Eye On Aion: 2.1 Patch Pt. 2 Live

Patch naming might be a lawless and uncharted field, but this is still the dumbest thing I’ve heard all morning. Back in November, Korean MMORPG Aion received its 2.1 patch. Today, it’s received… its 2.1 patch, part 2. Does that mean we’re playing v2.1(pt.2)? Foolish devs!

(Edit: Aha! RPS commenter and all-around clever human Kitz informs me that this is because us foreign types received the original 2.1 Korean patch in instalments, for some reason. Thanks, Kitz. Thitz.)

What is interesting about both iterations of the 2.1 patch is that they make this famously grindy game less grindy, so if you just wanted to play a fun game where you character flies around on a pair of modular wings, now might be your chance. Back in November the developers “significantly” increased drop rates, and with 2.1 pt. 2 they’ve lowered the quantity of materials required for crafting and increased the rewards you get for finishing campaign quests. Each patch adds lots of new crafting recipes, too. I’ve re-posted the trailer for the expansion, Assault on Balaurea, below. It has many wings in.


  1. MrCraigL says:

    This is what happens when marketing people get their hands on technical terminology. This should be 2.2 and nothing else. For another example see “beta”

  2. DSR says:

    Drop rates are good but they should also consider “significantly increasing” the amount of interesting quests which were removed in favor of mindless grind.
    Farming 4 or now (oh joy!) 2 days to get new level pales in comparison to pretty much every MMORPG *cough*wow*cough* where you can just do quests with actual STORY behind them rather that slay dozens of oddly colored monters to get XP.
    Not even talking about ability to level up by PvPing or by getting professions.

  3. egg says:

    Tried Aion because a friend of mine really insisted. He was a hardcore Lineage 2 player. And I had played some WoW and some EVE.

    Aion was fun, but no nearly as fun as those 2. So no. Nokthx.

  4. Azazel says:


  5. RaytraceRat says:

    how many times this trailer gonna remind me that I’m too old to watch it?

  6. adonf says:

    No demo or trial ?

    • Diziet Sma says:

      No sadly not, if you can find it cheap somewhere you get the month free of course. I’d give it a bash if you can find it under a tenner. Bear in mind that the Assault on Thingamy expansion is also the full game, so when it was on sale on steam you just needed to buy that to get the whole thing.

  7. Kits says:

    It.s 2.1 part 2, because for some daft reason we only got half of the korean 2.1 patch….this is the second half of it, three months late. And Aion’s still nice, but lacking content, as it always was.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      What content is it lacking? Is the end game left wanting? Not that I’ve ever got close to that in any online game.

    • Kits says:

      Endgame especially. By 55 you’re pretty much stuck with two instances, one of which does have a hard mode. So you can spend your time grinding for gold gear in there, or you can spend it grinding monsters for no special reason outside the dungeons.
      Levelling content’s better than it used to be, but there are still stretches where you run out of quests to do and have to grind a few levels.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      Ah thanks. I’m unlikely to encounter those problems as I’m likely to stop before the 50 mark. I’m level 29 with my main at the moment and am currently overwhelmed with quests and have been for much of the game. The lowest I’ve had since level 10 was 3 or so active quests (of any type excluding work orders/coin/repeatables).

      Lack of story based missions is never a problem for me as online games are more about defining your own story as far as I’m concerned. That and story driven content is currently awful in all mmo’s. IMO anyway. Not to mention this problem in all online games:

      Me: “Hey man, I just had this epic battle to kill the dragon smellybreath to reach level 10, it was awesome.”
      Him: “I killed that dragon too… weird”
      1 Million other players : “Huh, but I thought I killed him?”

  8. Diziet Sma says:

    I picked it up when it was going cheap in the steam sale on the 24th Jan. I’ve actually been having muchos fun and it’s not felt at all grindy to me. This patch goes some way to making it even less grindy from what I saw yesterday with increases to EXP gained when you play shit (die a lot) or take a long break (restoration something or other). It also increases loot drops and all sorts.

    It’s fun and I got way more than the 6quid I paid for it in entertainment in the first month. I’ve since joined a legion and I guess now I’m a fully fledged player having hung up my WoW coat a couple of years ago.

    It also seemed to me that there were plenty of quests to do, more so than when I played WoW. I’ve not got stuck with only having quests I can’t do yet. Having said that some of the mobs could do with a little balancing as there is not always a directory correlation between Elite status, marks on the icon and level. For example one quest not marked [Group] was to take out a named mob that dealt 1500 dam per hit. That’s about 2/3rds of your characters health at the level you get the quest. There is no way you could solo it for many levels to come and a group would find it rather hard. Yet it was marked yellow for a bit difficult and soloable. Odd. I had to rope in a lvl 50 to do the battering and it took them a good few smacks to kill! Quests can be marked [Group] or [Coin] indicating whether they should be attempted by a group (not mandatory normally) or if they are for coins to spend on special gear. Also [Spy] which intimates that the quest mostly takes place in enemy territory, which is a pain to get to.

    Anyway, rambling over. This game is certainly filling the mmorpg void for me and is also swaying me towards not preordering Rift as although the game is excellent and polished the fighting feels hollow (mostly due to what I think are lack lustre sound effects).

  9. Jimmeh says:

    This was the last Asian MMO I tried, and I vow it shall by my last. I don’t know what it is about the Korean mindset that makes them apparently want to mindlessly grind repetitive content with little narrative, or run a three hour dungeon for zero reward, but they can keep it.

    The combat is all about flashy graphics, but melee characters can’t move while executing their massively convoluted combos so you end up with a similar imbalance to Age of Conan in favour of ranged classes. This is particularly painful when the entire premise of the game revolves around flight, which widens the void still further.

    I haven’t played since the western release, so hopefully for those still playing these issues have been addressed, but having been force fed such sour core mechanics I won’t be returning.

  10. smokingkipper says:

    No demo or trial? *shrugs* I’ll keep my money then.

    What makes these guys so special that they don’t have to offer a trial? It’s not as if this game is setting the world on fire.

    • adonf says:

      Yeah, they have to resort to giving odd names to their patches to get some attention.

  11. Stephen Roberts says:

    Nothing makes me happier than knowing that there is a common Rock Paper Shotgun meme that references Look Around You.

    Well… Maybe brownies and sex. But this is third.

  12. Shadram says:

    What’s with the “Thanks [person]. Th[erson]” thing at the moment? I’ve seen lots of people doing it, but it leaves me confused. It’s a meme that seems to have passed me by…

  13. Zyrusticae says:

    I’ve always wondered why people focus on the PvE side of this game so much.

    I mean, seriously, if it’s utterly boring to you, why do you play it? The PvP is far more interesting and exciting, even with the class imbalances and crazy RNG factors (*cough* godstones… *cough*).

    Er, wait… I guess I just answered my own question. SIGH.

    I’m excited for 2.5, but definitely not excited to experience RANDOM INSTAGIB COMBAT again. Oh, if only Tera could come out sooner…