Presi-Dented: Tropico 4 Delayed, Trailer

They don't like it when foreigners laugh at their tiny benches.

In the unlikely event that your plans for the summer revolved around the release of the as-yet undetailed Tropico 4, I am so sorry. The game, which was scheduled for Q2 this summer, has slipped to August. On the plus side, there’s a trailer! On the down side, the trailer shows very little. Urgh, this is all too rollercoastery for this early in the morning. I feel a bit sick.

Interactive disasters, eh? Sounds interesting. I wonder what it means.

You can read Wot Jim Thunked of Tropico 3 here. He makes noises like this:

The body of the game is one of serious micromanagement. You need to get the balance of exports just right, although you have no precise control over that. The trick is the types of things your farms produce, and in how well you end up paying the works. These, indirectly, define how the game is going to reward you financially. Tropico 3 is not an epic building game, and the building trees are ultimately rather limited. Where the challenge lies is in performing the kind of balancing act that real politicians face: outside forces versus the constantly fluctuating demands of a restless population. Satisfaction in Tropico 3 comes not from a kind of visionary build, but from mastering the tools at your disposal, getting rich, and staying in office for the duration.

What could it mean? I have no idea.


  1. starclaws says:

    Only 10 maps?!? :( Tropico 3 felt like it was rushed… This one is turning out to be even worse.

    I would love to see another Tropico 2 Pirate Edition.

  2. Kaira- says:

    El Presidente, your people are starving!
    Man, so many good memories from original Tropico.

    And if you didn’t know, Tropico Pack (Tropico 1 + expansion + Tropico 2) is available at GOG for 9.99$

  3. Yemala says:

    All I can hope is that they ramp the difficulty up a little. The fun of Tropico was always trying to turn a profit while actually having to juggle rebels and feeding your people and similar.

    Tropico 3 was just too easy for how simple it was, if that makes sense.

  4. Out Reach says:

    Apart from the odd new model, looks just like tropico 3 to me :S

    • Inigo says:

      B-b-but it’s got FACEBOOK INTEGRAYSHUN!

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      It *does* seem that they’re milking it a bit. Same engine anyway.

    • Commisar says:

      well, it seems that they have added more content, but this should really be a Tropico 3 expansion

    • Beardface says:

      Wow, a lot of informed opinions here. Surprising seeing how there has been pretty much *no information whatsoever* released so far.

  5. Carra says:

    Just played through the Abolute Power expansion. It’s a fun game with some nice humour.

    There should be more city management games :)

  6. destroy.all.monsters says:

    No death squads? Labor camps? Those are really what I was hoping for. To have someone have an “accident” took far too long, sometimes months in game time.

    I noticed it was far easier to run a terror campaign with an inquisition than it was otherwise, much to my chagrin. If someone has some tips in that regard I’d be much obliged.

    Mostly you’re more worried about money and keeping the workers happy at first which stymies most of my plans to generally be a heinous leader. Until your country is already rich anyway. I suppose rather like the boiling the frog mentality of the right in 1st world nations.

  7. Coins says:

    I hope that the next one will be a little bit deeper than Tropico 3, and from the trailer, it seems like it is!
    Also, ‘interactive disasters’ sounds like a great heap of fun.

    • battles_atlas says:

      I just never got into Tropico3, having loved the original. I still occasionally go back to that one. 3 is essentially a reskin, but a good chunk of the skin seems to be missing – a lot of the feedback in the first game has been hidden, presumably to ‘simplify’ it, but effectively making it far more obtuse.

  8. Ginger Yellow says:

    Hmmm. I love Tropico 3, but it was basically a reskinned Tropico. And this doesn’t seem all that different to Tropico 3. If they can fix some of the weird AI issues to do with construction though, I might get it.

  9. Atic Atac says:

    For some reason I really enjoyed Tropico 3…and spent maybe 30-40 hours on it in total. This is extremely rare for me to do :)

  10. plugmonkey says:

    Have they fixed the hideous bug in Tropico 3 yet that crashes to desktop and deletes your save game?

  11. satsui says:

    I had no idea that Tropico 4 was even in the works. I’m excited but I felt like Tropico 3’s expansion was piling more shit to worry about (like the garbage thing). I’ll be interested to see how this goes and whether or not it’s another expansion with more piles of shit.

    • satsui says:

      On a side note, I think it would be awesome if you could invade other islands with your little army.

  12. iQue says:

    Tropico 3 was loads of fun. I’m cautiously optimistic about Tropico 4 despite not really seeing much yet.

  13. MCM says:

    I wish they would take the game engine and do something different with it. Like integrate it into some kind of larger campaign game, like a Total War game, and expand on the RPG elements a little

    As it is right now the game is just kind of a sandbox, like SimCity. Sure, you can arbitrarily define some victory goals with some predetermined events – the scenarios – but those are all pretty ridiculously easy as well.

    The banana republic setting just kind of wears thin after a while. And I hate to bring up this next part, but to some people, it’s actually a bit offensive. People would get quite uppity about a… ahem… “European dictator” sandbox game (though that would be fun too). But because it’s the Caribbean, it’s a fun silly jokey thing! But political correctness aside, I would just like to see a different setting.