Shattered Origins Also Has A Demo Out

Or, to give it the full title, Shattered Origins: Guardians Of Unity. The game appears to feature a spacecraft which is definitely not an X-Wing doing space fights with other boats of the void. The fireworks are lovely. There’s a trailer for you to view below, or you can go right ahead and get the demo from here.


  1. poop says:

    fourty second impression: that flying looks fucking terrible, the moment you let go of the thrust you stop? dogfights are just gyrating around in space tracking blips without really moving?

  2. Kdansky says:

    The should get rid of the lens flares, and add some physics. And I don’t mean gravity guns, but rather impulse, thrust, acceleration and turning. I would assume that is a pretty important feature for a game with dogfights. I would also appreciate it if there wasn’t a maximum speed of “horribly slow”, as that is boring AND completely wrong.

    Space fighters in games remind me of blimps.

  3. FCA says:

    For me as a long time X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Wing Commander and Freespace fan, this seems horribly underwhelming.

    Behind the spacecraft view, slow movement, pausing to accept missions and select targets?
    Not to mention a distracting distortion at the edges due to a wrong FoV.

  4. Jimmeh says:

    Holy jarring menus batman!

    I only watched a few minutes of that video and the game had already worked me into enough of a frustrated rage to turn it off.

    What exactly are they trying to achieve by tearing you back with a menu every time you get going? The voice acting was also pretty infuriating, ok…unity…I get it…ARRHHGGHHHHG!

  5. Grey says:

    X-Wing Versus Pie Fighter

  6. MonkeyMonster says:

    hmmm [intersting points above] or will this be the game i’ve been waiting for post privateer the darkening…

  7. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Well.. that was an awkward trailer. The pauses.. the bad UI.. the utterly horrible font.. but it might still be fun? *hopeful mode: on*

  8. Rond says:

    That certainly doesn’t look like a good dogfighting game. And it’s sure not a 4X. And the UI is crappy, and so is music. I don’t see why anyone would like this game.

  9. TheGameSquid says:





  10. gillesv says:

    Jesus people. Freespace 2 has been out for, what, over 10 years now? And still no-one has been able to make a space-combat game that’s any good?!

    Sure, there are the X-games, and Freelancer was OK and EVE has everyone’s Elite fix, but what if I don’t want an open-ended universe with jumpgates and upgrades and trading and ARGH!

    Just give me a mission, a cool briefing animation/movie and wave after wave of enemy fighters/bombers/cruisers to destroy with my space-fighter.

    I blame the decline in sales of decent joysticks.

  11. Kdansky says:

    I want a remake of Battlecruiser 3000 AD. You command a huge Cruiser, have broadside combat with other giant ships, send your team on missions like in Star Trek, can choose where to go (and get completely different play experiences) and slowly but surely a complex plot unfolds.

  12. RaytraceRat says:

    Just copy a Tie-Fighter, call it Bow-Cruiser and let us fight huge Sun Damagers and waves of small C-Wings and we will be happy.

  13. Dougal McFrugal says:


  14. Dougal McFrugal says:

    also i want a decent space shooter

    AND a decent space RTS

    so there

  15. Ci2e says:

    Freespace fan myself but if I remember correctly you were able to turn on a dime even if you were flying in one direction going as fast as you could go boosters and all. My favorite parts were shields and how you could use the insert~pgdwn buttons to controls engines, shields, and power. While the arrows controlled the direction your shields power were more important- those things right there made me love that game but always wanting more…

    I also played through Freelancer and it wasn’t the best but it also had it’s good points…

    Developers if you are looking for some inspiration take a look here – link to (syk!)

  16. zeekthegeek says:

    Man, even BSGO which is a god damn Unity3D Browser Game for free has better physics than that. Pass for now.

  17. Lord_Crusare says:

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments… Perhaps somewhere in there it should have been mentioned that this is an almost-zero budget indie game with a very little team creating our first game…

    Therefore, comparing it to AAA titles is pointless.

    • Rond says:

      Then maybe you should have started with something smaller and simpler, and therefore you could have made it more polished. Noone will like some garage-bullshit only because it’s indie. Sorry if I offended you.

  18. Ci2e says:

    Yeah everyone quickly show your kids maybe they will find it fun you never know…

    I’m not purposely comparing to AAA titles I’m just comparing to what I think should be in a space sim, and if you really want the fake physics call it arcade and then make the sim mode for really interesting dog fights in zero gravity with true physics…

    Besides if a group of kids can come up with portal you think we’d have learned from the past and so what if it’s Indie, without genuine input how will anything improve on itself?

  19. Lord_Crusare says:

    The problem is: we never called it a spacesim. In fact, if you check the official sites, it has always been claimed to be a strategy / RPG / arcade hybrid. And you can’t expect that to have realistic physics… Well, it depends on who you ask, I guess.

    Also, the kids may have come up with Portal, but Valve’s budget was needed to make it into a game.

    • FCA says:

      Well, sorry for my negativity. I just went into this trailer expecting a spaceshooter, but got something… different. I even looked at your site, but skipped the forums. On the site linked to in the article, no mention of the type of game is made at all. I just looked at the forums, no obvious mention also.

      Some other (well-meant) advice: make really sure none of the sounds are annoying. The trailer has lots of annoying sounds (the beeps, the clearly accented voice acting). The zoom-out (actually not pause when I look closely) when you select another ship is jarring. And also, but this may sound very controversial to you: try to focus. These genres of games are not just arbitrary lines in the sand. They have been tuned for years, and in turn, they’ve changed peoples expectations of what games are. In your case, I’d focus on the RTS side, and drop the arcade shooter part. It really does not seem to work, but that’s just my not so informed opinion (no option of playing the demo at the moment). One moment you’re making tactical/strategic decisions (though not much information is given at all (how many pirates and so on)) and the next you’re happily shooting until suddenly your mission is accomplished. Sorry for the wall of text, but I think you deserve an explanation of at least my negative outburst.

  20. Ci2e says:

    Getting awfully defensive there aren’t we?

    I would expect anything related to space to realistically reflect every aspect of space to the finest detail if possible. That is if I were making any type of game set in space as it’s environment- that’s just me!

    Opinion Away!

  21. Jimbo says:

    First impressions based on trailer:

    1) Get a native English speaker to look over the dialogue (I actually laughed out loud reading the 1:38-2:05 double whammy, which I assume was unintended).

    2) Consider removing the voices. I know adding them took a lot of effort, and you probably don’t want to hear this, but stripping them out would instantly improve the quality level of the game (especially if you’re gonna stop the game to put the text in front of me anyway).

    3) Forget the flying part. If it plays like a cross between Homeworld / Nexus: TJI then your game has potential. RTS/RPG works, but I can’t think of a single instance where an RTS / Action hybrid has turned out well. There’s a reason Admiral Ackbar wasn’t flying an X-Wing.

    I’ll check out the demo and update this when I get a chance.

    • Dominic White says:

      ” I can’t think of a single instance where an RTS / Action hybrid has turned out well”
      Herzog Zwei (the first). The Battlezone series. Urban Assault. Hostile Waters Sacrifice. Brutal Legend. If you think all of those are bad, then you’re pretty much objectively wrong.

  22. Hensler says:

    After actually playing the demo and not just bitching after watching the trailer, the game is actually better than you’d think. The customization of the skirmish mode looks pretty deep and some mindless fun. It’s not Freespace 3 and I wouldn’t pay $60 for it, but for what it is, I’m impressed.

    • Lord_Crusare says:

      It will definitely not cost 60$ :) . Thank you for actually trying the demo.

  23. Telemikus says:

    Oh my God… It’s full of lens flares