Japanese Faction R.U.S.E. DLC Appears!

They always wanted to be flamous.

RPS’s natural state is well documented as a kind of electric bewilderment, but this is surprising even for us. A new sliver of DLC entitled The Rising Sun Pack has just been released for RPS favourite R.U.S.E., adding the Japanese to the game as a brand new faction with 28 new units, plus 3 new Japan-centric Operations (standalone scenarios), one of which sees the Japanese taking on the US National Guard in an assault on Fort Knox. Look, here it is on Steam. I had no idea this was coming. I haven’t even had my morning tea yet. This is horrible. Unless this is some kind of… ruse? No, it’s not a ruse. Full press release after the jump.

If you missed it, the skinny on Ruse’s first bit of DLC, The Manhattan Project Pack, is here, and the official RPS verdict is here. This is a great, great strategy game, more than worth investigating.

London, UK — February 15, 2011 — Today, Ubisoft announced that new downloadable content for R.U.S.E. entitled The Pack of The Rising Sun is now available for PC, for Xbox® 360 on Xbox Live®, and will be available for Playstation® 3 on the PlayStation Network® as of tomorrow, February 16th 2011.

The Pack of The Rising Sun gives the player the opportunity to command the Japanese Army in both solo and multiplayer modes. Players will be able to enjoy 28 new units and factories in 3 exclusive new operations dedicated to the Imperial Japanese Army – Gold for the Brave, Ostfriesland, and For Honour.

The Japanese faction:

Japan provides an unusual playable faction, combining ingenuity and cheap production costs. Players will have to make the most of half-buried bunkers to lock strategic routes, and use their Dokuritsu Kôhei – flamethrower-equipped units – to flush out their enemies. Also named the “paper tank”, the Ha-Go is a cheap and quick to produce new solution, as well as the upgraded Chi-Ri that will help to gain supremacy through its outstanding firepower. While the famous Zero will dominate the skies, the surprising Shinden will cast its rear-propelled silhouette and four 30mm cannons over the battlefield. And of course, prototypes such as the AOV recon and the Ha-To long range gun will surprise your opponent from afar.

Three exclusive operations:

– Fort Knox: In this fictional challenge, gamers will play with the Kentucky National Guard, protecting the Federal Reserve gold until reinforcements from the 1st Armored Division arrive.

– Ostfriesland: In this challenge, players will lead a Japanese strike force in Germany. Their objective will be to prevent the British XIIth corp. from establishing a bridgehead into their defense line. Gamers will be able to use infantry, artillery, armored forces as well as prototype weapons, but will have a limited aircraft.

– For Honour: in this challenge, take command of a renegade division of the Imperial Air Force who refuse to lay down arms and decide to join the Japanese garrison in a desperate and hopeless fight on the island of Java. All around, US, British and Soviet forces are gathering for the ultimate offensive…

R.U.S.E. was released on September 10th 2010 on Xbox® 360, Sony Playstation® 3 and PC.

For more information on R.U.S.E., please visit: www.rusegame.com


  1. Wilson says:

    Yeah, I was surprised when this popped up on Steam update news. Sounds interesting, but I don’t like the idea of paying £7 (I think it’s £7) for an extra side and some operations. But then I haven’t tried the operations from the main game yet, if they’re good it might well be worth it.

    Also, I don’t know if RPS mentioned the other paid for DLC pack, called Chimera or something? That was a few new multiplayer maps and a few operations for around £6 or so I think. I like this game, and need to try it online at some point.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Chimera! I’d forgotten about that. The operations are cool, simply because they offer asymmetrical matches, or asymmetrical co-op against the AI. Kieron and I made an awesome mess of a match where he was controlling tanks and support and I had planes and infantry.

    • Wilson says:

      I’d forgotten about the coop operations actually. They do sound cool, though since I’d want to play them on LAN I’ll probably have to wait for the main game to be super cheap in a sale before I have a chance to try them out. Unless it’s one of those steam games that work over LAN with one account in offline mode – something to test. I’ll have to try the operations in the main game and if they’re fun (I don’t see why they wouldn’t be) I’ll be quite tempted by this.

    • rocketman71 says:

      @Wilson: it isn’t. The game has no LAN support. Sadly, I didn’t buy it precisely because of that. UbiShitDRM is not the only thing preventing many people from buying games nowadays :(

    • Wilson says:

      @rocketman71 – Yeah, I thought so. I’ll get another copy when it’s super cheap in a sale at some point. Makes me much less keen to spend money on DLC that I won’t be able to use with people on a LAN though.

  2. Ed123 says:

    Sadly, playing R.U.S.E. just makes me pine for some World in Conflict DLC. It’s a shame that game never took off :(

    • Wilson says:

      I quite enjoyed WiC, but I never really liked it the way I like R.U.S.E, not sure why. Maybe I prefer the WW2 setting (I know it’s been done to death, but I think it’s more interesting in terms of units and weapons than modern games, where everything tends to feel a bit samey to me). WW2 also works well for RTS games since it is very much about things fighting each other up close and personal rather than shooting guided missiles from miles away (I know there’s more to it than that, but hopefully you get what I mean).
      EDIT: Also, loving the new comments editing system. It’s smooth, it works, and I can see no problems with it. Hurrah!

  3. SirKicksalot says:

    This is a game from the future. I’m overwhelmed by its elegance, beauty and scale every time I play it. And I totally buy the I’m-a-general-in-a-war-room idea, it makes me feel smart and important.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Exactly! You’ve hit the nail on the head with the hammer of truth.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, I gotta agree with that. Zooming out from the ground-level combat view, to the aerial camera, to the abstract tabletop is a thing of loveliness. There’s a sense of glorious awareness when you realise that you’ve zoomed out to your generals perspective, standing in a command tent on the African front, pushing around little models of troops around a map as radios buzz and troops die for you.

  4. Dominic White says:

    I got myself a copy of RUSE for $15 over the January sales (soooo cheap!), but I’ve barely played it, I must admit. Gotta put some time into it – I really dig what I have played so far.

  5. The Innocent says:

    The same day this DLC came out, I’d just finished telling a friend why I probably was done playing RUSE. Now I’m not so sure…