The RPS Bargain Bucket: For Everyone Else

The weekend is a time for lie-ins, bacon sandwiches and PC games that are cheaper than what they normally cost. Are you ready for the Bargain Bucket? Your shining beacon in the mist of recommended retail price. Make sure to check for regular updates about what games are cheap. Here’s this week’s selection:

Command & Conkers – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99ish
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – £3.74/€4.99/$7.49
Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99
Red Alert 3: Uprising – £3.74/€2.49/$4.99
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight – £3.74/€12.49/$4.99
No, it makes no sense to me that Uprising and Tiberian Twilight cost the same as each other in the UK, but Tiberian Twilight is five times the price of Uprising in Euros. It’s also bizarre seeing a sale on the C&C games without even having any of the Westwood games included. Red Alert 2 was the C&C game I personally spent the most time with, and I don’t think I’ve touched a C&C game since. Which of these shiny new ones is most worth giving a try? I hear C&C4 requires a constant internet connection.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – £4.19 (UK Only?). Apply coupon “ACB18MARCH”.
I can’t seem to find any way of accessing the Ubistore for people outside of the UK, so I’m not sure if this offer is available elsewhere, but the coupon “ACB18MARCH” will get you 40% off anything excluding preorders, although with their high standard prices, it’s not much of a saving on most things. This is my favourite of the Splinter Cells. Before it became a third person shooter like most of the other third person shooters, it was a smart, challenging, open ended stealth ’em up. CT has the best soundtrack of the series too.

Crysis 2 [Limited Edition], PC – £23.96/€28.09. Apply coupon “vatfree”.
Sorry if you’re in the USA, this deal will not be available to you. For everyone else, this is the cheapest Crysis 2 preorder going, and nearly half the price of the console versions. You’ll have to be quick, because the coupon “vatfree” was actually supposed to expire already if the terms and conditions I read last week are still true. RPS coverage here.

Men of War: Assault Squad – £16.65/€19.95/$23.29. Apply coupon “RPSmenofwar”.
Not quite as good as the half price offer they had last week, but Get Games have kindly issued us a coupon for 30% off the now released co-op centric strategy expansion. This is still Wot Jim Thinks:

what Assault Squad does do is transform and reinvigorate Men Of War as a multi-player game, as well as set itself in stone as one of the greatest and grandest co-op games available. It’s precisely this kind of overwrought game that only the PC can do, and I feel thrilled and delighted that it exists. You should too.

Demo still here.

Deal of the week
The Undergarden – £2.80/€3.20/$4
This exploratory neon puzzler found it’s way into John’s heart when he told us Wot He Thinks:

My game-hating girlfriend genuinely had her mind changed about what games can be by briefly watching me play. I keep wanting to play it for a couple more hours. I’ve replayed levels I’ve completed twice before not just because I want to find the gem I may have missed, but because I want to play it some more. And then there was the extraordinary moment when I thought I was finished, very satisfied with the experience and happy to recommend it, when I noticed the portal at the centre of the hub screen and realised I was only halfway through. That’s a special treat.

Demo here.

Also of note:
The “SURVEY2010” coupon for 10% off anything at Impulse expires on Monday.
Arx Fatalis – £2.23/€2.61/$3.59
Total Annihilation – £2.78/€3.98/$3.98
Master of Orion – £1.25/€1.48/$1.48
Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares – £1.75/€2/$2
The Witcher – £5.98/€7.98/$7.98
Spellforce [Platinum Edition] – £4.49/€4.99/$4.99
Spellforce 2 [Gold Edition] – £8.99/€9.99/$9.99
Spellforce 1 + 2 – £11.49/€12.49/$12.49
Cricket Revolution – 99p/€0.99/99c
ProtoGalaxy – £3.49/€4.49/$4.99. Or 4-pack for £2.12/€3.75/$3.75 each.

EU/UK only:
Zeit 2 – £2.80/3.28. Apply coupon “vatfree”. Registers on Steam.
Empire and Napoleon [Goatee Edition] – £6/€7.03. Apply coupon “vatfree”. Registers on Steam.

UK only:
Alien Vs Predator (2010) – £5.09. Registers on Steam.

Remember to visit for your up to the minute guide to what games are cheap right now.


  1. The_B says:

    C&C 3 or Red Alert 3 are definitely the ones to try. 4 is VERY different and nothing like earlier C&C and whereas it’s not necessarily awful, it’s almost certainly the worst RTS game of the franchise.

    • westyfield says:

      Agreed – CnC3 is pretty good, and Red Alert 3 is fun. Plus, it’s got George Takei and the best/worst uniforms ever devised.

    • nofing says:

      Yeah, both C&C 3 and Red Alert 3 are worth checking out. Kane’s Wrath is ok, as well, Uprising… not so much and C&C 4 was a total disaster. It needs a constant internet connection, but that’s by far not the worst about it. The idea behind it was not so bad (kinda in the Ground Control / Dawn of War II direction), but it felt like another one of those games that were released while only about 50% done. And the MP is pretty much dead by now.

    • lonesock says:

      Picked up Red Alert 3 to play co-op campaign with my friend. Also, Red Alert 3 has some very cool water effects to accompany the naval bases and units. Not to mention some sweet-ass units (wallking battleships, transforming planes, and in the campaign, a three-headed nuclear samurai robot).

    • Down Rodeo says:

      Hmm, I disagree, C&C4 was awful for my flatmate and me. Like, dire. When I changed my graphics settings, it lost the internet connection somehow, thusly I was logged out. It kicks you from parties if you idle too long (so no toilet breaks, even if the two people playing are in the same room). Sadly it’s currently one of Steam’s top sellers, because this really is an abortion of a game. I’m a bit disappointed I actually gave them monies. Also the EULA is one of the most horrendous I’ve ever read, I know they’ve never been tested before but some of the things they cram in there are… just wow.

    • stahlwerk says:

      That Leigh & Kieron piece is hilarious, thanks Westyfield! Thestyfield.

    • Sarlix says:

      Call me crazy, but did you just combine Thanks and Westyfield to come up with Thestyfield? Like if you wanted to say thanks to some ants, you would say Thants.

    • stahlwerk says:

      No, that was purely coincidental.

    • Sarlix says:

      Oh OK. Just to prove I’m not completely insane link to

  2. Giaddon says:

    With the Survey 2010 code, the somewhat talked-about Crusader Kings (complete edition) is $5.63 on impulse (in the US, at least).

    • Creeping Death says:

      £3.63 on the UK site for the complete edition. Is it any good? I’m vaguely interested

    • Moth Bones says:

      It’s great. There’s a thread about it on the forum. It’s really unlike anything else, and has provided me with the way into the Paradox world to boot.

  3. Delusibeta says:

    Kinda tempted by that Empire/Napoleon deal. Sure, they might not be the greatest games in the Total War series, but at £6 for both + loads of DLC, I think it’s worth the punt regardless.

    • Om says:

      Ditto. I shouldn’t but I am tempted. Oh why did I ever look into this Bargain Bucket?

      Edit: Saved by D2D’s incompetence. A phone authorisation? What? Anyways, it failed and I’ve been pulled back from the temptation. And the desire to ever use D2D again

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      I would really like to engage in some total warness some time soon, and i just got King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame in that last steam sale, and liked the little bit that i got to play. is Empire/Napoleon better/more recommendable? Really didn’t hear much about either of them, except the PC Gamer podcast which said it used to be shit, but isnt anymore.

    • SirKicksalot says:

      Empire is excellent if you install DarthMod. It comes in two flavours, one which fixes and enhances the vanilla game and one which is a monstrous overhaul.

      link to

    • Archonsod says:

      Basically, Empire has an amazing campaign but the battles are a bit duff. Napoleon has amazing battles but the campaign are pretty dull.

      If they had come up with a way to have Empire’s campaign in Napoleon or Napoleon’s battles in Empire, it would have been one of the greatest games ever.

  4. Calneon says:

    Where’s the best place to pre-order Dragon Age 2? I can’t find it for under £25.

    • Pantsman says:

      The best place to preorder DA2 is nowhere.


    • Mac says:

      Just wait a fortnight and it will be sub £15 … or even better, give it 12 months and get the GOTY edition with the expansion and DLC for around £15 :)

    • Calneon says:

      I guess I can wait a few weeks. Really hyped up after playing the demo though (demo wasn’t great but I had the same feeling for the first 10 hours of Origins, so I think the full game will still be great once I get into it).

    • The Chad says:

      Hahaha. Big fan of the first. The 2nd one crashed during my play through and I lacked the desire to even relaunch the game.


  5. The Pink Ninja says:

    Speaking of which, will RPS get a hands on with DA2 before it’s released?

  6. Sarlix says:

    If anyone buys Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and wishes it was more like Tiberian Sun, check out this mod link to quite possibly the finest mod for C&C 3

    It’s times like this I wish we could have some sort of amalgamation between Bargain bucket and Mod news. But I suspect the cross linking involved would be inhuman. OK better post this before shogun bloke crashes my browser again.

  7. Sander Bos says:

    I can’t buy Crysis 2 in the EU zone of Direct2Drive. Does anybody know whether it is possible to preorder it from the Europe main land, or whether it is safe to buy the UK version if you are in the Netherlands?

    • Lewie Procter says:

      On the link I gave, there is a list of regional availability, which includes “Netherlands” and most of Europe. You can use the UK site fine.

    • Sander Bos says:

      Thanks for your quick reaction. I’m still a bit doubtful on what happens next (I purchased it now, and on my game list page the game is called ‘Crysis 2 Limited Edition *UK*’), but I guess I will have to wait a month now.

    • LTK says:

      As a Hollander, I regularly buy from Direct2Drive UK. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense to buy from D2D EU as the prices are all much higher there. You’ve got nothing to worry about, the only thing that’s different is how much money you give them!

  8. oceanclub says:

    Decided to try the Undergarden demo on Steam before buying. However, with my XBox 360 controller, only the trigger controls have any effect. ANy ideas?


  9. Hatsworth says:

    None of the post ra2 cnc games are very good. Generals is the best of them.

  10. Bilbo says:

    “It’s also bizarre seeing a sale on the C&C games without even having any of the Westwood games included.”

    C&C, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun were all freeware for a while on the C&C website at link to, but now that url redirects you to the new main page and suggests you buy The First Decade from the EA store. Presumably where they were declared freeware at one point, you should be able to get those games from all over the interwebs.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      They are still free if you search for them on other sites. Fileplanet for example if you search for the game then select ‘Game Client’ a la:

      link to

  11. Dominic White says:

    My thoughts on the C&C lineup:

    C&C 3: Good stuff. Classic Tiberium-harvesting, tank-rushing entertainment. Silly cinematics, Kane being Kane and generally fun to be had. Some of the campaign missions can be brutally hard if you don’t figure out the right approach, though.

    C&C 3: Kane’s Wrath: More of the same and better. Has a persistent ‘conquer the world’ metagame skirmish mode. It’s also all Nod, all the time – no GDI campaign here, just a jumbo-sized Nod one.

    Red Alert 3: Lighter and sillier than C&C3. Much prettier, and with funnier cutscenes. The campaign is designed for co-op though, and if you play solo, you may be babysitting an AI partner most of the way. My personal favorite of the lot.

    Red Alert 3: Uprising: Contrary to popular belief, this is actually rather good. It got shat on because it’s singleplayer-only, but recent figures have revealed that most people play the series solo anyway. Another 12 story-missions, but another *50* missions in the Commanders Challenge mode, which is a non-linear megacampaign where you earn a new unit for one of the three sides with each mission completed. Very silly missions, too. Fighting on an island where it’s constantly raining space-debris is fun.

    C&C 4: Because I like to think for myself, I’ve been giving this a look. Only a few campaign missions and skirmishes in, but I’d actually say it owes more to World In Conflict than Dawn Of War. It’s about coordinating with teammates (5v5, each player only has a small force and a very mobile deployment unit) and locking down points as quickly as possible. Multiplayer scene seems smallish, but this sale seems to have given it a boost. Gamereplays seem to actually run semi-regular vidcasts for it, so perhaps it’s not quite as cancer-inducingly terrible as first suggested.

    Honestly, at under £19 for all five, I’d say go for it. That’s a single budget price for a metric asston of RTS gameplay.

    • Vandelay says:

      I’ve already picked up c&c 3 plus expo and RA3, but you’re making me tempted to at least give the others a try. I remember playing a few games of the c&c4 beta and found it to be fairly horrific, mainly due to the limited units you are forced to use by the unlock system. I could see that being less of a problem in the single player.

    • Tyrer94 says:

      @Dominic White – Thankyou for some unbiased info on CC4, I’ve been interested in it for a while but was unable to infer whether it was poorly received because it was a bad game, or because it was just different to others in the series. Kane’s Wrath and Red Alert 3 are also some of my favourites.

    • Dominic White says:

      Really, aside from some familiar units and FMV cutscenes, C&C4 barely feels related to the series at all. It’s very much a team/class-based (three classes per side, each has their own full unit lineup) action/strategy deal where you’re managing a dozen or so units at most, but there’s up to 10 players on the field.

      Individual units have a surprising amount of health, so retreating is often the best call if a fight is going sour. If you do lose units, you can redeploy new ones in their place almost instantly, minus veterancy bonuses.

      Like I said, I’ve not played that much, but at £3.75 it’d have to hurt me pretty bad to not be worth the money.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I actually quite enjoy the multiplayer side of it. No it’s nothing really like C+C, but at least I can actually compete in the multiplayer now!

      It’s no longer about rushing or spamming units, you want your team to have a balanced force to fight against theirs. There’s not much to it, but it was a fun distraction for a while.

      Unfortunately the singleplayer ends up just being a grind and the FMVs are no longer campy fun, but just a bit crap.

      At full price I can see why people were so disappointed with it. I picked it up in a sale a while back for £5, and at £3 it is worth checking it out if you are curious. But you have been warned.

    • Laneford says:

      Thoughts on whether RA3 is worth it if you’re only going to play Solo? (I enjoyed C&C 3 for what it’s worth)

    • Dominic White says:

      Red Alert 3 is decent enough solo, but you’re occasionally going to have to babysit your AI buddy. The expansion, Uprising is solo-only, and standalone – you don’t need the base game to run it. If you want a singleplayer romp, you might want to skip straight to that.

    • cluddles says:

      @Laneford: RA3’s probably worth it. The single player campaigns are a bit short and the AI for your co-op buddies can be a bit dense sometimes, but I found it a good deal more entertaining than C&C3.

    • Dominic White says:

      It should be noted that RA3’s expansion is standalone. You don’t need the base game at all to play it, and it’s 62 solo-only missions (4 small story campaigns, one huge non-story one) along with skirmish mode.

      If you just want singleplayer, that’s probably the way to go.

  12. Xanadu says:

    My heart says it would be foolish not to buy c&c4 for the price of a pint. My head says that despite owning every other c&c game, the last one I finished was the original red alert, and I should play supcom 2 or chaos rising instead. I fear Head will be overruled by the end of the weekend though.

    • Sarlix says:

      You have to take into consideration the DRM silliness it comes with.

    • Xanadu says:

      Good point. No point buying a game that I might not play for months when ea might switch access off at will. And they do have form there: link to
      I’ll buy that pint after all.

  13. VikingZombie says:

    I’m curious if anyone knows if Bulletstorm would register on Steam cause it’s currently on sale or if there is a way to tell what games would register before purchasing them? Also I’m in Canada if that makes any difference…

  14. Sarlix says:

    Rome: Total War Gold Edition = £2.49 @ link to

    • iLag says:

      it should be noted that GMG give you basically keys to plug into your Steam account for the Total War games, so no hassle with their (not-so-horrible-anymore-but-still-not-quite-good) client. 2,49€ / $2.49, I believe. Yesterday they had Medieval 2 + expansion for the exact same price, that was even better. Subscribing to their newsletter really pays off, I daresay. And yes, most of the time their offers are not so great, but once in a while they are simply awesome.

    • Sarlix says:

      Oh nice, I didn’t know that. Thanks :-)

  15. Ravenger says:

    Bulletstorm is a GFWL title. It doesn’t use Steamworks, and doesn’t register on Steam unfortunately.

    There’s a list of games that register on Steam here:
    link to

    • VikingZombie says:

      Thank you my friend! Much obliged.

    • dadioflex says:

      Cheers! That was holding me back as well. Guess I’ll wait.

    • pingualot says:

      They need to add Men of War: Assault Squad on there as they register on Steam now But are not a Steamworks title so you don’t have to.

    • Ravenger says:

      I’ll probably pick up bulletstorm once it’s in the bargain bin. All the issues will have been fixed by then anyway, if not by the devs then by the community instead.

  16. Adamamam says:

    The Splinter Cell link is no workee sadly. Looks like it’s been removed from their shoppe.

  17. Sigma Draconis says:

    Chaos Theory really is ace, probably the best in the series (I say “probably” because it’s the only one I’ve played). Amon Tobin’s soundtrack is fantastic on its own, but also fits very well with Splinter Cell’s gameplay.

  18. Heliocentric says:

    Shining bacon what? On saturdays i only skim read.

  19. TenjouUtena says:

    EU3 + In Nomine + Napoleon’s Ambition is $4 at Impulse today.

    And Crusader Kings + Deus Vult is $7 or so at Impulse this weekend. Hurray for Paradox games.

  20. Adamamam says:

    Oops. I posted total b@lls, it has reappeared as if by science-fiction, pardon me.

  21. dadioflex says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the Impulse survey discount voucher. I actually took the survey. I’m pretty critical of Impulse, but mainly because Frogboy is a total asshole. I like Stardock, in general.

    Haven’t been tempted these past few weeks but decided to get… Warlords Battlecry III for £3.10 with a 31p saving using the code.

    I already have Crusader Kings complete so I reckon that was the best bargain out of a bad bunch.

    Already bought Arx Fatlis for two quid and change earlier from One of the best games I’ve ever played and i hope,I REALLY hope, it lives up to my memories. Sweet exploitable game the like of which I haven’t seen since Gothic. I originally played it before my RSI problems so I HOPE it plays nice with an ergonomic mouse for gestures. I figure it will and if not… who cares? Two quid and change.

  22. kwyjibo says:

    If you guys missed Kane and Lynch 2 on Steam last week, you can pick the limited edition up from Game for a fiver.

    link to

    • Mac says:

      You may aswell flush your £5 down the toilet or wipe your ass on it, rather then waste it on this turgid pile of shite …

    • kwyjibo says:

      Not even played it yet, but didn’t expect it to be good.

      Bought it because I think the setting is interesting, and I like the risk they took with the visual presentation.

    • Delusibeta says:

      Also saw it for similar money in a PC World bargain bin. Found Red Faction Guerrilla for two quid in the same bin and bought that instead.
      Also spotted in a GAME store: £4 for World in Conflict Complete, part of the 3 for £10 deal, including the aforementioned Kane & Lynch 2.

  23. kyynis says:

    I got Stronghold and Arx Fatalis from for assorted change. Arx Fatalis is bloody good as always, but Stronghold was a real surprise. Settlers-y gameplay with horrific voice acting and WOLVES RUSHING CASTLES! SLAUGHTERING BUNNIES FOR FUN AND PROFIT! Heartily recommended.

    • Creeping Death says:

      Horrific? I would argue the voice acting is the best I’ve ever heard in a game.


    • kyynis says:

      I really think there should have been similar announcement for every menu action. LOADING! SHOWING BRIEFING! CHANGING BRIEFING PAGE! SHOWING HINT!
      One thing I really love: “You haven’t slept for days, sir!” and similar acknowledgments from scribe when playing late after midnight. Modern games just don’t look after their players in the same way…

  24. Nimic says:

    “This product is only available for purchase in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.”

    Oh, you’re from Norway? Well, get the fuck out of our sights.

  25. Mac says:

    Blade kitten is £2.80 on Gamersgate link to

  26. squareking says:

    All of the C&C titles require an internet connection to play? Shucks. I’m usually connected anyway, but…no dice.

  27. Chandrose says:

    Europa Universalis 3 Complete: On Impulse for $3.90, today only.

  28. hocevar says:

    fucking country restriction, I WANT THAT CRYSIS 2 DAMNIT

    • 12kill4 says:

      Ditto, any idea how I can get this in Australia- where they firmly adhere to the motto ‘bigger is better’, esspecially where price is concerned? I’d much rather pay that $AU37.95 than the $60+ it is going to cost me to import a physical copy- which I then have to wait to arrive. I dont even consider buying it locally- they want $90 approx for it at EB.

    • sacred_flame101 says:


      Ozgameshop have physical copies of crysis 2 for $46 or the limited edition for $48 with free postage to australia. i don’t think you will see it cheaper than that for some time.

      Here is the link: link to

  29. MajorManiac says:

    Total Annihilation is great. But for the love of god, why can’t they sell it with the addon?

  30. Ovno says:

    Don’t forget about direct2drives up to 75% off weekend…
    Just got Assassins Creed2 for £12.50.
    Empire & Napoleon Total War Pack: £7.50
    Ruse: £14.95
    And more
    link to

    I take it all back its been so long since I had a none steam game i forgot about patching, wish I’d just spent the extra £7.50….

  31. RogB says:

    got Crusader Kings as it sounds tempting… unfortunately had to install that Impulse shite. (i thought it was like GOG which just had installers, didnt realise it was another memory hogging client)

    onlly room on my pc for one of those im afraid and Steam wins hands down.
    I wont be bothering with any impulse games in future!

    does anyone know if I can keep crusader Kings installed but get rid of Impulse somehow?

    • Lewie Procter says:

      It’s a while since I used it, but unless they changed anything, the impulse client is just for downloading, you don’t need to run it to play your games once they are installed.

  32. RogB says:

    hurrah, it works when zipped and copied to another PC so definitely doesn’t need impulse to run. i suspect this may not work for all games and might just be the way CK works, but still… Uninstall time!

  33. Kameltoemunch says:

    Somewhat late at this point, but the Empire Total War deal isn’t UK/EU only. I purchased it from D2D UK just fine in the states for $9.67 after the vatfree code.