Crasher Has A Demo That You Can Play

Vehicular multi-player combat game Crasher – from the awesomely-named studio Punchers’ Impact – now has a demo over on the Steam digital distribution network. I am downloading it! Will be it any good? I just don’t know, but I guess we’ll soon find out. The game’s blurb says “The usual mouse-controlled heroes are replaced by heavily-armed vehicles hurtling across huge maps at 150 mph” so that sounds like my kind of thing. Random game footage below – look at those tiny buggies fly!

UPDATE: It’s kind of dull, to be honest. Let’s read about Deus Ex instead!


  1. Dao Jones says:

    This looks fun! Though the $30 price tag is making me a bit hesitant. Demo, ahoy!

    I wish someone would make a Car Battler Joe game. :(

  2. Mashakosha says:

    Having been playing this for a few rounds, it really didn’t grab me at all :s Way too slow-paced. The weapons and skills need to either do more damage or be a lot weaker. Or both.
    But in its current state, not worth the asking price.

    • Aemony says:

      You’re lucky. I’m in the ‘beta’, or what you might call it, and I haven’t even been able to connect to a single server once all the times I’ve tried >_<

  3. CoyoteTheClever says:

    Wait, this is a real game? It was released on steam a while ago with zero fanfare, no news outlets covered its release, its website didn’t have a forum or anything you could actually click, no one seemed to have talked about the game or actually played it, there weren’t any articles on it before the release, I thought this was some kind of new sophisticated scam.

  4. Rond says:

    I played a couple of matches in beta, and I can say it’s not a good game. It’s supposed to be a vehicular action game, but it’s not so vehicular (cars actually handle like a WoW character on a 20x speed-up or something like that), and there’s basically no action component (you just use 5 “skills” by pressing 1-5 keys, a la KoTOR).

    • RaytraceRat says:

      I thought it was somekind of bug, that my car could just strafe left and right just like that…
      Couldn’t connect to any server anyway :(

  5. Dao Jones says:

    Well, hell. Downloaded the demo, forgot about it, click this page on the RSS feed by accident and see these comments. Guess I will just play Magicka. =)

  6. Matt says:

    You have destroyed a vehicule

  7. cjd says:

    I found this game rather uninteresting to be honest. Also as a sidenote does anybody buy games like this for full price (£23!) or do they wait for the inevitable price drop in the Steam sales.

  8. KindredPhantom says:

    “UPDATE: It’s kind of dull, to be honest. Let’s read about Deus Ex instead!”
    Pretty much, I said the same thing in the Crasher key giveaway post.

  9. Turbobutts says:

    Been in the Beta. If you’re just in the system requirements don’t even bother to download the demo, it runs poorly on older setups and still doesn’t even look good. Also the gameplay feels kind of chaotic and aimless. If you’re into trying out all kinds of games go ahead but I doubt that it’ll be worth the full price.

  10. Ravine says:

    Well. It’s kinda hard to write a comment when you actually work on what is discussed. I’ll be kind of biased, for sure. And I truly hope i wont have any problem with my boss by answering your comments.

    On performance :
    We know there are performance issues, and since the beta, even if it was a short one, we managed to add options to run at better fps on more systems. Those are the Quality and Shader settings. We are working hard on tracking the others perf killers in the game, and we will shortly adress those.

    On the release :
    It was actually released a week ago (or maybe i misunderstood the “a while ago”). Cant say much on pricing or release date. And the demo is here to allow people to have a look at the game, since the closed beta was quite confidential and kinda short, and that there’s very little (if none) reviews around (which is totally normal, because i dont think journalists would like to review a multiplayer game on a short beta).

    On community :
    There’s an official forum. It’s on the website ( ) on the community page. There’s a “Message Board” link. You’re welcome.
    And i was kinda surprised to see that french ESL (which had a bunch of beta keys) managed to run a 1v1 contest during the beta. So let’s hope the community will grow enough.

    On the “You have destroyed a vehicule” :
    Well, we’re french. And not everyone at the studios is as fluent as native speakers, and this is not the first time i read a comment on that (and i have to admit, i love to taunt the guy who did it ;) ).

    Long Story Short : we, devs, are addressing as quick as possible all the tech/balance issues we’re aware of. I shouldnt be here commenting (though i’m not sure i was forbidden to do so), but i felt the need to talk to the RPS Community about that. There are a lot of reasons why i needed to do that, but first and foremost, it’s because i have a deep respect for RPS and its community.

    And that was not a post to tell you to take pity on us; you all have the right to have your opinion on this game, and i will respect it.

    Disclaimer : All the content of this post does not reflect my employer thoughts, communication, and all that stuff, since it’s a totally personal post, written by me and only me, etc. Damn it, is there a general disclaimer for this kind of post available somewhere on the web ?

  11. _strictmachine says:

    TotalBiscuit posted an almost-WTF is Crasher first-impresions vid here