THQ Says 40k MMO Due By March 31, 2013

That’s because they told their investors that the maximalist sci-fi Warhammer game is going to fall in the “fiscal year 2013”. That’s an imaginary year made of numbers that falls between April 2012 and March 2013. So the field is pretty wide, but we can expect it to turn up by the end of 2012, maybe. There’s actually a surprising amount of information available on the game, given that is is so far away, and we still seem to know almost nothing about it. See this interview, and also this trailer, and this screenshot gallery.


  1. Zephro says:

    Does every potential franchise HAVE to be made in to an MMO? Really?

    • Lukasz says:

      Of course not. People are greedy tough and “successful” mmo will bring more money than successful normal game.

      By successful I mean what publisher think is successful aka a couple of millions of players.

    • WeFlySpitfires says:

      Yep. Cause developers and publishers are starting to realise that running a game for 6+ years and charging £10+ a month plus initial box sales, expansions and any other sort of micro-transaction they can pack in is a lot more profitable than releasing just a single standalone game.

      Capitalism rules, everything else drools.

    • Arathain says:

      The odd thing is that, while the business model can work, it mostly hasn’t. MMOs are just too expensive to develop, and have a nasty server population momentum effect that’ll quickly kill off a game that doesn’t become very popular very quickly.

      Publishers keep looking at WoW and hoping desperately that they can have one of those. But there’s only ever been one.

    • anduin1 says:

      I don’t know about other gamers but Im less likely to get an MMO now than I was like a decade ago when the quality (for that time) actually meant results. Too many MMOs nowadays are flash in the pan kind of deals. They’re fun for a couple weeks, you burn through the content and if youre someone like me who doesn’t just reroll over and over again, then you unsubscribe and play other games. Monthly fees are only ever warranted for me as long as theres something to do.

  2. Bhazor says:

    I’ll be so miffed if the world does end before this is released.

  3. Nomaki says:

    Announcing anything more than two years in advance doesn’t sit well with me.
    Just you see, it’ll eventually be released in 2014 due to “unforseen circumstances”.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Gassalasca says:

    The piece of information I was looking for seems sadly missing from the interview. Namely, exactly how much *WAR!* are they planning to put in the game?

    • HermitUK says:

      Hopefully more than they put into Warhammer Online.

      “In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there is only War in the Designated PvP Areas” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

  5. Njordsk says:

    Still before diablo III I guess.

    *sad panda*

  6. Rat_au_Van says:

    An open mind is like a fortress, with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

    • Choca says:

      Blessed is the mind too small for doubt… because I’m pretty sure this is going to be underwhelming in the end.

    • Sarkhan Lol says:


    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Meh. Not excited anymore. Too much a WoW clone in space it seems. Could have been something great.

      Hope is the first step along the road to disappointment.

  7. sonofsanta says:

    Any news on if they’ve stopped trying to copy a game that was first released 7 years ago, or are they still replacing “innovation” with “licence” in a style that’s proved continually stupid over the last two or three years?

  8. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    I’m holding my breath.

  9. Kollega says:

    This piece of news put me into a very inconvinient situation. On one hand, there are few things i dislike as much as the setting of Warhammer 40k, and i’d like to voice that opinion of mine. On the other, it’s no use arguing on the Internet in general and with 40k fanbase in particular, as me posting my honest opinion about this franchise will result in excessively vitriolic reactions and accusations of “trolling”. And “heresy”.

    So, what i’ll do is not say anything specific, sans for the statement that the presence of this game in today’s headlines is not good news for me.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      Well it looks like you (takes Inquistorial-issue sun goggles off) . . . just got accused of heresy!


      (sung to the tune of CSI Miami’s Theme Song)

      Also, being very respectful of your opinion and all, but have you played the tabletop game? Because that is actually incredible fun. I like DOW and all, but they’re pretty cheesy (hate hate hate vanilla Blood Raven losers! How boring are they, eh? At least they’re not Smurfs!), and they don’t quite hold up imnsho.

    • Wilson says:

      Kollega – It sounds like you’ve had a bad experience somewhere before? I really can’t see you getting serious hate for saying you really dislike Warhammer 40K. Maybe you’re preempting furious feedback unnecessarily (for once, on the internet). Also, I’m not sure how a game you don’t like can be actively bad news for you. Unless you spend all your time with people who love WH40K and have so little consideration for your feelings that they would have to jam it down your throat all the time.

    • Kollega says:

      @DeathHamsterDude: No i haven’t, as i live IN SOVIET RUSSIA where Warhammer’s influence, thankfully, is limited to vidjagaems.

      Also, that CSI Miami parody was pretty funny.

      @Wilson: Yes, i did have quite an unfortunate experience with 40k fans some time back. And still haven’t forgiven that particular batch for it. Plus, what you are suggesting is not entirely true, but closer to truth than i find comfortable: you see, my brother, with whom i live in one apartment, is a 40k fanboy, and somewhat annoying in it.

    • Wilson says:

      @Kollega – Fair enough then. It’s none of my business of course, but I was just a little curious since I’ve always kind of assumed that WH40K fans would be fairly harmless and not given to too much unneeded rage. Don’t know why I think that, since I don’t actually know any.

      More on topic, I would be surprised if this game really does justice to the universe. I just don’t see how they can really translate WH40K into an MMO without doing things very differently to most other MMOs. Hopefully your brother won’t be overly impressed by it and won’t badger you about it…

    • Chris D says:

      I have an on/off relationship with 40k, and all things games workshop for that matter. Although thanks to the RPGs and the retribution beta it’s definitely on right now.

      I could understand the dislike, though. Personally I’d prefer a little bit more hope and maybe someone I could root for on the basis of more than “They’re not quite as bad as the other guys”

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      My own feelings about 40k are conflicted to say the least. I adore it’s aesthetics and it’s satirical antitheist backstory, and I particularly like the twist of space travel being as dangerous as pre-19th century sailing. However, I find myself consistently bothered by the vast gulf that exists between the games and the story, and the writers’ obsession with reinforcing it by making every other piece of fluff (written and visual) an excuse to show Space Marines in yet another puerile and unlikely Rourke’s Drift allegory.

      The purpose of fluff for a game is to provide a backdrop for it. When a discrepancy like this exists, it’s just bad writing, plain and simple.

      I also lament 40k’s increasing slide into the general “epic” ethos of the last decade. The brutal, claustrophobic intensity of Space Hulk is what it needs more of, in my opinion.

    • Jolly Teaparty says:

      @DeathHamsterDude Funny you should say that, because I thought the model painting in 40K was great fun, whilst the actual game itself was incredibly disappointing.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      Yeah. Pretty much agree with you. Absolutely love 99% of the fluff, there’s an amazing backstory there. I remember one of my friends who didn’t play 40k at all used to borrow all of my rulebooks, bibles, WD’s, etc. and read them again and again. There’s no doubting the depth and breadth that the fluff has. However, I think that in so many cases they make the Space Marines in their fluff sooooo vanilla and cardboard cut-outey that it’s cringe-worthy. It’s this big misunderstanding about them that they’re like that. Look at the Horus Heresy era, the Adeptus Astartes were these larger-than-life heroes, who waged war against thousands their number, but they were also believable human beings, with faults and feelings (albeit most of them being angry angry feelings). That’s why I play as Black Templars (even before Armageddon) because they are much more realistic. They have some serious flaws, and that really juxtaposes the crusading background of the chapter (legion, let’s face it).


      *EDIT* @Jolly – Well, I very rarely get to play anymore as most of my friends who I played with have either moved away or stopped playing, so I spend most of my time modelling and painting, which I love. I’m a bit of a perfectionist actually. Creating a massive Black Templar crusade, but I’m sculpting robes/tabards/gribbly bits on every single one, plus posing etc. and at least 10 hours painting per normal model. So that’s definitely a large part of the hobby for me. But once you really get into the table-top part, and have played it for a while, it can kind of feel like a game of chess, with squads instead of pieces. Very tactical, and very rewarding when you pull off a difficult maneuver. Plus, it’s spending eight hours with some friends messing around and having a few drinks. ;)

    • BigJonno says:

      I just gave up paying attention to anything GW did years ago and exclusively focus my attention on the bits of 40k that adhere to my expectations of the setting, like the pen ‘n’ paper RPGs.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @Wilson – Yeah I never really understood how they could make this work. at least in a traditional format. Pretty much WH40K has to be a PVP MMOFPS, or at the very least a third person shooter. There’s some hope for that because I saw a part of the original trailer that showed an aiming reticule. Everything else about the interface though looked like your standard MMO. Some sort of MMOFPS is about the only way it would stay faithful to the original. Unless you made it some sort of weird strategy MMO, which would most likely be awful.

      I absolutely hated how the factions were handled in WAR, with putting multiple races on two factions. I’m not too knowledgeable with Warhammer lore (classic or 40K), but the one thing I’ve learned from it is that the races pretty much all want to destroy everybody else. I don’t see how an alliance of multiple races would ever work in a Warhammer setting. The problem with not doing that however is that if you make multiple warring factions, you’d run the real risk of spreading out the population very thin. I guess you could offer 3 races to play as who are at war with each other, but then you’re leaving quite a bit out.

    • hdiandrew says:

      @Wilson Long ago I worked on an Epic 40K title (Final Liberation), and we talked with GW in depth about their hopes for a 40K MMO. Back then, our suggestion was to make a MUSH that linked to a graphic interface for battles and Titan battles, wherein each player took control of one weapon system ;-)

      More seriously, I think it can be done well, but then I’m a big fan of the 40K fiction.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Yeah, 40K is like a bad joke that gets taken far to seriously. My experiance of the player base stateside was not good, and the rules set was unbalanced and fiddley. Like Warmachine far more.

      If they don’t learn from what cratered Warhammer Online, they are just going to be making a bigger impact crater.

  10. 7rigger says:

    Personally I’m hoping for a May/June release – that way I get to spend all summer geeking out with it without uni interrupting. My mates and I usually play 40k over the summer, when other people are out getting sun and fun we’re in getting our tabletop war on!

    There is only war!




    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      And my GOD would I do little chair-dances of delight if in the opening cinematic Ron Perlman was the one to say ‘In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only Hello Kitty merchandise . . . I mean WAR!’

    • 7rigger says:

      In the grim darkness of the far future there is only Hello Kitty merchandise AND war.

      Titan sized Hello Kitty dolls squeaking “For the Emperor!” while raining death on the heretics and xeno’s (Those who didn’t buy Hello Kitty merchandise)

  11. Anthile says:

    Kill 10 space rats.

    Kill 10 slightly differently colored space rats.


    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      The cynicism is strong in this one . . . oh wait, wrong Sci-Fi franchise.

      I’ll have you know that space rats in Grimdark are called Hrud thank you very much!

      Ahm, well, I love 40k, and while I’m not going to get over excited about this JUST yet, I think they are going for a slightly different take on the MMO. I see the UI though, and hope it isn’t press button, wait 7 seconds, press button again ad infinitum. I hope it’s more sklll-based, as that is the main problem I have with WOW-alikes.
      As our Venerable Lord Wikipedia has written; ‘The game will feature relatively in-depth fire-fights with player-formed squads as well as cover and flanking mechanics, within the MMORPG format. However, being true to the setting, war and battles will be a big feature of Warhammer 40,000 Online and Vigil Games are promising to deliver battlegrounds of epic proportions. Controllable vehicles are a key aspect to the game; the developers have said that they are multifunctional and that some are able to sport multiple pilots.’

  12. Stephen Roberts says:

    Relic developed all the Dawn of War stuff and yet for some unknown reason Vigil games are doing the nuts and bolts on this title? Warhammer 40k gets me hot under the Iron Halo, no doubt there, but I’m riddled with doubts because it strikes me as the wrong studio for the job. I mean, the Darksiders engine?

    Any statements which may be construed as factual are probably not. Go do my research for me so I can continue playing Minecraft or ‘playing’ Eve Online.

  13. Danarchist says:

    They have stated that they are going to use a two faction system. This basically means your going to see Space Marines running around with Eldar buddies holding hands. I have two problems with this outside the already torturing and bastardization of the 40k world.

    link to

    First two faction pvp has ALWAYS resulted in horribly imbalanced populations. Anyone that played WAR when it first came out remembers how quickly this killed the game. Open world pvp is only fun if its not 30 on 1. Companies keep beating this tired old mule over and over again completely ignoring how well having just one additional faction in DAoC worked. Seriously does the industry not learn from its mistakes? “Well it killed the last two games that tried it but im sure this time it’s going to work Bill!”

    Secondly why on earth do you need to make “combined factions” at all? Let’s face it, if they have any common sense they know the first copies off the shelves are going to be bought by the rabidly loyal 40k fan base. And those same fans are almost as bad as Trekkies when it comes to canon. Each race has it’s own really interesting flavor that is not at all cohesive with any other race. The two closest would be Eldar and Space Marines as they both basically live aboard giant space ships and rarely stay in the same system long. But the idea of a Space Marine and a Eldar Witch having tea?
    They would be far better off making each race a seperate faction. This would make the game far more re-playable (alts=more time playing=more monthly fee per customer) as you could make 1 of each race and have a completely different experience.

    I get the sinking feeling this is just going to be wow in space. Or worse Warhammer fantasy with guns.

  14. michaelar says:

    I think it could work well as just one giant army-vs-army environment, but I’m not sure if that’s really an MMO. Perhaps Battlefield-style skirmishes then. It would be glorious to have a giant (32×32 or 64×64) Space Marines vs Orks battle, for example. Then you could cycle through armies on each side on each server to mix it up a bit. But I think I’m describing a class-based (Counter-Strike/RTCW/Battlefield) online game, not a MMORPG.

  15. Comrade Communist says:

    Hmm… It would be nice, since there aren’t much good sci-fi MMORPGs…

  16. Reapy says:

    All wrong, this needs to be an mmo fps where, in addition to shooting things yourself, command a squad of (X points of) NPCs that you can level up, outfit, and personalize, then hot drop into ready combat zones, or floating space hulks.

  17. JonSolo says:

    I’m calling it now. This will be cancelled, perhaps even before it reaches the Beta stage. And, you know, that’s probably fine.

    By way of an editorial, I am a huge (recent) WH40K fan, mostly due to the exposure granted by the Dawn of War series. I am not an MMO fan, at least in their current incarnation, but I like to keep my eye on them nonetheless.

  18. pipman3000 says:

    marines?! in space?! i’m sold!

  19. Magus44 says:

    Dammit. I’d prefer Darksiders 2. (though I think thats still coming out eventually) Not some silly 40K MMO, Retributions/Space Marine has got 40K covered for this year. Plus, another MMO… Really?