Chris Taylor’s Kings and Castles “On Hold”

Here’s a sliver of information from Big Download, that steaming roast carcass of news. For reasons Taylor summarises as “a timing thing”, Gas Powered Games has “put the project on hold” after a year of development. Details on the game itself are still quite hazy. We know it’s an RTS featuring airships, dragons, knights, chickens and (presumably) castles that will let players take on the role of a king, but that’s all I’ve got. You can watch the latest Kings and Castles development video blog thingum after the jump. It was released back in the Octobertime and features Chris saying the studio will be taking “a bit of a break”.

I reckon now’s as good a time as any to reveal that I’ve met Chris Taylor, and he is really is the character he is in the video. Right down to the axe and the exploding.


  1. ImperialCreed says:


    I was really looking forward to this :(

  2. sana says:

    As long as they change the Lord of the Rings font in that picture. It’s what most annoyed me about that UDK tower defense thing – it’s not only universally acknowledged as the LotR font, it also doesn’t look good at all!

  3. pakoito says:

    Apparently they’ll spend this new free time fixing demigod.

  4. Njordsk says:

    They need time to implement free 2 play functionnalities?

  5. Scroll says:

    I’ve been following this for a while and was expecting some news of further development in the new year.

    Hopefully things will be back on track in a few months since I’m rather excited to play a new fantasy RTS.

  6. Navagon says:

    This kind of situation is usually pretty much terminal for the project in question. The only ones I can remember coming back from such a fate are DNF and Prey (which was put on hold more times than someone contacting technical support).

  7. cliffski says:

    Tell us more about these chickens…

  8. Acosta says:


    Chris is absolutely fantastic (and yes, he is like that), I just hope the studio is all right. Best wishes.

  9. westyfield says:

    Dangit, I was excited about this game.

  10. DrGonzo says:

    Apparently I was the only one thinking this looked shit. Reminds me of the terrible Total Annihilation sequel.

  11. SwiftRanger says:

    KnC looked like one of the most promising upcoming RTSs to be honest, it’s been a while since someone was able to surpass AoE II for a medieval-styled RTS.

  12. Droopy The Dog says:

    I loved supreme commander and forged alliance. Everything else GPG has done since I’ve been dissapointed with, demigod and space siege being particularly low points. Plowing on straight into KnC would probably have ended just as meh-worthily. Maybe the little shake-up this implies will liven things up again, but for now they’re still on my “past it” list.

  13. hdiandrew says:

    I’ll join the chorus of voices hoping this is not the game’s swan song. Ramping back up on a title after it has been put aside is no easy task.