League Of Legends Introduces Co-Op Play

What did we settle on as a better name for the DOTA-like games? Heroic tower-defence? Something like that. One of you had a good suggestion, I forget what it was… Presumably there is a genre name I am missing out on. Anyway! League of Legends is that kind of game, and free, which is useful, and it’s being built on all the time with various updates, which now includes a co-op vs AI mode, which will be nice and reassuring for noobs like me. Here’s the news, and here’s a salient bit from Riot: “We’ve been hard at work augmenting our AI, allowing us to produce more and more challenging and complicated computer controlled enemies. In the near future, players will be able to experience the fruits of these labors by joining a matchmaking queue that will pair them against a team of enemy AI bots on Summoner’s Rift.”

The new AIs are apparently a big step up from the existing bots, and can pull off a number of useful tactics such as “ganking mid”. Which sounds despicable. (Confession: I am totally being bullied by my old Eve corpmates to play this game with them, but I am NOT doing it! They can’t bully me. And I have to other very important stuff to install, like a Minecraft mod. Yep.)


  1. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    In Warcraft modding there is a thing called hero defense, which is tower defense with heroes instead of towers. DotA is very distinct from that and has only superficial similarities with tower defense. Why is calling it DotA not good enough?

    • Brumisator says:

      FPSs aren’t called doom-likes anymore.

    • jonfitt says:

      I’d say it is a kind of versus/symmetrical tower defence with action rpg player heroes.

      The first person who can work that into a handy name is my favourite.

    • anonymousity says:

      For years they were called AOS clones or just aos on battle net, why do people who don’t play the games suddenly need to rename them something that no one who plays them will call them?

    • Trayder says:

      I thought they were called 3 corridors before that. Ofcourse someone came out with an actual map named 3 corridors at one point which ended up with a hardcore following somehow.

      I always say its a Dota like game, perhaps collectively these games are… ‘dotalikes’

    • starclaws says:

      Except Doom wasn’t the first…

  2. Jad says:

    Maybe people who still play Defense of the Ancients may dislike this suggestion, but I’d be fine just genericizing that name and calling them all “DOTA” games. Maybe that’s a bad idea with DOTA 2 coming out. Incidentally I was playing that new DOOM game Black Ops recently and …

    Anyway, this news makes it much much more likely for someone like me to play LoL, I love Co-op vs. AI, there’s usually less stress that way.

    • jonfitt says:

      I think that’s one of the reasons Blizzard got so uppity with Valve. Aside from the fact that DotA-the-game is normally associated with a Blizzard game: DotA-the-name at the moment pretty much defines the genre. So whoever produces the game named DotA2 looks like the king of the heap.

  3. Sigma Draconis says:

    This should be good, as a new way to practice was badly needed. Players can get used to playing champions they’ve never really tried before, and against a (hopefully) non-stupid AI this time.

    Much more preferable instead of getting a trial by fire versus other players and having the standard elitist DotA chuds rage and moan if you don’t know how to play your champ effectively.

    Good to see Riot taking steps to make LoL more accessible, along with addressing community conduct with the Tribunal system. The genre as a whole could use improvements in both those areas right now.

  4. Kryopsis says:

    While I am still ambivalent about the LoL community (I haven’t played much in the past 2 weeks, in fact), Riot Games should be commended for working hard to make the game more and more accessible.

  5. Talos says:

    The genre name is Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

    • Kaira- says:

      I thought it was AOS after the original DOTA-like game, Aeon of Strife.

    • OpT1mUs says:


      No. No it is not.

      Put the blindfold on him.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Don’t worry Talos, I’m with you!

      I can’t stand people calling them Dotas or AoS. It would be like calling games the first person genre Wolfensteins.

    • Vinraith says:


      That’s a rather restricting term. What about non-online (or even non-multiplayer, perish the thought) games with similar mechanics?

    • DrGonzo says:

      If it was offline or not multiplayer then I would say it’s not in the same genre. Moba may not be a perfect name, but I don’t see how it matters, it’s just an easy way of saying it plays like Dota.

    • Vinraith says:


      I played DotA offline against AI, and co-op against AI, on quite a few occasions.

    • jonfitt says:

      TF2 is also a multiplayer online game where people battle in an arena….

    • Kryopsis says:

      Can something be online and not multiplayer?

    • anotherman7 says:

      TF2 is also a game where two teams “fight” with guns. Should it be called a Fighting game then? MOBA seems like the best solution to me anyway, better than “DotA-alike”.

    • Torgen says:

      “Can something be online and not multiplayer?”

      Most recent single player games published by UbiSoft come immediately to mind.

    • Vinraith says:

      The obvious flaw here is that it was possible (and quite entertaining) to play DotA both single player and co-op against AI. It wasn’t necessarily multiplayer, and it wasn’t necessarily online.

  6. Friend says:

    Also on the League of Legends front, Riot has in the works something called the Tribunal, which is essentially a jury of peers style of thing that allows players to pass judgment on in-game complaint tickets. The hook for players is that if they choose the verdict that ends up being in the majority, they get rewarded with some lovely points. On the other hand, if they consistently vote against the grain, then they may have their judging privileges temporarily revoked. Considering the bevy of complaints about the game’s community, it should be interesting to see how it flies in practice.

    • Scorpi says:

      Yeah, as far as “things about League of Legends that RPS would probably post about,” the tribunal seemed far more up their alley. Or, perhaps, up their summoner’s rift? Hm. No.

      Anyways, the tribunal seems fantastic. I’m reporting people every other game; I actually gave up on ranked games entirely because I had to report someone every game, usually lots of people, usually my own teammates as well. All that being said, the community is still better than some others out there that I’ve seen.

    • Jockie says:

      I pretty much report someone every game too. I think the real reason for this system is not for a fairer way of judgement etc, it’s so Riot doesn’t have to employ 10 staff just to read through player complaints/reports.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      That sounds like a brilliant way to execute voting, and nothing could go wrong with that!

    • Devan says:

      I play this game quite frequently, although never in ranked matches, and aside from players leaving the match I haven’t come across any behaviour worth reporting. What kinds of disputes does this tribunal have to resolve?

    • arccos says:

      Basically, its for people that are just indefensibly offensive, racist, etc. It seems to be a good solution to a pretty serious problem, and all of the tools they provide (chat logs, both for that match and previous, statistics, etc) seem like someone could make an informed decision from it.

  7. zergrush says:

    People used to call DotA an “AoS” when I still played it some years ago. That stands for Aeons of Strife I believe, which apparently was an old Starcraft custom map that started the genre.

  8. OpT1mUs says:

    First one who says that the genre name is “MOBA” gets shot!

  9. Flappybat says:

    RPS should play some league of legends or heroes of newerth and give a report, it’s a PC exclusive genre.

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      No, I’d like to still read news here. And if you got hooked on one of these, there is no way out.

    • Jockie says:

      It is kind of baffling how little exposure LoL gets considering how popular it is though. I bet when Valve release DOTA 2 it will be plastered all over RPS and indeed every gaming website, because it’s Valve.

    • cyrenic says:


      Agreed. Going off a few assumptions, I think the only multiplayer PC games besting LoL as far as overall playtime are the Call of Duty games and of course WoW. I believe it gets quite a bit more online playtime than Starcraft II, for example.

    • Delusibeta says:

      @cyrenic: Xfire says it’s second only to WoW among its users.

  10. Lobosolitario says:

    Perhaps an Arena RTS (ARTS)?

    • Xocrates says:

      While the genre was born out of RTS, it most definitely isn’t an RTS.

  11. cyrenic says:

    I don’t see this getting a lot of use from the current playerbase, but it could open up a lot more people to the game. Free multiplayer co-op game with a ton of content? Sounds good to me.

    Also, I bet if Jim gave LoL a bit of time it’d consume him like EVE did ;)

  12. Arathain says:

    You should give it a go, Jim, especially if you have friends to play with. There’s a bit of a learning barrier to get over, so it’s helpful to have tolerant team mates to help you over the bump. It doesn’t take all that long to be a useful team mate.

    I don’t think it’ll have anything like the hold that EVE has on one. It’s just a fun, varied multiplayer game that everyone with any competitive spirit should at least give a go.

  13. Paravel says:

    I’m excited for this, as the current AI situation on League of Legends is not even worthy of mention. I can currently 1v5 a team of bots and finish the game around 12 minutes. The only reason I use bot matches is to farm in-game currency. It teaches you nothing about how to actually play, and only instills false confidence in noobies.

  14. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    I offered the suggestion of Mobile Base/Boss Defence (or Strategy): MBD (or MBS) the other day. I like it; broad, but descriptive…

  15. Sondar says:

    Give it a go! It’s an excellent game, if a little tricky to get into to begin with.

    The genre your looking for is MOBA I think, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena?

    Paravel is right, the current bots are horribly bugged and don’t work correctly at all.

    • jonfitt says:

      MOBA sounds like it should fit, but doesn’t that name also fit all online FPSs? ‘Battle’ is too generic and so is ‘arena’.

  16. WildcardUK says:

    From my experience of the community I think the genre should be CAS short for Childish Abuse Spammer :)

    Although seriously, I guess something like THA for Third-Person Hero Arena might work?

  17. Highstorm says:

    MOBA is far too broad, and really doesn’t describe do much of anything to describe the style of play. All you know is you fight, online, in an arena.

    I wonder if something like Roleplaying Brawler (RPB) would work, since a large part of the formula is leveling your champion and outfitting them with gear so as to better scuffle with your foes.

    Ah I see it now. Roleplaying Scuffle. An RPS game!

  18. Sarkhan Lol says:

    Oh, let’s just call them M.U.L.E.s and be done with it.

  19. LD says:

    Get on vent and play damnit jim.

  20. Kiki Zhu says:

    We can learn and improve ourselvies during the Co-op VS AI games. However, the new AIs only has beginner and intermediate. Sometimes I really felt boring when I played the Co-op VS AI games. Jim, do you agree to level up the difficulty?