The IGF Awards: The Movie

'Yay', said the man. 'Yay.'Or, at least, “the recording of the entire ceremony, and the Games Developers Choice awards too!” Gamespot got same cameras up at the show last night, and thus have a full recording of the likes of Notch and the Desktop Dungeons dudes picking up their well-deserved awards. Also, Nidhogg cosplay and a creepy stage invasion from Team Meat.

As silky-bearded IGF bossman Brandon Boyer observes, 2010 really was a watermark year for indie. As it had long threatened, it broke out of the ghetto so much of the industry had shut it in, and truly blended in with the mainstream. That makes this an inspiring list of nominees of winners, and a inspiring show as a result. I wish to God I was there. Jim was, and he’d better have had the time of his life or so help me I’ll kill him when he gets back. Anyway, watch the whole thing below – it’s an incredibly enthusiastic and good-natured affair, capable of eroding an awful lot of the cynicism that Big Boy Games can sometimes create.

Yeah, that’s two hours long. That’s because the GDC awards, which are mostly about Red Dead Redemption but also have a big old dollop of Minecraft goodness too, follow on. The 45 mins-ish IGF bit’s much more fun, though.



  1. pakoito says:

    You should change the banner to: link to

    It’s fucking histeric xD

  2. James says:

    So what was the Team of Meat doing? Anybody know?

    It seemed more dickish than creepy to me.

    • Xocrates says:

      Well, they lost last year to Monaco, so they were probably just screwing with the guy.

  3. SpinalJack says:

    Man, all that indie ribbing gets pretty annoying

    • Dinger says:

      Yeah, almost as bad as last year.
      Know your audience.
      If you don’t play indie games, don’t try to make jokes about them to an audience of indie game devs and fans. It’s like making doctor jokes to a room full of medical practitioners. If you’re not one of them, you can’t be funny that way.

      The punchline for “The Most Indie Game in the World” bit (leaving aside all the stupid crap about it being super-avante-garde): it was ruined by a release date? Dude, this is for an awards show that celebrates the irrelevance of release dates for success/failure of a product; attacking the big-download-portal suits would be cool though.

      The jokes aren’t just lame, they’re the wrong language fo the audience, which consists of people who like games for their own sake.

  4. Tei says:

    Desktop Dungeons and Minecraft are two of my favorites games, so yay!.

    Also, is absolutelly great to see Indie games being so ..popular. :D

  5. noclip says:

    So basically Minecraft won everything?

  6. edit says:

    Don’t know how anyone else feels about them, but those Mega64 bits were awful. Agreed with SpinalJack and Dinger about the jokes, too. Pity the sound was a bit botched in this stream too.

    Other than that, it’s always great to check in with the indie scene.. I honestly think that as computers get more and more capable and digital distribution cuts out more and more middlemen, the brightest future of gaming (actually, lets start thinking less of it as “games” and more as “interactive media” or something.. This is a powerful medium of ART we have here, it doesn’t all have to be non-serious entertainment products) is with independent, creative people who aren’t pandering to market trends etc.

  7. TheApologist says:

    I just played Desktop Dungeons for the first time. It’s AMAZING. So fun. I know what I’m doing at lunch time.

  8. kavika says:

    I’m not convinced Nidhogg isn’t some sort of viral marketing for a pretentious documentary about the indie video game scene. There should be a rule that you can’t win awards until people outside the show can actually play your game.