Dinner Bells – Din’s Curse: Demon War Out

Until I was 12 I pronounced dungeon 'dungy-own' and nobody stopped me :(

Din’s Curse, Torchlight’s seedier, even-more-indie counterpart when it comes to capitalising on the fact that Blizzard have decided to develop Diablo 3 using only their left hands (my personal guess), has just received an expansion. In Din’s Curse: Demon War begins with the demon city of Kravel being invaded by crazed zombies. You’d think that would be a good thing, wouldn’t you? No! No! You’d be wrong. This causes the demons to go on a retaliatory rampage which it’s up to you to stop. Expect demons, a new Demon Hunter class, lots more quests and, by the sounds of things, a more dynamic game- NPCs now interact with the world more, and there are many more “world modifiers”. Hmm. Last year’s Din’s Curse demo is still up on their site and well worth checking out, and you can buy both the game and the expansion here with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Some guy’s footage of Din’s Curse follows. Is it any more professional if I tell you his name is viper34j2004? Probably not.

I’m glad you clicked through and all, but let me just warn you that this game isn’t a looker. Although perhaps that isn’t a strong enough warning. This is more like me telling you that I’ve set you up on a blind date, and by the way your date has smooth skin and bristles where her face should be. But then Zangband isn’t a looker either, and if you haven’t played that game then go and read Kieron’s piece on it immediately.

Take it away, viper34j2004.


  1. Reapy says:

    If you get demon war, do you get all the content from the original, or you have to buy din’s then buy the demon war expansion? I’ve sort of had din’s on my ‘todo’ list for a while but haven’t gotten around to it, just want to know which to buy.

  2. trjp says:

    I love this guy’s games – if Diablo3 has a fraction of the feel of playing in a real world, with stuff happening all over the place, I’ll be astounded.

    These games may not look amazing but in single-player gameplay they WAY outstrip anything Blizzard has every done – they need to hire this guy…

    • Pemptus says:

      Nah, I prefer my Diablos just the way they are. Relaxed and simple. Din’s Curse, on the other hand, is also excellent, but much different.

    • karry says:

      Well, no, not outstrip, no. When i played it balance between classes was rather crappy, skill division was very arbitrary and almost random, way too many block types, not quite Diablo-level loot generator…

  3. daphne says:

    “Entering Bleak Maze Level 1” — sounds almost as good as entering Den of Evil!

  4. groovychainsaw says:

    Yeah, I must admit, the dynamically created tasks for your village – and consequences if you fail to do them in time – add a great pressure to the usual diablo quest chain. You’ll have to choose between saving a new merchant for your town (who will have cool stuff and maybe pay more for your loot) or killing a mini-boss in the dungeon (who will become a great boss, maybe spawning new bosses of his own after a while, and attack your village). If you don’t do things in time, life will get worse, but you don’t have time to complete everything. There are so many choices. What to do first? Level up and get loot, save the village, save yourself?? The panic you get when you hear ‘the village is under attack by…’ because you haven’t dealt with a boss yet (because you were too busy grinding beasts for loot) and you have to scramble to get to the exit is brilliant. I love this game, played it more than torchlight. Although its not a looker, as they say, but its got HEART! And isnt that what we need, really?

  5. Uglycat says:

    I wish he’d hurry up and put the rest of the catalogue on Steam.

    • Tsang says:

      From what I understand, Valve is not accepting Din’s Curse to put on Steam. Fairly sure he mentioned a few times on forums that he has tried, but continues to be rejected.

    • andrewdoull says:

      This sounds like something RPS chums should be protesting about…

    • Tsang says:

      Got a chance to find the thread again.

      Well the guys over on Steam finally got back to us. Unfortunately they told us they were going to pass on distributing DC on Steam.

      So if you were waiting, I would suggest you buy the game directly from us, buy from one of the other portals that we are on (currently Impulse and Mac Game Store), or politely bug the Steam folks.

      link to soldak.com

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      Agreed. What’s the protocol for fans to attempt to get a game on steam? Petition? Steam group? Ritual sacrifice?

    • CrazyBaldhead says:

      Is it because the game contains *gasp* pentagrams?

    • Uglycat says:

      Well they have Depths of Peril on there, so I don’t quite understand why DC can’t :(

  6. scottossington says:

    Din’s curse is an awesome game, though not a looker, it is still the best hack and slash game I have ever played, mechanic wise. I played his other game….can’t remember the title right now, but it is also an amazing game. Buy them all and support indie game development.

  7. karry says:

    What do you mean “Out” ? I thought it was out for weeks. I saw all the threads about people playing with all the new features.

    • scottossington says:

      It has been in beta and if you bought into the beta you were able to play earilier as well as get it for a cheaper price.

  8. Heliocentric says:

    So, this has coop right? I’m sure it does but i need to ask because the idea of hopping around a procedural world with a few friends who are sorta helping and sorta just out for themselves. It holds appeal.

    • Markoff Chaney says:

      @Heliocentric – It does, and it’s fantastic. Coupled with what I consider to be one of the best truly emergent gameplay dynamics, ensuring that no 2 worlds ever play the same, and a fair way to respec and try out your different builds, Din’s Curse is one of the, if not the best, co-op experience I’ve had in the last 5 years or so. I just need more time to play it with my friends.

      All apologies to Desticato and Strand. We will play more some day…

  9. Tetragrammaton says:

    Im sure ive said it before, but Dins Curse has completely purged me of any residual excitement I felt about Diablo 3. Because while Blizzard’s next golden egg is guaranteed to be several thousand percent prettier, it wont be nearly as fun or interesting.

  10. Kdansky says:

    They really should hire an artist though. It’s not that the engine is ugly and everything is really low polygon, but colour choices are plain awful and textures are boring. I’ve only played DoP / Kivi and found it to be incredibly uninspired. Din’s Curse any better?

    • UncleLou says:

      DC is a tad better than DoP, but it’s still a really bland looking game. I entirely agree with you, the engine seems alright, with some artistic talent on board I bet they could make the game significantly more appealing.

    • Kdansky says:

      I was actually more interested if the game itself is better. I can live with the bad graphics, but I found Kivi to be incredibly bland. For the first ten minutes, you get a single attack skill, which does the same as a standard attack except with more damage, costs a ton of mana and has a longish cooldown. So you cannot use it often, and if you use it, it’s generally not worth it.

    • Syrion says:

      Kivi’s Underworld isn’t a good example, though. It’s a most basic Diablo-like with an emphasis on an arcade scoring system. I didn’t really like it either, but apparently it has its fans.

      On the other hand, I totally adore Depths of Peril and think it actually looks decent. I hope Soldak return to that when they are done with Din’s Curse, because I find it by far more interesting and mainly it just needs to be less predictable and basically screams for online multiplayer :)

    • karry says:

      “For the first ten minutes, you get a single attack skill, which does the same as a standard attack except with more damage, costs a ton of mana and has a longish cooldown.”

      About 70% of Din’s Curse skills are exactly that.

  11. PixelLord says:

    That Din’s Curse video above is about a year old! …It is no longer an accurate representation of what Din’s Curse and Demon War look like. I’m going to create an new video today to show how far the game has come in the past year since that old video was made. Hopefully it will get posted here so that people will be able to see how much better the game looks in it’s present form. Once it’s finished, I’ll have it posted to YouTube and I’ll try add the link to it here – if that’s permitted.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      If you do that, I’ll update the article

    • PixelLord says:

      Ok, here’s the new video done in a similar format to the one above: – on YouTube at:

      link to youtube.com

      Enjoy! Thanks Quintin!

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Wait. Did the newer version remove blood splats in favor of dust puffs?

      If so, I am no longer interested. I want / need my blood&gore in a hack ‘n slasher.

      I would also like to encourage two features:

      1. Autorun. Just press something like “R” and the character will keep moving towards the mouse. Press “R” again to untoggle. Holding down mouse buttons increases RSI strain.

      2. Take all visible loot button. Same reason as above, cuts down on unecessary clickfest. Should ideally go hand in hand with a near infinite inventory or something like Torchlights dog idea or a direct object=>gold conversion without having to make 50 trips before one completes a quest.

      Anything to cut out more of the annoyance and put in more actual game imho. Oh, another thing might be the ability to divide inventory space into categories(weapon, armor etc) and then sort by value / DPS and in turn the ability to sell stuff in bulk without having to click and select each item. Something like “sell all but top 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 value / DPS items”.

      That’s what we’ll all end up doing anyhow, why punish the player with 50 clicks for 50 pickups..(this is also the reason why the drop only uniques mods popped up for Torchlight..it’s nice to have kill feedback, but it’s kind of pointless if 90% is just sell-off fluff)

    • PixelLord says:

      I did find a combat graphic that was pretty bad (looked like a bunch of pinkish lines in a burst). I don’t know if that’s the “dust puffs” you’re talking about, but I just replaced that graphic with something I hope looks a bit better and more bloody. Should be in the next build.

  12. nuh uh no way says:

    Christ, are zombies allowed to go ANYWHERE? Poor guys can’t catch a break.

  13. RegisteredUser says:


  14. PixelLord says:

    Hi Quintin,

    I listed (above) a new basic gameplay video for Din’s Curse: Demon War that is more representative of how Din’s Curse currently looks and plays. I’m hoping that you will update the article with this more current version. Here’s the link to the video on YouTube:

    link to youtube.com