Oh My God It’s The First Thief 4 Screenshot

Is that a stopwatch? How hardcore is Eidos Montreal's playtesting division?

Strategy Informer sends word of this, a photo posted by Eidos Montreal and subsequently picked up by French site JeuxVideo. You can find the original photo here. My feverish analysis follows.

  • As JeuxVideo points out, it’s… third person! Which (again, pointed out by them) echoes this NoFrag rumour that much of the game is played in third person, including “climbing, movement and even archery”. I was kind of hoping those rumours would be a dirty sack of lies, since that same post goes on to describe that the game is very linear. Hmm. Course, Deadly Shadows had the option to play in the third person, but it’d be an interesting decision if this time around that was forced on us.
  • That building in the background looks massive-normous. Ordinarly I’d call that a good sign, but if this really is a linear game (as opposed to previous Thief games, which practically encouraged you to get lost), I don’t suppose it means anything.
  • I don’t see a light gem. Do you see a light gem? Is it that thin-looking circular thing at the bottom?
  • WHY IS HE HOLDING THE BOW SIDEWAYS. Did Garrett become a gangbanger while we were away? Is that what this is? Maybe there will also be on-rails shooting sections where you perform drive-bys from your horse and cart.
  • It’s quite bright, innit? Am I nitpicking here?
  • What happened to Thief’s pseudo-steampunk magical streetlamps? Did Thief 3 jettison them from the series already? I can’t remember.
  • Minimalist HUD! I am a fan.

Alright, that’s all I got. Can you guys see anything else?


  1. Muzman says:

    The stopwatch is to time how long before the light from an image of apparent third person perspective in a supposed Thief game hits my eyeballs until the appropriate reaction is heard…

    …For Fuck’s Sake People!

    ooo: 0.0002 seconds!
    (although, as with seemingly superhuman reflexes in martial arts, it’s not strictly a reaction time since the opponent’s movement was anticipated. And I knew these sods were going to do this. I just knew it).

  2. deadsexy says:

    Oh, how I want this to be good. As much as I want Deus Ex: HR to be good.

    I really like what Eidos is doing recently. They aren’t the big publishers, they once were, but I think they made a great deal with Square Enix. It seems like they give their devs a great deal of creative freedom and still maintain big production values. I just hope this mentality will pay off for them, like Batman: AA did.

  3. db1331 says:

    That character model looks weird. Are we sure that’s even Garrett? Remember the little girl from the end of Thief III? It seemed like Garrett was all set to show her the ropes in some “Show me paint fence” montage. With the current trend of “LET’S SHOEHORN MP INTO EVERY GAME BECAUSE FUCK IT” I would be stunned if there wasn’t at least a co-op mode in this, maybe where one person controls Garrett, the other his young apprentice.

  4. Urael says:

    I want this to be good much more than I want Deus Ex to be good, and I want Deus Ex to be good more than I want to keep breathing.

    Screw with Thief, Eidos, and you’re getting individually whang-hanged by one of my special rope-noose arrows.

    • DiamondDog says:

      “I want this to be good much more than I want Deus Ex to be good”

      The Thief series has a much bigger place in my gaming history than Deus Ex so I’m kind of the same. Still excited for the new Deus Ex but nowhere near how much I want this game.

      I won’t lie, a third-person Thief game would disappoint me, but I also don’t want them to just make Thief HD. If they go for a new slant I’m alright with that.

  5. squareking says:

    I sure hope they’re not using the Unreal engine.

  6. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    The photos came from the “Playtesting” gallery on this page: link to eidosmontreal.com but it looks like someone at Eidos has taken them out of the gallery now. There were two more with harder-to-see screens.

    One of the other two is still on the CDN: link to cdn2.netops.eidosinteractive.com (You can see it’s Thi4f, but can’t really see anything).

    It’s quite clear that this was an unintentional leak. They were taking photos to show off their playtesting setup, and someone forgot to check whether they should have been showing pictures of the unreleased game that was being tested.

    • Sarlix says:

      They’re all just slouched there playing it on controllers! For shame :-(

    • Jackablade says:

      Here’s the two, though they’ve been censored so you can’t see a great deal. There’s no big fat head in the middle of the screen though, so if they are actually thief shots we can probably assume that there’ll be at least some first person perspective in it.
      link to i70.photobucket.com

  7. starclaws says:

    Fuck 3rd person. The point of view around the corner shit. Just keep lean left and lean right. Thief 3 never had the same feel as the first two as well. I hope Thief 4 comes closer to the first 2 and doesn’t move farther away.

  8. Teddy Leach says:

    If it’s anything like Deadly Shadows, you will have the option of playing in first or third person. Also, it’s just one blurry, noisy, photograph of a monitor. Calm down people.

  9. dogsolitude_uk says:

    It did occur to me they may have been timing a cutscene for some reason, perhaps to add music to it later…

    For all it’s faults, Thief III did two things so very ‘right’ as far as I was concerned:
    (1) The Cradle, and
    (2) having a switchable first/third-person perspective.

    I just do not understand why, when opinion differs so much on the benefits of either viewpoint, more devs don’t just allow us the option of switching perspectives.

    All that’s moving is the camera position FFS (give or take a modification to the position for ‘head-bob’), but the difference that can make to feelings of immersion in the game is staggering. I much prefer first-person by a huge margin. As a rule I cannot stand third-person games, finding them clunky and unengaging, and that’s probably part of being a PC gamer: you play sitting up at a desk a foot or so away from the screen with a mouse and keyboard, instead of on a sofa six foot away form a TV with a gamepad.

    Dunno if I missed it on here or not, but did anyone catch Ken Levine’s take on the matter?

    link to play.tm

  10. Jahkaivah says:

    Pretty much what Captain Hijinx said.
    Which is why it bugs me to no end how third person seems to be the standard for stealth games. Thief’s biggest appeal is that its one of the few stealth series that actually seems to understand its own genre, dropping that would beyond daft.

  11. Bob says:

    I think I’ll wait a bit before I lose hope. A single, not so clear image, isn’t reason enough for me to fly into a panic. If however, it is a linear, third person, non stealth game…. I’ll cry.

  12. stkaye says:

    This one image ruins everything! Because change is bad! And the existence of this game will cause the previous three Thief games to cease to exist!

  13. 7rigger says:

    Well, I’ll be in a minority when I say that I thought Thief DS was the best of the series. I found the first two too fiddly and difficult to be enjoyable, and I loved the 3rd person viewpoint. Plus it had a great atmosphere.

    Reinstalling Thief 2 and 3 right now to see if I still feel that way. I probably will.

    *edit* SADFACE :( My Thief DS disc is cracked. Looks like pirates will have to save me. I’ll be trying thief 2 until then.

  14. DOLBYdigital says:

    Maybe my pessimism is growing thanks to the greedy publishers ruining many games but I have very low expectations for this game. It may be a decent game but I have a feeling it won’t be anything like the original Thief games.

    I’ve found being a pessimist with gaming is better since you keep your expectations low and are either right about games or they surprise you :)

  15. Howard_Roark says:

    The Thief series has long been one of my favorite games ever. Thief 2 might be my alltime favorite, certainly in my top 3. There was no game like it before and there hasn’t been a game like it since. That uniqueness is what makes me so excited to know that Thief 4 is in the works.

    I have to say that I am extremely disappointed to read of a rumor that Thief 4 will be third person. This changes the game completely and entirely. The thing that made Thief so engrossing and so intriguing was the total sensory feedback needed to navigate the missions successfully. You needed a good monitor and you needed good surround sound. You needed to play in a dark and quiet room. You needed to look for and identify all those subtle dark silhouette movements in the dark shadow backgrounds. You needed to listen for and track the sounds of footsteps. You needed to listen closely and follow the words for clues in conversations. The game compelled you to become engaged in a way that no other stealth game has ever achieved before or since. You needed to actually explore areas by walking into them, sometimes requiring you to quickly backtrack or become discovered by a guard. You couldn’t cheat by moving a third person camera all over the place to look around corners. The confining and restricting nature of first-person lends itself exquisitely to the fear of the unknown around the corner that thieves would encounter when treading dangerously in unknown territory. First-person was a vital part of the immersive nature that made the Thief series so very unique.

    Also extremely disappointing is the rumor that Thief 4 is linear. That would be a completely unacceptable departure from the structure of the Thief series. The combination of linear game play and third person perspective makes this sound like EIDOS has dumbed down and simplified the game in order to appeal to a wider audience and multiple platforms. Linear and third-person in combination would mean Thief 4 was not a Thief game at all but something else entirely. I sure hope this is rumor. The best games of recent years have been massive sandbox games. Fallout 3, Oblivion, GTA, Assassin’s Creed, and so on. I can’t imagine that an epic title like Thief 4 would be anything but sandbox like it always was. Hopefully by “linear” they mean that there will be sandbox gaming during missions but the mission-structure is linear, one mission at a time moving from one mission to the next in linear fashion like the Thief series always has.

    As for the screenshot, I’m not one to make leaps of assumptions based on one lousy pic. It sure looks third person in that pic but it could be that flowing the camera from first-person to third-person is a simple matter of scrolling the mouse wheel much like Fallout 3. That would be nice, actually. Comes in handy in Fallout 3 every once in a while. As for the visuals, I make no judgments because there are far too many variables to consider. Polishing a games visuals with proper lighting and details to create atmospherics is usually one of the very last thing that happens in production.

    I don’t look forward to many games, Thief 4 is a rare exception. I am overwhelmingly excited about Skyrim. I am thrilled about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Thief 4 was one that I have been anxiously awaiting for a very long time. I’ve been craving an immersive first-person-sneaker/looter ever since Thief 2 – over 10 years ago. I really hope they don’t blow this thing because I will not spend my money on a derivative of Assassin’s Creed.

    • hamster says:

      Weren’t all the Thief games, except for Deadly Shadows, linear? I think by “linear” they mean that Garret will be funneled progressively through missions and that there is no city hub to explore. The in-mission levels i suspect would retain their “openess”. The real question is HOW open – thief 1/2 or thief DS? I’ve only heard about how much larger the levels are in T1/T2 compared to DS but never played the games because of the graphics. That being said I thought the DS levels were ok & generally simple enough to navigate without use of the maps (which was so crude to be generally useless anyway.)

  16. kennycrown says:

    Never done any horse archery though, but I’ve done a fair bit of general archery with ye olde longbow (133lb draw 32 inch), and it hurts like hell if you try to shoot perfectly upright.