Jazz And Trams: Cities In Motion Dated

Some buildings from above, yesterday
Today’s finest music in a trailer is… the unlikely jazzy elevator music that is featured in the Cities In Motion “Tram” trailer. Does the game feature this music? If so, sign me up. The video shows some light-rail tram infrastructure being installed. Also. So. Hot.

In related news, the game is out on 22nd of Feb. Additionally, the open beta is still “in motion”. See? In motion? Like the game title? Everyone okay with that?


  1. Navagon says:

    The beta is great. Looking forward to this one. It would be nice to see these towns and cities grow as they benefit from your services though. That’s something I’ll always miss from Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

    • Birky says:

      Navagon – yep the second I read ‘jazz’ and ‘tram’ I immediately thought of Transport Tycoon. However I bet in this game the second you build a train station next to a business it doesn’t immediately drop it’s production level and closedown…

    • Navagon says:

      Fair point there, Birky. There were certainly downsides to TTD’s ever changing world.

  2. CMaster says:

    I had a great time with the Open Beta, save for the lack of saving. It’s full of issues – Scenarios don’t make it clear what you are aiming for, telling a line to miss out a stop brings the whole thing to a halt, objectives are frequently just daft in terms of expense/reward.
    What was underneath all that however I found deeply compelling.
    It’s also really good looking for a management sim, too.

    • Nova says:

      Yeah. Not much point in playing a long-running sandbox game if you can’t save.
      Why some lines work and others don’t is also a bit mysterious to me.

  3. JonClaw says:

    Played the beta and I can’t wait for this game to release. The beta was quite polished, albeit there are probably a few bugs or quirks that I didn’t notice.

    The replayability of this game seems high. I wonder if there will be a random map generator…

  4. Theory says:

    I found the beta infuriating. I can see all these people, I can check their journeys individually, but can I actually display that information in a usable form? Nope! I’m sticking with Simcity 4.

    • Emperor_Jimmu says:

      This seems to be the part of Simcity 4 that I hate, magnified.

  5. ShiftyParadigm says:

    The open beta featured that music so I assume it in the full game.

    I really liked the way that the cities operate how ever I found some of the building and route planning to be a pain. Maybe I’m just bad at it. That would explain why I never made a profit.

  6. Wilson says:

    I’ve tried the beta and it looked interesting, but two things put me off.
    1 – Lack of saving. Not a problem in the full version, but I’ve been loathe to start another game because I’d need to put aside a few hours to make it worth while, and I’d have to resign myself to losing my progress.
    2 – I couldn’t see any way to set vehicles to appear at particular stops on routes. I want to have my buses at regular intervals along the routes rather than an ugly cluster of buses leaving huge queues in their wake and the two back buses being mostly empty. Is there some way of doing that which I’ve missed? For me, it seemed to place them on semi-random stops, often close behind another bus. Very frustrating.

    • AlephAleph says:

      I really enjoyed the Beta, but yeah, you can´t decide how to distribute your vehicles to have a regular service, the only way to achieve that is to buy as many buses as the number of stops you have in the line. Its very very frustrating, I hope they´ll fix this for the final release.

      Also, I tried all kind of strategies and I always lose lots of money. Did anybody manage to make some profit in this game? How?

    • Wilson says:

      Oh, that’s disappointing. I had hoped I was being dumb and someone would correct me. I really can’t be bothered to play again if I can’t even position my vehicles in a rough schedule properly. It will hit your profits if your vehicles aren’t spaced properly, since they should obviously always aim to be reasonably full. I’m surprised that this never came up before. It seems pretty integral to me.

    • Reikon says:

      I managed to make a profit in the game. The key is to basically ignore buses. They don’t make much money. I built a tram loop that provided me with most of my early income (along with loans, and loans to pay off loans) to build a metro system. Once you have a metro system covering major areas, the money should come rolling in. Some single metro trains were making more than 1000 a month for me.

  7. konrad_ha says:

    The lack of saving in the demobeta was probably the biggest dick-move I’ve seen in demo-history. Especially at a sim game where progress is slow. This didn’t exactly warm me up to the experience. The horrid interface didn’t make things any better. I’ll stick with OpenTTD for now, thank you.

    • konrad_ha says:

      … oh, and no free camera movement? Really? And only a limited ability to zoom out?

      I was really interested in this, but I am no longer.

  8. noom says:

    Whoa there! Alcohol Reference!? I’m not exposing my children to this filth.

  9. triple omega says:

    Played a little sandbox after the tutorial in the Beta. This is Wot I Missed:

    1) There is no way to view the performance of your lines. You can view your company’s performance and a vehicles individual monthly income, but not a neat performance chart for your lines. This makes it really hard to figure out whether it is worth it to keep a line or not. For a game that is based on making profits and cutting losses, that’s pretty bad.

    2) Trams and buses(don’t know about others) don’t follow a schedule. So even if you have more then enough buses/trams on your line, you can still get people angrily waiting absurd amounts of time. Only to see multiple buses/trams arrive at the same time when they do come. Also, the faster buses don’t overtake the slower ones. So you’re basically stuck with a train.

    3) Logic and research? Hell no! Guesswork FTW! Basically you can see what buildings belong to what category and how heavy their usage is. What you can’t see however is WHO uses it. So making that extensive bus-line to connect that residential area with that hypermarket might seem like a good and logical idea. Until the game pisses on your logic and tells you that it was some other guys that were going there and you just wasted thousands of euro’s on empty buses.

    4) Zoom. Zoooooooom! Basically I want Supreme Commander, not Starcraft or C&C. Replace the buildings with icons if you will, but let me zoom out and in freely. It is really annoying that the only overview you have is your minimap. Also, zooming is a much faster way of navigating.

    5) Reality, huh wot? Trusting your real world knowledge to help you in-game is a really bad idea. Things like placing bus/tram-stops on both sides of the road, or trusting people to go shop at that enormous hypermarket. Apparently people are also unwilling to walk more then 100 meters to get to a bus or tram-stop.

    So basically, even if you are doing the best job you could be, you can still fuck it up. Simply because the game doesn’t tell you what you need to know or just screws you over. It may be a beta, but this close to release… I’m not that confident.

  10. trjp says:

    There are a lot of really annoying issues in that Beta – things which really should work, don’t seem to.

    Laying tramlines is faffy-as-hell and it seems you can’t lay a tramline on a road which has bus-stops and – ah, I have no time for guessing wtf to do…

    Nice idea but being Paradox, it won’t work properly until 3 months after release anyway – and it will be pennies in the Steam Xmas Sale :)

  11. pupsikaso says:

    Woah, wtf? I can’t save? I laboured away for FIVE hours, going from hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to having a monthly profit of over 50k and being beloved by the entire city so I could just throw it all away when I was done? WTF did they do that for?

    Just for that, I am not going to get this game when it comes out. Everything about it good, I like it, but take note developers, if you’re going to pull off dick moves like that don’t expect people to buy your game.

  12. RegisteredUser says:

    Good thing they did not steal their title/concept/idea from a near identical educational freeware title, else they might seem like scum.

    link to mobility-online.de

    Oh wait.