CoHO Adds New Maps, Still Closing

Maps, like topological portraiture
News reaches my nightmare fortress tower of an update to Company Of Heroes Online. There are two new maps to play, the 4-player Road to Montherme and an 8-player map called Hill 331. Of course this new terrain won’t be around for long, because the service is shutting down on March 31st. Play ’em while you got ’em, I suppose.


  1. Aldehyde says:

    Hmm, weird.

  2. KaL_YoshiKa says:

    I guess they had them ready to go? Only explanation really.

  3. simonh says:

    Hill 331 is a map from the original CoH. Maybe they just decided to enable it for the MMO?
    Don’t know about Road to Montherme, but there’s a map called just “Montherme” in the original.

    • Wilson says:

      Yeah, it sounds like they’re maps from vCoH. Unless they just chose the same names for some different maps. Odd really, because you’d think they would have just taken all the maps in vCoH and put them in CoHo to start with.

    • Sam says:

      They’re both 4 player maps from the original. The image is from Hill 331.

  4. cliffski says:

    thats not a new map. It might be a modded one, but I’ve been playing it for years

    Why cant they just get their shit together and make COH2: Russian front.

    • rocketman71 says:

      Let’s hope that’s what they’re announcing in August.

    • markcocjin says:

      I’m strongly against the idea of them making a CoH II. I’d rather they keep trying to make new stuff with their expandalones (not related to pantalones).

      If they make a full fledged sequels, there could be two negative effects:

      1. They stand a chance to lose their pedigree because when CoH fails at the ratings, they will be seen as a downfall of the franchise. Even at a moderate Metacritic rating, many games pale in comparison to vCoH’s 93 rating.

      2. They fracture their community. They should not start a new community from scratch by making a new game. They should just grow their existing one. If CoH II sucks, you’d have new players coming back to join the left behind stubborn players still playing the first game. They should do the same to what they’re doing with WH40kII Retribution. Non compatible with the first expandalones but still retaining everything they’ve built up from the vanilla WH40K II vanilla.

      I don’t mind a game engine revamp. Just don’t call it a sequel. It just says that the first game is obsolete.

  5. Vashu says:

    Because they’re making Dawn of War II?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Vashu: Dawn of War III, you mean? The second iteration already exists.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      I read something a while back saying Relic was going to use the Company of Heroes Online model for Dawn of War 3. Sooo, if this is getting canceled, I guess they are scrapping that idea for DoW 3?

  6. Novotny says:

    I can’t quite get my head around how they let CoH kind of die. Hopefully, they are working on some sort of sequel, but I loved the original for quite a while before eventually losing interest. It wouldn’t have been that hard to have kept me interested; perhaps they have their reasons for allowing it to slowly fade.

    • Dominic White says:

      CoH died? Clearly you forgot to tell Relic. They’re still producing balance patches and even a separate Steam beta for testing larger changes.

      Not that this fact seems to appease what seems to be a rabidly aggressive fanbase. Relic seem to have built one of those lovely communities that’ll attack you for doing (or not doing) practically anything

    • BooleanBob says:

      You say still, but really this was after over a year of Relic almost refusing to acknowledge the retail version existed while they concentrated on CoHO.

      Which is fine, I mean, they were looking for a way to use the franchise to make money; they’re a business, not a charity. But that’s why we’re starting to see them coming back to the larger fan-base (and indeed, active player-base) that the retail has – they’re sweetening the community (one that has, as you rightly noted, elements that are vociferous, enthusiastic, often to the point of outright hostility) up in anticipation of the sequel, development of which is almost certainly now underway.

  7. GenBanks says:

    I already uninstalled Coho :(
    It made me sad to play it knowing that there were only a couple months left. It was pretty much all I was playing from early September to January. I had even bought some Coho cash.

    I’ve been trying to get back into vcoh (vanilla coh) but I don’t find it as fun and there’s no option for automatch 3v3 or 4v4, which I enjoy every once in a while since it’s less stressful than 2v2 or 1v1. The multiplayer interface in vcoh is also inferior to coho.

  8. Ginger Yellow says:

    Hill 331 can create some awesome matches. Have a trawl through the internet for the archive of Tales of Heroes, a sadly defunct CoH video podcast. They have some great Hill 331 replays.

  9. destroy.all.monsters says:

    Has no one noticed what day this game supposedly closes? The next day is what?

    Yes, April 1st. There will more than likely be some sort of announcement at that point.

    • GenBanks says:

      I think that’s unlikely… They stopped selling Coho cash almost a month ago and they’ve increased the drop rate of items and supply points so that people have a better chance of trying the items that they haven’t used yet before the game closed. Neither of those things would be necessary if they were planning on making it an april fools publicity stunt…

  10. adamiani says:

    Man. And I had been waiting for it to go live.