The RPS Bargain Bucket: No Extra Licenses

I’ve spent this morning searching the internet for the best deals on interactive computer entertainment software, and handily compiled into a bite sized list for you. A price-cut pail. As always, if this weekly digest isn’t enough to info to help you fund your games buying habit, is always full to the brim of cheap games on all platforms. Read on for this week’s selection.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth – £4.76/$7.96
Apply coupon “Monster” in the UK and “burnout” in the USA.
This gets a lot of stick for going sharply downhill as soon as you get guns, but I never actually made it to that point. I seem to remember getting stuck maybe 3/4 hours in, and never going back to it, but the intro and first few hours of this spooky first person horror are worth the price of admission alone. Dark Corners of the Earth is full of neat ideas to create a tense and oppressive atmosphere. Bolting doors to keep baddies away and the wacky healing system are my biggest memories, and there’s a few good scares too.

East India Company Collection – £2.96/€3.44/$4.82
Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
As usual, Impulse won’t tell me what the Euro price is, so that’s just a quick conversion. I did think that the survey coupon was supposed to have expired last weekend, but it is still working for me. This collection includes the base game and all the DLCs (Pirate Bay, Privateer and Battle of Trafalgar). RPS coverage here.

BIT.TRIP BEAT – £3.49/€3.99/$4.99
I <3 Bit Trip quite a lot. Sadly, this game breaks my <3 by refusing to launch for me. I searched around, and it might be an issue with Win7 64bit, but I’ve not been able to find a fix at all. Perhaps I should email them about it. I would have suggested trying the demo beforehand, but I can’t seem to find one. I don’t think it’s something that has affected many people, so it probably shouldn’t put you off, but that’s why I can only tell you that I love this game based on the Wii version.

Braid – £2.10/€2.70/$2.99
Not only is Braid full of cerebrum fizzling time manipulation puzzles, it also has baddies that you kill them by jumping on their heads. Works on Apple and Windows flavoured computers. If you’ve still not played Braid, for this tiny amount of spare change it’s a must have. It’s also very important. I bet The Witness is going to be brilliant.

Deal of the week
Assassin’s Creed, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Far Cry 2 & Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 – £9.99/€12.99/$12.99
Two-fiddy a pop, but if you’ve already got any of these games on Steam you’ll be paying twice for same game with no extra licenses to gift. These are from Ubisoft, but before they went constant internet connection required DRM loopy. Of the four, I’ve only played AC and a bit of Far Cry 2, and I’d have more bad than good to say about both of those games, but at these prices it’s a decent mixed bag. Many assorted RPS coverages here: Assassin’s Creed, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Far Cry 2 & Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.

Also of note:
Total War: Shogun 2: Total War + Rome: Total War [Gold Edition] – £23.99/€40/$40. Apply coupon “romansamurai”. Shogun 2 registers on Steam.
Men of War: Assault Squad – £19.49/€23.99/$27.99. Registers on Steam.
Kalypso Games Promo
Coupons “Monster” (UK) and “burnout” (USA) get you 20% off any “RPGs” at D2D.
Loads of racing games on sale at GamersGate.

Remember to check out for regular updates on what games are cheap.


  1. Rinox says:

    EDIT: apparently it does register now (see below). So yeah, ignore what I wrote here first, except for the part where I said it was awesome.

    I got Men of War: Assault Squad from getgames in one of the previous bargain buckets, and it doesn’t register on steam. So I don’t think it will this time either. At least, I didn’t get any serial that validates on steam. So…be wary if you’re getting it with that in mind.
    Having said that, the game is effing brilliant and since it uses gamespy for online matchmaking it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

    • pingualot says:

      Ehh it does. Use the Gamespy key, the second one in the email they sent you. It then can be downloaded through Steam as if you bought it from there.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I seem to recall someone else getting saying it did work, I could be wrong though…

    • pingualot says:

      But Lewie I don’t see those prices for MoW:AS it has £20 for me and the RPS code doesn’t work.

    • Sarlix says:

      Also its showing it as £19.49 – Is there a code or something to get it for £11.19?

    • Frosty840 says:

      Another sad, confused vote for £19.49, here…

    • Lewie Procter says:

      That is weird. It is still showing those prices on that link for me…

      I see:
      RRP: £24.99
      WAS: £19.49
      Now: £11.19

    • Sarlix says:

      @Lewie: I just see £19.49. If I add it to the basket and go to checkout – still £19.49.

      Maybe the old page is still stuck in your browser cache or something?

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Yeah, I just tried in a different browser and I get £19.49.

      I think it might be crediting me for an old coupon…

      I shall update.

    • Phinor says:

      It actually didn’t register to Steam the day it was released. I tried both keys back then but thanks to this, I tried the Gamespy key again and it indeed does register to Steam now. It was a great deal before release too, £12.49. Still a good deal for a great game.

    • Frosty840 says:

      Find out which coupon, Lewie. Tight-wadded gamers are relying on you!

    • Rinox says:

      Phinor is right. I just tried the second key again and it does register now, didn’t before. So you can see my confusement. :-) I’ll edit my first post not to scare off people.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I just tried again in another browser, and when I log in, I get the lower price.

      Try logging in.

    • Maltose says:

      I just made an account and logged in, it still says £19.49/$27.99. What is this £11.19 I keep hearing about? Is there some kind of coupon?

    • Alastair says:

      It was at £19.49. I logged in to my (pre-existing) account and it was marked down to £11.19. Does not give any indication as to why it is discounted, but there it is.

  2. Rich says:

    Plus Westward for free on D2D, which having tried several times when you originally posted it Lewie, has now worked.

    • Mehall says:

      Did you do anything to make it work? I’m still out in the cold on that one ):

    • Devrey says:

      Took some fiddling to get it to download, but I prevailed and played it for a few hours now. It’s a nice game, woeful pathfinding though.

    • LostSoviet says:

      When D2D made the initial announcement about their new Casual channel, the “Add to Cart” button wasn’t in Java but a plain link instead. Clicking it would take you to checkout and auto-apply the “game for free” coupon code. I posted it on my blog (, which is how I still have it. Use it if you’re having issues applying the “D2DCASUAL” code manually.

      link to

      For the UK version, “com” should be “” instead, with the modified coupon code:

      link to

      I tried to post this info on SavyGamer, but my comment got eaten =(

    • Mehall says:

      Tried on both .com and and when I hit “Continue Checkout”, it just loops me back to the same page, with the coupon no longer applied.

      Have tried this multiple times on both sites ):

  3. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    That bundle is worth it just for Far Cry 2, which is certainly one of the finest FPS’s of the last five years.

    • Fwiffo says:

      Also one of the most divisive, I’d say. It takes an open and forgiving mind to love it. I find it very theraputic and immersive to play. I hope it doesn’t scare them into corridorifying Far Cry 3.

    • Oak says:

      Took the words right out of my comment box.

      Bound in Blood is no slouch either, though its design philosophy is the polar opposite of Far Cry 2’s. It had a comfortable spot on the Best Games of 2009 list for which I was never prompted.

    • Eightball says:

      Bound in Blood made my head hurt for some reason, and I didn’t see any “field of view” options that might be causing problems.

      Also, auto-aim? For reals?

      /DLing FC2 now though, enjoyed it last time I played it (around when it first came out).

    • Fumarole says:

      What’s to forgive? If you like driving cars and shooting people you’ll like the game.

    • Shatners Bassoon says:

      I too thoroughly enjoyed Far Cry 2 but I feel they shot themselves in the foot by not releasing any mod tools. Just letting the community tweak and fix what they wanted would of secured them a few more fans.

    • Sarlix says:

      @Eightball: Apparently auto aim can be turned off in the options, or so I’m told.

    • Oak says:

      I don’t remember an option to turn it off, though one might’ve been patched in. It’s stupid, but it’s only active when using two guns at once.

      On a side note, if anyone wants to get a multiplayer game going I’ll reinstall in a second.

    • mwoody says:

      I can forgive a LOT from a game that lets me start an accurately modeled brush fire as a tactical option before I storm a choke point.

    • Urael says:

      That’s…an interesting opinion. I found it rather tedious.

    • Jimbo says:

      The Ubisoft bundle is brilliant. Even Bound in Blood is a lot better than you might expect.

    • airtekh says:

      Far Cry 2 is one of my favourite games of the last few years. It’s awesomely awesome.

      I also have much love for Assassin’s Creed, which I just finished the other day and had a very enjoyable experience.

      Vegas 2 is not to be ignored either. It removes a lot of options that you might be used to in tactical shooters and the levels are a tad linear, but it’s a solid game nonetheless.

      Of the three, Bound in Blood is the only one I haven’t played; but I’ve heard good things about it so I got the pack for that.

    • jaheira says:

      Far Cry 2 > Any non-Valve FPS

    • passingstranger says:

      @Fumarole Re: What’s to forgive?

      For me, it was primarily the incredible tedium resulting from the re-spawning enemy checkpoints. Even then, they wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that they take off in magic Jeeps the second they see you. The Jeeps will catch up to your Jeep every single time and will almost always damage it to the point where you have to stop, kill the enemies, repair it, and continue on your way until it happens again several minutes later.

      The game is incredibly immersive, beautiful, and unforgiving. However, they were also uncompromising to a fault in design at times, like the one mentioned above. It was enough for me not to finish the game, but I still have some very fond memories of it.

    • Urthman says:

      Not true. They’ll chase and catch up to you a lot of the time, but I’ve successfully blown through a checkpoint at top speed and been gone before anyone could catch me dozens of times. Of course, it helps if you soften them up a bit with a few grenades first, but it’s not necessary.

  4. James G says:

    Had BIT.TRIP BEAT working fine under W7x64 with both ATi and nVidia cards, so its definitely a YMMV kind of thing. Sorry to hear you couldn’t get it working though.

  5. Kismet says:

    East India Company Collection on Impulse is 4,49 € pre-coupon (assuming Impulse doesn’t split the Eurozone like Steam does – Italy here).

  6. Mechorpheus says:

    I really wish Call of Cthulhu wasn’t so intolerably broken. I’ve started that game at least 5 times and each time came up against a different game-breaking bug which prevented me from playing further. Scripts breaking so doors don’t unlock, crashes taking your save games with them, items/characters not appearing when they should so other events don’t occur properly. Whats more infuriating is that its a really interesting game, and I wouldn’t nessasarily agree that it went ‘down hill’, just the nature of the game changes. First time I got maybe 8 hours in before it crapped itself, and was really getting into the thing. There are a number of ‘fan-patches’ which proclaim to fix some of these issues, but in my experience they are little more than ‘cheat’ programs, or trainers which change the game a bit too much, or don’t fix everything anyway, and most of these don’t work well with the steam version of the game anyway.

    • Pemptus says:

      Really? I played through the game 3 times on official patches only, and haven’t encountered a single (serious/gamebreaking) bug. Interesting.

    • Wilson says:

      That’s a real shame, because it is a game that tries to do something a bit different. Do you know if the kind of problems you had were widespread or not? I’ve played it through a couple of times with a non-Steam version and had no problems.

    • Kaira- says:

      Wasn’t DCotE ported by two people before the studio was disbanded? And their schedule was like, what, two weeks? Shame really, but the first parts of the game just blow me away with the atmosphere, so I am willing to look past most of the bugs.

    • Vandelay says:

      I didn’t really encounter any major bugs on my first playthrough, except the infamous one that prevents you from completing the very final part of the game. Having said that, the last time I tried to play it, raindrops on the screen were just these weird giant diamonds, which ruined the atmosphere. Then, right after it did a sudden dramatic zoom on a hanging corpse, I became stuck in a doorway when control was returned to me. Lost about 40 odd minutes of play time and couldn’t be bothered to go back again.

      It is a great game though and would recommend it to anyone.

    • Mechorpheus says:

      Yea, I’ve had the lock on the hanging corpse zoom bug. Also the one on the ship near the end where some signal doesn’t appear in the sky so you can’t shoot the cultists on the island with the ship gun. Also had one earlier when one of those Monster POV shot bits happens too early, so that when you arrive at where it’s supposed to happen a door remains locked.

      Just means that replaying is always tinged with the fear that something will go wrong when I’m just getting into it.

    • Matzerath says:

      I had a great experience with Call of Cthulhu, but the bug on the ship is literally game stopping – only through a miracle could you be able to progress beyond that point (or by using someone else’s save).

  7. ZIGS says:

    Call of Cthulhu is amazing, I advise everyone to get it

  8. Kaira- says:

    Call of Cthulhu. I’d buy it if I already didn’t have it.

    On a side note, is RPS’ rss-feed broken? The last post in the feed is the GW2 Norn-thingy.

  9. Quater says:

    *ahem* link to
    Overlord 2 for less than a bus ride.

    • Gaytard Fondue says:

      Wot? I’ve never paid more than 2.20 for the bus. What a rip-off!

    • Quater says:

      Erm, yeah. That’s why Overlord 2 for £2 is a pretty good deal ;)

    • Gaytard Fondue says:

      And I shall thank the gods that I live Euroland.

  10. Grey_Ghost says:

    FarCry 2 was a pretty good game, except for those crappy instant respawning checkpoints. I’d still be playing that damn game today if it wasn’t for that annoying / idiotic / poorly though out feature.

    • Urthman says:

      Yeah, I have to wonder how often Clint Hocking has kicked himself for that. People so universally praise this game and then say, “except I couldn’t stand the respawning checkpoints” you get the impression it would have been a huge GOTY if they’d just tweaked the checkpoint respawns times to wait a day or two or something like that.

      How did that get past their testing?

    • Grey_Ghost says:

      I believe he justified it by saying the game would be too easy if they didn’t re-spawn. Granted, but they should have put a damn time limit to the re-spawn, they way they did them was just super lazy. Gah, or have them re-spawn after starting (or completing) a major mission.

      I mean you could flatten an entire checkpoint, buildings and all, then drive down the road 10 seconds make a u-turn and find it completely restored! It infuriated me to no end, boggles my mind as to how it passed play-testing. It’s just a damn shame, given how much fun the game could be otherwise.

    • Urthman says:

      Yeah, it’s just like one of the rooms in a Zelda dungeon. You leave the room, come back, and everything is reset.

      I still love the game, you just have to take that part with an “I’m playing a video game” mindset.

  11. Delusibeta says:

    Also, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is still £6.49 via Steam. link to

    I’ve paid more for a cinema ticket.

    • airtekh says:

      Amnesia is brilliant. Atmosphere so thick it’s practically tangible; it’s easily the scariest game I’ve ever played. Great physics system too – opening and closing doors is a joy!

      An absolute bargain at that price.

    • Coins says:

      Yes. Amnesia is a great game, I feel almost guilty having bought it at that price.

    • Mechorpheus says:

      Amnesia is absolutely recommended to anyone who like horror games. Anyone who considers anything along the lines of Dead Space, or god forbid Resident Evil 4/5 ‘scary’ should probably invest in a defibrillator or at the very least some spare underwear if they’re going to try it!

  12. malkav11 says:

    I wish Steam would either discount the bundled games on an individual basis as well (doesn’t even have to be quite as large a discount as the one for the whole bundle) or give extra copies. I already own everything except Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood in that bundle, and while I suppose $12.99 is still a discount on its current price of $20, it’s not enough of one for me to pull the trigger.

    • Calneon says:

      Yeah I wish they’d do this as well, and it would probably get them more sales too. They could put individual games on sale for £5 and have all 4 together for £10. Currently, people who own 2+ games are not going to buy the bundle, which is just missed out revenue.

    • Pantsman says:

      It’s probably up to the publishers whether their games can be gifted/have multiple ‘copies’ owned on one account. I can’t think of any other reason why Valve would do it for some games (including their own) but not for others.

    • Deano2099 says:

      Or the GoG approach is perfect – if you already have any of the games in the bundle, then it doesn’t count for or against you, so you get the same relative discount on the remaining games.

  13. Bungle says:

    Far Cry 2 is one of the finest single player games I’ve ever played. Shoot, it’s worth the money for the music alone. The multiplayer was extremely decent, but it has long since died.

    • dadioflex says:

      I didn’t like FC2, but I can’t remember why. I THINK I sussed the mechanic for the SP side-missions too early, hated the immersion-busting road blocks and… and… wow, there must have been something else.

      Hmm. Might give it another go.

    • Calneon says:

      The game breaker for me was the respawning enemy camps. You would clear it out, come back a few hours later and it would be fully occupied with enemies again. Taking them out became a chore. Something a simple mod would have fixed, had they released mod tools.

  14. passingstranger says:

    Lewie, did you try setting the compatibility mode to Windows XP for running Bit.Trip? This could possibly fix it, as Windows 7 actually uses a tiny virtual machine. You’ll have to hunt out the .exe and go into its properties to do that, though.

  15. hills says:

    There was some business about Dragon Age 2 being $48 USD if you direct download it from Amazon.
    Just throwing it out there, dunno if Amazon has DDL for Europe.

    • Bhazor says:

      First I’ve heard of Amazon doing game downloads. How’s the service? Is it like the Amazon mp3 service where you can only download once but it comes with no DRM and you’re allowed to make back ups? Or is it a more typical Client based thing?

    • hills says:

      Haven’t used it myself. Seems like whatever you buy is tied to your Amazon account and you can re-download them from the website.

      Glad for more competition even if my wallet is permanently tied to Steam.

    • Vinraith says:

      It’s tied to an account and has a sort-of client that you have to use to download and start the game (Steam-level DRM, in other words, without any of the nominal “benefits” of Steam). I’ve had some trouble getting it to let me run games on more than one computer (and I don’t mean at the same time) and have had some corrupted download issues, so I couldn’t recommend it. Hopefully it will improve with time. Hell, it may have already, I haven’t used it in about 6 months.

    • Bhazor says:

      What a shame.
      The prices seem great (DA Delux set for $19.99 instead of £25, Sims 3 Deluxe for $29.99 instead of $49.95) and the DRM sounds pretty standard but if it isn’t available in europe after more than 6 months it probably won’t ever be available here.

  16. sinister agent says:

    Far Cry 2 is one of the most disappointingly almost brilliant games I’ve played. So many good ideas and new approaches to things (eg: injury and death), brilliant fire physics, impressive AI movement, stunning scenery.

    And yet it’s full of ridiculous, glaringly massive flaws and bad, bad design decisions. The practically immediate respawning of all enemies and buildings, ever. The constant attacks by patrols, unless you clomp tediously around on foot for 900 hours for every mission. The dull, dull missions, all with an utterly identical structure. The promising story that stops immediately on getting your first mission, reappears for five minutes in the middle, then disappears again until the very last mission. The way everyone in the game speaks their lines ridiculously fast, as though they were trying to keep the audio files as small as possible. The fact that there is nothing to do when you’re not on a mission. The fact that outside of places where shooting isn’t even possible, everone will try to kill you on sight, even your allies – typically before they could possibly have a clue who you are. The fact that the two factions that are “at war” never do anything to anyone except you, and in fact it’s only possible to tell there are two factions in the game by being told so, and occasionally seeing a different poster on a building. The absurdly stingey gun upgrade system. The way that even a pristine gun in perfect condition will break and explode in your hands after two firefights, and there’s no way to prevent it. The way that enemies have perfect guns and cars that are faster than yours, until you steal them, at which point you’re lucky if they’ll fire four shots without breaking and overtake a tree.

    It’s not a great game. It almost is. If you try very hard to ignore and work around its massive, stupid flaws, it can be terrific fun, and will certainly be memorable, but do not expect to have a carefree time.

    As for Rainbow Six Vegas 2, I’ve played it on the funsquare and the only criticism I have of it is the tedious “grind to unlock guns” system, where you have to kill tens of thousands of terrorists just to unlock a new hat. The first game had a much better system where any weapon you picked up would be added to your armoury. Also I hate the idiot-proof “LOOK OUT A GRENADE IS HERE” indicator that was forced into the game in a mandatory update – I’d rather have to actually pay attention, thanks – but am not sure if that’s in the PC version. Either way, other than those two things, it’s a terrific tactical shootyfun game and I recommend it rather strongly.

  17. Oak says:

    Bound in Blood is available as a $4 download from Amazon if you don’t want to shell out for the whole pack. I don’t know if this works outside of the US.

    • Johnny Law says:

      I grabbed this earlier today, and I believe the page said US-only. That seems to be a theme for Amazon’s game downloads.

  18. bill says:

    Dark corners is indeed great (and flawed.).
    But I think a lot of it’s best ideas have been adopted recently by games like Amnesia, so i’m not sure how it will look to people playing it for the first time now.

    The first half was awesome. I managed to play all the way to the final scene on XP single core 2 years back, with no bugs or crashes. Had to download the hack to finish the last 20 seconds though.

  19. Johnny Law says:

    FYI Amazon has Call of Juarez downloadable for $4. (And Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 2 for $5 each.)

    • Hardtarget says:

      hilariously it’s actually the boxed copy is 4bucks and the downloadable copy is 8

      so dumb

  20. Risingson says:

    Of the UBI Deal, my favourite is Assasin’s Creed, which in small doses is just a great game. Far Cry 2 is just annoying: one of the most beautiful game engines created, and then you have that magical sight of the enemy who is able to shot at you from 100-200 meters, and the respawn, which is simply evil. It’s like: greatest first 2 hours ever, buried under a lot of bad design choices.