Devilish Download: Dungeons Demo

This is in fact a photo of the RPS offices.

Alec was pleasantly surprised last week by Dungeons – a German reinvention of Dungeon Keeper themes, with enough of its own twists and turns to make it a worthwhile game in its own right. But until this very day there was no English demo to check out. Thank the ears of Horace, that’s all now changed, with Kalypso releasing three single-player levels, and a survival mode map for freeeeee. You can get this morsel here, here, or perhaps here. Go, be villainous.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    There it is.

  2. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    EDIT: Redacted due to not being relevant any more.

    Good work Jim.

    Also, hooray for demo’s! I strongly believe the current trend of not making demo’s contributes to piracy.

    • Bonedwarf says:

      In my experience, you are right. That’s the dirty little secret that the software industry don’t want you to know. Among the folk I know, those that pirate, 99% do it for this exact reason. “Try before you buy”. God knows I’ve done it in the past. (Warcraft 3.)

      Until such time as can return shite/broken games for a full refund, I find it completely morally acceptable to do this. You can examine a load of bread for mold before purchasing, and if you get home and find it’s moldy you can take it back.

      Can’t imagine any other industry pulling this crap and getting away with it.

  3. Navagon says:

    Downloaderating! This game sounds like it will be more like dungeon mastering than DK was.

  4. Inigo says:

    Oh dear.
    That voice acting.
    Oh dear.

  5. Urael says:

    I’m going to download the demo just to support the privilege of having a demo to download.

    If it convinces me to buy the game I will return here to post this event in CAPS FOR EVERY SHORT-SIGHTED DEVELOPER TO SEE.

  6. MajorManiac says:

    “Go, be villainous” – As if we ever stop.

  7. Gnoupi says:

    From what I tried, if we ignore the terrible French translation (and no language choice), it seemed quite nice, in appearance.

    But then the gameplay has the same thing which annoyed me in MUD TV : you have to do everything, by hand, in person. You have to physically move your avatar to the place, to make an action. Even the goblins need to bring the gold to you directly. (Surprisingly though, you can order to dig just anywhere, from anywhere.)

    At some point I just feel like running everywhere, to deal with heroes coming, since the monsters I have apparently can’t deal with the lowest level of hero by themselves.

    Maybe I missed something in the tutorial, but for now the best thing I got from this game is that it gave me will to launch a new game of Startopia.

  8. Inigo says:

    When the Chinese Dungeon Keeper MMO looks more fun to play than your game, you have gone horribly wrong somewhere.

  9. Hoaxfish says:

    I was hyped for this… ow

  10. Coins says:

    I don’t see all the negativity? Did we play the same game, at all? The voices didn’t seem so bad at all, and the game looked like great fun. Although perhaps this wasn’t the best piece of the game for a demo because the plot wasn’t very clear.

    • Urael says:

      You’re absolutely right. Once you can get past the fact that it’s not the game it so closely resembles, you start to take the game on it’s own terms. And it’s…not half bad. The voices come from the same mould as those in Overlord – in fact I’m half-convinced it’s the exact same guy playing the goblin in this as did in that – but aren’t majorly offensive. The game also looks complicated enough to develop quite nicely over time into something quite involved.

      So it’s NOT the Dungeon Keeper we all know and crave more of, instead it’s best to think of it as the next Evil Genius.

  11. TheLastBaron says:

    There’s a Dungeon Keeper type game on facebook Called Dungeon Overlord. Cynical Brit did a video on it, looks interesting.

    check it out