Darkspore’s “Hero Editor” Looks Familiar

The gentlemen of BigDownload have posted a video of Darkspore’s editor stuff in action, which you can conveniently see below. As you are probably aware, this part of Darkspore is based on the creature creator technology developed for Spore, only the idea for Darkspore is that the things you create in terms of monster morphology have direct implications for your abilities in the game world. Go take a look for some more details.

Also, the trailer reveals that the game is arriving on March 29th, 2011. So not long to wait.


  1. Henk says:

    The “using parts as details” seems to be great for bluffing opponents, there is pvp right?

    • terry says:

      I remember shrinking all the limbs to be invisible or inside the model on the first game. Give me my killer venomous ball of no distinguishing features!

    • Dhatz says:

      XD same what i was thinking

  2. Brumisator says:

    Erm… Didn’t Spore also have your parts impact your abilities?

    • Jajusha says:

      Yeah, but in spore, you could have your poison lauchers on your back and you could still shoot forward.

    • Tuan says:

      Eh, not really. Very very early in the ameba stage it seemed to a little, but then it pretty much didn’t matter and you just had these stupid upgrades you would find or whatever. I was highly disappointed by Spore after waiting so long.

    • Thants says:

      I remember reading how it was going to have that, but they thought it would be too “confusing” for people.

  3. Stephen Roberts says:

    I might still be playing World of Warcraft if I could make the latest game items look like pumpkin heads and T2 gear. It would be so damn easy to implement as well. Gunna go stab me some Blizzard employees.

    In other news, this doesn’t look too shabby. Not too shabby at all! I dismissed this without further consideration based on my experience of Spore. But it’s all grown up and punching stuff.

  4. Hoaxfish says:

    Anyone remember Evolva? It was pretty fun in a way, and did all this “upgrade change your shape” thing a long long time ago (even before Fable).

    • Bhazor says:

      And E.V.O. and L.O.L predate both. E.V.O in particular was very close to how the original Spore’s character customisation ended up.

    • Thants says:

      Man, I love E.V.O.

      I was very disappointed that spore wasn’t just a more advanced version of that game.

  5. Unaco says:

    Do we want to open an RPS Pool, and take some bets on how long after release before we see videos featuring ‘heroes’ shaped like genitalia?

  6. RagingLion says:

    So what’s going on here is that this is starting to have some of the functionality I really wanted to see in Spore but within a gameplay/narrative framework that I have no interest in. :(

  7. Mac says:

    I pre-ordered this over Christmas on the EA Store for £15.74 – it has to be worth that much at least?

  8. matty_gibbon says:

    Spore really failed. The creation of your creature had little impact at all on how the game played. Sure, you could put hooves of +3 speed on, but that’s no different to any character editor. I wanted speed to be affected by things like the overall weight of your creature vs. the muscle mass of the legs, number of legs etc.

    • Coyote says:

      Or you know, if the design of the creature had ANYTHING to do with game play past the “evolution” stages. In fact the only part I enjoyed was the amoeba stage, it’s like they got the idea that far and then marketing took over. My 6 armed winged space dragons never got glory they deserved.

    • Jimbo says:

      I think they’re going about this totally the wrong way. ‘Collecting heroes’ runs counter to everything that was good about the creature creator. You should build them yourself, and it should work how matty_gibbon describes above, with the physical features of your creature dictating its stats/damage.

      They should have a Biomass Currency in order to limit your creature/s, and then as you collect more going through the game you can improve your creatures. They could still have Body Part Types (for loot) which would act as multipliers.

      Rough example: Say you start with 100 Biomass (per creature), this would then deplete as you add and expand the parts on your creature. If you spend 40 Biomass on arms, then you have 40 Strength. This multiplied by your Hand Type (Human Hand 1.0x, Claw Hands 1.5x, etc.) would give your Melee Damage. The amount you spend on Legs would be your Speed, Torso for Constitution etc. etc.

      The abilities available to a specific creature would then be dictated by whether they had the requisite stats and body parts – eg. Whirlwind Attack requires 30 Speed, 30 Strength and Claw Hands.

      I think once you start getting into actual kinematics or whatever then it probably gets a bit much, but I think the above would be fairly intuitive while still making your creature design actually matter. The approach they’re using seems to be little more than an equipment screen.

  9. Collic says:

    It still doesn’t allow asymetrical designs :(

  10. Collic says:

    [oops, ignore this – can you delete comments?]

  11. Severian says:

    I’m increasingly intrigued by this game, but I don’t want to get burned like we all did with Spore. All of the gameplay videos I’ve seen so far have piqued my interest.

  12. Tom4J says:

    I loved spore, spent most of my time just messing about with the creature creator. But I’m not sure this video is showing us anything revolutionary unless i missed something. Whats the difference from finding a creature part and then adding it to your monster for stat + aesthetic varibles to any normal ARPG where you find magic swords/armour for stat + aesthetic varibles?
    Havn’t really been up on the dev of this game, is it still a Will Wright production?

  13. Saiko Kila says:

    I remember not being interested in spore thanks to some DRM or other crap. After reading this I continue to be not interested.

  14. dsi1 says:

    “only the idea for Darkspore is that the things you create in terms of monster morphology have direct implications for your abilities in the game world.”

    You mean they finally made a game containing one of Spore’s ‘big things’!?! (before it was released and the disappointment was unleashed of course)

    Well, at least they finally finished it, even if it is in a different game.