Me Love To Dancing! Save Toshi

My girlfriend has much bigger eyes, too.

And now a browser game from the Indie Games Blog that could basically describe my current relationship. Save Toshi is a game about guiding a girl to a dancefloor even though she can’t walk, because if she doesn’t dance she will die. Where Save Toshi differs from my life is that in the game you’ll be achieving this using thrown balls, and half the time you’ll accidentally crush her or drop her into some water. God, you know, that sounds like my life again.

I like Save Toshi because your more unfortunate mistakes (catapulting Toshi into space, crushing her with a stone boulder) would dredge up laughter from the saddest of souls, and there’s some really clever puzzles in there. Reasons to dislike Save Toshi include that attempting the same solution for a puzzle twice is capable of producing two very different results, and lots of levels are locked out to us, becoming available in the “deluxe” iPhone edition. Boo. Not that the PC version has a dearth of levels, or anything. Go play!


  1. Emperor_Jimmu says:

    For some reason that screenshot made me think this was a Minecraft mod article for a millisecond.

  2. Brumisator says:

    Fun little game. good thing the sound can be tuned off.

    It also complies with almost all of the latest “Do and Don’t” commandments

  3. CMaster says:

    Girl sounds russian.

    • patricij says:

      Yeah, she doesn’t sound particularly Japanese…surely they could’ve got some Japanese gal to voice it.

      And to be honest solving the puzzles isn’t quite as funny as finding new ways to kill her. My favourite is: She slides from an ice desk to the edge of the platform…*pause*…another ice desk pushes her into the water. SOLID.

  4. stahlwerk says:

    If I don’t dance… I DIE! ^_^

    • Lambchops says:

      “Use TNT to thurst nearby blocks”

    • stahlwerk says:

      That was fun, but that may be related to me being a sucker for physics puzzles with a soft spot for japanotrash.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      You can dance if you want to. You can leave your physics behind.

    • Vague-rant says:

      Cos your physics don’t work, and if they don’t work, Well they’re no theorems of mine.

    • Harlander says:

      We can dance,

      Everybody look at your Hans [Albrecht Bethe, Manhattan Project scientist]

  5. thenagus says:

    Actually as fun as it looks! Can’t quite decide if the sound is wonderful or horrifying.

    Also, makes me think of the best thing that’s ever happened in history.
    link to

  6. Sarlix says:

    Lets just pause for a moment while we consider what we’ve just witnessed.

  7. geldonyetich says:

    From the looks of some of those puzzles, I’m not sure they want me to save Toshi.

  8. Baines says:

    Is Kongregate becoming free advertising for iPhone games? It feels like I’m seeing more and more games there that include ads for “deluxe” iPhone versions.

  9. Handsome Dead says:

    Some kind of horrible anime chipmunk from my nightmares.

  10. Lambchops says:

    Oops Toshi is dead.

    No I’m not blind! I just have an irrational desire to throw balls at squeaky pitched anime girls.

    Is it just me or is the drowning sound effect genuinely disturbing? Well, marginally more disturbing than the colours and music anyway.

    • stahlwerk says:

      I found that drowning sound to be more funny than disturbing, especially coupled with her retort on resurrection. Obligatory video link link to

    • Lambchops says:

      “No, it made me want to drown things.”

      Damnit, you just made me want to watch Spaced again.

    • Sarkhan Lol says:

      Oops! Toshi is dead!

      Oops, ha ha, it happened again.


  11. DarioSamo says:

    I like how in one of the levels, Toshi reached the floor, but a big metal block pushed her to the water. She continued dancing happily it seems…

  12. kupocake says:



  13. Coins says:

    Some levels are just designed to launch her into space/far away. Good fun.

  14. lukehashj says:

    Sounds like a remake of Save Mary

  15. darthmajor says:

    Bloody unity not having a linux client/support…

    For shame

  16. pupsikaso says:

    If the guy who made this didn’t use a voice font to create the most annoying and the most insulting and racist comments coming out of that Toshi’s mouth this game might have been more enjoyable.

    Or maybe not, I’ve flew through the puzzles in what… 10 mins? None of them required more than a minute of thought.

  17. Navagon says:

    Well, the video gave me a good laugh when the player accidentally crushed her to death. Unfortunately I have a cold and this laughter sparked a coughing fit. I consider this a malicious act by the developer of this title, and in retaliation I refuse to play it.

    Edit: Okay since the game has been released I decided to lift my boycott. It was a fun diversion while it lasted.

  18. The Magic says:

    I get that they’re parodying japanese pop culture, but is the engrish really necessary? I mean that’s pretty much just “haha, foreign people talk funny.” Also some of the stuff she says is really kinda racist, like shouting “MANGA” when she flies in the air. I mean it basically lumps japanese culture into one big stereotype.
    It’s like making a game about an american black gangster rapper who does drive bys and cant read. And when he gets catapaulted into the air he shouts “WATERMELON!”

    Maybe I’m going too far with it, but I was put off by those aspects.

    • dadioflex says:

      “It’s like making a game about an american black gangster rapper who does drive bys and cant read. And when he gets catapaulted into the air he shouts “WATERMELON!””

      I think you just leaked the plot of Saints Row 3.

    • bill says:

      It isn’t racist to make fun of Japanese people. They speak funny English that isn’t as good as native English speakers!

    • simonh says:

      So what does discriminating because of language make you? A LINGUIST?

    • pipman3000 says:

      So what does discriminating because of language make you?

      rush limbaugh

    • thecat17 says:

      Somebody should really hack this game and insert a Super Mario model and sound effects, so that we can learn if the game itself is truly racist.

  19. SpinalJack says:

    OMG my ears!
    Should be called Dance Dance Weeaboo

  20. Springy says:

    Toshi sounds like she’s torn from Worms.

  21. Ryn Taylor says:

    I would play if there was a mode where the point was to make her die in the most absurd way.

  22. wonkavision says:

    The headline to this article should read: “Adorable Game Marred By Yellowface Voice Acting”

  23. Hatsworth says:

    Come on Toshi!

  24. bill says:

    PS/ Isn’t Toshi a boy’s name?
    PPS/ Japanese people would never say “me love to” – they are japanese not cavemen.

  25. stache says:

    The game is basically a rip-off of Boom Blox (a Wii game, pretty good actually). For some stupid reason, the designers shoved in an incredibly annoying fake “haha we so Japanese” vibe that several gullible idiots will undoubtedly believe is authentic. Too bad, the world needs more Boom Blox rip-offs.

  26. Baggypants says:

    I’m stuck on level 1-9. And by stuck I mean obsessively repeatedly catapulting Toshi into the water while giggleing.

  27. badvibration says:

    oh my god. i just noticed that the pictures on this site have captions if you hover over them long enough. you realize what this means don’t you? there goes my free time.