1derful: The Witcher 2: Dev Diary 3 & 4

That's a proper monster. Look at it!

It’s been a while since we had any The Witcher 2 news, no? Allow me to present developer diaries numbers 3 & 4 after the jump, covering the game’s characters and locations. To summarise, we can look forward to three diverse kingdoms featuring medieval guys, “thick-boned dudes from the North”, the “third Reich” of the fantasy world, more racial conflict and guerrilla elves. But I’m really not doing all this justice- you’d better just watch for yourself. Man! I love these guys.

If you missed dev diaries 1 and 2 covering the game’s level design and engine, you’ll find #1 here, and the two parts of #2 here and here.

You know, from 0:18 all the way through to the game’s logo at 0:43 in the video below it just sounds like the developer is telling an enigmatic Polish joke.

Sorry about Machinima’s distasteful splash logo and watermark. It’s the only video around I can embed.


  1. Warth0g says:

    Is that a squidbear in the picture?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      I really like it. More monsters in games should encourage a moment of “What… is… that!”

    • tomeoftom says:

      Yes! I hope Skyrim has anything as captivating as silt striders or netches. It’s funny, the more outlandish the world, the more you trust its fiction.

  2. RaytraceRat says:

    I would really recommend reading Witcher books to get better idea how deep the setting is, but english translation is just horrible.

    • Duffin says:

      I’ve read The Last Wish which is a collection of short stories. It’s quite unlike any fantasy I have read before and ties closely with some of the themes in the game. i.e. what really is a monster / alienation and prejudice. If your totally fed up of generic Tolkienesque fantasy then it’s definitely worth a look and it provides some really good background to the game world and Geralt.

    • zergrush says:


      If you’re fed up with generic childish fantasy, grab some Michael Moorcock or Roger Zelazny stuff. It’s lightyears ahead of the standard orc-stabbing.

    • Pemptus says:

      Unfortunately I have to agree that the translation is absolutely dire and does not give the clever wordplay of the original any sort of justice. Go ahead then, I’ve learned your English. You learn Polish now, you owe me.

    • godgoo says:

      @ Pemptus

      you. win.

    • Sunjumper says:

      If it makes you feel better the German translation is much, much worse than the English version.

      Time to learn Polish it seems. How hard can it possibly be.

    • bonjovi says:

      how hard? This hard: link to claritaslux.com


      The hardest language to learn is: Polish-Seven Cases, Seven Genders and very difficult pronunciation. Average English speaker is fluent at about the age 12; the average Polish speaker is fluent in their language not until age 16.

      for English speaker that is. Cause if you Czech you probably already understand it.

    • Sunjumper says:

      I knew that it was hard to learn but did not know it was that bad.
      But it can’t be worse than Finnish surely!

    • Cinek says:

      how hard? This hard: link to claritaslux.com
      also:‘The hardest language to learn is: Polish-Seven Cases, Seven Genders and very difficult pronunciation. Average English speaker is fluent at about the age 12; the average Polish speaker is fluent in their language not until age 16.‘ for English speaker that is. Cause if you Czech you probably already understand it.

      What?! WTF is this?!
      Wyindywidualizowaliśmy się z rozentuzjazmowanego tłumu.” – who the hell speaks like that? C’mon!

      Polish has actually only 3 genders and 3 times which are used, about being fluent speaker… well, at age of 16 you know all the Polish curseworlds but other than this kids speak fluently at the age of 5 tops ;)

      The real problem is writing and reading as there, especially if you’d like to read Sapkowski books, are many twists and turns… orthography is difficult and there are many many worlds which ain’t used in common speech though they occur often in fantasy or stories placed in more aged times. So you’d better forget about trying to read such stuff if you happen not to live here for like… 15 years or so. ;)

      Modern Polish is actually quite bearable though, not very much more difficult than Czech or Russian. We have much more curseworlds though than they do! hahahaha ;P

    • Arglebargle says:

      I always considered the Witcher to be out of the Grimms’ Fairy Tale tradition…or at least the grim fairy tale tradition. Unlike the romantic tradition, or the D&D mishmash.

      One of the reasons I liked the game was the background felt…deep. It wasn’t the result of the dev team spending a week coming up with names for everything.

      And the game did sound so much better in Polish. That and Stalker’s Russian were well worth the subtitle reading. Of course, as an old Hong Kong action fan, I was allready inured to it.

    • Bhazor says:

      Heh, Moorcock.

  3. StingingVelvet says:

    Not just stunning graphics but more importantly stunning design. Can’t wait for this.

  4. Okami says:

    Quote of the day:

    “He ceased to be human and became a politician.”

  5. NetsukeMonkey says:

    @ 2:10 “We were looking for an appropriate voice for Dethmold…sends shivers down the spine” – well, the chap they have doing the English translation didn’t exactly send shivers down my spine so I hope he doesn’t make the final edit.

    Kind of reminds me of dubbed foreign films where you can’t help but come to the conclusion that the people doing the dubbing aren’t really digging the role

  6. Chizu says:

    Looking foward to this game more and more.
    These guys really seem pleased with the game they are making and genuinely excited to talk about it.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Agree, this and ME3 are in my “most anticipated” mental list.

  7. Cinek says:

    You know, from 0:18 all the way through to the game’s logo at 0:43 in the video below it just sounds like the developer is telling an enigmatic Polish joke.” – Gash… it needs to be very enigmatic joke, cause I even despite of living in Poland since my birth don’t find anything funny there.

  8. Kong says:

    The Witcher. They did what Piranha Bytes – the creators of the original Gothic – could not. Gothic got stuck in boyish fantasy, women on their knees, scrubbing the floor, never showing a single nipple. The Witcher gave us juvenile fantasy, women with tits and attitude.
    Someone realized that some gamers, including me, have reached the age of Methusalem already. That some of us old farts have enough dignity to not spend our last few days with Playstation. Some of us even know different kinds of pussy. Sorry, I mean cats, of course. And we have money. Plenty of it. But usually no games worth a dime.
    The Witcher. Great game. I felt like Clint Eastwood at the end of the first chapter. Saved the beloved witch from the bloodthirsty mob. Abigail, hmmm.
    The engine sucks, I never believed I would get past the oustskirts of Vizima. Spent hours circling cow fences. I was a slayer of monsters who could not jump over the rotten trunk of a tree.
    I should learn to speak and read polish. Poland saved Vienna from becoming muslim. And there are good fantasy books?
    Does anyone know the german translation of Andrzej Sapkowski? Is it any good? I know that chances are low.

    Games like The Witcher make me look forward to the nursing home. I will be one happy patient. Come on Shani you ole hoss. Quit complaining and show me some

    • Sunjumper says:

      As I mentioned above the German translation of the Witcher books is an utter disaster. Which is a pitty as most books have allready been translated into German.

      Don’t touch them. They might be virulent.

  9. Kong says:

    Thx Sunjumper. Sorry for missing your post. Damn forum reading habits.
    Why are ze germans completely incompetent of translating anything? Literature, movies, games in german almost always suck badly. The last germanized movie I saw in the theatre was The Rock. When Mason/Connery said: “Willkommen auf se rock” I swore an oath to never buy and/or steal (just kidding) germanized media again.
    Accidentaly I watched one minute of new Battlestar Galactica on a german TV. Unbearable, if you do not intend to jerk off watching Starbuck with her cheap german porn voice.

  10. thesundaybest says:

    My friend is currently reading the books in Polish. He had his cousin in Krakow pre-order the Polish version for him as well. Very interested to see how the English version holds up when we play it at the same time.

  11. slM_agnvox says:

    Wondering: When I watch a foreign film I generally prefer subs to dubbing. Anyone think of a video game that offers the original language voice actors with English (or otherwise) subtitles?

    Really the best of both worlds. You get your voice acted dialog but avoid how groan-inducingly bad it is cause you don’t understand a word of it and just get to read the subs. I remember a project called the Phantom Edit, a fan remake Star Wars Ep One that redid Jar Jar Binks as a gibberish talking alien and used subtitles to make his dialog almost halfway sensible.

    Since we are nearly universally offered the option to direct download I can’t see what would stop devs from giving more language options.

    • Wolf Hongo says:

      Indigo Prophecy offered the original language and subtitles, but I was impressed with the English voice actors, especially Tyler’s. I’m right there with you on developers offering options to play with subtitles though. I mean, a part of me would’ve really liked to have Call of Pripyat with subtitles to help immerse me into The Zone, but then I wouldn’t have such memorable voice acting.


    • Cinek says:

      I don’t think it crossed Devs mind, nor I’m even sure if there’s any real market demand for something like this.
      You know, in Poland it’s generally preferred to have games in English, even our local productions are made in english with Polish subtitles only (!), Witcher being one of good exceptions to this but….
      good probably only because we all here got used to Sapkowski’s naming convention and language so hearing stuff in English feels odd for us.
      Either way I wouldn’t bet for any stunning quality of Polish acting in the game….

    • Dominic White says:

      The english script for the original game was about 2/3 the length of the Polish one – they cut out huge chunks of dialogue. While they did restore some lines for the Enhanced Edition, they didn’t get all of them. While I’ve heard mild complaints about the Polish versions voice-acting, they tend to be along the lines of it being a little hammy and soap-operaish. That’s still a few steps above the English version, which has almost no emoting to speak of. English Geralt sounds like a completely soulless, detached automaton, and doubleplus-super-creepy when hitting on ladies.

      He actually gets angry/depressed/sassy in the Polish audio.

    • Cinek says:

      “The english script for the original game was about 2/3 the length of the Polish one” – what?! It was that bad? Gash…. ok, now I understand the complain. Well, I guess the reason was money (that’s what always is a reason for something not being done well in Poland, lol :D), but it still seriously sux…. hope the Witcher 2 won’t be any crap like that.

  12. Grape Flavor says:

    witcher is cool

  13. slM_agnvox says:

    @Dominic White, Wolf Hongo: The very kind of thing I am talking about!

    @Cinek: There is already a market for subtitled dialog irrespective of translation, the hearing impaired market.

    Therefore, I feel there is an opportunity for foreign language devs to add content and some panache to their release, allowing out of region purchasers to access the original language voice acting with their choice of subtitles. CD Projeckt has already gotten us in the mood with their subbed Dev Diaries!

  14. Lambchops says:

    Based on what they are showing so far it definitely seems likely it will be the best looking RPG of 2011. It’s certianly looking better than the initial footage of Dragon Age anyway. Guess it will come down to a matter of personal taste of whether you prefer gritty fantasty aesthetics or the clean sci fi stylings of Mass Effect 3, which will no doubt look rather swish too.

    Definitely looking forward to this one, nothing I’ve seen so far has created any doubts that it will be anything other than brilliant.

  15. Shooree says:

    Apropos the Polish discussion above, the orthography does seem horrific, even for a Slav like me… I’m kinda sad that it doesn’t use Cyrillic, really – it would help immensely with it not appearing as maniacally complicated. Half of them letters in that sentence up there would melt into some joint form or other.

    Also, try Serbian on for size, if you fancy difficult languages and beautiful orthography… Official statistics declare about 30% of our populace to be functionally illiterate. :)

    Can’t wait for Witcher 2, really, even though I echo the complaints of actors seemingly being desensitized and dialogue not making almost any sense in places in the original.

  16. adonf says:

    So the English and German translations suck, what about the French translations ?

  17. RegisteredUser says:

    I don’t love these guys for their support of going after people with wildly overdone lawsuits, squeezing people out of 30 times the product value(around 1500 EUR per letter usually) and supporting the scum and leeches that are running the subpoena industry everywhere.

    These people are ruining our legal system and CD Projekt is publically encouraging this with their of-course-we-will-hunt-you-all-down proclamations.
    It’s despicable, and very, very sad.

    Instead of being one of the last heroes of PC RGP gaming and DRM-free-defenders, they manage to swiftly turn around and ruin it all each time.

    It blows my mind, especially because I would really like to like these people instead of loathe them.

    “[..] we are signing with legal firms and torrent sneaking companies,” CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiński said”

    link to escapistmagazine.com

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

    link to strategyinformer.com

    “Iwiński said that he believes “it is important that games companies use robust evidence gathering and legal processes to avoid encountering some of the bad PR which has resulted from litigation against innocent consumers elsewhere.”

    I for one will not become an “innocent consumer” who supports this kind of crap policy(we’re not sure we can connect with our fans or give a proper reason to buy, so we’ll just sue until we hit our sales profit target, np).