Nexon’s $1m Dev Initiative Is Back

Last year Nexon announced a $1m fund for indies to submit their game projects to, with the chance of a publishing deal via the free-to-play publisher. It’s back again this year, and the details are here. What kind of games are they looking for? Well: “online games on the PC (web or client) that have potential of being (or is designed to be) cross-platform. A great example would be a game you can play on your PC and also have it be accessible on a mobile platform like the iOS or Android.”

And that sounds like it might coincide with the ambitions of a few indie devs out there. Furthermore, I think indies who are working on this sort of stuff can probably pitch pretty high, since this is a chance to get Nexon to support and co-develop the game. Worth considering, anyway?


  1. Jake says:

    I notice in the privacy policy they say that they are mostly interested in games that ‘have heavy social components’ and ‘we will not likely be interested in single player only experiences or any games without an online component’.

    This sounds like a good opportunity for people like me that are getting into game/app design – but then I am still quite naive about these things.

  2. AdamK117 says:

    How do people get into designing games btw? I’ve been programming sites and the occasional small app but I’m yet to find an online community of people who are starting out, can share ideas and solve problems together with? Moddb is pretty close but I’m thinking thats a bit general?

  3. X23 says:

    i don’t feel like any of the games coming out of it will be much interesting, although I could be wrong. Either way, I feel that the opportunity for indie devs to make a name for themselves, and get some experience, funding and completed work is great.

  4. Trip Skyway says:

    I’ll give that a go, thanks for posting. (Not the shoe spam)

  5. SpinalJack says:

    Sounds good except I didn’t have plans to make an online game.
    Maybe this would be a good motivator to do one. (The money to keep me in beer and pies* and a publisher to fire up the hype train)

    *I don’t drink a lot of beer or eat many pies but it’s good to have options

  6. tonweight says:

    My biggest issue has always been in “the idea” portion of such a challenge. My software skills are up to par, but I get bogged down with depth and “plotting” (by which I mean planning code milestones, not so much storyline). I recently started recreating the old 8-bit Genghis Khan, but I mostly wound up with a 10MB text file full of pseudo-code snippets and rabbitholes.

    My “day job” is in C#.NET; however, I know enough Java to use Android, and enough regular C/C++ to understand iOS/Cocoa/Obj-C. Drop me a line at GMail if you all have any interest in a collaborative effort.