Don’t Toy With Them: MicroVolts Beta, Trailer

TF2 Babies!

MicroVolts, a third-person multiplayer shooter, has been rumbling along in beta for a few months now. It’s a hybrid of TF2 and MicroMachines, teeny little toys waging war in your back garden. Why do they fight? For battery resources, of courses. And for supremacy in the Micro World. Which is presumably just the world, but seen from lower down. It’s entering its second closed beta on the 28th, accepting applications for that now. And there’s a fresh new trailer of the frantic action to see below.

The game will be free to play when it comes out, but no official release date appears to have been announced. It’s from a studio called Rock Hippo whose “coming soon”-laden website boasts that, “RockHippo is positioned to become the worldwide leader in one of the fastest growing segments of the online gaming market.” I like their moxie. (And what a an impressively cross-cultural and beautiful staff they employ!)

There’s a squillion more trailers on their YouTube site.


  1. HexagonalBolts says:

    They sure know how to make jittery trailers!

  2. Tei says:

    I think I have played this exact map in Quake3. Or maybe was a mod for Quake3, but I think was a map.

  3. godgoo says:


    I’d not heard of this and when I read the initial description I thought it was gonna be TF2 does Toy Commander and got all excited, then I watched the trailer and couldn’t help but be disappointed.

    • Ian says:

      Toy Commander was a good game. It was to my eternal disappointment that none of my friends really enjoyed the multiplayer.

  4. BooleanBob says:

    I watched the whole trailer and now I am Saturday morning cartoons and sugary breakfast cereal puuuuuuumped

    Going to bug mum to take me to Argos so I can buy it/spend 40 minutes leafing through the catalogue and decide to get a Megazord instead

    John you should totally do a retrospective of Gearheads! That game was messed up.

  5. terry says:

    Neat idea but I hope the netcode is up to scratch.

  6. JackShandy says:

    I always suspected our toys would resort to battery canabalism once we were wiped off the face of the earth.

  7. Njordsk says:

    My mind read “Re-Volt”.

    And that makes me sad. Oooh my youth.

    • Tei says:

      Re-Volt was awesome on lan games with friends.

    • ShawnClapper says:

      My mind as well. So disappointed :(.

      I actually loaded up re-volt for some lan play awhile ago while we were waiting for games to download. It still has some great gameplay.

      If I ever make a game with decent enough sales to support the time for a fan project, I’m going to make Re-Volt 2. Count on it :).

  8. Persus-9 says:

    Looks like there might be an entertaining FPS in there. Unfortunately they choose to make it a TPS so I’ll stick to TF2.

  9. Player1 says:

    If their staff is as sexy as in the pictures i’m going to apply for a job and move over to canada. Look at those ladies!

    • terry says:

      I dunno, I’m getting a “whatever you want, when you want it” vibe from those banners.

  10. Mistabashi says:

    I think this is the beginning of me getting tired of people trying to mimic TF2’s art style….

  11. Zyrxil says:

    Wait wait wait, is this an English port of that Korean TF2 look-alike people were ripping on two years ago, HAVE Online? See link to

  12. Eclipse says:

    reminds me A LOT of World of Padman, that’s free on Desura and ModDB link to

  13. lumenadducere says:

    Yeah, still looks way too much like TF2, and I already have TF2 so I’m not sure why I’d want this along with it. Maybe for the cutesy-toy theme? But that’s not really appealing to me either, so I think I’ll still be giving this one a pass.

  14. sirdorius says:

    Looks like Quake 3 with cartoony graphics, but it looks fun anyway.

  15. luckystriker says:

    The headline would have worked better if it read “Toy With Them: MicroVolts beta, etc.”