Want Some Mor? Mortal Online Free Trial

The friend of mine who got into Mortal Online used to try and sell me on it with the strangest stories. “There’s this one naked player who stands on a bridge all day and night and when players try to cross it he beats the crap out of them with a stick,” or “It’s so cool! At night you can’t see anything without a light.” And so on, and on. If you, like me, never ended up giving this hardcore sandbox MMORPG a shot, now is the time to try. Blues has word that developers Starvault have just started offering free 14 day trials, with no credit card required, and you’ve got to love an online game which has “Long-term wounds” and “Cooking” as the two most prominent items on its upcoming features list. Vids & info after the jump.

I really like the video they’ve put together below. “Explore pitch-black dungeons!” makes me laugh, and the chained up dragon at the end is creepy as anything. I should investigate.


  1. Schaulustiger says:

    Rift just went live, so I’m going to play that instead. Oh wait, I instantly landed in a 4 hour queue… *sigh* I should finally learn not to play on launch day. Well, time to download that Mortal Online thing!

    • crainey92 says:

      Yeah, I logged in within the first minute of servers going live to find all the servers were either full, High or Medium with the one I was planning on joining, Blightweald, being High. Waited for 5 minutes to get into the game then listened to my friends complain about being #1004th in que for 5 more minutes. Played the game untill I got to the starting zone just after you travel back in time, naturally, then ran into a literal raid full of people camping the quest objectives. All in all i’m not that bothered really because I have to do my Media Studies coursework anyway and it’s not like I was getting anywhere in Rift.

      Whilst I do some more of my coursework I am downloading Mortal online on their incredibly slow servers and hope to play it before I go off. I saw Mortal Online a while back when it was in beta then I heard it was instanced which instantly put me off, I don’t know if it’s true or not but that aside I havn’t even heard anything about the game so I have nothing telling me “THIS GAME IS EPIC!” therefore I did not try it. Free is free though and I couldn’t possibly turn down a game thats free.

  2. Jockie says:

    I played a bit of the beta when it was really in a rough state. It seemed like one of those games where you have to spend a gajillion hours chopping wood before you can do any of the things shown in the trailer.

    But that was beta in the correct sense of the word, no idea what this is like now.

    • Blaq says:

      I too, tried the game when it was in open beta and it seemed really rough, borderline unplayable for me back then.

      I’ll be sure to try the trial, because the scope of the game is something thrilling if done right. Hopefully they’ve managed to polish the it as it was almost unaccessible in the beta.

    • manveruppd says:

      That was my problem too. I didn’t mind that it was hardcore, I minded that you started out so weak that you could get gang-mauled by a clutch of baby bunnies! (Do bunnies clutch btw? Or do they litter?)

      That made mining/woodchopping the only safe way to get stronger, and while I like a game where you can play a resource collector/crafter, it’s not for everyone and it’s definitely not for me. I wanted to level up through fighting and your character is just too weak to be able to take on anything but individual piglets until he’s chopped down a few hundred trees.

      (I also didn’t like how lifeless and empty the cities felt but I assume that was because it was beta. Have they built a bit more content into it by now? Or are the handful of NPCs populating the place still only useful for characters with the skill to pick their pockets?)

      If they made a game like Mortal (pvp, full looting, open world, general hardcoreness) where your character’s starting level strength was what Mortal would consider “mid-game”, I’d be really tempted.

    • dadioflex says:

      “If they made a game like Mortal (pvp, full looting, open world, general hardcoreness) where your character’s starting level strength was what Mortal would consider “mid-game”, I’d be really tempted.”

      And that’s why Fox News is able to hoodwink so many people.

    • plasticsaint says:

      bunnies = litter.

    • PleasingFungus says:



    • alm says:

      I think he means that Fox works because people don’t enjoy mental challenge anymore.

    • Anthile says:

      “If they made a game like Mortal (pvp, full looting, open world, general hardcoreness) where your character’s starting level strength was what Mortal would consider “mid-game”, I’d be really tempted.”

      Yes… it’s called real life. It’s f2p and can be kind of a grind at times.

    • Starky says:

      Mortal, mental challenge – I wish.

      The game might be a mental challenge later, I never got to find out, because the 10-20 hours the game required you to do soul destroying repetitive tasks so dull that your brain activity would drop to comatose levels before you could even begin to think about doing anything interesting was too much for me to battle through.

      I’m a overweight nerd and I’m more capable IRL than what you started off as in MO.

      Same reason I quit EVE (multiple times, every 6 months I’ll give it another shot for a week or 2h, then end up quitting again), because to do any of the fun stuff, to fund the interesting and challenging aspects of the game you need to spend multiple hours doing utterly dull grinding activities.

      I might give the trial a shot again, but from a quick glance at the MO forum it seems very little has changed, still a game where you spend 90% of your time doing the most inane and boring tasks to maybe, possibly enjoy that remaining 10%.

    • arccos says:


      That’s the thing, though. Its not a mental challenge. It’s just a grind. You don’t learn anything or experience anything new on your 100th board that you didn’t on your 99th. It doesn’t really show someone is smarter or better at the game when they have a better doohickey than me, it just shows they spent more time making it.

      Game designers generally ask themselves “is this fun or interesting” when they’re designing a good game, but it seems many MMOs just ask “is this going to eat up a lot of time.”

    • manveruppd says:

      @dadioflex: Nope, I don’t get what you mean either, care to simplify your argument for those of us who don’t enjoy mental challenges?

      @Starky: That’s exactly what I meant. I don’t mind a long leveling curve, but I’d like to have a choice in how to do it. If you start out as too weak to fight anything (I really WAS once killed by piglets!) then you’re forced to level through resource gathering, and that’s just not for everyone. (And it’s even harder for folks who want to play spellcasters, btw) Sure, with enough patience anyone can be a superhuman stack of muscles in Mortal, but for the first several hours it really is not an engaging or interesting process.

  3. MikoSquiz says:

    Do I sense a Wot I Think?

  4. Shrike says:

    History does not repeat itself? The RL admins should license this technology.

  5. Igor Hardy says:

    Some mor of what? Rye? Sure I do.

  6. kyrieee says:

    I think I might give it a try

  7. LordUbiquitous says:

    That game needs some serious needle and thread for sewing those horses’ shadows on properly.

  8. Grey_Ghost says:

    Lol, saw some full frontal nudity in MO while trying to find some videos on YouTube about the game. Looks repulsive.

    I’d be interested in a Wot I think, but the game looks pretty awful from what I was able to find on YouTube.

  9. Valvarexart says:

    Wot I Think, please!

  10. Davee says:

    It’s still pretty rough around the edges, but they have improved a lot since release (even though they lost about 10 months to EPIC Games China rewriting the network code). It looks like they finally got the core gameplay mechanics working in an acceptable manner now, so they will be going into a long awaited “more content/features” -adding phase. In most peoples eyes it’s still in a beta-like stage and they are somewhat correct in that if you ask me.

    But hey, they’ve actually gone and made the beginning of a Sandbox MMO and that’s no small feat for such a small devteam! I hope they can keep it up too, the game is promising. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a “Re-launch” this or next year ;)

    I’d recommend waiting a while before you do a ‘Wot I think’ – that is, unless you are prepared to do another one in a year or so! :p

    Oh, and I don’t quite understand why they show Beta footage in the Open Trial Trailer – bad move if you ask me…

  11. Cronn says:

    Logged in, looked around.. some nice guy gave me a torch.. minute later, server crashed. Logged back in, first thing to do is a “collect infinite amount of mushrooms to gain money” task..So much for sandbox. Collected, next was to chop wood in two hours to raise stats. As soon I swinged my axe, the game crashed. Logged back in, server crashed.. I think I will give it another try tomorrow.

  12. InsidiousBoot says:

    Trying to login.. the login server seems down?
    The above comment kinda confirms it. [sadface]

  13. Berzee says:


    Off to find a game with clothes now.

    Star Vault, you stupid babies.

  14. housemeet says:

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