Meet The Natural Selection 2 Team

There should be an evolution gun. No wait, that is all guns
Unknown Worlds superfan channel Natural Selection 2 HD has been charting the progress of the FPS/RTS hybrid with meticulous detail over the past few months, and most recently the man behind it made a trip to the California-based studio to meet the team and find out some more about the team and the game. I’ve posted the “meet the team” video below, for your viewing pleasure.

Natural Selection 2‘s pre-orders have apparently doine a huge amount to get the game to the “next stage” and the ongoing beta is yielding significant results for the team. We hope to have own interview with Unknown Worlds, as well as a hands-on with the game, pretty soon.


  1. Artist says:


  2. Greg Wild says:

    The NS2 chaps are friendly mens.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    The beta has been a little too much like an alpha for me to really invest too much time in it. But that is not an insult, most multiplayer games don’t even have anything experimental enough need a real beta.

    • Vandelay says:

      Agreed. I pre-ordered quite a while ago and have probably only been in NS2 for about 30-45 mins in toyal. I intentially say “in” and not “playing” as it is almost impossible to actually get an enjoyable game going. I’ve dipped in and out over the past few months and has gotten better, but the net code still seems to be an issue. The lag I was getting with a ping of 50 was completely unbearable, althoguh I could hit things now. Bugs are also still present, but at a much more acceptable level then before; certainly not unusable (although, I only briefly played, so may not be accurate.)

      The player base at the mo probably doesn’t help. The few times I’ve logged in, I’ve hardly found a game with more than 4 or 5 other players in it and usually the servers are empty.

      It’s probably a bit of a catch 22. They can’t fix a lot of the issues without a player base of testers and they can’t get the players without fixing the problems.

      Still, if it actually worked, it would be a great game.

      Edit: Argh, typing on phone make speling and gramma bad.

      Now that I’ve actually watched the video, just wanted to add, WOW look at that monitor! And also, the brief glimpse of the un-revealed level looks much more interesting then the ones in the beta. The current two are quite small and cramped, but that looks to be much more open.

  4. Greg Wild says:

    Yeah, it’s quite hard to really invest much time in the beta at the moment, but from what I have played lately, it’s quickly knocking into shape now.

    The next update is looking fairly substantial too.

  5. tomeoftom says:

    That is a very smart alt-text, Mr. Rossignol.

    • Unaco says:

      Finally… The Hivemind has learned to use the ‘Title’ attribute for what it is designed for. Unfortunately, still doing it wrong when using the ‘Alt’ attribute. Even after the post earlier this week about accessibility in games.

      As a quick reminder,

      Alt = Alternative textual description of the picture, for blind people or those using screen readers.
      Title = Extra information, witty captions, obscure references, cryptic riddles.

      Using ‘Alt’ for the same thing as ‘Title’ makes the site less accessible, and possibly confusing for some users. So you probably shouldn’t do it.

  6. de5me7 says:

    I remember when the then NS team posted a blog on their office hunt. One of the options was a garage with a plastic chair in it (i think it had a chair long time ago now). The office in this vid aint half bad.

    Been enjoying the beta when i get time, but still lots of stuff to be done

  7. mod the world says:

    This looks like the place of work of my dreams. A bright and open office, friendly co-workers and a ping-pong table right in the middle!

    • pepper says:

      That is how most offices look like in the game industry, although I have no idea what it looks like at the bigger companies(biggest for me has been +-40 people).

  8. geldonyetich says:

    You know, I liked the original Natural Selection, but it’s been eight years. Think you guys can sew NS2 up into a playable state and get it out already?

  9. tomeoftom says:

    Silly spam! If I wanted to kit myself out like an absolute douche in Ed Hardy, Gucci shades and Air Jordans, I would probably not be the type of person to read RPS.

  10. unique_identifier says:

    the devs recently put up another video of some pretty experiments with the engine

    link to

  11. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    His teeth are so pretty.