always will be.

  17. Ricc says:

    Mein Leben!

    It’s almost like they are heaving an existential crisis during the last second of their life. Good old Wolfenstein.

    • Sarkhan Lol says:

      And then O’Hare and I, not much more than kids actually, went into an undefended barn there in the springtime countryside. We wanted something to eat, anything to eat. But we found a wounded and obviously dying captain of the notoriously heartless Nazi Schutzstaffel, the SS, in a haymow instead. He might easily, until very recently, have been in charge of tormenting and planning the extinction of some of the death camp survivors not far away.

      Like all members of the SS, and like all death camp survivors as well, this captain presumably had a serial number tattooed on his arm. Want to talk about postwar irony? There was a lot of that.

      He asked O’Hare and me to go away. He would soon be dead, and said he looked forward to being such. As we prepared to depart, not feeling much about him one way or the other, he cleared his throat, signaling that he had something more to say after all. This was the last-words business again. If he had any, who but us could hear them?

      “I have just wasted the past ten years of my life,” he said.

  18. GHudston says:

    Reminds me of Final Fantasy XIII.

  19. Rikard Peterson says:

    That was more fun than I expected it to be.

  20. frenz0rz says:

    Surely the future of gaming!

  21. Brumisator says:

    Sure, this is a funny idea, but I’ve played actual 1D games that had interesting gameplay, Except for the pun, wolf1D has very little redeeming value.

  22. killmachine says:

    i actually had a lot of fun playing it. i would have played more than one level but, you know, 1d, one level. its sort of a statement i guess.

    “mein leben”… awsome^^

  23. Oozo says:

    All well and good – but tell me: Is it censored in Germany?
    (Don’t know how the law is for depictions of swastikas, when they are in 1D…)

  24. Marar Patrunjica says:

    Could have been better optimized…

  25. starclaws says:

    Can’t change guns. Can’t knife people. Pulls have a limit travel distance when they shouldn’t in Wolfenstein.

  26. Thecreeperskg says:

    That’s why I love RPS. Screw the articles, the comments alone are enough to make my day!!

  27. Sarlix says:

    Why can’t I kick open doors??

  28. Nero says:

    Yeah I bit too linear for my taste.

  29. nuh uh no way says:

    what is this “mein leben” crap you guys are on about?!

    i always thought they yelled “JOE NAMATH”

  30. OJ287 says:

    Spoiler: The secret area is behind Hitler’s portrait

  31. Phydaux says:

    Wow, those old sounds and music really take me back. Achtung!

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