Bohemia Community Awards: Vote Now

Bohemia sends word that the voting stage of their community awards is now open. Marketing manager person Michal Harangozó says: “The community awards seems to be a success – we had 5 categories, 500 nominations each – total 2500 nominations… Now we´ll move to the second phase which ends on 28th February.” You can get your vote on just here.

Did anyone from the RPS readership make it in there? Pimp your wares!


  1. pepper says:

    So what exactly is the support that RPS is giving to this, from the article:

    “Strengthened by the official partnership with NaturalPoint, creator of unique TrackIR PC accessories and supported by we´re pleased to announce the launch of the 2010 Community Awards. “

  2. 7rigger says:

    C’mon! There’s got to be some ARMA modders out there, I don’t want to give my vote away to ACE :P

    (Actually I’ve not looked at the vote page, so I’m not sure if I can vote for ACE – but it’s the only mod I’ve got so far and I was hoping I’d get some cool fresh ideas from the lovely RPS community)

  3. Stranglove says:

    I’m not sure if Monty (one of the various mission makers who plays with us) made it in there, but his missions are most excellent, and I heartily encourage any votes towards his brilliant work.

  4. harvb says:

    Nope, his missions aren’t in there. I asked and asked but no bugger took up the call.

  5. Smithson says:

    Operation Reality in the RPS house! :) In fact, isn’t there an RPS/ORC joint operation / gaming session being organized? I could of swore I over heard someone discussing that.

    • [ORC]Silver says:

      Well the idea’s been brought up, waiting on someone to make a call and tell us when to expect you lot to join in a mission with us.

      Cya @ Operation Reality!