Bleak Doesn’t Begin To Say It: Dead Island

Courtesy of IGN

It’s been quite a while since a trailer made me say, “Wow.” And indeed since one made me gasp, “Oh my God.” This CGI teaser for Dead Island – a zombie game originally announced in 2007 – is both stunning and horrendous. Bleak like your puppy dying of tiredness is bleak. The game itself sounds absolutely fascinating. An open-ended sandbox zombie survival game, first-person but with an emphasis on melee combat, where you must try to survive for as long as possible on an infested New Guinea island. We have little more to go on, other than the knowledge that Deep Silver are publishing, and that the people behind it are capable of a trailer as brilliantly morose as the one below.

There’s also word of it containing those infamous “RPG elements”, and oddly for a supposedly open-ended sandbox game, a focus on story. The melee is said to let you pick up almost any object you find, Dead Rising-style. And according to IGN who bring us all this info and lots more, because it’s set on a tourist tropical island, the place isn’t littered with high grade weaponry and ammo caches. Instead it’s about foraging and improvising with what you can find.

There’s to be drop-in four-player co-op should you wish to work together, or it works perfectly well in single player mode for lone survivors. And according to IGN, it’s “disgusting”. They’ve got a ton of screenshots and artwork over there.

It’s set for a 2011 release, but nothing more specific than that. Hopefully we’ll be seeing something from inside the game soon enough. As a concept, it sounds fascinating – just hardcore surviving, improvising, scrabbling to keep going. It’s what zombies were made for.


  1. Dracko says:

    Here, let me improve this turd for you: link to

  2. vrekman64 says:

    This must be the year of resurrected games. First the Duke and now this. As stated in previous comments, this game was announced back in 2007. After that there was no word of it, except an old teaser (be carefull at 0:20 a zombie jumps out– you are warned). I never expected that they still work on it. Along Dead Island there were another two games that were announced (and maybe be resurrected as well?): Warhound and Chrome 2, all three of them powered by chrome 4 engine. (search the teasers in youtube)

    Lets hope.

    Very nice trailer btw.

  3. letoeb says:

    It’s perfect. It shows a very deep understanding about what makes zombies horrifying and adds a low-key note that doesn’t come off nearly as tacked-on as Gears of War 3’s did (though I do like Sun Kil Moon).

  4. Big Murray says:

    Yes, it’s a zombie game … but we haven’t had a good zombie sandbox game yet. I’m also intrigued by the promise of focus on FPS-based melee combat. I can’t really remember a game which has done that satisfactorily.

  5. Wolfox says:

    This is an awesome short movie, in so many ways… concept, execution, direction, production, etc.

    Also, I’m a parent (I have a 11-month old boy) and I must confess I cried during the trailer, when I realized what it was really about. I don’t know if the trailer would have the same emotional impact if I was not a parent, but still, what it does, it does brilliantly. And most of its impact is in the little things – the tone of the music, the deliberately slow pacing of the “reverse” scenes, the horror in the eyes of the mother when she sees her little girl turned into a zombie, the father’s instinct to protect her regardless, the little clips in the end… it’s brilliant, simply brilliant.

    In fact, it is so awesome that, as a trailer, it might backfire, because, honestly… there’s no way the game will be even half as good as the trailer was in concept, execution, direction, production, etc.

  6. Web Cole says:

    Do fucking want.

  7. RegisteredUser says:

    This reminds me of the ending of one 30 rock ep where they made fun of how just doing dopey gestures into the camera and running pretentious music will emotionally move the audience.

    This trailer had no gameplay and was simply a “let’s run it backwards and do sob story/sob music” combo.

    I completely failed to be impressed by this in any way and was quite frankly simply once more reminded of how annoying it is that people try to sell a game via cinematics that have nothing to do with how the game plays or _IS_ (well, unless it’s wing commander, which ended up being a movie being interrupted by a arcrade space-flight-shooter) whatsoever.

    I personally feel that cinematics advertising for gaming should come to an end finally and we should instead get more dev diaries, interviews, background and actual gameplay footage. Especially more actual gameplay footage. And without over 9000 cuts and 5000 zoom factor to make it look awesome when it really never is played like that.

  8. sophof says:

    I just had fun reading this, feeling like a time traveler and knowing the game is shit :P