Retribution Beta For Dawn Of War Steamers

Oh, I missed this before, but VG247 picked it up: anyone who owns a Dawn Of War game on Steam can now get into the Retribution beta. UPDATE: Or anyone else can just try for a key here.

I had a bit of play with the Imperial Guard at the weekend, and it was fantastic. I particularly like the ogryns as a melee unit. Not that I think they are really that effective, they just look great as you send them into battle. I’ll try and get up some more words on this soon. Wow, there is a lot going on at the moment. And March is even busier!


  1. Teddy Leach says:

    I’ve been having great fun with this.

  2. Creeping Death says:

    I got my beta key sometime last week from the DoW 2 community website. If anyone is curious but doesn’t own one of the games, thats the way to go about getting a key.

    Been playing the Imperial Guard and I gotta say, if you like tanks and artillery, they are the race to play. The baneblade is suitably awesome

  3. Coins says:

    It’s good fun, but for some reason, my video card goes into ‘produce a whole lot of heat’-mode. That’s a bit shit. And the guardsmen ARE fantastic. And very varied. Bunker drop wooy!

  4. Lord_Mordja says:

    It’s all great fun! And I must say, they nailed the IG voices perfectly. Hurrah for Scottish tankers!

    • Wilson says:

      Yes, the voices are good :) Relic seem to have a knack for doing good unit voices, I thought the ones in Company of Heroes were superb as well.

    • mcnostril says:

      Sadly for some reason they had to re-record all the previous voices as well, and a few of them are of much lesser quality than before.
      A lot of the orks aren’t as orky, half the eldar sound even douchier (quite a feat for the eldar) and certain space marine voices have become rather irritating (the scout acknowledgement really stands out for me).

      It wouldn’t be a Relic expansion if the voice acting wasn’t all over the place, but it could have been worse. Nothing’s outright bad.

    • subedii says:

      There’s a reason for that.

      Basically because Retribution is Stand-alone it counts as a completely separate SKU. Contractually they couldn’t use the previous voicework from the previous titles in it, and so it had to all be re-recorded from scratch. This leads to the bizarre situation where you’ve literally got entire sides re-voiced by the same voice actors saying almost all the same lines, plus maybe a few more.

      For most of the sides it’s not really a big deal, but I agree the Orkz don’t sound as good as they did anymore. Not bad per se, I’m sure I’ll get used to them, but I feel like they got the voiceovers right the first time around.

      Not sure how Chaos fits into all this, since I think they still have the same voiceovers. But I could be wrong on that. Assuming I’m right, it could just be that there was a different contract with the voice recording for Chaos Rising.

      In general though, Relic has awesome voice casting and the quality of the voicework always shines through in their games. It’s amazing how everyone involved maintains such a consistently high quality of voicework, fitting for each faction, across 6 factions with ridiculous amounts of incidental and contextual dialogue. Something like Starcraft 2 doesn’t even have to deal with a fraction of that.


      I’d also like to add that the Catachans are just the right style of gravelly 80’s action hero.

    • Kakrafoon says:

      They seem to have used the same gang of voice actors who already did the Brits in Opposing Fronts. The Guardsmen squad sounds exactly like the rifle-armed Tommy squad, with a bit less swearing, and all the vehicles remind me very much of the Firefly tank.

    • zachhanks says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Lord_Mordja, Wilson, and subedii. Glad you enjoy the voices – we put a lot into ’em.

      Lord_Mordja – the Scottish voice is Graham McTavish, who you’ll be seeing as the Dwarf, “Dwalin,” in Peter Jackson’s film of J.R.R. Tolkein’s THE HOBBIT in 2012.

      Subedii – ALL the previously recorded dialogue had to be re-recorded for RETRIBUTION, including Chaos. We did get to make some improvements here and there, but unfortunately, what I hear as an “improvement” in a line reading sounds false or faulty to the DOWII fans, not because the new reading is worse than the original, but primarily because it is unfamiliar.

      I voiced the Catachans. The template was Clint Eastwood as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway in HEARTBREAK RIDGE (1986).

      Kakrafoon – good ear! Two of the cast members of OPPOSING FRONTS voiced Imperial Guard troops: Mark Hildreth, as the Cadians, and Gideon Emery, as the Sentinel.


      Zach Hanks
      Voice director, COMPANY OF HEROES franchise and DAWN OF WAR II series

  5. Fumarole says:

    I look forward to losing horribly as the Guard in multiplayer games.

  6. Vandelay says:

    Finally finished downloading this today (for some reason, Steam download was crawling,) but haven’t really played any of it, bar a quick go as Orc against a comp, which seemed pretty much identical as the previous game, which is to be expected. Everything seems a lot smoother, now that GFWL has been ditched; no annoying screens popping up telling you to log in or to download some update that refuses to download. Just open the game and play.

    Hopefully get a chance to play some actual games over the weekend.

    • Wilson says:

      Oh god yes, no GFWL! The first time I started up the beta, it was so pleasant not to have GFWL harassing you for updates it can never do or asking you to login for no reason. I’ve forgotten it was ever there now, fortunately.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      Me, it’s even worse. I need to launch GFWL separately, otherwise DoW2 and DiRT2 (my sole two GFWL games, thank the gods) crash on boot, no explanation.

      It’s unbelievable how that thing sucks, EVEN when you’re not trying to do any multiplayer.

  7. Wilson says:

    I didn’t get Chaos Rising, but I think I probably will get this one. Do we know if you get to play Chaos if you only have the original DoW II and this?

    • Jeremy says:

      You should I think, it’s up on Steam at 50% off, and it’s a pretty fun play through.

    • mlaskus says:

      I think all races are available in Retribution because they switched from GFWL to Steamworks after Chaos Rising.

    • Creeping Death says:

      To answer your question, you should be able to play Chaos without Chaos Rising. It’s a standaolone game (As a result of ditching GFWL) so it should have everything.

    • Xocrates says:

      The switch from GFWL to Steamworks or the game being standalone doesn’t change anything. All the game has to do is to check whether you own the other games to see whether or not to unlock the other races for multiplayer. Dark Crusade and Soulstorm did the same thing and neither required either Steam of GFWL, they just checked if you had the other games installed and if you did it would ask for their CD keys, having all DoW2 entries require steam makes doing the check even more trivial since it can just look up your account.

      That said, I don’t really expect the other races to be enabled for multiplayer unless you own the other 2, but they should be available for Campaign and Skirmishes Vs AI. (which I believe is what Chaos Rising does as it is also a standalone)

    • subedii says:

      Relic have already confirmed how Retribution fits into all this:

      – Because of the split with GFWL, Retribution will not be compatible with DoW2 / Chaos Rising multiplayer. They will effectively be two separate multiplayer communities (something that Relic always tries to avoid where possible, and managed to avoid with DoW1, CoH, and DoW2 up to Chaos Rising, having each game keep a unified multiplayer base).

      – Because of this, buying Retribution will grant you access to all six races for multiplayer, regardless of whether you own DoW2/CR.

      – All races will also be playable for Retribution’s singleplayer campaign.

      – The only thing you will be missing out on by not owning vanilla DoW2 or Chaos Rising will be their associated singleplayer campaigns.

      – Vanilla DoW2 / CR will be effectively deprecated. Players on that side won’t be getting the new faction units, won’t be able to play with Retribution players (and vice-versa) and have received (or are about to receive) their final updates. The multiplayer will still exist, you can still get your achievements on them, and they’ll still be playable. It’s all still going to be around. But it will no longer be supported by updates.

    • Xocrates says:

      @subedii: I’m pretty sure they didn’t avoid that with DOW1 since every game had a different multiplayer. And while I didn’t play enough CoH to be sure, I also seriously doubt that the games shared their multiplayer.

      As far as I’m aware, Dow2/CR was the only exception, and I believe their decision to make the games require Steam was in part so they could make that happen.

    • mlaskus says:

      You are wrong, owners of different DoW expansions and the base game were all playing together. The only thing the ownership of different expansions changed for the player were the races playable in multiplayer.

      So for example if you had Dawn of War and Winter Assault and your friend owned Dark Crusade, you could play as the 4 base races and Imperial Guard and he/she could play as Necrons and Tau.

    • subedii says:

      They shared a multiplayer playerbase. Which means players of one could play with the other, they just had access to different sides depending on which of the packs they did or didn’t own. Everyone could play together, it didn’t matter who owned what, they’d each just have access to different sides.

      In Company of Heroes for example if you only owned Opposing Fronts, then you could only play as British or Panzer Elite, but you could still play against players who only owned the vanilla game, or both.

      I don’t know how else to put it to you. They were unified playerbases.

      link to

      In addition to the four fully playable races, the Imperial Guard also make appearances in the single player campaign as allies of the Space Marines, led by Colonel Brom. They would later be made into the featured playable race in the first expansion pack, Winter Assault. In the second expansion pack, Dark Crusade, there are two additional races to be played online and solo, Tau and Necrons. Note that in order to play as Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Orks or Imperial Guard online, one must have the original Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War game installed. The third and last expansion pack, Soulstorm, adds another two playable armies: Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar. As with Dark Crusade, one must own the previous installments to play the other factions in multiplayer.

      link to

      Opposing Fronts is not a classic expansion in that it does not require the original game. By itself, it allows partial access to the original game’s assets in multiplayer mode. This allows players of the original game to play with those who have Opposing Fronts, even if only one of the players owns the expansion. In the same way, players who own both games can play as and against any faction. However, Opposing Fronts players also have the option to play with only those who own the expansion.[6] This stand-alone setup is similar to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, another Relic title, and its subsequent expansions.

      The reason that the patches for even vanilla Company of Heroes were so huge for example, was because it was literally patching in all the content for the other new factions in Opposing Fronts. But those factions wouldn’t be playable by the player unless they actually OWNED Opposing Fronts, they’d simply be able to play against other people who did.

      EDIT: And the reason that Relic went with Steam for DoW2 / CR initially was actually just an issue of DRM. They had already decided on GFWL for the core multiplayer architecture because at the time, Steamworks wasn’t announced, and later when it was, it didn’t have all the features they needed.

      By the time Retribution came around to being developed, Steamworks had the full set of features they needed, and the community was being very badly affected by GFWL (because amongst other things, GFWL certification massively delays patching and updating). So they made the full switch to Steamworks and dropped GFWL altogether.

      This naturally breaks compatibility with the previous games since they’re working on a different multiplayer architecture. It’s sad, but it was a pretty necessary step. Everyone pretty much hated GFWL, and with good reason.

    • Xocrates says:

      @mlaskus and @subedii I’m not going to argue the CoH point since as I noted I didn’t play it that much and as such stand corrected, but if you read what that wikipedia quote about DoW actually (or intends to) says is that in order to be able to play as the original races in the expansion multiplayer (though not single-player) you also needed the original, which is backed up with my personal experience. You could only play with all the races if you owned all the expansions plus base game, and launching multiplayer through the base game wouldn’t allow you to play with folk who was using the expansions.

      The breaking of the player base was a fairly common complaint regarding DoW multiplayer, and if you still have doubts, bear in mind that all DoW entries stopped being patched before the release of the following standalone expansion (latest Dark Crusade patch: 1.2 released March 2007, Soulstorm released March 2008) which would make it impossible for the games to be compatible.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      I’m going to have to back up Xocrates on this. When installing all of my DoW1 expansions, you have to log into the multiplayer lobby once for the game to acknowledge you own that expansion. There wasn’t the same people in that lobby. So unless it just throws you into a random channel, it’s different. But I’m pretty sure they just had a regular general lobby you first logged into.

    • fuggles says:

      DoW1 worked with backwards compatibility in that if you bought the latest expansion you could only use those new races, however if you owned vanilla and that expansion you could use the latest expansion races + the classic races. You could only play against people with that expansion owing to engine changes, but it didn’t matter that you didn’t have the base game.

    • Wilson says:

      Thanks for the info everyone. I should have looked it up myself really, but felt lazy and wondered if someone had the relevant info to hand. I thought it might be standalone like Chaos Rising, but it’s nice to confirm that you get everything with Retribution. I suppose it might be worth picking up Chaos Rising when it gets super cheap at some point (I quite enjoyed the DoW II vanilla campaign, and I get the impression that the Chaos Rising one was much better), but we’ll see.

  8. Xocrates says:

    Aye, I played a bit last week to get a feel for IG and I got to say I liked what I saw.

    Though if you don’t mind me nitpicking I felt they went a bit too meme heavy on the unit responses. Even aside from “Drive me closer. I want to hit them with my sword” I noticed the Inquisitor make what I think was a Spanish Inquisition reference (though points for choosing a subtle one) and it annoys me a bit that everytime I upgrade a squad they say “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

    Of course, those are just the ones I noticed, there are probably several that I missed.

    • subedii says:

      I can tolerate a bit of fun from Relic, those are the only three lines I’ve encountered so far. And the Commissar Lord’s line cracked me up the first time I heard it.

      For those needing a reference, do a Google Image Search on the phrase “Drive me closer”. Basically just an awesome take on an Imperial Guard image.

      So Relic just had a bit of fun and made it one of his official lines.

      EDIT: Oh wait, Catachan’s have a few movie references as well. Of course, they were originally based off of Rambo to begin with, so it’s pretty fitting. They sound awesome.

    • Xocrates says:

      Well, the only one that really bugs me is the zelda reference. And that’s because I keep hearing it all the time and makes no sense in context.

  9. Jeremy says:

    The real question is, what is the AI like? I mean… come on man.

    • Creeping Death says:

      Dumb as usual.

      Well ok, not amazingly dumb, but they didn’t present me with a challenge. But that seems to be my experience with the AI in all rts games. :/

    • Lord_Mordja says:

      One word: backcapping.

    • JayeRandom says:

      To be honest, DoW2’s game play is all about backcapping. You have to be constantly taking unguarded points.

  10. 7rigger says:

    I’ve been enjoying it even though I hate mp (Because I’m rubbish)

    Even playing the computer sends me into screaming fits of rage :p

    • Danarchist says:

      Ya I’m with you. I have pretty much zero interest in the multi player since I cant set up my cool little bases in this version hehe. I am not sure why but base building is a huge part of my enjoyment of rps games, I was hoping the beta would mean being able to play a mission or two of the campaign but no dice.

      On another note I cant wait for this stupid thing to come out and suck up another few weeks of my attention ;)

  11. mlaskus says:

    I want to like DoW 2 multiplayer but I cannot and irritatingly I’m not sure what bugs me about it. It may be that it requires so much micromanagement and matches often feel like they are just about nuking each other with special abilities.

    EDIT: I’m also quite rubbish at it, so my dislike for it may be simply a side effect of getting repeatedly humiliated.

    • iniudan says:

      Me I know why I didn’t like it, it because I found there was too few unit on the field (was just unable to cover a front large enough to my taste, always felt I would be encircled, corrected partially by the imperial guard), other reason is that none of the army had a play style I wanted (funny the imperial guard solves that also)

      Third reason is still lacking, I want a full screen tactical map just like in CoH, like to keep a global view of thing and control from there, at least until there is opposition at some point, then I go in and micromanage that sector, while switching back to tactical map periodically to check on other unit and give them order if necessary.

      But I also always found the Last Stand and the Campaign to be fun, so game was worth it for me even without the multiplayer.

  12. coldvvvave says:

    Thank you for reminding me how much i suck at this game.

    I only play duels as Ork Kommando Nob because I like him( and Orks).

    Chaos and Tyranids kick my ass all the time, especially Chaos.

    IG is 50/50, double Sentinel rush that virtually everyone I played with used is a bit risky, so when I manage to take down at least one of them – I usually win, but still IG has so much nasty stuff in T2 like Bane Wolf drops and Ogryns.

    Eldars now have a great T2 hero unit that comes with a global ability.

    Oh God I suck so much.

    Even if I win early game, I have no idea what to do in T2.

    Stormboyz are still useless :((

  13. GHudston says:

    I wish I wasn’t utterly shite at RTS games. I really do.

    • Qjuad says:

      I feel your pain

    • Serenegoose says:

      I think it’s more than just not being shite – RTS games don’t really encourage practice, because they’re such inherently stressful affairs. In an FPS game there’s no real punishment for losing because losing is so temporary – you lose several times a match, and win several times a match – if you lose in an RTS game, you’ve lost. It’s over. Too bad, so sad – and in other games (again, FPS example) you can relax, let your guard down a bit – hide in a corner for a few seconds whilst you take stock of the situation, wander off for a healthpack, even go AFK for a second because you need the bathroom, and nobody will mind or even notice. an RTS game is up to half an hour of playing the very best you can without pause. It’s draining. I think that’s what makes so many people ‘bad at RTS games’ and what sets their entry criteria so sad, because I share your misery, I really do – there’s always something otherworldly to me about RTS players ability to juggle so much at once and to work it to a successful conclusion. The emotional reward for overcoming your opponent in a battle that takes longer than 5 seconds to conclude seems so much higher – but I can’t get into it, that stress barrier is just too bloody high.

    • Chucrute says:

      I think it’s about expectations and how you approach it. FPS is like a water balloon fight, the points in making a mess and have fun, not exactly winning. Someone hit you, you just grab a balloon and get your revenge. RTS is like chess, it’s about winning, it’s about seeing who’s the best, most of the time there isn’t an instant reward. This kind of pressure is not for everyone.

      I, for example, prefer FPS.

    • Serenegoose says:

      Sometimes, when succinct people show up, distilling my point in half the words I just used, I want to pelt them with water balloons. But if you like FPS games and compare them to water balloons, you must love water balloons, so I can only think that you might like them less if I filled them with hot tea before pelting you with them. Milk and sugar?

    • Lord_Mordja says:

      Eh. I have to say DOW2 is fairly different in that respect. Though you can lose, and horribly, the average game lasts 20 minutes and after that you can fire up a new one. The lack of base building and a capture based economy means that you’re usually duking it out on the field rather than sweating your build order, so a lot of the gratification comes from winning small skirmished and forcing a retreat. Things do get more hectic later on of course.

      Incidentally, this is coming from someone who is deathly intimidated by playing any other RTS online.

    • Arathain says:

      Good matchmaking is so important in RTSs. It doesn’t matter if you’re bad as long as you can still play people you can beat.

      I thought of myself as terrible at them- actually, I mostly still do. I always lose track of something important I was supposed to have done, or some unit I’d left somewhere. If I’m playing against those who also forget things and units, who cares? I can enjoy all the intensity and mental challenge without doing nowt but losing.

      Up until recently, I thought I didn’t like multi-player RTSs, but the more I give them, the more they give back.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      It very much depends on how you play them, too. I can’t stand online RTS – my entourage seems to have this bad habit of always needing me RIGHT when I’m online doing something, and while in a RPG or FPS or MMO you can hide somewhere and pause, in an RTS it means you might as well forfeit now.

      However, I love RTS games. I usually play them either alone or with friends, against a computer opponent. This way, there’s no stress about the opposing side being a dick or leaving or whatever, and we can always tailor the game exactly for what we have. If a guy who isn’t too experienced joins in, we’ll tone down the bots a bit to give him some slack, etc. Some games even allow for saving online games (like Sins of a Solar Empire), so if necessary we’ll save the progress and continue later on. That’s a tremendous help.

      Is it for the top of the RTS gaming crowd? Not at all. I don’t care about being the #1 player. I just want to have fun with something that’s a little different from “shoot baddie with shotgun” and “shoot baddie with shotgun disguised as fireballs +1 fieriness”. I’m pretty sure my strategies suck and aren’t following the current trend, but they feel fun and that’s what counts really. Building huge fortresses is almost never the proper way in RTS games, but it can be so much fun to create intricate structures that can defend against ANYTHING! Likewise, spamming units might be more effective than trying to build a force that you’d expect to see on a true battlefield, but the latter can also be a ton of fun. In Company of Heroes, there was a point where the basic unit for the Germans, the Pioneer, could be used in a “pio spam” to quickly rush the enemy; I’m sorry, that might be effective but it doesn’t sound fun. Not following the trends tends to make you easy prey online though, so I just don’t play online.

      YMMV, obviously, but that’s just my 2ยข.

    • Chucrute says:

      Honestly, i think my choice of word was poor. My post does look like a copy-pasta of yours.

      The point i want to make is not exactly about pressure on player. It’s beyond that. I don’t think you can like a game that don’t match your style.

      Some don’t like challenge, they like to be in control. Others want to test their strenght. to drive fast, to achieve 100% completion, to experience being the captain of Titanic. Even manage a farm or simulate real life. Theres a game for all these folks.

      Flying for hours in a Flight Simulator seems boring to some, but it’s the joy of others. Not about reward or achievement, but just the joy of being in control of the largest jets known to man or flying to your hometown airport departing from a major city.

      It’s not absolute either, you can like velocity and challenge, like a racing game. Or just a chilling roam through a virtual city, like on GTA.

      Dawn of War is funny, because i’ve seem many players that hate the MP, but love the SP. Despite both being the same game genre (RTS), they appeal to different types of players. It’s the perfect example to my point.

    • Chris D says:

      I’ve been resolutely playing the multiplayer as single player. I kind of think I could play online, find a match, discover their connection isn’t great/ get shouted at if mine isn’t up to their standards, hope it’s an even match, try not to humiliate myself too badly, and I’m obliged to finish it even if I’m not having fun.

      Or I can play instantly, set my own level of challenge, do whatever the hell I like, experiment as much as I want and no pressure at all. I’ll probably make it online one day, but there’s no rush.

      Also for anyone struggling to get into the multiplayer side my tip would be to stick the point limit up to 1000 so you’re less rushed and start out with maybe a four player game with the AI so that your team mate can take some of the pressure off capturing points, at least until you get used to it anyway. Also don’t try to beat the AI at it’s own game, it’s faster but you’re smarter.

    • Reapy says:

      I think part of it is the stress level. In an RTS game it is a tug of war at all points in time, every mistake you make sets you back at some level.

      In an FPS (not all mind you) once you die you reset and all parties are fighting on level ground again. Obviously in a quake 3 style game I guess you have the problem of the kill streaks from having armor/weapon power ups…. but most modern style games you pick a gear load out and are ready to play after the loss.

      In an RTS game losing a skirmish or a control point or something because you had to get to the bathroom just puts you in a hole that you might not be able to recover from. You then have to keep playing another 15 minutes as you slowly lose the game, hoping for your opponent to make a mistake. In the same situation in an FPS game I can die 5 times in a row then surge back by starting to play better

      The deaths in FPS games are basically coin flips, while in an RTS they are cumulative. I think that really is what gives the generas a different feel when playing online.

  14. Qjuad says:


  15. Pijama says:

    Will wait for the full thing. ANXIOUSLY.

  16. bill says:

    Is there a unit list anywhere?
    Does it have Grey Knights?
    I like grey knights….

    • fuggles says:

      No grey knights, there is only an inquisitor on that side of things and no assassins. The IG get infantry, heavy weapons, catachans, ogryns, storm troopers, chimera, manticore, banewolf, sentinel, Leman russ (+ vanquisher and vindicator variants I think – plasma and anti tank anyway) and the baneblade. Lots of valkyrie and artillery based attacks and you can build walls, turrets and bunkers anywhere you like.

      New units for each army are the Eldar Autarch, Tyranid swarm lord, land raider redeemer, ork battlewagon and the noise marine.

      I’m not the biggest fan of Dow2, but this game looks exciting.

    • bill says:

      ooh. Noise marines are a reasonable alternative to Grey Knights.

      Any Mentor Legion?

    • fuggles says:

      You can make your own colours and I *think* your own badges, so you could make an approximation of the mentor legion

    • Xocrates says:

      If I’m not mistaken, they didn’t include the ability to create custom badges in DoW2 in order to prevent people using obscene ones.

    • Cradok says:

      One of the preset schemes for the Astartes is Deathwatch, though. They don’t get uber Deathwatch gear, alas. And I still can’t make Luna Wolves, which makes me sad.

  17. Rat_au_Van says:

    Say it now before the cleansing begins.

    I’m really happy about Commissars, a lady Inquisitor, Freebootaz and Noise Marines being included. Some of the more colourful characters in the 40k universe.
    Has a Great Unclean One been included in any of the DOW games so far? I haven’t played all of them.

    • Dominic White says:

      The Great Unclean One is one of the Chaos Rising superunits, so yeah, it’s in Retribution too.

    • Bhazor says:

      They were in Mark of Chaos as well.

  18. KauhuK says:

    Nice for steam to tell me that I’ve had the beta ready for install. I registered at the community site and got a key but when I tried to activate it on steam it said that i have the product already. So here is a dow2 retribution beta key for someone: FQM2F-S29HA-LWYJK-XBS75-5ELF9

  19. Kieron Gillen says:

    This is clearly not the place for it, but nowhere else also seems suitable: I’ve just finished painting the last of my Skaven rank and file. That’s 150 skaven, lovingly daubed, badly.

    (3 models left – 2 war machines and a hero. BUT THE BROWN MASSES HAVE BEEN COVERED IN MASSES OF BROWN)

    That is all.


    • Nick says:

      So its nearly time for Kieron to actually stop painting skaven, then.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Pic or didn’t happen! ;) No, seriously, will we get a glimpse of your ferocious rodent army?

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Here’s the Shelf of Skaven…
      link to

      And close ups on one side…
      link to

      And then the other….
      link to

      There’s various details I want to go back and do on quite a few bits of the army, but they’re totally useable now. Hurrah!


    • Alec Meer says:


    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Thank you fine Sir, for those nice pictures. Being the Non-tabletop-gamer that I am, I’m easily fascinated by well-painted miniatures. Hooray for the Ankylosaur! He really is a rat at heart.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Thanks, but “well-painted” is pushing it. I’m happy with “Functional”.


    • Reapy says:

      Lies, those are actually tilt shifted photos of full sized skaven.

    • Davie says:

      It all makes sense now…Kieron wants his old RPS job back and is intending to besiege Castle Shotgun with his army of actual skaven he grew in mysterious vats. This could be interesting.

    • Cradok says:

      NIce job. I always found painting standard scale to be easy enough if you wanted them to look decent, but couldn’t even comprehend how to get it up to White Dwarf standard. And as for Epic scale minis in WD: 5mm Marines perfectly detailed? I was happy if I could get two colours in there…

  20. Xocrates says:

    I wish more players included an Irrelevant Ankylosaur in their armies.

    EDIT: reply fail :(

    • Arglebargle says:

      In one of my boxes somewheres, I still have my Giant Chameleon with Howdah and mounted arbalist lizards. May still have my Triceratops with Howdah. Dragontooth Miniatures for the Win!

  21. Jeremy says:

    Hah, I thought that said “irreverent” the first time.

  22. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    First thoughts: Crikey, what the [snip – ed] has happened to the THQ logo? TrlP?

    Second thoughts: Damn, I’m still crap at RTSesses.