Shift 2 Unleashed’s “Career” Trailer

This doesn’t actually do much other than say that there is a career mode in Shift 2 – which you could probably have guessed even if you’d been living on a remote island since the 1970s – but it’s the footage of the game that really made me pay any attention: Shift 2 looks extraordinary, and the focus on GT racing makes it about as perfect for my automobile tastes as anything else out there. Electronic Arts are really starting to churn the kind of racers that I can agree with.

This, the 17th Need For Speed game, is out at the end of March.


  1. Kaira- says:

    Video not available :(

    Edit: Nevermind, some magic happened and it works.

    Edit 2: It seems to work randomly. Magical thing this Inter-net.

  2. MartinNr5 says:

    Looking forward to almost all Cars wot goes fast! games.

  3. Linfosoma says:

    Exited about the game since I loved the first one.
    Not existed about the brown tint on the screenshots. The nice thing about this game was that unlike Grid it actually had a colour palette, dont turn this into a brown fest EA, go out to the street for five seconds and pay attention to how real life looks (ie not brown).

  4. Whiskey Jak says:

    They did such a magnificent job with the audio of the first Shift! This added to night driving and the exhilarating sense of speed (I have no idea how realistic it really is and frankly I don’t care) should make for a very entertaining racing game.

  5. Warth0g says:

    I didn’t play the first Shift – was it good then? Looks very spangly, but is there a decent driving model? Grid was pretty terrible, despite its prettiness… This looks good , but I’ve been fooled by decent video before… GT cars are also very much to my taste, and I’d love a spiritual successor to GTR2..

    • Linfosoma says:

      I think the first Shift was largely underappreciated, mostly because of the Need for Speed branding I thyink (which they seem to be getting away from this time).
      The game’s drving model wasn’t full on simulation, but it was much, much better than Grid. Cars were fun to drive and you would get a really good sense of speed. It also has the best cockpit camera and sound effects than any other racing game IMO.
      The drifting was terrible though, but I hear that’s supposed to be fixed this time around.
      The game is incredibly pretty too, which is never a bad thing.

    • BrendanJB says:

      Honestly I am not a fan of driving games that don’t let me shoot things or make explosions, but Shift entertained me to no end. The game was just plain fun to play. Cars felt perfectly weight and handled really well too. Not so real that it was annoyingly slow to get started or correct a turn, but not so arcadey that it felt too easy to play. A perfect middle ground leaning just slightly more towards realism.

      If you are in to any kind of driving/racing games, give Shift a try. You might just be surprised how much you enjoy it.

  6. Paul says:

    Shift 1 was wonderful, driving in that in London with Zonda on G25 on 52″ inches LCD screen = AWESOMNESS.

    This is a must buy.

  7. Jason Moyer says:

    Loved the first one, can’t wait for this.

  8. Rukumouru says:

    I always loved the first Shift, both graphically and in gameplay. And let’s not mention the fantastic soundtrack, save for a few torrid exceptions…

    I am about to get a Logitech G27, in just a couple of hours. Combine that with true 1080p, filtering and rock solid framerates…

    Oh, PC, how I love thee.

  9. Marco_Fiori says:

    Might have to pick this up, it’s been a while since I enjoyed a decent racer.