Some Custom Cars In Test Drive Unlimited 2

So I was just having a look at the customization trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 (because in my soul I am actually dude in a hoodie driving around my neighbourhood in a noisy hatchback with bucket seats) which you can also see below. And the cars look good. But that’s not what got my attention. It was more that, well, the environments – and particularly the roads – look terrible. Don’t you think? For other, more incisive observations you might want to read John’s full-length hands-on preview, rather than my attention-free prattlings… But anyway, enough random sniping about car games, back to silently watching the timer tick down on the download of Dead Space 2. (Thanks for sending me the 360 version by the way, Electronic Arts! That will find use in a parallel world, I am sure.)

Thanks, VG247!


  1. cqdemal says:

    Looks okay to me, and I found no significant graphical issues in the beta aside from the perennially ugly character models.

  2. Kelron says:

    Looks ok to me. They’ve obviously spent most of their time on the cars, but the environments don’t look bad.

  3. skinlo says:

    Saw nothing majorly wrong.

  4. Cooper says:

    I disagree (with the above comments, but agree with Jim)

    The thing is, I don’t see it as an issue so much. I assume when one is hurtling through environments at breakneck pace, it’s ok if they’re a bit low poly and low res. I imagine it’s a trade off in order for higher resolution automobile pronography.

  5. Linfosoma says:

    I guess it would be fair to compare the graphics to other open world games such as GTA and not standard racing games, in which case they are quite good.
    Im rather looking forward to this one. I know the driving will suck, the character customisation will piss me off for being useless and the fact that all characters seem to look terrible anyways, but I still get the feeling that I will get some good mileage out of this game. The prospect of an open racing mmo is a strong one.

    Hopefully there will be a decent DLC support after release too, there’s a very noticeable lack of asian vehicles in the game, and where are the bikes that handle like boats? : /

    • cqdemal says:

      Not comparable to GTA methinks. GTA IV’s Liberty City pisses all over this. But then again, TDU2’s map is much, much larger and is designed solely for driving.

  6. Schmung says:

    er, the car customisation looks a little bit iffy to be honest. Could be that the trailer is a bit misleading though, but if you’re going to put it in your game do it properly (forza) or not at all.

  7. terry says:

    I am totally reserving judgement on this until I hear about the driving. It looks nice but so do a lot of games which control like oily bollocks.

  8. somedude says:

    The environments aren’t mind-blowing, and honestly not that much of a step up from the original… however, I’m still happy with the original’s graphics level, so I don’t think it’s a huge issue (also, given the speeds in the game, there may be a limit to how fast you can stream/render new high-resolution content as you pass through each area). I would agree that the most important aspect here is going to be the gameplay and controls – if it drives like the original (or better) I think it will be pretty fun – I still fire up the original regularly, and even if this amounts to nothing more than an expansion pack, I’ll be happy.

  9. Thermal Ions says:

    A universe where Jim reviews 360 games. That’s not a parallel universe, that’s a perpendicular universe, and a scary thought.

    On topic, I’m not sure on this game, a preview I read made it sound like Sims with wheels, although maybe that’d be an improvement over the ho-hum monotony of NFS:HP.

  10. Dhatz says:

    once we learn to not buy games based on graphics or cars, such shitty games will have no chance