City Of Heroes Gets Furry

Is flying as special if you're actually a bird?

While there may be a couple of big-name rivals on the block for City Of Heroes, it’s not lying in a puddle, defeated by its foes. It’s continuing to battle on, expanding itself like some sort of… some sort of SUPER HERO! I’m not very good with simile today. The next additions to the streets of Paragon City come with ears. Which is to say, there’s an Animal Pack, which will add a bunch of new costume bits and bobs for characters, along with other fauna features mentioned below.

So in the pack, due out on the 23rd Feb, will come with sixty new costume parts and patterns, letting you pick from cat, bird, wolf and – er – minotaur features. Along with these bits and bobs, they say, come six new emotes, letting you do some quite disturbing things like Sniff each other. What is the world becoming? That’s along with Savage, Hiss, Feather Burst, Fur Bust (sic), Fur Fly and Feather Fly. Which adds up to seven.

That is one proud tiger.

There’s two new auras (blimey, it’s been a while since I played CoH – in my day it was all capes and fighting crime), Flea and Beastly Rage. They are “tintable” which I’m almost certain isn’t a word. And rather more excitingly, if you’re not just playing dress-up, there’s a whole new travel power: Beast Run. It opens up at level 4, letting you sprint and pounce like, well, a beast.

It’s going to cost a weeny £6 (or €9, which is a stunning hike), and appears next Wednesday. Which means I can finally realise my dream to play a game as Harvey Birdman. (Apart from that PSP game, Mr Pickyface.)


  1. matt606 says:

    I’ll finally be able to finish while playing City of Heros!

  2. MisterT says:

    Not sure what to make of this…
    Yiff on, I guess?

    • LionsPhil says:

      Perhaps they’re hoping to attract refugees from Second Life, which must surely be a ghost town by now—littered with discarded animal parts; tawdry advertising and tasteless decor decaying away into a mess of JPEG artifacts; forgotten grey goo bombs scavenging through the wreckage for enough resources to fork just one last time.

  3. Dominic White says:

    Harvey Birdman is also on the Wii

    It’s also hilarious. Not really so much a game, as it is an extra season of the TV show with interactive bits.

  4. MaXimillion says:

    Auras have been in the game for just as long as capes.

  5. Hodag says:

    Just stay away from Virtue server and you should be safe.

  6. Dominic White says:

    I’ve said it before, but while furries are funny and often deserving of mockery, the people who completely freak out and get all INTERNET MANLY SUPER-ANGRY over the idea of animals walking on two legs? Yeah, those guys are eternally hilarious, and winding them up is so easy, and so satisfying.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Shh. You’ll wake up 4chan, and then everything will be ruined forever.

    • mlaskus says:

      4chan? Isn’t it just a bunch of prepubescent boys with too much spare time that they spend masturbating or trolling people?

    • LionsPhil says:

      Pretty much.

    • OldRat says:

      It’s kinda like this: anthropomorhic animals aren’t automatically a bad thing or an indication of fetish. There were those before some people figured they’d want to do inapproriate things to them, and I much hope this whole thing would die down and people would stop being hypersensitive about it. Also that furries would cease to be, but you can’t have all.
      There’s plenty of great things with aforementioned anthropomorphic animals. There’s Skaven (and Lizardmen) in Warhammer, for example, and if you’re going to say Skaven are furry wank material, you’re a bad person and deserve a mighty big whack on the head with a meat tenderizer. Okay, yeah, there’s probably someone who… does that, but that’s not the point. It’s all about the intent.

      I’ve been called a furry for saying Usagi Yojimbo is a nice comics series. Or liking Mouse Guard. Or even discussing the matter of anthromorphic animals in any other way than “BURN THE PERVERTS AND THEIR FILTH!”. Or liking Skaven.
      Although I guess I can’t point any fingers. I kinda really don’t like furries either. If only for the fact they bring out all of the aforementioned shit and make me involuntarily feel bothered about all the things I liked before.

    • geldonyetich says:

      4Chan did do this in Champions Online, so all is forgiven.

      No, or was that the SomethingAwful goons? Meh, same difference.

      So, anyway, furry packs in City of Heroes… not that new, really. They’ve had cat girls for awhile.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, that’s the goons. They had a Power Rangers guild in City of Heroes, too. Fun stuff, especially when everyone has a macro’d costume change animation and battle-cry. Firing those off en-masse when a big enemy appears is enormously nerdy, but SO fun.

    • MD says:

      I still don’t understand the whole anti-furry thing. I’m not that way inclined, but if people enjoy it and they’re not hurting anyone, what the hell is the problem? I’m sure some furries are extremely annoying people, but you could say the same thing about any sub-culture, or indeed any subset of humanity whatsoever.

    • geldonyetich says:

      > I still don’t understand the whole anti-furry thing. I’m not that way inclined, but if people enjoy it and they’re not hurting anyone, what the hell is the problem?

      The main point of conflict with furries is that it comes down to a matter of conflict of sexuality, a point of contention that will attract prejudice towards furries just as it would against a homosexual, no mystery there.

      Furries have it even worse off than homosexuals, because theirs is considered a bit more deviant than simple homosexuality, bordering on bestiality (even though very few of them actually are) and they have no real solidarity because they themselves don’t have a consensus on what exactly being a furry means.

    • MD says:

      I guess that’s the thing though; I’m not surprised to see hatred or disgust targeted at people who are perceived to have unusual sexual preferences (/identities/lifestyles/leisure activities/etc.), but it seems like bigotry against furries is tolerated in settings in which expressions of old-fashioned bigotry, like homophobia, wouldn’t be, and expressed by people who must surely be intelligent enough to realise that their prejudices make no sense.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Still trying to make sense fo discussions and trends on the Internet ? Huh, good luck with that.

      See also

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Hmmm, weird. See also Sisyphus

  7. Colonel J says:

    Do people still play this, Is there much activity on CoH / CoV servers these days? I left it in 2007 after giving it a lost year of my time, the only MMO I’ve ever played and I still have a warm place in my heart for it.

    • the geebs says:

      The servers are actually pretty well populated lately. They’ve added the Incarnate system, which essentially adds an endgame outside of the one raid that used to exist.

    • Arathain says:

      The servers can sometimes seem a little empty outside of Atlas Park, but they’re really mostly not. Everyone’s in instanced missions. If you join the right global channels for your server and are willing to send a few tells you shouldn’t want for a team.

    • Temple to Tei says:

      Hi Ara,
      Want to say thanks again for the tip on trying CoH.
      Good few months there :)

  8. Temple to Tei says:

    Oh, and City of Heroes is a nice game to play by the way -but then I have poor taste- and I thoroughly intend to go back to playing it once I’m over this ‘reading books’ phase that I seem to be in.

    @J nope it does not exactly suffer from over-population -I’m told the American servers are viable though.

    More MMO news :Hey Wildy came back in Runescape! And unlimited trade!
    You should really log in to a free world – You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy etc etc

    I need a better pc.

  9. Coins says:

    Oh no I seem to have misplaced the proper comments field. Please ignore this. :(

  10. oceanclub says:

    I tried to get into Champions Online but – even free, it’s a jerky, boring, dull-coloured mess. I really am tempted to go back and revisit COH for a month.


  11. Wulf says:

    The thing is is that furry types have been making Cryptic a lot of money – to the point where they’ve actually been putting nifty stuffs on the C-Store that have been primarily requested by furry types. This also goes for the Caitians in Star Trek Online. We’re good business, us collected anthro fans.

    The interesting thing is is that the sphere of influence seems to be expanding all the time, and exponentially so, and I find it entertaining that their numbers are tripling like tribbles. What this has a lot to do with though is that people who do art, who paint, and who do associated things actually tend to be open minded. That’s not surprising, really. If you think about it, having an imagination is one of the things that both creativity and open-mindedness requires, in equal amounts.

    And creative types are more than willing to actually try to find out what the various subcultures of the Internet are actually like and form their own opinions. Not just furries, but others too. And there’s a lot of crossing over. This is why there’s a hell of a lot of creativity commonplace in furry – creativity that’s cranking out a lot of good anthro stuff that I happen to love, despite being more of a therian than a furry sort. One such instance thereof being the two ladies who’re far too nice for their own good that make up the Gestalt of Blotch, who’re putting together Nordguard.

    There’s definitely an audience out there for anthro stuff. Not just with furries, but with a broad base of open-minded people who just so happen to really enjoy anthro things. And these things are expanding exponentially. I don’t know why this is and I can’t even begin to imagine the cause – but there are more people doing this than a year ago, and ten times the amount of people that there were five years ago.

    Yeah, there’s porn in furry, but really that’s no different than any other kind of porn out there. Be it standard crappy cam porn, hentai, or whatever else someone wants to whack off to. Sure it’s different, but so is everything, and at the same time it’s very much all the same. Isn’t it? It is. I’m open-minded enough to be able to say that if two or more parties are conscious, self-aware, intelligent, and able to consent in a way that all involved would understand – then have at it!

    And now even companies are beginning to cater to this sort of thing – that being anthros being creatively utilised. We had the Dragonborn in 4th Ed, the anthro content in Champions Online, the Charr from Guild Wars 2, and now NCsoft/Paragon wants a chunk of that too.

    This is hardly surprising, really.

    What is the world becoming? More open-minded; and thus, better. :)

    • OldRat says:

      Anthromorphic animals in roleplaying game are not a new thing made to cater for furries, though. You might like it, but it doesn’t mean it was made especially for you. Ok, I guess it was made for people who like things like that, but you know. I’m just saying, there’s been anthro stuff in games for a really long time, and that it’s not in any way a new thing. It’d be more accurate to say that roleplaying games and whatnot are just deviating more from the usual human-elf-dwarf -standard mainstays these days. In many other ways as well.
      WotC, for example, more than likely didn’t have an agenda to target an internet subculture that causes horrible amounts of drama both in and outside of the fandom, and with a reputation less than exactly clean and tidy when they made the dragonborn (which, on a sidenote, existed before 4e. Along with about four billion other reptilian humanoids).
      So to condense a bit, there can be anthromorphic animals in media without them having any intended connection to the furry fandom. Despite what people, both for and against the fandom, might say.

      Also, saying that there’s porn in the furry fandom is kind of like saying there’s water in an ocean. Yeah, it’s very possible to argue (and true mostly) that there’s plenty of people in your fandom who don’t care about that stuff, but it would be quite foolhardy to claim it’s not a substantial part of it. Or that it won’t be the first thing most people see when they start wondering what a furry is and do a Google search. Probably not fair for the people who don’t care for those aspects, but still simply a fact of the matter.

    • mlaskus says:

      I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other towards furries in particular, tough I generally dislike anthropomorphism. Projecting human qualities onto animals, objects, aliens or whatever seems incredibly unimaginative to me.

      Furry porn is different because it closely resembles porn featuring real animals.
      I wouldn’t draw the conclusion myself that someone who watches furry porn is neccesarily a zoophile, but I can see why people make the connection.

    • Durkonkell says:

      Wulf, I am pleased to see you commenting here again, welcome back.

      I find myself in broad agreement with you on this matter. With that said, I’m a tolerant sort while regrettably a large proportion of the planet’s population remain intolerant to… well, sometimes I think everything.

      I’m increasingly intolerant of intolerance recently which is… uh, irony perhaps? I appear to have confused myself.

    • Wulf says:


      I know you might think I was trying to say that, but do look again, hm? I’m not trying to get up in your face over this, I just think that perhaps a mad tangent was went off on there just because I even mentioned furries.

      No, I’m talking about anthro fans, this includes furries, therians (me!), some otherkin, those who like anthro art, and many others. The thing is though is that the furry fandom is a good… how can I put this? It’s a nice point of coalescence. If someone says that they’re a furry artist, then you know what you’re going to get, and that doesn’t necessarily imply porn (although it can, but you can say the same about any fantasy art, yeah?). One example of this is Nordguard, the artist identifies as furry and people know what to expect.

      That’s why furry is making a good crossover point for all this, and what you’ll find is that people are becoming more tolerant these days, anyway. Even people who were once outside of the fandom (me!) now identify with the fandom because some folks (me!) are more than a bit tired of having to deal with /b/tards flipping a shit every time they say that they like anthros. At least with people you’ll meet through the medium of furry, you’ll find open-minded and pragmatically sensible people.

      That’s why I think that furry is growing. It’s like with the racism and the homophobia of years prior to current day, if you keep yelling at people about how you dislike black men, or gay men, and someone happens to be tolerant of them, then eventually they’re going to get fed up of your hate and see what the other end of this argument is like instead. And what people are finding is that the furry fandom really isn’t what the /b/tards and all would like you to believe.

      So essentially, the fandom is getting free advertising, and it’s providing a safe haven for people who enjoy anthro art. There are sites that are entirely furry run, after all, where people aren’t permitted to rant on for hours about how they hate anthro art, even if it is completely innocent.

      See how that works?

      I’m not a furry specifically, but I identify as part of the fandom these days because it’s the only place where I can engage in appreciation of anthro art in a sane way. I like anthro art, just like I like giant, stompy robots, and like I enjoy Sci-Fi like Star Trek, or Sci-Fantasy like Doctor Who. Yeah, there’s a more spiritual side to it for me, but I’ve never thrust that in the face of anyone, most people talking to me would take me as someone who enjoys anthro art. But even that’s a cardinal sin in some parts of the Internet. And in some ways that’s getting out of hand.

      So that’s why I say that to a degree this will be targeted at the furry fandom, because these days that’s where you’re going to find a lot of the people who appreciate anthro art anyway.


      That’s a very interesting post. Thank you.

      “I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other towards furries in particular, tough I generally dislike anthropomorphism. Projecting human qualities onto animals, objects, aliens or whatever seems incredibly unimaginative to me.”

      There is no originality to humanity though, really. We work on iteration, not creation, we work on evolution rather than revolution. I could just as easily say that I find Sci-Fi that involves starships boring, or that I find post apoclyptia boring, or that I find stompy robots boring. Though none of this is actually true, I’m just making a point. Nothing is truly imaginative in the way you’re implying unless we’re talking about artists/writers who work on massive abstracts, like, say, Grant Morrison. And entertainingly, even Grant’s used anthros in his stuff.

      One doesn’t have have to like it in the same way that one doesn’t have to like televised dramas set in the modern day, but so long as one can accept that some do and these folks as people, equally, vis and vis, and one could show them the respect that they’d be willing to show oneself, then all is well. Not everyone is going to like or be inspired by the same things that you are. And here’s the trick: Just because you’re inspired by something it might never actually imply that it’s original, but rather more simply that this is specifically the thing that your brain is wired to feel inspired by, so you have a bias there.

      Some people have a bias like that with anthro art, some with stompy robots, some with fantasy (elves and orcs), some with starships, and some with post-apocalyptia.

      At the end of the day, the only worthwhile thing to say about all this is: To each their own, eh?

      And more power to those who enjoy what they enjoy, because that brings them joy, and there’s not enough joy in the world as it is. So if someone likes something, then they should be entitled to do so, regardless of what that is, and on the grounds that it isn’t unethical.

      “Furry porn is different because it closely resembles porn featuring real animals.
      I wouldn’t draw the conclusion myself that someone who watches furry porn is neccesarily a zoophile, but I can see why people make the connection.”

      There are many kinds of anthro artists who identify themselves as furry though and don’t do porn, as I explained above to OldRat. However, there are those that do do porn as well, and that’s fine because it’s no different than hentai, fantasy porn, or anything.

      Let me make a point here – if you enjoy cam porn, that does not necessarily then imply that you enjoy having sex with apes, does it? There’s no logic there. Now, take that and apply that to furry. As I pointed out – I’m open minded, and so long as the parties in any given sexual act are conscious, self-aware, intelligent, and able to consent in a way that the other parties involved would understand, then I say have at it! Because fully sentient creatures are not the same as animals.

      It’s going to look weird to you, yes, and believe me when I say that I do understand that. But if these creatures are wearing clothes, talking, and existing in environments clearly of their own creation, then they’ve being depicted as being just as sentient as you are, or as I am. Another example of this would be to talk pro-morphism and perhaps ponder on a post Singularity future. So stick with me here and I’ll explain as best I can.

      Let’s say that I were to use a body shop to have a body that was either fur covered and bipedal, or even quadrupedal, but with my mind still fully intact, still able to speak, still able to think. If I were to choose to have sex with someone then, would that then be bestiality? It would not. The reason that pedophiles are pedophiles, and that those who practise bestiality are what they are, is because the partners they’re having sex with may not yet be of a state where they can give consent, where they are sentient enough to do so, and to understand fully what’s going on. Therefore the sex involved is unethical.

      Think of the explanation of Data in “The Measure of a Man” (which was a brilliant Star Trek: The Next Generation episode). Any argument that could be leveled against anthros having sex could be leveled against Data to say that he should not be permitted to have sex. This is because before “The Measure of a Man” it was not accepted that artificial life could be sentient, afterwards it was, and this was a precedent that was continued with Voyager’s holodoc.

      So again, to wit, anything that is sentient (self aware, conscious, intelligent) and capable of giving consent in a way that can be understood should be permitted to have sex, according to ethics. This, of course, does not imply to children or animals. But it does apply to anthros, and artificial life forms like Data. It might take a moment to let all this percolate, but I ask that you try.

      I know that I have strange world views that are not always immediately easy to comprehend, but to me everything is about ethics, and I understand your concerns on the grounds of ethics. I do not support bestiality at all, and I find the idea repugnant because it could cause suffering, but I do support the right for anthros to have sex, and for an artist to depict two sentient creatures having sex.

      It would be easy to draw false conclusions, yes, but if you sat and thought about it for a little while, then the truth, the nature of things becomes clear. And you would be surprised at just how many people within the furry fandom agree with my particular stance on this.

      In a recent survay, 90% of them found bestiality distasteful. So anthro fans recognise what everyone else does.

      At the end of the day it all boils down to ethics.

      And personally, I would very much like to believe that I am an ethical person as often as I am able, because that’s important to me on both philosophical and spiritual levels. It is my belief that if a person isn’t suffering, they should be then trying to make the world better due to their inclusion within it, and that they shouldn’t cause suffering to others.

      And you’d be amazed at how many furries who associate themselves directly with and as furries who think in pretty much exactly the same ways that I do about these topics.

      Assumptions are easy to make, but never necessarily correct.

      *Wulf falls over.*

      Sorry, I just felt that because you were respectful, I owed you the most candid response I was capable of. And for me that results in a wall of text because I cannot be succinct. My brain is made of fail in that regard. Sorry.


      “Wulf, I am pleased to see you commenting here again, welcome back.”

      I’m not around as much as I used to be because I have other things to contend with at the moment, one of the most awesome being that I’m finally getting things done in regards to physical problems my brain has. If I can get the NHS to get the ball-rolling on this, I may just end up not dying of brain swelling. :p One can hope, anyway.

      “I find myself in broad agreement with you on this matter. With that said, I’m a tolerant sort while regrettably a large proportion of the planet’s population remain intolerant to… well, sometimes I think everything.”

      I have a theory about this.

      I think it’s actually the fear of mortality that does it. I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to why people do seem to discriminate, and why even I’ve done it from time to time. That’s something I’m trying to eradicate from my person as I don’t think that discrimination is okay, not on a big scale or on a very small one, it’s still discrimination. And discrimination does cause people to suffer.

      Why the fear of mortality?

      Within the scope of a person’s life, they don’t have the time to fully understand everything, so it’s easier to then read a summary and then stereotype from that. Look at the response of mlaskus, for example, and as sad as that is, that’s perfectly reasonable. There isn’t much time to a person’s life, and they feel that they have more important things to do than trying to understand all these diverse groups of people that humanity has to offer. They think that they could take their lives and only scratch the surface.

      I’ve spent a good portion of my life sating an interest in social anthropology and I feel as though I’m only barely beginning to understand a number of concepts. I’m going to be frank here – due to a birth error, my brain was missing a vital component that allows me to process social encounters on the same level that you or someone else might. I’ve spent a good degree of my life trying to create a sort of abstraction layer around all the complexities of people in order to emulate that missing part, and I’ve had limited success. I don’t fall into normal social circles because I physically cannot, nor can I share the views or understand fully how those circles work.

      But I am beginning to twig onto certain things in regards to a broader sense of humanity, and that’s that people feel that they have limited time – they don’t want to spend portions of their life devoted to understanding as they feel that they must do something important with their life, and understanding other people, not pigeonholing them, and not stereotyping them doesn’t seem all that important by comparison. This is why we have a response like that mlaskus offered – as he pointed out, someone could look at anthro porn and assume bestiality. It’s just easier to think of it that way rather than mining the complexities of what’s really going on there.

      The problem arises is when people categorise in such simple ways, but then link that to something bad, because when that happens you get discrimination. As a person who was openly gay through the 80’s, I saw a little bit of that and I saw a very unpleasant side of people. They didn’t understand what gay was about at all, and talking to some guys they seemed to think that I was some insatiable sex monster that would rape them in their sleep to get my kicks. I’m not even joking about this, people were nervous and sometimes even terrified of gay people. You’d give someone a pat on the back and they’d jump a mile. :p

      So what can you do?

      There are two sides to this, really.

      1.) Try not to connect any simplifications into any negative stereotypes unless you’re sure that they fit. If you don’t have the time to examine any given situation fully, then assume the best of people, rather than the worst.

      2.) For those that have negative stereotypes, try to explain things to them in ways which allow that person to retain their dignity. It can be easy to form a negative stereotype and it might not necessarily imply that the person is an evil xenophobe. If they’re doing it a lot then they might just be very lazy. So it’s a matter of tirelessly trying to explain to people why negative stereotypes are wrong, until eventually some begin to twig that their perceptions might not be 100% accurate.

      What else could one do?

      It sounds like you’re already practising 1 though, and you’re a better person for it.

      “I’m increasingly intolerant of intolerance recently which is… uh, irony perhaps? I appear to have confused myself.”

      I don’t know if it’s intolerant of intolerance you feel, but I do understand. I think it’s more that you’re intolerant of the unethical side effects of more broad discrimination against groups of people.

    • Chris D says:


      Very interesting post, thank you.

      I feel like I made a comment on your “I’m leaving post” which probably wasn’t helpful if you were going through a hard time. I apologise for that and I hope everything will work out for you.

      I know we’ve clashed before and maybe we will again but that doesn’t mean I don’t think RPS is richer for your contribution. ( Maybe just tone down the “I despise you all” stuff a little.)

      Welcome back.

    • Wulf says:

      I have been going through some things, yes.

      The thing is is that I’ve always been on the outside of most things, the outsider with strange views that most people couldn’t really care to understand, and I find myself equally unable to understand a vast majority of people (though I am trying). It was the most frustrating thing for the longest time.

      But at least currently I know why. And I am learning to deal with it. I still won’t be around as much, I still have things to handle, but I’ll post occasionally, and I probably won’t seem as frustrated as I used to, either. For me, things are making a lot more sense currently than the world did a few months ago.

    • Wulf says:

      I seem to have lost a post there, I think it might have been marked as spam. Oh well, what can you do?

      Anyway, yeah, I was going through some stuff. Things have been frustrating for me to the point of making me bitter, but finally things are happening and… well, let’s just say that the world makes more sense now than it did a while back, and continues to. Understanding things about myself has helped – but that will never help others understand things about me, of course.

      The thing is is that I don’t particularly despise anyone, I just get easily upset/frustrated. I’ve always been on the outside and I’ll come back to that in a moment, I tend to have opinions/thoughts that most I’ve talked to can’t easily relate to, and likewise, I have a great deal of trouble dealing with the vast majority.

      One of the issues with what I have is that I’m prone to saying things the wrong way, conveying myself improperly versus what I was thinking, and even saying outright inappropriate things without realising it, or not understanding how things could be taken in a bad way under a different context. I didn’t actually know this until very recently. I’ve been learning about my condition, and there are a lot of things I’m coming to terms with, and hopefully I will find a way to create a bit of a bridge between me and people who’re more normal.

      That’s the thing with disabilities that involve having something gone wrong with the brain. Believe me when I say that it can make you feel very much on the outside of things. Very, very much so. When your brain isn’t designed according to standard, you can look at everything in a very lopsided way, and it can give people a very strange perception of oneself. Nothing I can do about that though other than try.

      Anyway, I’m probably going to be less angry than before though, I suspect, as I am slowly figuring things out. It’s been a turbulent period for me, but… nowhere from here to go other than up.

      This is why I value furries/therians/otherkin though. It’s kind of a group of people where everyone is a bit odd, and therefore they expect you to be, and they’ll put more effort into figuring out what makes you tick than the average person will, they’re odd, they’ve been there, they’re interested in why you’re odd, what you really think, and how you really are. Having those people around has been a boon for me, and it’s why I’ll sometimes defend them with the zealousness of a priest speaking for his religion against atheists, or something to the power of that level of passion.

      But yes, I will never be normal, can never be, not an option. There will be future misunderstandings, but I’ll endeavour not to get so angry about them.

    • OldRat says:


      Ah, now I see. Yeah, I don’t really have an argument with any of that, then. And, in review, I guess I could be called an anthro fan by some definitions. Not a furry in any way (although I guess that, depending on semantics, anyone who likes anthro things is some sort of a furry or something, but yaknow), but let’s say there are many anthropomorphic things I like. Like Mouse Guard. And Skaven in Warhammer. And such and such.

      I’m kind of in a weird place with this. I’m not part of the fandom, but I have never had any actual problems with anthropomorphic animals, no matter how much the /b/ hatetrain told me I should. I mean, I grew up with that stuff, it’s not new or weird. I just take that at face value.
      Going a bit deeper into this thing, anthro can also be a very potent stylistic choice (see Maus, but also less serious stuff). Hell, if you do it right, a beastman race can be a very potent alien and weird entity in, for example, a tabletop roleplaying game (see Skaven).
      I just really like rats (the real animal belonging to the order rodentia) immensely, so during my career as a tabletop rpg GM, more than one gameworld has had intelligent rats in some capacity, from Lankhmar-styled ordinary sized rats to Skaven-like ratmen. My players have always liked that, since I put some work into it and they find them quite memorable. Also because they provide some of that alien and weird experience I mentioned.

      So yeah, anthropomorphic animals have plenty of merit, from symbolic to artistic to narrativistic, whether or not you’re a furry, and they should never be hated purely on the grounds that some people… like them more than a bit and the internet told you to. Or something.

    • pipman3000 says:

      you don’t reach adulthood when you get married, hunt a really big boar, or kill a man in armed combat, it’s when you stop caring about furries and what they masturbate to. it’s a pretty awesome thing because i can say that bird-man looks cool without immediately going out furry-bashing on some dumb forum/chatroom to show a bunch of internet people i’m not one of those people.

      also some of those anti-furry guys protest a little too much if you know what i mean.

    • mlaskus says:

      I’m glad you are back too Wulf. I didn’t realize you were gone, though now that I look back on it, the comments section did feel a bit empty without your walls of text. ;)
      I appreciate your posts, even if I disagree with them, you are quite passionate and obviously put a lot of thought into the arguments you make. Most of the time I agree with the points you are making but I’m taken aback by the tone you take, or how you make assumptions about people’s views based on a line of text or two.

      *Wulf falls over.*

      Sorry, I just felt that because you were respectful, I owed you the most candid response I was capable of. And for me that results in a wall of text because I cannot be succinct. My brain is made of fail in that regard. Sorry.

      I was getting a bit worked up until I read this, though it is mostly my fault. I have the opposite problem, as In, English is not my native language and I prefer to be as concise as I can be. For fear of making a mess of a text that no one will take seriously and I end up seeming ignorant instead.

      I understand and agree with what you wrote about originality. “To each, their own”. Full agreement here too.
      My dislike for anthropomorphism comes from the fact that it is one of the most wide spread concepts in our culture, and more often than not, I see it as the easiest and most unimaginative way to tackle and idea.
      I do appreciate works of fiction that do interesting things with anthropomorphism, Orwell’s “Animal Farm” or Lem’s “Cyberiad”, for example. Though as someone with deep love for sci fi, I find myself often associating anthropomorphism with the lack of creativity, and see it as if the whole genre suffers from this concept’s domination. For example, it is easy to imagine a humanoid alien that we can communicate with or at least understand it’s kind’s motivations, but I personally find that extremely boring. Which doesn’t stop me from enjoying, let’s say, Mass Effect but I think of it as an action flick, something that I have to not think about to enjoy.

      Furry porn is different because it closely resembles porn featuring real animals.
      I wouldn’t draw the conclusion myself that someone who watches furry porn is neccesarily a zoophile, but I can see why people make the connection.

      I quote myself, because I certainly didn’t mean to imply that I agree with people who associate furries with zoophiles and I don’t think I did. In your response, you made a pretty obvious argument(that I do agree with by the way) and used patronizing language like you were addressing a complete simpleton. I did take offence to that and was angry until I reached the end of the part of your post addressed to me.
      All I meant to say is that, a very close visual similarity of furry porn to porn featuring animals, is what makes it different from the more mainstream porn. It resembles something despicable, and this is what provokes aggressive reactions from people.

  12. mlaskus says:

    Reply fail :(

  13. Navagon says:

    Well at least the spam guard no longer targets legitimate posters. Now all we need to do is to get it to target those forking shoes.

  14. geldonyetich says:

    From what I gather, the nice thing about the new system is they need only put in, “delete all posts by this guy” and voila, spam no more.

    It is an eternal mystery to me why Rock Paper Shotgun attracts that particular spam bot. Perhaps it thinks this is a blog about attractive footwear and designer accessories?

  15. mlaskus says:

    Ha! Foolish bot, this is a website about hats!

  16. mwoody says:

    I know, I mean, it’s not like a text search for “attractive footwear and designer accessories” will turn up anything.

    Wait… dammit!

  17. Arglebargle says:

    I’ve really enjoyed City of Heroes. If you haven’t played in a few years, there’s been a load of work done on the surface and under the hood. And I’ve got a few alts that could make use of the animal pack: Demonic Hellhound; Cattywumpus, a robot Catgirl; Fenris X, a genetic chimera turned sniper. Without going all furrish. It’s great for folks with altitis. Still my favorite of the older MMOs.

    Though speaking of that, I heard an interesting take in an interview with the designers of a cool and exotic PnP anthropomorphic RPG ‘Shard’, designers who had worked on UO, Deus Ex, SWG. They talked about how using animal archetypes made it much easier for players to envision powers and abilities, and cool combos. And that it’s fairly appropriate, mythologically.

    Obligatory linkage:
    link to

  18. wcaypahwat says:

    Say what you want about furries, that techno-eagle-man looks pretty awesome.

  19. OldRat says:

    Gah, spam got deleted. Ignore this.

  20. destroy.all.monsters says:

    Wake me up when you can play as a pair of boobs.

    Mmm boobs.


    (and frankly if I hadn’t seen idiots use “zomg trigger” in the dick wolves story I don’t think I’d have to post that and while I’m ranting Tei had the only decent comment in that whole thing)

  21. geralda says:

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