Section 8: Sprinting, Violence, Architecture

That’s what’s in this new bit of Section 8: Prejudice footage (below) release by Timegate. It’s the map that I played the new co-op mode on in the hands-on event the other week. It’s a series of raise platforms and bunkers around a central hub, and under huge rock arches, which you plummet down between when you are entering the map. It’s quite the thing. This footage gives you a good idea of the general motoring-about that you do in battle, as well getting across the feel of the combat a bit better than previous trailers. Go take a look.


  1. DeathHamsterDude says:

    Ha! I skimmed this article too quickly, I thought you said ‘motorboating that you do in battle’ at first. Oops. Boobies.

    @ Mr. Rossignol; Have they changed how weapons feel in the game? The thing that turned me off the original most of all was the Halo-like feel of emptying a clip into someone and them still standing afterwards . . . that and the terrible damage-decline at greater range. That really did not fit into my FPS style-of-play.

    • The Innocent says:

      That part hasn’t really changed, though so long as you pick the right guns, people will go down quickly enough. You just have to consider things like range and the strength of their shields/armor — it isn’t a matter of just bringing the most powerful gun. They’ve refined their damage system quite a bit, but every soldier is still wearing walking tank armor.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      If anything the range damage is too much, from what I played. Also I didn’t get to see the unlocks, so it was just the basic weapons, all of which feel a bit underpowered (with the exception of the sniper and the rocket thing). I am hoping the unlocks will crank it up a bit.

  2. WebFusion says:

    Unfortunately, so many server operators were burned by the total and complete lack of support of the first version, that I doubt this game will get any traction at all on the PC.

    It’s a shame really….our community actually really liked S8, and we rented a high-end dedicated box just to host the game….but after endless weeks of delays, to include being told that the ONLY person who handled whitelisting servers/integrating them with GFWL (which is a shoddy POS) was on VACATION….which meant that the game never saw more than a handful of server go live for it.

    Timegate doesn;t know how to do PC games, and they should simply stick to consoles, as that is obviously the only platform they’re interesting in anyway.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I don’t think I agree – SouthPeak handled much of the deployment last time. Timegate had to extricate themselves from that deal to do this new game. They seem like PC gamers to me, I mean look at Kohan.

      GFWL is kind of a sadface thing, however. That can’t be explained away.

    • Ohle says:

      Yeah, as Jim said, the team has full control over post-release support and such this time around. Hopefully all will be well!

    • StreetCleaner says:

      I played through the first beta, bought S8 on day one, was active in the PC community, endured the blind-eye turned on the community and waded through the beginning of the downturn until my clan finally jumped ship. I must admit that when we found out the majority of the developers (at the time) were primarily only playing their own game on the XBox 360, it was a bit of a slap in the face while we were waiting on patches and stable servers. I feel I’ve already done my time in hoping. Props to TAW and AOD for keeping what was left of the community together and the only stable servers at the time. It was frustrating because it felt they were so close and we were hoping they would succeed. I give them credit in finally being vocal to the community and stating they’ve changed their ways, but I am reluctant. Figured I’d share my experience and point of view.

  3. Iztli says:

    Why do Devs insist on using GFWL? :(

    Every pc gaming site hates it with a passion.. why not listen to the customers :O

  4. Miker says:

    It actually looks pretty good. Well, it looks like the previous game, which looked decent, too. I’m a sucker for Tribes/jetpacky games, but I won’t be picking this up until it’s on sale due to GFWL.

    • Mashakosha says:

      It’s a dowload only title anyway, meaning it’s cheaper anyway and on top of that, they’re making it cheaper still. I could be wrong, but I thought $15 was the price I saw.

    • Miker says:

      Yeah, I know it’s $15, but honestly, Steam sales have spoiled me to the point where I have bajillions of single player games left to finish, and I don’t think I can justify buying a new multiplayer game, even at that price. It doesn’t help that none of my suitemates here at college have a PC capable of running it.

  5. Miker says:

    I just remembered that I’m in the beta for this. Downloading using *shudder* the GFWL client right now.

    • bit_crusherrr says:

      I’m in the beta for this but everytime I launch It, It says “License Expired”. I even get mails from TimeGate telling me when test events are. Quite disappointed as I loved the first.

    • Miker says:

      Really? Shoot. I’m on the interminable “INSTALLING” part, which makes me think that GFWL downloads an installer, then installs it, as opposed to Steam installing as it downloads.

      EDIT: Whaddya know, “License dated expired.” I guess I’ll uninstall, then.

    • Ohle says:

      Gents… let me see what’s up with that. Will check in with the team and respond here shortly.

    • Ohle says:

      Alright, mystery solved! It’s because the first phase of the beta has ended — you should have received an email about it, but… eh. Email.

      Anyway, Phase 2 will begin soon, and again, you should get an email when it does!

  6. yhalothar says:

    This looks nice, but the GFWL is deal breaker for me. Maybe next time.

    • Ohle says:

      The team knows there were issues with that in the first one, but they’ve made some big changes to matchmaking and such to make sure it works. I mean, I know how much people are concerned about GFWL, but the team’s committed to making it work well. And in the end, if you can get into a game, it works and it has players in it, isn’t that what’s important?

    • bill says:

      are there any benefits to GFWL that outweigh the fact many gamers won’t touch it with a bargepole?

  7. WebFusion says:

    I am/was a huge Tribes 2 fan as well, hence my disappointment.

    Unfortunately, it’s GFWL that pretty much ruins server hosting for any gaming communities. On the first version, you actually had to buy another gamer tag for each and every server you wanted to host….and it took timegate/southpeak/GFWL OVER TWO MONTHS after launch to straighten out their issues (and even then, PC basics like reserved slots/admin functions were usually borked).

    We had very high hopes for Section 8, as we had alot of Tribes fans in our community…..but I don’t think we’ll get burned twice. If these companies want to know how to do a server client/system, they should take a page from Valves book, and learn how the Source engine makes hosting game servers a breeze…and emulate that functionality.

    Any multiplayer game that has GFWL attached to it is dead on arrival.

  8. mkultra says:

    I’m not too familiar with this whole “GFWL” service, but I don’t know why devs don’t just use Games for Windows Live. The interface is easy to use and I love to use my gamertag!

  9. goodgimp says:

    The gunplay kinda left me cold, to be honest. I only vaguely remember Section 8, but was that autolock I saw about midway through the video, with him shooting a jetpacking guy down out of the sky?

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but I pine for the days when weapon control actually meant something in games. Games that do the aiming for you, or just allow you to hold down the trigger until your clip is empty… when, to me it’s a bit like playing a strategy game where the AI makes all the strategic decisions for you. I.e., not very appealing.

  10. heretic says:

    some sort of preview of this came in my rps rss feed a couple of weeks ago, but when I clicked on the full link I got a 404… strange

  11. Messiah Complex says:

    Saying I won’t bother with any game that sports GFWL would be reactionary and probably unfair, but I’m saying it anyway. Best of luck to Timegate, though. I hope you prove me wrong.

  12. MadMatty says:

    did anyone try Breach yet? its on on steam for 15 squid, and its got deformable terrain and fairly neat physics.