Dead Space 2: Severed Not Coming To PC

Goodbye creepy little thing, we hardly knew ye.

Time for me to be the badger of bad news. EA has confirmed to The Escapist that the Severed DLC for Dead Space 2, which adds 2 standalone chapters to the game that tell the story of whatever happened to Dead Space: Extraction stars Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock, won’t be seeing a PC release. You can chalk that up with the Dead Space: Ignition standalone comic book/minigame release we never saw, which unlocks a new Hacker suit, a new weapon and some new audio logs in Dead Space 2. Thanks to reader Dominic “Domino” Tarason for the tipoff, who also informs us that the vsync mouselag that troubled some folk in the PC version of Dead Space 1 is still alive and kicking in Dead Space 2. That is all.


  1. sneetch says:

    Well… I was surprised to find that I can’t get annoyed about this: I suppose the PC version getting short-changed is just far too predictable for me to get properly annoyed anymore. Instead I’m just not going to buy it. You screw us over I don’t buy your product.

  2. Ovno says:

    EA Games – Challenge EVERYTHING…

    Especially your patience

  3. Ravenger says:

    This wouldn’t have been as bad an issue if they were up-front about it, so that PC gamers could make an informed choice.

    It’s interesting that the DRM for the game wasn’t announced as such either – it was only when the EULA made its way onto the net that we found out that it had extra DRM and how it worked. You’d have thought that EA would have learned from their previous DRM fiascos.

  4. dskzero says:

    You know, back then, this didn’t happen because once you bought the game, you bought the whole goddamn game instead of some random part of it. Thn they released expansion packs, which added roughly 75% more content to the game: not 30 minutes of it. DLC is by far the worst thing to happen to gaming this millenium.

  5. DOLBYdigital says:

    I hate how accepted and expected DLC has become. I’m not going to go into my full blown stripped out features rant but if there is one thing I absolutely hate, its DLC. I miss the days of the good old expansion where it was a substantial amount of extra content that you could tell wasn’t intentionally stripped out. Now they announce DLC on RELEASE DAY…. Cmon people, open your eyes….. oops sorry I started to slip into rant mode.

    I’ll wait for this game to be $10 in a year and grab it.

  6. Dominic White says:

    The nut-kicking never stops. Reports are now coming in that the unlockable ‘Elite’ suits (special high-level armor only accessible in New Game+ mode) are missing outright from the PC version. This isn’t DLC or preorder material – this is base game content that should be there, but isn’t.

    Someone needs to get in contact with EA and inform them that the game desperately needs a patch. If nothing else, just give PC owners the Rivet Gun for free.