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The RPS Bargain Bucket: 90210

It seems like there was a bit of a lull at the various digital distribution outlets in the post-Christmas period, as they all took a rest from the mega bargains. Your wallets respite is over now though. As we enter February, some proper deals are kicking off. Read on to find this week’s highlights, and be sure to check out whenever you want to know what games are cheap.
King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame – £2.24/€2.99/$2.99
Also available is The Saxons expansion for £1.05/€1.35/$1.49 or the Complete Edition for £8.99/€11.69/$11.99 which includes The Saxons and the recently released The Druids expansion.
Jim seemed to quite like this when he told use wot he thought:

At the broadest level, King Arthur looks like a Total War game set in a fantasy universe. The action steps between a turn-based map of Britain, and real-time battlefield strategy maps in which you control your units from an omniscient camera in the sky. So far, so Medieval, but this is very much its own game: the field of battle is littered with fantasy units – translucent alien elf-things, giants, ludicrously armoured warriors, and generals who look like a cross between Sauron in armoured form, and a Power Ranger. There’s also an arsenal of magic spells to be accessed via an RPG-lite levelling up of your knights.

RPS coverage here.

Apogee Bundle – £9.28/€11/$14.95
Includes (and individual pricing):
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold – £2.97/€3.53/$4.79
Blake Stone: Planet Strike – £2.97/€3.53/$4.79
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition – £2.97/€3.53/$4.79
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project – £2.97/€3.53/$4.79
Rise of the Triad: Dark War – £2.97/€3.53/$4.79
Oh hey, I’ve played DN3D. Last time I played it wasn’t too long ago, I remember being surprised at how well it still held up. Who knows how DNF will compare to it? I’d hazard a guess that you won’t get people talking about how it still holds up 15 years after it comes out, but perhaps it will be a good silly FPS like DN3D was. I’ve not played the rest, so you’re on your own for them as usual.

Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising – £3.10/€3.68/$5
This is a US only offer, however it seems that THQ’s definition of a US citizen is “someone who can enter a US address on a webform”, and by entering a fake address and paying by Paypal, I was able to access these deals. Since you just get a code to plug into Steam, once you’ve got that, you’re fine. Dawn of War 2 is also down to £4.67/€5.52/$7.50, it just seemed like the expansion at that price was the better headline deal.

Darksiders – £6.21/€7.36/$10
Same deal as Dawn of War, stick in a fake USA address and pay via Paypal if you want to access this deal from outside of the States. This registers on Steam too. I played this on the funbox 360, and though it was pretty genuinely horrible. It’s a flabby hodgepodge of ideas from games you’ve probably already played, patronising unskippable tutorials, and ugly looking everything. It does contain a lot of wandering about at a very slow pace, so if you’re into that sort of thing, give this a go. Some people enjoyed it, but I’d say you’d be better off with probably any of the Zelda games. (NO ONE IS BETTER OFF WITH ZELDA GAMES, FUCKING FAIRIES – Jim.)

Deal of the week
AI War: Fleet Command – £3.38/€4.74/$6.78
Also on sale are:
The Zenith Remnant – £2.70/€3.04/$3.38
Children of Neinzul – £1.01/€1.01/$1.47
Not only are these clever strategy strategy games for nerds that like clever strategy games, but they also have probably the best DRM set up I’ve seen. Stop me if I’m wrong (because it’s hard remembering everything), but I think you get a DRM free version from GamersGate, but the same serial used to activate that can be used to activate the game on Steam, or indeed on the version downloaded direct from Arcen. If you do opt to add it to Steam, it doesn’t even use Steam as DRM, so you can run the Steam installed version without even having Steam running if you like. AI war has just had a major update and new expansion too. RPS coverage here, and demo here.

Also of note:
Metro 2033 – £6.21/€7.36/$10 (same deal as DoW2 and Darksiders, this is “USA Only”)
King’s Bounty: Platinum Edition – £8.99/€8.99/$10.49
Overlord 2 – £2/€2.49/$4
Clover: A Curious Tale – £2.99/€3.49/$4.96
VVVVVV – £2.99/€3.99/$3.49
Get Games indie sale

Remember to check to get a dose of cheap gaming across all platforms.

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