Cities In Motion Is Moved To Open Beta

Totally hot for transport infrastructure? Me too! We should totally get together and test Paradox’s new transport management game, Cities In Motion. Hey, we can even sign up here, because the open beta has, conveniently, just started. The client is here. Quintin’s impressions of the game are here. Why not see if they match up with your own? (They won’t, because Quinns is a haywire hobo robot who cannot love.)

Also, I keep typing “Cities In Emotion”, which is clearly a cry for help from some part of my brain that I am trying suppress.


  1. Wilson says:

    I’m actually very excited by this.

  2. Khryses says:

    Intriguing concept, looks like something I’d love to play!

    If only I can get the beta to quit going into blinking-mode whenever I select something on the screen…

  3. Windward says:

    Oh goodness, I hope I have enough food in the house to last me for a week

  4. harmen says:

    Nice, seems to work well. Not that I’ll ever have the patience to actually play this…

  5. crazydane says:

    Had a quick play, did the Tutorial which seems pretty informative. I’ve played quite a few of these transport/traffic/whatever type games and this one reminds me of one that goes by the name of: ‘Traffic Giant’, however graphics is prettier and it just feels a bit nicer. I think I prefer Locomotion/Transport Tycoon tbh, but maybe I will like this one if I keep playing it for a bit.

  6. WMain00 says:

    Yay! Been looking forward to this.

  7. Megadyptes says:

    It’s not Paradox’s game. It’s Colossal Order Ltd’s game. [/sperg]

  8. Lacero says:

    I liked watching my buses get in the way of all the traffic. Then I liked going bankrupt borrowing money to pay for a metro. Then I liked that my huge loop bus lines were a terrible idea as the railway had many people and the farms had none. I also liked the anonymous logo on the hypermarket.

    I didn’t like that I can’t bulldoze roads to make a carless utopia (where no one can get to work or eat (or escape)).

    I give it four beta tests out of five.

  9. CMaster says:

    Seemed pretty good from a quick knock about with tutorial city in tut and sandbox mode.

  10. skurmedel says:

    I was in the closed beta, was working quite well. Going to have a look later and see if they implemented some of the beta feedback.

  11. Noterist says:

    Looking forward to trying this. I had a recent stint with SimCity 4 and was left wanting by its transportation model. I have a feeling that 20 days worth of the sandbox mode will satiate me though, aren’t Paradox giving this away a bit too freely?

    I seem to be missing something by the way. By “sign up” do you just mean download the client?

    So far I haven’t done any signing and there isn’t any “up” to be found.

    The Paradox page also says “sign up”, but directs me straight to the client at FilePlanet.

    • WMain00 says:

      There is no sign up. Just download it from Fileplanet.

    • mwoody says:

      Yeah, even the link posted mentions “signing up,” but I can confirm that it’s neither required nor even possible. Just download and play.

  12. alice says:

    Oh Jim, the buildings and terrain love you just as much as you love them!

  13. Navagon says:

    Signing up for some of that! I’m not expecting Transport Tycoon. But it should still scratch the same kind of itch.

  14. starclaws says:

    Hobo Robo!

  15. trjp says:

    I applied for the closed beta and got a lengthy and complex reply telling me why I wasn’t suitable – you’d think they’d have the sense to send me another message saying

    “Even scumbags can play this now”

    Wouldn’t you??

    • Zaboomafoozarg says:


    • adonf says:

      What reason did they give ? I’m interested because I never know what to answer when signing up for betas. “Do you work for the video gaming industry? Hmmm, maybe…”

  16. mwoody says:

    I sort of skipped the whole transport tycoon genre in my youth, so I picked this one up. I like it. It’s like SimCity without the blank-canvas freeze-up I inevitably get in the early stages, because the city itself is already there.

  17. Al__S says:

    Had a couple of short plays in sandbox mode, but lack of a save (in the beta- the button’s there but greyed out) rather limits play before bedtime.

    So far, seems to be pretty good. Setting up infrastructure and lines is nice and easy. The camera is easy to use and helpful. Feedback comes thick and fast. Need to play for a bit longer to find out how much fun the financial balancing is. Think this will be on my “buy” list- any idea which digital distribution services will be selling it?

  18. Avenger says:

    Let me be the first of many to say “The download does not work”
    And let me add… “WANT!”