I Forgot About LoTR: War In The North

Okay, I have to admit that despite our last headline for this game being “Don’t Forget About LotR: War In The North“, I had forgotten about it. I am the worst. But wait! There’s a new developer diary for Snowblind’s hack and/or slash adventure game, which reminded me, and which you can see below. The devs talk about the fun they’re having making giant metal citadels in which people fight giant metal monsters, and, well, that does seem like it might be fun.

No exact release date for this, just “2011”. So that’s pretty vague.


  1. crainey92 says:

    The Lotr (almost typed lotro) game that was released on the xbox a while back wasn’t so bad so I guess this could be good, co-op ftw.

  2. Okami says:

    “Tolkien envisioned Middle Earth as something that was dark and gritty..:”


    There should be a law that every game developer who uses the phrase “dark and gritty” should be shot on the spot.

    • Nick says:

      You know who else used dark and gritty a lot? Platinum Dunes.. if you don’t know what they are responsable for, look em up.

    • brulleks says:

      Hmm. Dark and gritty just says ‘motorway’ to me. Maybe Middle Earth is going the way of the rest of the planet.

    • Maykael says:

      Yeey for blood, tits and gore! That’s the Tolkien way.

    • Creeping Death says:

      Dark and gritty? Really?

      Well I’m glad I can safely ignore this game now, knowing that the developers really dont understand the source material.

    • 12kill4 says:

      say… do you guys think this will have… ‘Compelling gameplay’? *shudder*

  3. Lewie Procter says:

    “The gameplay in that is just amazing”


    • Ian says:

      I mean, WHY WOULD THEY LIE?

      I’m going to pre-order it for everybody I know.

    • Quine says:

      They may be speaking unvarnished Truth, but that was a GFWL logo at the end.

    • Devan says:

      @Quine Was it? I thought that was just “Games for Windows” as in Microsoft’s way of caching in on other people’s PC games by letting them apply for MS certification testing. Which, as I understand, is different from the GFWL “service” which is for xbox-live-like multiplayer?
      Does this game even have multiplayer?

    • Quine says:

      Well it claims three-player co-op.

      It it’s merely Windowsy branding rather than that other thing then I shall unconfine my Joy.
      Assuming the game’s less pants than it currently promises…

    • Harkkum says:

      It is amazier than last season and certainly the amaziest one can imagine without being either a) garden gnome or b) wizard. I guess that it is a peculiar art of its own to be able to hit every square of the bullshit bingo of public relations in the time span of less than three minutes.

      Thou, nothing wrong with the game it seems and certainly can be fun as a co-op even though I don’t expect much from the innovation front.

  4. Novotny says:

    I just love how the producer is an actual hobbit. This could be good.

  5. Formanovo says:

    Why are they having the interviews outside?
    And why does this outdoor location have nothing to do with middle-earth?

    • Okami says:

      Because it’s the dark and gritty part of Middle Earth you haven’t read about, silly!

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Hey, you try dragging a camera all the way to Middle Earth.

  6. Zaboomafoozarg says:

    You ARE the worst.

  7. Vadermath says:

    “The untold story of the War in the North”. Hm. What war have I been playing in BFME2, then?

    • Creeping Death says:

      I always wonder what third age war in the north people are thinking of. Games like LotRO and BFME2 (while being very fun) use a lot of “what if” scenarios to create gameplay.

    • derfalconer says:

      I dont know where the quote is, but I think it was said in the books (by gandalf) that at least the Dwarves in the northern mountains/areas would be fighting their own war against forces there, and I would suppose that there are more than just dwarves in the north (some dunedain?). So while this scenario is possible it just isn’t really explained much at all in any of the books, other than mentions that Sauron is bringing war to middle-earth, not just to Gondor/Rohan.

  8. Mayjori says:

    yay another game that probably wont reach its full potential because they are catering to consoles…. leh poo

  9. Torgen says:

    oh hey, got an email from the WB Borg that ate Turbine, with a code for 250 LOTRO points. Been meaning to take a peek back, and now I hear Minstrels have been revamped, so guess I’ll be poking around there again.

  10. TheFatDM says:

    One of them said it’s true and authentic and another said it’s something we’ve never seen before. Maybe it’s not as wrong as it sounds, to me.

  11. lumenadducere says:

    Except that so much of this northern land has already been covered in LotRO, including Carn Dum. Although I guess MMOs are not everyone’s cup of tea, so they may introduce people to something new after all. And to Turbine’s credit they’ve tried to be as accurate as they can (except for the Rune-Keeper) although from what I understand there are breaches here and there.

  12. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Ah, one more LOTR gamespawn. I think I’ll pass, thank you.

  13. RegisteredUser says:

    Is not anyone going to mention LOTR Conquest and make some comment?