Hey, That’s My Hexagon! Castle Vox Released

Only Asia is big enough for them to run around.

Here is what I have learned about World War II: Hitler’s Revenge from the Castle Vox trailer. World War II was fought by about 20 giant men, rolling around on their sides across the colour-coded landmasses of Earth. America was invaded by Germany, and lost. It was a war fought by hitting each other with castles. The good news is, I can learn not just about the Second Mega War, but also the Crusades, the Holy Roman Empire, the Iran-Iraq war, tribal Africa, the space war of Cosmic Clash, and 45 others. Sillysoft’s distinctly not-silly-looking strategy wargame is all about big scale turn-based battles, but rather splendidly comes with a squillion different ways to play its combination of Axis & Allies and Diplomacy.

When I say “turn-based”, I mean, “everyone’s turn at the same time-based”. Everyone makes their moves, and then that plays out, meaning big games can be over as quickly as half an hour. There’s team play in the multiplayer letting you gang up against your friends, and an AI to thwart if you don’t have any.

Clearly I’ve not had a go, so I can’t tell you if it’s actually any good, because if I tried to play a turn-based game I’d immediately collapse face first onto my keyboard and gbfddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Nope, even thinking about it was too much. But I realise that so many other people, better people, more handsome people, eat this sort of thing for breakfast. I have a chopped banana covered in yoghurt. It’s okay for us to be different.

Castle Vox has recently launched, and currently costs $14, and comes with the tools to create your own maps. There’s also a demo that gives you a restricted version of the game. Fancy taking a look and seeing what you can learn about WW2? Why, by the magic of HTML there’s a trailer below.


  1. crazydane says:

    Looks like a remake of Risk, but better and more exciting and curvy, might have to give this a go

  2. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    One in the long line of risk-a-likes by Sillysoft. I wonder how much this has improved (if it has) gameplay over Lux.

  3. McDan says:

    Does look like Risk, but I relish any opportunity to hit people with castles.

  4. pakoito says:

    I could have sworn the demo was out like 6 months ago, but I could never get past the menu screen because the game looked too complex so the shortcut has been sitting in my desktop since FOREVER.

  5. James Allen says:

    It came out in October of last year, actually, and I quite liked it.

  6. WMain00 says:

    Oooh, a risk clone. This may fill my itch for a risk style game.

    Particularly since I can never get into Paradox style risk games :(

  7. oatish says:

    Yeah played the demo a lot but never bought it.

    I think maybe I should buy it.

  8. Vinraith says:

    The fundamental question with any game like this has yet to be asked: how’s the AI?

  9. MD says:

    Man, I had a chopped banana covered in yoghurt for breakfast this morning. Although I couldn’t be bothered chopping it, so I just sort of broke it into a few pieces with my teeth and fingers. And rather than covering it with yoghurt, I dropped it into the tub and stirred. Still, I’m wondering whether this means I should avoid Castle Vox. (Also, eating in public.)

  10. typhoo monkey says:

    looks quite intresting but i do sometime wish pc gaming would die & give me a chance to catch up,
    i’m no longer addicted to playing games just buying the bloodly things.

  11. luckystriker says:

    I like how the map makes Europe the size of India and China combined.