Arcania: Fall of Setarrif Is An Expandalone

but the plumbing is terrible
JoWood have announced that ArcaniA is to received a standalone expansion, called Fall of Setarrif, on March 25th. In it you can play a new character, or you can import your character from the original game. The new campaign is reportedly ten hours long, so it’s significantly smaller than the main game – and so we can perhaps expect a budget price tag on this? TBC!

And what happens in this brief new sojourn? This: “A mysterious demon, consumed by hatred, terrifies the population and pools his force against the coastal city of Setarrif. The dramatic situation exacerbates after a volcanic eruption in the mountains nearby. Thereupon the nameless hero joins forces with his strongest allies and courageously faces the new menace.” I wish I was nameless and/or able to courageously face anything. You can read our impressions of ArcaniA here.


  1. RyuRanX says:

    Fail of Setariff? JoWood is asking to go bankrupt.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      JoWood already is bankrupt in every possible way.

    • Subject 706 says:

      Morally AND financially so.

    • omicron1 says:

      “JoWood already is bankrupt in every possible way.”

      Win. So much win.

      Financially, morally, intellectually, creatively… I love it!

  2. cpeninja says:

    I actually played the hell out of Arcania and really enjoyed it, despite it not being a thing like its predecessors – meaning it didn’t crash every 8 minutes. I look forward to this expandalone.

    • Riaktion says:

      Same here

    • TheGameSquid says:

      I don’t think I have ever had a single crash with either Gothic or Gothic II Gold (which is actually supposed to be somewhat incompatible with Vista). The game’s engine is quite buggy, especially the animation system (It was not uncommon for me to make a sword drawing animation while using a torch for example), and the games had their fair share of quest-and-trigger-related bugs, but I really don’t think it’s very prone to crashing.

      That being said, I did also sort of enjoyed what I played from Arcania (NO, NEVER WILL I WRITE THAT SECOND CAPPED ‘A’), as long as I approached it knowing that it wasn’t a Gothic game, and not much of an RPG either. It’s just a decent casual Role-playing title.

      If you’re going to approach it as a Gothic title (for which you can hardly be blamed, since it DOES carry the Gothic name in its title), you’re going to end up being terrible disappointed. It simply doesn’t live up to that legendary series’ legacy. And I believe that it was foolish of JoWood to believe that Spellbound would have been able to pull off such a thing. For all we know, BP is the only developer that has managed to pull of anything like those games.

  3. D says:

    This site has recently gotten quite crazy about importanceness. I wonder if it’s intentional.

  4. Acorino says:

    Can’t be worse than the Forsaken Gods expansion…OR CAN IT?

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      no, it can’t. but that doesn’t tell you anything. hehe.

  5. Ovno says:

    In it you can play a new character, or important your character from the original game.


  6. KingMudkip says:

    Why is Jim’s grammar so bad in this article? I can see at least three typos without even trying. Is it sleep deprivation or an in-joke?

  7. Voidy says:

    Jim just gave us a wonderful recipe for expressing heavy contempt towards any game:

    1. Carefully place several really obvious typos
    2. in a really short text snippet.

    I’d run it through a proofreader or something but it’s about Arcania expandalone, for God’s sake! No one would read it anyway!

    Thank you, Jim. I totally approve.

  8. Jim Rossignol says:

    Apologies, I *actually* fell asleep while writing that. I wish I was joking.

    Must try harder.

    I’ll be dead soon. Then I can rest.

    • bob_d says:

      Given the high standard of RPS writing, I actually assumed it was a joke rather than typos. I spent a minute feeling dumb for not getting it.

  9. oceanclub says:

    Superficial, “Risen” and “Arcania” seemed similar, and yet I was gripped by “Risen” from the beginning (am about half-way through and keep meaning to return it), and loathed the trite awful characters at the beginning of Arcana. I just couldn’t play more than 10 minutes of it. Does it get any better?


    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      It would have been awesome if your pregnant girlfriend from the beginning came with you on adventure and were turned into a hero of her own right, overshadowing her incompetent husband instead of being a cheap set-up for revenge.

  10. Mac says:

    Still haven’t finished ArcaniA – Gothic 4 … I got bored after about 7 hours … just no will to go back and waste more time with it.

  11. CTRL-ALT-DESTROY says:

    With regards to the expandalone, /snore. Also, does anyone know if Arcania sold well? I hate to sound dickish, but I hope not.

  12. JonasKyratzes says:

    Gothic I and II remain some of the very best games I have *ever* played. I thought Gothic III was rather bad, but then came Forsaken Gods and ArcaniA to redefine my understanding of bad… and now there will be even more such abominations? How can JoWood be so deeply, profoundly evil?