Testing, Testing: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Bugs

Cars are okay, I guess.

In a surprise move for a videogame, free-roaming racer Test Drive Unlimited 2 “was released” last week, and is now available to buy in shops both real and imaginary the world over. You can read John’s impressions of the beta here. It looks like all is not well in car land, however, as the game’s shipped with some nasty technical issues across all platforms that Atari are currently working to fix. Poor cars.

Blues reports that while the game is somewhat buggy on all platforms, the PC version currently has problems relating to everything from players being unable to log in, to in-game currency disappearing, to the Lancia having purple wheels, to players being unable to remove their sunglasses (a problem I encounter outside of games on a daily basis). You can read the official bug and bugfix progress thread here.

The latest word from Atari is as follows:

We are aware of the issues that some of our players are encountering. The development team is working around the clock to rectify the situation and provide players with the ultimate Test Drive Unlimited 2 experience. We appreciate your patience and your continued passion and will be updating you on the progress.

Any of you lot playing TDU2? If so, what do you make of it? Or are you completely unaware of what TDU2 even looks like? If so, not a problem. I’m here to serve! Here’s a trailer for the game’s off-road racing, one of the many new features in the sequel.


  1. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I’d like to try a demo but after watching the Giant Bomb quick look I’m certainly not convinced about buying it before trying myself.

  2. ShawnClapper says:

    They still haven’t fixed all the bugs in the first one, so I’m not planning on giving them more money for a second attempt considering their track record.

    • Pemptus says:

      I, for one, LOVE crashing into invisible police cars in the middle of a half-hour long race.

  3. terry says:

    I can’t play this on my now-obselete PC, but I was reading some threads about it, and apparently the big gamebreaker (literally) is a bugged test car that is a reward for finding one of the hidden car wrecks. It makes any subsequent challenges impossible as they just crash.

    link to farm6.static.flickr.com


  4. kax404 says:

    Those offline servers is worring me, but as they say it will be fixed in the next couple of hours. (ETA).
    If any of you guys wants to know more, you can check this link out where atari updates commonly:
    link to forums.testdriveunlimited2.com

  5. hellboy says:

    Seems to work pretty well for me thus far. I think I drove off the end of the world once, but that’s the biggest bug I’ve found. I’m not a huge multiplayer fan, so servers being offline aren’t a huge issue for me.

    As for the game itself, it’s really just Test Drive Unlimited with a few extra bells and whistles. If you like the first, you’ll enjoy this. If you don’t then there’s nothing that’s going to change your mind…

    • psyk says:

      Same here enjoying it so far, reminds me of the first one (who would of thought it) only problem I’m having is the sound dosen’t change when you open and shut the windows which I’m sure it did in the first one.

  6. tricky2050 says:

    The Giant Bomb quick look is fantastic. If anyone hasn’t watched it yet its well work a look

    link to giantbomb.com

    I really wanted to buy this game because I loved the original. There was nothing like cruising around Hawaii with a group of mates. At the moment though it seems like another case of putting a game out before its done.

    • MrMud says:

      Only bad part about the Quicklook was that they dissed the Delta Integrale

  7. J. says:

    Apparently the PC version runs horribly for some people with proper computers (there’s a 17-page thread about it in the official forum), and the devs haven’t commented on that. Boo, devs. It’s more important than permanent sunglasses.

    • DarkFenix says:

      I know a few people having such issues. Pretty sure only the Xbox 360 controller and one Logitech model are actually officially supported, apart from that people seem to be having many issues.

    • psyk says:

      “Apparently the PC version runs horribly for some people with proper computers ”

      My “proper” pc is running it fine.

    • Gazmanic says:

      Emphasis on “some”

  8. Ravenger says:

    Another unfortunate example of why you shouldn’t buy games at launch.

  9. MikoSquiz says:

    OK, my earlier comment appears to have been eaten somehow. Vexing.

    I’m mostly enjoying it so far, and the only bugs I’ve come across have been occasionally disappearing civilian/police cars and the inability to buy a specific model of sunglasses. (I can try them on and it gives me the option to buy them, but hitting the button just makes an unpleasant parping noise.)

    Things I’m not enjoying include some unspeakably obtuse design choices that should’ve been ironed out in playtesting. For example: After you beat the final race in a class, the ‘boss’ of that class of race invites you to a head-to-head race for their car. Which you don’t need any more, since you’ve finished the races in that class. But if you win, you have to take the car*. It takes up a garage slot, and those are around $50,000 each**. The first few cars are not only useless to you, but also worth less than the space they take up, and you can’t sell them, blow them up, leave them under a bush somewhere, or even de-customise them to make them stop being so horribly ugly.

    * Unless your garages are full, in which case it goes to the used car lot to wait for you to pick it up when you have room. I recommend making use of this.

    ** The only way to get space for more cars is still buying more houses to park them at. You can’t buy or rent space in a parking garage or get some sort of storage unit. You have to buy a fourth groovy two-bed two-bath bachelor pad just for the two-car garage so you have somewhere to put your (formerly someone else’s) hideous pink classic Mustang (which is wheezy by modern standards and handles like a large farm animal that’s feeling a bit poorly) and hideous flame-emblazoned German off-roader. Oy.

  10. My2CENTS says:

    I played the Beta, i played the Final and i can honestly say that there is no improvement over the beta – its still the same rubbish handling, cars don’t feel like they actually use a suspension more like a wooden sticks and the engines feels like the same all of them. Its truly awful game to play.

  11. bansama says:

    Any of you lot playing TDU2? If so, what do you make of it?

    Free roaming is a lot of fun. The extra challenges are a lot of fun. The licenses and championships, however, suck all of the fun out of the game.

    • somedude says:

      I concur – the licenses and championships are awful. I have yet to complete the first license after spending close to two frustrating and un-fun hours trying to complete all the challenges, with 25+ attempts each on the fifth and sixth test (finally passed the fifth, can technically get the right time on the sixth, but always have too much penalty time to pass). Admittedly, a large part of this is due to the miserable handling, where the tiniest stray twitch at the wrong time sends your car fishtailing out of control, basically autofailing the race. If I wanted to play a game like that, I’d go play Operation or something. This problem is compounded due to the fact that, unlike in the original game, you can’t simply skip a race that’s giving you trouble and come back to something else – without passing this surprisingly difficult intro race, you can explore, but you apparently can’t compete in any of the events. Since the events are where most of the money is, it’s hard to get cash to get better cars. Your fate boils down to two options: spend many more un-fun hours trying to shave one more blasted second off a race time, or drive around the starting island in your starting car, with little to no hope of advancement. Well, actually, three options: you can also play a game that will bring you enjoyment instead of keyboard-smashing frustration.

  12. Linfosoma says:

    So far I’ve played about 15 hours. I cant access my pre-order car, racing club nor join multiplayer map. Luckily for Atari, the game ghas so much content and so many things to do that this still hasn’t bothered me.
    Im looking forward to the issues being fixed. Both islands are HUGE and exploring is incredibly fun, it’s such a shame to see the game suffer because of these problems.

  13. cqdemal says:

    About 20 hours into it now. My DLC cars now appear properly, although the code to unlock my pre-order bonus car is still AWOL (not the game – the code). Multiplayer seems to be working fine, but there’s an issue when you are ‘transferred’ from one instance to another and see AI traffic disappear and reappear out of thin air. Haven’t touched the clubs yet.

    Oh, and the people I’ve run into are mostly…. antisocial? Very few talk, and many just drive into people.

    Handling and physics are still wonky. In fact, it’s a pretty big surprise that there’s been so little improvement after about four years. The AI, when it is actually present on the track instead of pre-simulated (like in checkpoint events), is still as incompetent as always. However, the game is still as fantastic as TDU1 to me. Both islands are excellent, and the amount of cars available – while disappointingly small – is more than enough.

  14. Megadyptes says:

    I’ve been playing this a lot over the past few days. I’m having fun with it despite all the problems. The online stuff worked fine for a while but the past two days it’s been on and off, mostly off. That aside I’ve not really had many issues with the game. The handling is weird but I messed around with the pad settings a lot and found something that works well for me, it’s still arcadey but I wasn’t expecting a sim like GT2 or anything. Mostly having a blast exploring the islands, I spent about an hour trudging along some awesome mountain dirt roads in Oahu. Now just to wait for the online crap to work so I can mess around more with some friends.

  15. powerjunky says:

    I have played the game for about 6 hours. At first it started out kind of boring, the first island was a drag, getting through the championships was boring. The second island was more enjoyable, the races were still simple, but they were faster paced so at least I could at least enjoy the scenery zooming by instead of putting along like a grandma. I can see the game getting more interesting as you unlock more stuff and clubs and make friends. Ok, the downside for me was the fact the game was corrupting other games and programs as it ran. I had to uninstall TDU2 before it could do any real damage, but I had to redo several college homework assignments and do alot of downloading to get most programs repaired. Once I had the game uninstalled, I stopped having issues with programs randomly becoming corrupted or registry files changing themselves. At first I thought I had a virus, but all signs pointed towards TDU2. It’s a real shame. I would of enjoyed that game but I can’t risk it corrupting my computer.

  16. Premium User Badge

    Joshua says:

    to players being unable to remove their sunglasses (a problem I encounter outside of games on a daily basis). < Deus Ex had this problem too. Nobody complained.

  17. 7rigger says:

    It is better than the first game (except for the lack of custom music), but the bugs are pretty unforgivable. It also has some rather stupid choices in UI.

    – Press start on first screen, enter account details, wait to log in… (If it works) congratulations! you can now access the options! AFTER A CUT SCENE!


    Sorry about the caps, but I really hate badly animated plastic people trying to act like humans

  18. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    This game is utter rubbish. The only really cool thing about is is the environment. The island is huge, and looks like a nice island.

    The biggest problem is that driving is just utterly horrible. I’ve never seen car controls this bad! This basically takes all the fun out of a driving game. Even that game I made in Unity during a lecture last month had better controls (Ok, so the car would fly if you went too fast sometimes, but ateast it would turn corners when you pressed left/right…).

    Oh, and the story stuff is just boring. Haven’t done any of the races since keeping the car on the road is so horrible by itself.

    • psyk says:

      “Haven’t done any of the races since keeping the car on the road is so horrible by itself.”

      You suck at gaming.

    • P4p3Rc1iP says:

      Sorry, i should’ve said: “Haven’t completed any of the races”

      I might not be a racing gamer or whatever you want to call it, but I have played a fair few race games during my life. I even have a real driving license, so I know how driving a car goes.

      But honestly, you can’t expect me to like this when it takes about half a second or more for the actual wheel to turn when I press the button. And before you tell me to “go buy a plastic steering wheel thing”, I’ve played many other racing games and have never had issues with keyboard control before. (The only “problem” is throttle, but not steering) If I wanted to play it with an XBox controller, I’d play it on an XBox.

      Steering smoothly on a keyboard is normally done by tapping the keys at varying speeds, depending on the corner. However this game does not seem to register any input under half a second, effectively making any turns super sharp, and thus making it neigh impossible to keep the car on the road.

      Besides that, there doesn’t seem to much in the way of suspension on the cars, they’re all kinda glued to the road/terrain (Try this by going off road, you’ll see what I mean. Even in a 4×4).

      Oh, and there are also a fair few other physics issues, but it’s and arcady game so I’ll forgive that.

      like I said, it’s rubbish.

    • Finster says:

      @P4p3Rc1iP – Completely agree.
      @psyk – Completely disagree.

      The environment is good. It looks nice enough and there are lots of varied roads to drive on. Makes me wish the driving was decent.

      The only thing they got right with the controls is the ability to map multiple devices at once. (TDU1 wouldn’t do that.) It lets me map my force feedback wheel and pedal set at the same time. Someone there seems to have familiarity with sim controls.

      However, the driving is terrible. Just awful. TDU1 had at least some semblance of force feedback (even if it did cause stuttering when you turned it on) and the cars at least had individual handling characteristics. TDU2 is a massive step back. Zipping around in a Lotus Esprit shouldn’t feel like you have feather pillows for arms, and you’re trying to drive a tractor.

      If you’ve ever had any affinity for Shift, GTR2, rFactor, Live for Speed, etc., stay well away from this game.

      It’s a shame. The first one showed promise.

    • Ellie says:

      @P4p3Rc1iP You can change the sensitivity by going into “Joystick” (I know, but this also applies for keyboard) and changing both the steering sensitivity, and the steering dampening – it makes it much better.

  19. DigitalSignalX says:

    I must be the alien in the bunch. I’m loving this game. Usually I’ll be the first to whinge about issues, but after 20 hours or so, my only complaint is being unable to sell the prize-reward cars you get for duels or in the casino. When your garage only holds 2 or 4 vehicles initially, you essentially have to buy property just to store these gaudy trophies you’ll never drive.

    Also it’s tricky to drive with mouse and keyboard, but not impossible. I’ve remapped nearly every single key and gotten a decent system down. It’s only on the really twitchy A1-3 type vehicles do I have any issues with precision control. There’s also this one off-road course (Serra mountain something) that was impossible for me, but I won all the rest of the races easily so I just took the championship on points.

    I could care less about the online stuff, I connected to get the DLC and that has been the extent of my interaction online. The CPU offers plenty of random flash-your-lights to challenge races that are difficult enough let alone having some 12 year old in Brazil kick my arse.

  20. Chizu says:

    I actually like the game :(

    It should be noted that whilst the game launcher tells you there are not servers online, and that on initial attempts to connect the game will tell you the same, if you try a couple of times, you will get on with most online fuctioning properly.
    The launcher also can’t make up its mind whether my NAT is strict or open, changing its mind every time I start it up.

    Lot of people complaining about the controls, but I’ve had no porblems playing with a 360 pad.

    It’s a shame the game has as many bugs as it does, and a exploit that has knocked clubs offline so soon after launch, but I will stick with it, as I am having fun as it is so far.

  21. Slakt says:

    I’m running the PC DVD-version, and true, there has been a lot of hickups. But yesterday evening, a lot of things started to actually function as it should. The online part of the game really started to come alive, lots of people to see in the streets and in other social locations. The Casino also worked like a charm!

    Cruising around this island is just awesome. Yesterday I spent a few hours tuning and decorating my white Lotus Esprit with custom late 70’s-style race decals from scratch, with just a reference photo on my desk. This customization might seem a bit tricky in the beginning, but after a couple of attempts, when you start to get the hang of it, the result looks quite good!

    Then, just cruised across Ibiza at higs speeds, passing through towns and other players (mostly me being passed though, the Esprit isn’t the fastest car out there). It’s strangely satisfying… I had problems letting go of the steering wheel at 05.00 this morning, to go to bed.

    The MAIN thing remaining to fix now, in my opinion, is the game’s native wheel support. As it is right now I need to use 3rd party software to confgure my wheel as a virtual joystick, and then assign it in-game. But I’m pretty sure a patch is imminent for this, and other minor issues.

    I think I see the contours of a game I can recommend!

  22. Bassem says:

    I have the first one on PC, and I’ve been playing this second one on my friend’s PS3. I’m definitely getting it for my PC, though I hope the bugs get sorted out.

  23. MrFoOL says:

    Yes TDU1 had better driving than this new one, and the cars were divided into 2 categories, the ones that had Semi – automatic shifts, and H-shifter shifts, so when you were driving a Lamborghini Murcielago (for example), you would be using the sequential shifts, and if you were driving a Ford GT (for example) you would be using the H-shifter. It was a great detail that TDU1 had that, for those who have wheels with Sequential and H-shifters at the same time (like Logitech G25, and G27). I was very disappointed when I saw that TDU2 didn’t had that. Still in my opinion about this TDU2, I bought it as soon as it was released, and I was already expecting a lot of bugs, it’s not the first game(and it won’t be the last), that has many issues when it’s released, as a matter of fact, I think it’s pretty normal, as long as the companies solve the bugs (obviously). I don’t have as many issues as they were described in the New, but I already had some of them. But this is definitly the best (fun) multiplayer racing game, it has features I have never though on having in a racing game.

    • alt24 says:

      You can go into the game options and change the gear shifting to sequential instead of h-pattern. Not to mention that in car view your hands will do the correct gear shifting, as in the first game. You just gotta change it yourself which is a pain at times

    • MrFoOL says:

      That’s the problem I’m talking about, you have to change it yourself, in TDU1 you just needed to activate the H-pattern, and the cars that were Semi-automatic wouldn’t be H- pattern, they would still be sequential, and in TDU2 if you change to H-pattern, all the cars are H-pattern, even those who have Semi-auto gear shifts. I just think they should grab TDU1 and add stuff, not taking stuff.