I Thought World Of Tanks Was In Open Beta

But actually the open beta only started today for Europe and North America. Was what went before a closed beta? A shy beta? An alpha? I just don’t know. Look, North Americans can sign up here, and Europeans here. Although it looks like you can still access North American servers from Europe, if you want, so that is a pleasant surprise.

Unexpectedly, World Of Tanks isn’t really a world populated by tanks, in which tanks wear suits and go to work and do the shopping, but more like a highly populated tank fighting arena-ladder-championship system, where tanks can team up to explode each other with carefully balanced ordnance. Some tanks are good at long distance hammering, others are small and fast and shooty. None are much good as healers, and some of them aren’t good tanks, which seems odd. So World Of Tanks is a kind of long distance boxing fraternity for overweight tractors, based on Platonic World War II tank concepts. That’s what it is. Yep. It is also free to play. I’ve posted a video of what happens in World Of Tanks below. (Oh and also the actual trailer.)


  1. Mitza says:

    Am I the only one who thinks those tanks should be Mechs instead?

    • MrMud says:

      A world of tanks with battletech mechs would indeed be quite enjoyable.

    • Torgen says:

      They’d have just as much basis in reality as most of the tanks in this game.

    • Stag says:

      WoM – World of Mechs?
      Count me in!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Does the video feature a new player joining what looks like a newbie game and getting one-shotted by giant tanks time and again? If not it’s hardly representative of the actual game is it!

    *grumble grumblesob*

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      Same here, gave up because geting a tank worthy of fighting would take weeks of soul crushing grind.

    • rebb says:

      @Pink Ninja : Multiply that time with 1.5 if you don’t buy gold in the final game.

    • DarkFenix says:

      The early game balance is actually rather good, being mostly offset by newer players’ inexperience. Tiers 6-7 is the harshest currently, placing you regularly against the tier 9 deathmobiles that are everywhere right now.

      Glad I have 6 of said tier 9 deathmobiles in my garage or I might be annoyed ;)

    • GigaFuzz says:

      Despite having a bunch of higher-tier tanks (T-44, IS amongst others, so not THAT high) I frequently have the most fun with my BT-2 ( Tier 2 light, fast tank). In the earlier tiers there’s much less of a gap between the top tank and the bottom tank, and everyone can hurt everyone else to some degree. You don’t get as many credits or xp, but the less campy nature of the games means they’re a lot more enjoyable to me.

  3. Kaira- says:

    Sweet, been looking forwards to test it. Brb, downloading.

  4. CaptainHairy says:

    Although there can be grind when you’re sat at the bottom of the match, the games where it’s equal are tense and interesting, and the games where you’re top tank can be hilarious, as you trundle around one-shotting the less fortunate.

    • Josh Brandt says:

      Yeah, for sure. I had a game where I was driving a fully-upgraded StuG III and I spent most of the match sitting at one end of a long street shooting holes in enemy tanks, who obligingly zipped out in front of me one at a time to be shot.

  5. RedViv says:

    The Spiel ist einen blutigen Gankfest.

    I’m sorry, I lose focus when a game is about WW2 and I get enraged because of, well, anything really. I sure hope they get that somewhat under control.

    On a slightly related note, did you know that ‘sex panzer’ is the combination of words which activates the male brain the most?

  6. Josh Brandt says:

    Yeah, one of the biggest things they’ve been working on is the matchmaker– as it stands it’s often weirdly unbalanced and frustrating for people driving lower-tier tanks, but it’s MUCH better than it was earlier in the beta, especially since fixes for other bugs (view distance, the long-distance “teleporting tank” bug) have made gameplay better overall.

    There is still a big dead zone of grind between, say, tiers 4 and 7, where you spend more time outmatched than you should…

  7. Severian says:

    oh my god, that looked boring.

  8. Torgen says:

    Also, it should be noted that the guy in the video in the Soviet tank destroyer is playing with a custom player-made skin. You can load your own skins, though since the game makes no distinction between your vehicle and others, any skin you pick for your own vehicle will also be shown on all vehicles of the same model.

    • EthZee says:

      …Custom skins? Really? Awesome.

      I can only hope to see something that comes close to the hilarity that is the IdolMaster skins for Ace Combat 6. BEHOLD!

      EDIT: Found one! And, possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. Tremble in terror at the Goth Panther!

  9. Alez says:

    Worst tutorial in a game EVER. Which is to say, none.

  10. Eschatos says:

    Agreed about the tier imbalances. That’s why I prefer to just putt around low level matches in my max-upgraded AT-1(Tier 2 tank). It may be squishy and slow, but it absolutely destroys other low level tanks. Nine kills in one game has taught me never to discount the power of a low tier tank.

    • Josh Brandt says:

      Yeah, for sure. The AT-1 is one of the best low-tier tanks, assuming you know how to drive a TD. Don’t charge, remember you’re slow, that kind of thing. It’s a good introduction to tank destroyers overall.

      I keep an upgraded AT-1 kicking around for fun. It’s second in fun only to the StuG III… (Recently they’ve adjusted where the StuG3 shows up in the matchmaker so you don’t end up fighting massively higher-tier tanks as often. That makes it a load of fun to pootle around in shooting at the unwary.)

  11. Veret says:

    BOOM! Treadshot.

    …Okay, I admit I have nothing constructive to add to this discussion. Carry on.

  12. shyguy badman says:

    I ****** love this game……

    …. and that is a pretty weak video to try and get people interested.

    Honestly though…. check it out

  13. Jabberslops says:

    I played World of Tanks for 3 days before uninstalling it. I uninstalled it because I kept playing it and kept asking myself why. I love the upgrading and such, but the grind killed all the fun. The most fun I had was in the Tier 1-2 battles. Zipping around in Light tanks was fun business where almost everyone was on equal footing so things could get crazy tense.

  14. bonjovi says:

    I’m addicted to this game.
    Grind can be awful at times, got my panther, is4 and KT after awful lot of grinding, and I’m not very good in the first place XD

    few tips I can pass on:
    1) always face your enemy if possible. even side of a turret is a weak spot
    2) never ever go alone. – can’t stress this enough. even the best tank will get surrounded
    3) use HE
    4) if you a small tank in a match of the giants, don’t just go kamikaze on them. use your speed and maneuverability to stay out of their sight and keep spotting them for the team-mates.

    one criticism I have about the game is that people are getting points for much more than just kills, however this is not visible during the game. So it was harder for me to understand why I can get 100s of xp without killing anyone. Maybe they should have an arcade mode that would display all the points as you get them, similarly to the COD non hardcore.

  15. pagad says:

    Jim: It was in closed beta before.

    God, I am sick of people whining about the matchmaker.

  16. LD says:


    meh gets old fast.

  17. szlevi says:

    Uhh, I tried it last night….

    …in one word it’s HORRIBLE.

    I can understand if someone wants to play with it and I’m sure it’s addictive and whatnot but:

    – absolutely fuckin un-balanced; never seen such a stupid gameplay, totally skewed towards people with huge, un-defeatable tanks

    – nonexistent-server browser is topped by absolutely worthless piece of shit matchmaker system: essentially it simply creates some “good mix” of players by randomly pulling in newbies and few real heavy weights – the end result? Everybody except heave weights get killed in 4-5 minutes and then they have to sit tight and watch the ‘big guys’ play out the end of the game. ABSOLUTE F’N JUNK.

    – clunky, super-stupid, illogical UI layout especially when it comes to Research: you can research things you cannot even buy (total waste of money) or things that are inferior to what you have already mounted on your tank. Uber-stupid, seriously.

    – absolute worthless junk tutorial, WORST EVER.

    – did I mention it really looks like a game made by some Germans? Yeah, German-originated games are always among the worst games of the world and this game REALLY-REALLY looks like one.

    – physics is a joke, it’s like those cool, old arcade racing games from late 90s-early 2000s

    – graphics look like sh!t in 2011 but it wouldn’t be a problem if someone have spent more than 10 minutes thinking through the gameplay or the economy side of this game – but nobody did, it’s obvious so all that’s left is an amateur-looking game with arcade physics and absolute junk matchmaking, boring gameplay and chaotic, illogical economy.

    For a FREE GAME it’s OK.
    However if someone spends a single cent on this proof-of-concept/grad paper project must be out of his mind…