Rob Zombie: Rebuild

The fifth option on the piece of paper is Don't forget tea

Why am I posting about zombie browser game Rebuild? Because RPS reader Captain Sqweky sent me a link and I played it, that’s why. If I’m honest, it’s more serious than that. It’s more like “Because I sat down with a cup of tea, loaded the game, then when I remembered my tea it was ice cold, thus requiring I make a second cup of tea.” But I did not have the energy to make another beverage. No. I’d probably have to wash up a spoon, and get the milk out of the fridge and pour the milk into the mug and everything. You know what I’m saying. Total disaster.

At least I had some fun playing Rebuild. Rebuild is a mangement game which tasks you with liberating a sizeable town from zombie hands, going from building to building and gradually adding to your fenced-off enclosure within the centre of the city. You’ll need survivors to do this, of course, but you’ll also need to feed the survivors and keep enough people manning your defences so that your safe haven doesn’t get overrun.

So, perhaps you send a team to the mall. Plenty of food in the mall, for sure, but your scout’s just come back reporting a load of people off hiding in that nearby bar, and people are always useful. Maybe one of them’s a scientist, and you could set him working in that laboratory you fenced off last night. But then you’d be low on food. You could, of course, raid the bar and the mall, and split your soldiers, but then both teams have a higher chance of a casualty. You see how this works?

It’s no Die2Nite, but it’s still sweetly addicting. Go play! Ah, but perhaps you also have a cup of tea, and my story has made you nervous of sheer temperature drops necessitating the production of a replica beverage. Fear not, sweet prince. I’ve got you covered. Here’s a sort of Let’s Play video of Rebuild by an American man. Take it away, American man.


  1. patricij says:

    Another eating/drinking related fun story…well played, dear Sir
    And also I feel your pain…making another cup of tea…aah, the humanity!

  2. amandachen says:

    I wish there were more zombie games.

    • karry says:

      May i suggest checking out…oh, i dunno…Space Pirates And Zombies ?

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      I’m actually burned out on zombos or whatever.
      Rogue Survivor is pretty good, though.
      Edit: Nevermind that typo. Have some music!

    • 18Rabbit says:

      If you like Rogue-likes, you can try Rogue Survivor It’s a pretty keen-o-reeno zombie survival roguelike.

    • karry says:

      Rogue Survivor is barely playable and very iffy. Survival Crisis Z is still the best zombie survival game i have ever seen, still unbeaten.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Was he trying to be sarcastic?

      If not.. link to

    • colonp says:

      “Rogue Survivor is barely playable and very iffy.”

      I totally disagree. How is it barely playable and very iffy to you?

  3. Antsy says:

    Gaming’s ability to shift me hours forward in time without noticing long ago resulted in my abandonment of milk in tea. And clean spoons.

  4. westyfield says:

    I’m at the point where I’m considering buying another kettle and teapot and keeping them next to my desk, so I don’t have to go downstairs to get more tea.

    Send help. And tea.

  5. Alex Bakke says:

    Damn, I decided not to send this particular link in, thinking it would be ignored. CURSE MY LAZINESS.

    But yes, it’s quite good.

    • DrazharLn says:

      Think of all the delicious kudos and hipster points you could have had… om nom nom

  6. Coins says:

    It’s a fun little game. Only, if you play your cards right, it’s not very hard.

    • karry says:

      Tell me how to beat the Nightmare difficulty without losing 300 times and tearing out lots of hair in the process ?

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Yeah, on very hard and nightmare mode the zombies act like bastards and mass up. If you send people out to clean them out, they’ll attack. If you bring people in to run only a few missions, they’ll wait until you have no chance of winning. Then they attack.

    • SmartChimp says:

      I beat it on Nightmare, what I did was I was hyper aggressive. With some lucky I was able to recruit quickly and expand quickly, I found turtling to be not effective at all since the zombies grow so quickly. So for the first bit I was relying on getting food from reclaiming building, I went probably 75% soldier. Also if you keep your normal citizens in base or send them on missions with your soldier there’s a chance they will become a soldier. I typically kept my base at a 20% danger level, but the key I found was to be expanding fast enough that losing a square or some survivors in a zombie attack was not the end of the world. Also getting a hospital quick is key, so many survivor will die I find if one isn’t secured. But I got lucky enough that I could pull back my armies whenever there was a hoard so that I could get that 20% danger level so only 1/5 would be a set back and I could recuperate from the loss.

  7. Alex Bakke says:

    Oh yes, the fifth option of the piece of paper is ‘Reclaim the area’

    (Hint: Survivors will flee if you reclaim.)

    • Shadowcat says:

      I thought the fifth item on the list was “Braaiiiiiinnnnsss!!”

  8. Fumarole says:

    I played this a few weeks ago; it’s pretty fun but the endgame gets kind of tedious.

    • RadioactiveMan says:

      Yes… the research endgame was a fun at first, then became tedious!

      Hmm without giving too much away, what other end games are there? Obviously clearing the whole map is probably one.

    • JuJuCam says:


      Correct, clearing the map is one.

      Also, eliminating the threat at the source.

      The last one I found involved mainly the leaders.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      There’s also an ending through science. Fairly sure there’s only the four endings, though.

    • Jhoosier says:


      I wasn’t able to clear the map, I couldn’t take over a rubble tile in one corner.

      Protip: If you time the endings to all happen on the same day (or, I suppose, complete each ending and keep playing), they’ll run in series and add to your score.

    • JuJuCam says:

      Protip: Zombie spawning algorithm popping more of the blighters up in one corner than you can kill in a day? Remember that you can send more soldiers than is strictly sane or necessary to eradicate walkers in a zone! You could even bring the full force of your entire population to bear on that pesky area, although I don’t know how many zeds non-coms are able to take down.

  9. JuJuCam says:

    Played this on normal a few days ago. There’s definitely a tipping point beyond which it’s mostly a grind, but as with Die2Nite (and, I suppose, a real life apocalyptic event of any nature) the early days are the most crucial.

    Anyway I feel like this game, writ large with individual personality scripts not unlike Dwarf Fortress and an action component that allows me some control over some of the actions would make for the perfect zombie game. There’s definitely something compelling about this gameplay.

  10. michaelfeb16 says:

    Oh god where did the past three hours go?

    • Blaq says:

      Indeed, this game just ate more of my time than any flash game should be legally allowed to. Ban this filth!

      Also, it’s a grind on normal or lower because it’s too easy. Easily amendable.

  11. Silver says:

    Played it some 2-3 days ago fer 4h a straight ?? + finished next time investing another 2 hours.
    failed 2 times on hard, but kept going and finished game. Did all the possible endings in one gameplay :)
    (sure to put “End Game” if u finish the last possible way.
    there are:
    1. Destroy the evil portal/graveyard
    2. Research cure
    3. Clear out all map
    4. Form a goverment or smth.
    teh end.
    cool game, kept me going for hours and reading those little messages was quite some fun!

  12. Bennus says:

    Dayam, 4.27am, that’s about 3 hours. I think it gives me a taste for Dead State. Brainy taste.

  13. ANeM says:

    One thing that is not mentioned in the video is that you don’t actually need a school to train civilians. While schools are helpful and guarantee training, you can add normal civilians to any job and have a chance they will learn the skill required for that job.

  14. Cronstintein says:

    ^shake fist

    hmm, taking the graveyard didn’t give me a victory that I noticed, weird. I ended up going the leader route which was kinda neat. Agreed that the last bit doesn’t stand up to the first half where you’re desperately trying to survive.

  15. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Hm that was fun, but took more time than I thought -_-

  16. Shooree says:

    I think I’ll wait for Dead State… on that note, what’s going on with that? We haven’t had any updates in ages.

  17. matty_gibbon says:

    Please please please say addictive instead of addicting. “Addicting” makes you sound like a child.

  18. KingCathcart says:

    Quinns, you clearly need one of these.

    If you feel it’s beyond your meager games journo means then maybe we can all chip in. I’m more than happy to pledge 5p.

  19. sonofsanta says:

    I do know what you’re saying.

    What you’re saying is “dear God, my life would be infinitely improved by the addition of a tea pot with cosy”. All the cool kids are doing it (by which I mean, me)

  20. misterk says:

    I feel like rps already linked this… maybe it was sawbuck gamer on the av club? Man, all these free webgames blend into one. I sort of enjoy this, but it can get a bit repetitive…

  21. noom says:

    45seconds-1minute in the microwave. Cold tea becomes hot tea once more. Might leave a bit of a skin on yor brew but you can pick that off :D

    • shinygerbil says:

      This is why I always make tea in microwave-safe mugs.

      Now, the sign of a *really* good game is when the tea goes cold a second time, still sat in the microwave which is still beeping plaintively at me.

  22. RegisteredUser says:

    So is this like a viral for for Doublebear’s Zombie RPG?
    link to

  23. Ian says:

    Played a fair bit of this. It’s fairly clear after a week or so whether you’re going to survive or not, and once you build up enough it’s almost impossible to fail without doing something really stupid.

    Good game though.

  24. Pemptus says:

    This game almost made me fail an exam, or so I keep telling myself. Stupidly addictive.

  25. Grey_Ghost says:

    Oh boy, I wasn’t expecting that to take up as much time as it did. I closed the Evil Portal, with 3 days left on researching the Zombie Cure. I got so very lucky on those endless Zombie Horde waves near the end.

    Not too shabby for a browser based game.

  26. dethtoll says:

    I’m supposed to pick my mother up at 2pm today. It’s 7am and I haven’t slept yet. How the holy fuck? Thanks a fucking bunch, RPS.

  27. Tom Camfield says:

    Nice, easy on normal – just make everyone soldiers and make sure any time you defend or attack you have enough soldiers to take the percentage beneath 10%.

  28. DBG says:

    Hm. Why Rob Zombie’s name is in the article title is beyond my understanding.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Because the game is about Robbing land from Zombies!! !! ! .

    • DBG says:

      Robbing… but… zombies don’t have… hmm… HUH. Ok, Quintin, i’ll let you win this round. But common sense will get you some day!

  29. jalf says:

    Well, that was fun. Bit easy on normal, and some of the management got a bit tedious, but on the whole, I had fun.

  30. starclaws says:

    Kongregate is better!

  31. mwoody says:

    Definitely pump the difficulty up a bit. Started on “hard,” and though it was touch and go for a while at first, it eventually became easy. Jesus, that was like, my entire day spent with this thing.

    480k points, though. Woo epeen.

  32. Carra says:

    Fun time waster. Not too hard and ideal to waste an hour or two.

    Great value for that the price :)

  33. frenz0rz says:

    Gah! I was supposed to be taking a short break from essay writing. Over an hour later, I wake up from my dreamlike trance, and realise how much time I’ve just sunk into an online browser game. Curse you, RPS! You’ll ruin my degree!!