Forsaken World Launching Two Weeks Early

Why can't colours just learn to get along?

If a game that’s late has “slipped”, then what do you call a game that’s early? Unlikely. But bucking the trend is MMO Forsaken World, from Perfect World Entertainment. Originally due to be released on the 23rd March, it’s now appearing two weeks early on the 9th. It seems the beta went well. It’s a free-to-play-er, and you can find out all about it here. Have you been in the beta? Let us know what you think.


  1. Diziet Sma says:

    I completely agree with the tooltip text for the screenshot. Just what exactly is going on? I thought it was a second life screenshot for a second.

  2. pakoito says:

    What does this grindfest have that other grindfest don’t?

    • Hodag says:

      It’s a ‘unicorns puking rainbows’ grindfest?

    • Negativeland says:

      It has, uh… vampires?

      FFSMS, the graphics look like a bus-full of teletubbies just shat their guts out…

  3. RaytraceRat says:

    is there a goat looking at some girl in chain-mail bikini on the screenshot ?

  4. HeroJez says:

    It’s high time people started putting Robots in MMOs. I’m sick of humans, dwarves and rats.

    • RaytraceRat says:

      Rats? I would love a MMORPG with playable rat race.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:


      Everquest 2 has rats.

    • Odeon says:

      A few MMOs with robots that I can think of (having played them):
      Star Wars Galaxies – obviously there’s bots in it
      Entropia Universe – a “free-to-play” MMO that’ll cost you an arm and a leg (no subscription fee, it’s just expensive to actually do anything in the game because you have to “deposit” real money to get in-game money – it’s and RCE, Real Cash Economy). It’s got tons of different robots, large and small, to hunt as you like.
      AfterWorld ( – a “free-to-play” MMO that’ll cost you a little bit to play and enjoy (also an RCE) which has a lot of large and small robots to hunt too. It’s currently in “alpha” testing, but I put that in quotes because they are skipping formal beta testing and going live in May.
      All three are futuristic (except for SWG, which is technically from “a long time ago”) and I had a lot of fun in SWG, a little fun in EU, and I’m still having plenty of fun in AW every day. If you’re looking for “something completely different” and not your usual anime, fantasy, kiddie cartoon MMO, try out AfterWorld. You can only play as a human (it’s post-apocalyptic Earth) and there are no races, just skills (with no hobbling restrictions of any kind), items, and PvP.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Did WAR ever add Skaven? I seem to recall something being mentioned about that but I don’t really know.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      In some of the super hero games you can play as robotic characters. but. not sure if that really qualifies as robots.

  5. moondog548 says:

    Yeah…. that looks like a ‘shoop screenshot for a parody article. :o

  6. MountainShouter says:

    It’s a grind anyways.

    And have you SEEN the movement animations in that game? It’s a stark reminder as to why I hate F2Ps.

  7. bastronaut says:

    How many times can you recycle the same stuff without mixing in something really new? I can’t even read The Lord of the Rings anymore, it’s permeated the gaming world so completely in such degenerate form. This thing even borrows from the Silmarillion. (LOTR was itself derivative, but it had Ents and Hobbits and, you know, a moral centre.)

  8. porps says:

    oh joy to the world! another perfect world mmo… sigh