Watch Eurogamer’s GDC After Dusk

I mean, if you haven’t already. Our fine chums over at Eurogamer only went and produced a bunch of scintillating video coverage of GDC, complete with appearances from a selection of gaming royalty. The full round of up episodes is here. “Guests will include the artist formerly known as Cliffy B, Frontier’s David Braben and Peter “You never know, he might accidentally announce his new game” Molyneux.* Not to mention Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame, Minecraft creator Markus Persson and several more.” That line up talk games, and pretty much underline why GDC is such an important conference, each and every year. Worth a look.


  1. faelnor says:

    Any footage/interview of Paul Weir’s conference? He had a talk on generative music in Thief 4. Having read his background I’m quite interested, but did people even attend?

  2. DJ Phantoon says:

    The artist formerly known as Cliffy B? What, did he wish to be called a string of expletives that are too offensive in any scenario to ever be uttered so we’re giving him the Prince treatment, or what?

    • Kid_A says:

      Whether he wished it or not, it happened.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      >The artist formerly known as Cliffy B? What, did he wish to be called a string of expletives

      I think he prefer to be called Cliff Bleszinski. From Wikipedia: “The nickname “CliffyB” was given to him derogatorily by “some jock kid” as a shy teenager, which he then took and developed a tougher persona around. In 2008, he expressed a desire to retire the CliffyB moniker, saying it’s “time to grow up a bit”.

      But people continue to call him CliffyB, some affectionately, some to mock him I suspect.

    • alice says:

      No he asked to be referred to by his full name instead of the childish handle, not that anyone seems to do it.

    • rocketman71 says:

      He rather asked to be called a string of expletives when he called every PC gamer a thief, basically.

  3. MrEvilGuy says:


  4. drewski says:

    These are very good. I only got the audio version, but enjoyed them immensely.

  5. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    Hooray, they made the John Teti and Ellie Gibson show!

  6. ezekiel2517 says:

    speeeed talking

  7. SuperNashwan says:

    These are superb, nice to see some interesting questions getting asked while people are in the mood for answering them.