New Homefront Trailer Has Many Explosions

That tank in the back is all like 'Hellooo'

Machinima has an exclusive new Homefront trailer. Yes. I’m not sure it’s quite as interesting as the more detailed alternate timeline stuff the developers have been putting out that shows how North Korea could successfully invade the USA, but it does feature many explosions. The game’s out on March 18th, you know. So soon! The explosions will be ours so soon.

Someone firing from a jeep while it does a handbrake turn? Check. Helicopter shattering an eight lane concrete bridge with machine gun fire? Check. Not sure what I’m checking off, exactly.

While I’m at it, did we post this? I’m not sure we did.


  1. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Maybe a discount bin title, sorry game, you might be good and all, but I already have enough games to play at the moment.

  2. frenz0rz says:

    “From the writer of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now”

    Couldnt help but snigger a little at comparing Homefront to Apocalypse Now, considering what we’ve seen so far appears to be as utterly implausible as it is generic. Besides, since when does the title “Story Consultant” imply, as the trailer seems to suggest, that he has ultimate creative control over the entire game’s story?

    • Torgen says:

      “Here’s a check so we can put your name on the box of our game.”

  3. crainey92 says:

    This game is looking very interesting and I think I may just check it out on release if not only for the campaign (which I never buy games for singeplayer). Saw the first trailer the other day on Machinima but I watched it again because it’s awesome. Some scenes in there remind me alot of Half-Life 2 (I’m not saying this game will as good as hl2 or is simliar though.) such as 36 seconds in.

  4. konrad_ha says:

    I would like to like this, but the whole setting just feels so wrong on every level. This could only work if it was biting satire, but I’m afraid they’re going to take it completely serious.

    • Urthman says:

      Looking at the time-line on their website that Quintin linked to, I think they’ve done a pretty good job of giving you enough of an explanation to suspend your disbelief.

      Basically, most of the world runs out of oil and the US economy is completely broken. Except for the Ukraine, which won’t sell oil to anyone else but Russia and (presumably, I didn’t dig deeply enough to get all the details) China and North Korea. I didn’t see anything about how China figures into all this.

      With the US unable to afford overseas military bases, North Korea annexes South Korea and then Japan, from which it gets enough technology to develop an EMP satellite which fries all the technology in the US prior to the invasion.

      Essentially, running out of oil creates post-apocalyptic conditions in the USA before North Korea invades, so the US is completely disorganized and unable to defend itself.

      That makes more sense than 75% of the shooters I’ve played.

    • Xercies says:

      Really? It still sounds like hokum to me!

    • BSG11 says:

      It’s still hokum, Xercies. The idea that Ukraine would be the only one with oil left is silly, since they haven’t nearly the proven reserves as other states. Venezuela would have made a more believable source, though the US is their biggest customer.

      Also, NO ONE IS GOING TO SELL OIL *ONLY* TO NK, because NK can barely afford oil now, much less when oil is $20 a gallon. The idea that NK will be in any shape to buy super expensive oil, simply because it reunified with SK is the pipe dream of someone who hasn’t paid attention to German reunification. The western half of the country, after 20 years of unification, is still trying to bail out the eastern half. German unification essentially kneecapped the German economy as a whole, and there is a good chance that a Korean reunification will be far worse given NK’s even poorer economic condition vis-a-vis East Germany 1991.

      Finally, not sure what United Korea has to gain by invading the US, period. With oil now a ridiculously expensive commodity, why would Korea want to burn it getting across the Pacific and burn even more occupying a run-down country? Especially after annexing much of East Asia already?

      When attempting to shoehorn a weak enemy into a Big Badass role, it’s probably a better idea not to try to explain too much. That’d just call attention to your attempt to justify the ridiculous.

    • Emperor_Jimmu says:

      That voiceover sounds like right wing American survivalist propaganda. Explosions are a good thing though.

    • Kandon Arc says:

      Another thing to bear in mind is that the US only uses oil for transport these days – most of its energy production is fuelled by natural gas. With the discovery of vast amounts of shale gas in North America over the last couple of years, a oil crisis would be more detrimental to the East – China, India, Japan – who are far more dependent of oil imports.

      I also find it unlikely that NK could successfully beat the South even without US help. The South’s military is far more advanced and has better training and morale; it would also have the assistance of most members of SEATO.

      I don’t understand why they chose NK over China to be honest, they’re both Asian Communist regimes, but China is a much more plausible rival to the US than NK, even if it is decades away from challenging the US militarily.

    • soundofvictory says:


      The NK, Germany reunification comparison almost works. However in Germany the government was in general trying to improve conditions. Whereas I’m guessing if NK invaded SK, they would just pillage that shit.

      But yea, why would they want to waste all their oil coming across the pacific to conquer an already crippled country? Unless they put the SK super-scientists to work on converting all their military vehicles to run on bio-ethanol or something. It is a sci-fi setting.

      Is this what would inevitably and definitively occur if these conditions were met? No. I could see it as a possibility though, and that is good enough for me.

  5. godgoo says:

    Good grief this game steps into some geopolitically uncomfortable territory.

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      It’s as if the idea of the rest of the world being able to look after itself is utter anathema to them.

      I mean, North Korea annexing China? Really?

    • battles_atlas says:

      One suspects that Fox wont be accusing this one of leading to rape. In fact maybe Fox are working on taking out all of Homefront’s potential competition? There’s a conspiracy theory for John to investigate.

      More seriously, given the takeover of the America state by the military industrial complex, this is one game I’d have no interest in defending from accusations of irresponisibility.

  6. Subject 706 says:

    Do they explain how in the world North Korea gets the manpower to invade a country with circa 15 times their own population???

    Anyhow, it would have made for a far more interesting game if it was about North Korea invading South Korea. As it is now it seems to be just another amerocentric FPS, albeit slightly less generic than most.

    • SneakyB says:

      Exactly, North vs South all over again. Why does it have to be the US ?
      You would be able to fool around with cool US hardware in South Korea too and at least it would make some sense.

    • Dominic White says:

      Crysis never claimed to have come up with a realistic timeline of events that could lead a to North Korean invasion of America.

      This has.

    • B0GiE-uk- says:

      I’d put a wager on the 1 slim north korean over 15 fat yanks anyday! :P

    • The Innocent says:

      slim = malnourished

    • Consumatopia says:

      If you suspend disbelief enough to imagine that North Korea manages to magically hypnotize South Korea into surrendering to their mortal enemy with no resistance at all, two years from now, then the rest of the timeline seems reasonable. Note that annexing South Korea alone would expand North Korea’s population by more than 200% and its GDP by more than 3500%.

    • BSG11 says:

      Consumatopia, that’s not how the math works in a reunification. The stronger economy has to compensate for the weaker economy. NK might get a leg up, but it’s at disproportionate cost from the SK economy, so the net Korean economy is actually down.

      The western half of Germany has been pumping billions into the eastern half for going on 20 years, and the eastern half of the economy is still in comparatively poorer shape. This two decades of heavy investment with limited return and growth has seriously hindered what was otherwise a superb economy. Considering that NK seems rather less economically viable than East Germany was, any unification would likely suck most of the vitality out of the South Korean economy (which while healthy if not downright superawesomesauce compared to the disaster that is NK, is not some sort of magical bottomless piggy bank).

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Not only that, the propensity for Americans to own firearms also is in far excess of any other country in the world. So even if the US military was “too unorganized” to respond, there would be massive civilian militias armed just as well (or better) then most countries military forces.

  7. RaytraceRat says:

    brave and just US versus evil commies? I though that was hip in the ’50s

  8. Springy says:

    How come, two years into occupation (and after, I’d imagine, utter military defeat), the American ‘revolutionaries’ are able to muster a fighting force consisting of shiny new Predator drones and Bradley IFVs? Were they being hidden in patriots’ basements?

    Wait. Why am I asking for explanation for this rubbish? Whee! Take that, Asian oppressors! Eat LIBERTY!

    • adonf says:

      “How come, two years into occupation, the American ‘revolutionaries’ are able to muster a fighting force consisting of shiny new Predator drones and Bradley IFVs?”

      The North Korean invaders could never repel the second amendment, obviously.

    • Premium User Badge

      Maltose says:

      In the games fiction, Korea (It’s a bit absurd to call it North Korea when it’s a unified Korea, no?) only takes over the western half of the US, up to the Mississippi River. I assume the shiny new military hardware comes from the independent eastern half of the US.

  9. Staggy says:

    Actually looks pretty good, I’ve been waiting for a worthy successor to Freedom Fighters for years now, this might be it.

    • Gonefornow says:

      You are asking for a lot there, sonny.
      Freedom Fighters has a unique mood that will be hard to top, or even come close to.

    • Staggy says:

      Good point, hence I loved it.

      There’s is potential here mind, a bleak resistance to an evil oppressive invading superpower. If they get the storytelling right they could pull it off.

      To be honest, I’m seeing more and more Half Life 2 influence coming through the more I hear about it – and that can’t be a bad thing.

  10. Greg Wild says:

    The horror! The horror!

    The politics/International Relations/Commie student in me just cannot take the absurdity every time this game is brought up.

  11. Dakia says:

    This has been on my radar for a while and I’m looking forward to picking it up.

    At least it isn’t another annual edition of CoD.

  12. ZIGS says:

    But will it be better than the current best “america is being invaded” game, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty?

  13. Ravenger says:

    This looks like a good game, I’d probably buy it on Steam, especially as it’s a Steamworks game, but THQ have done their normal trick of making it retail exclusive in the UK like they did with Metro 2033

    How bonkers is that? You can’t buy a Steamworks game on Steam, but instead have to walk into the very stores that have done their level best to kill off PC gaming to buy it!

    Try searching for Homefront on Steam from a UK location. The dev diaries are there, but the game itself doesn’t even exist.

  14. ShaunCG says:

    I’m heartened to see so many comments laughing at the ludicrous and jingoistic premise of this game’s plot.

    I’m also heartened to see the videos which look potentially very fun indeed. I have fairly high hopes after Frontlines…

  15. Basilicus says:

    North Korea taking over multiple countries and expanding across the Pacific would not be the most far-fetched “underdog” story of military conquest. It’s unlikely, but so was an escaped Mongolian prisoner-of-war with a mostly gutted tribe taking over most of the known world, and so was Japan conquesting Korea, a third of China, Southeast Asia, and half the Pacific. That said, there are ten or twenty weak countries that go belly-up in the pursuit for every one that has even moderate success, but the world’s worst conflicts have all been due to weak countries doing the unlikely, so I don’t mind the Homefront storyline too much.

    By the way, I was getting interested in this game due to past trailers and the devs saying all the right things, but the new trailer makes things look a bit cheaply done and kind of turns me off.

    • Jad says:

      and so was Japan conquesting Korea, a third of China, Southeast Asia, and half the Pacific

      Agreed. Have you guys ever looked at a map of WWII during the height of the Axis’ powers? Two countries (well, and Italy too) conquered a gigantic chunk of the world’s surface. In the fiction of the game, apparently “North Korea” is really Korean Peninsula + Japan, too.

    • Kandon Arc says:

      It’s not about the land as much as the opposition to taking it i.e. Japan’s only serious rival in the pacific was the US, everyone else was either too disorganised, technologically backward or few in number to mount any serious opposition.

      NK on the other hand, is the weakest economy in the region, has a military that is far behind it’s neighbours and no allies that would support it’s expansion. Why do you think they’re trying so hard to gain nuclear weapons?

    • Consumatopia says:

      I’m not sure Japan’s conquests in WW2 were all that surprising given their victories in the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars.

  16. konrad_ha says:

    All together now: “Freedom is the only choice!”

  17. kovy36 says:

    I know graphics don’t make a game, but DAMN those are some outdated graphics.

  18. dhex says:

    the concept is somewhat intriguing, but i’d feel better if the bulletstorm people were doing it. they’re both on about the same level of reality.

  19. Aphotique says:

    Pre-purchase on Steam, get a free copy of Metro 2033 to keep or give to a friend if you already own it.

  20. Jake says:

    “Two years since the occupation… the time to stand and fight is now!”

    Surely a couple of years ago would have been an even better time to stand and fight.

    Is there any explanation given as to why the North Koreans would want to conquer America if it has no resources and is technologically fried? I suppose it is quite roomy.

  21. steggieav says:

    In the world of Homefront, Somalia created an empire stretching across Africa, Belarus conquered the Russian Federation, and the peace of Europe is threatened by the almighty army of Belgium. Here’s hoping this game will have plenty of unintentional comedy.

  22. tactacfox says:

    Freedom Fighters was one of my most favorite games back in the day. I loved the characters, the settings, the story and how all of those developed. What I really enjoyed, though, was how it could actually happen, even if it were in an alternate timeline. Same goes for Red Dawn. Homefront worries me because it is SO far fetched and from what I have seen in the trailers, poorly thought out. The idea that a country like North Korea could overtake a giant like the United States is absurd.

    Frankly, with just a case of Budweiser and our already our large collection of firearms, relatively speaking, me and my buddies could have the Koreans swimming home to their Great Leader in a weekend or two.

  23. harrumph says:

    Those of you who think it’s jingoistic, racist garbage (which it may very well turn out to be, I grant you): what if you think of it as a retelling of the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US and UK and the subsequent insurgency? Foreign power invades on a flimsy pretext, claims to be liberating the people, throws a bunch of propaganda around, kills a lot of people, etc. And then the oppressed natives fight back! Allahu Akbar! God Bless America!

  24. Grape Flavor says:

    lololololo. You guys crack me up.

    The game is about the US defending it’s homeland from the most brutal, totalitarian state currently existing on Earth. And yet some of you are trying to spin it into “those dirty rotten racist American imperialists”, and “most people are going to be rooting for NK”.

    Yeah the premise of the game is completely ham-handed, goofy, and laughable, but I think that actually makes you guys’ comments even MORE ridiculous. I could see the thing over Medal of Honor, maybe, but this? Really?

    As an American, I can tell you there are indeed quite a few stereotypical “rah rah amuricca hell yeah” types in this country. But the prevalence and intensity of which, I assure you, pales in comparison to the knee-jerk, brain-dead anti-Americanism that seems to be hardwired into some of you guys’ brains.

    Ugh. RPS comments are really irritating me as of late.


    • Grape Flavor says:


    • Chris D says:

      Who are you even talking to? I just read through the whole thread and couldn’t figure it out. Also, you’re not exactly winning hearts and minds here.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      @Chris D
      Yeah. Toned it down a bit. Really need to work on taking it easy. I’m calling it quits for the night.

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      “The game is about the US defending it’s homeland from the most brutal, totalitarian state currently existing on Earth.”

      There’s a lot more spun into this yarn than that. There’s the not-so-subtle implication that America is the only nation capable of putting up a fight against a remotely determined enemy (see my comment further up, and bear in mind that most of the states that NK annexes in this story, such as Japan, Thailand and Vietnam have many times it’s GDP). There’s the not-so-subtly implied question of where those apparently cowardly, selfish Europeans are during all this. There’s the implication that someone on the other side of the Pacific would inexplicably still see America as the ultimate prize even if, as the story makes clear, it were to virtually become a third world country. And, to flog a largely dead horse, it reflects (and perpetuates) some truly ignorant nationalist paranoia to think that NK could actually do this. Bangladesh is in a better position to launch a trans-Pacific invasion.

      So you too are tired of the right wing saber rattling that the rest of the world sees from your country? Good. Our beef isn’t with you, or others who share your stance. All we ask is that you recognise misleading jingoism like this when you see it, and not be surprised when it riles people who have every right to be riled by it.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      @Napalm Sushi
      Or, you know, maybe you’re reading an awful lot into this? I’m pretty sure it’s just your usual cheesy ridiculous shooter plot. Frankly I think your perceived “implications” say a lot more about you than they do the game.

      I mean seriously, how many absurd, implausible video game futures have been created up to this point. Yet it’s only when America *cue spooky music* gets involved, that it’s taken seriously by you guys, and furthermore, perceived as some sort of diabolical ultra-nationalist propaganda.

      And for what it’s worth, yeah, NK would be more likely to go after America than Europe. For one, basic geography. Also I’m guessing you’ve never seen any NK propaganda posters. You know, the ones with the cackling, demon-eyed American soldiers pouring gasoline on burning babies while the DPRK flag ripples in the wind and the patriotic Koreans cry righteous tears, and swear to avenge this atrocity in the name of Our Glorious Leader? North Koreans are pretty much brainwashed to see the US as evil incarnate from day 1. Then again, judging by the attitudes of some RPSers, so are Brits these days.

      I mean “jingoism”? Seriously? In a game about a defensive war against North-fucking-Korea? I don’t think many of you guys even know what these kind of words mean. You just throw them around in this silly psuedo-intellectual wankery that’s intended to make you feel superior.

      Stop trying to ape the language of your “totally subversive” radical-leftist university professor and grow up.