Bangin’: Battlefield Heroes Hit 7 Million Users

Just out of frame is a plane flying with a soldier sitting on each wing. No, really.

News bugle VG24/7 reports that Battlefield Heroes, EA’s free to play spin-off of the Battlefield franchise has just hit 7 million registered users. With the game coming out 19 months ago, that’s an average of 368,421 new users each month, which is even more than Kieron’s mum. Of course, free-to-play games always achieve ludicrous user numbers, but even so this is noteworthy. Read Jim’s aging Eurogamer review of BFH here, or read about the in-game 7 million user celebrations and watch an old yet steadfastly impressive trailer-cum-theme-song below.

Basically, for this week only any Battlefield Heroes players that log in will receive a pack containing 77 bandages, 77 Battlefunds and 77 wrenches, and the shop’s hosting some similarly time-restricted offers- for 777 Battlefunds you can get a 7 day XP boost, a 7 day VP boost, 777 tonics or a 7 day stamina boost.

ANYWAY, on to the amazing business of this trailer. I mean. Wow! Anybody who fondly remembers Boiling Point as a game bold enough to have a theme song, this is for you.


  1. Wulf says:

    That… was a superb parody of intro-of-old-cartoon-based-off-action-figure-toy-line-ness. I hope that’s what it was intended to be, because if it was, then it pulled it off with aplomb.

  2. Mutak says:

    Registered. Not active. I suspect many, like me, tried it and only played once or twice. I found it to be buggy, full of exploiters, and ultimately, not all that fun. If you like cartoon-y shooters go with TF2. Great for casual fun or serious competition. It’s $20, but Steam has sales that knock it down to $5 pretty regularly.

    • dan. says:

      Pretty much this. ^

    • Rummy says:

      It irks me a little when people keep comparing BF:H to TF2, they’re really not that similar. BF:H is a ultra basic casual shooter, and in that regard I think it does a great job. I can play for 10 minutes and feel like I’ve achieved some fun, whereas TF2 is a lot more sophisticated and demands more time and dedication.

      What really bothers me though is that half those registered users are probably hackers and botters.

    • Mutak says:

      I think TF2 works great as a casual shooter. I would say that rather than demands, it inspires more time and dedication because it’s just such a great game.

    • LionsPhil says:

      TF2 is casual that you can drop in for ten minutes of blamshoots then drop out again. It’s not really casual in that it welcomes inexperienced or overall infrequent players what with the wide array of advantageous* things to collect through extended play and ways to use them.

      Also that several of the classes are outright detrimental to your team if you can’t play them above a certain level. Spies who can’t take down near-uber medics or sentry nests are just a free player slot for the opposing team.

      * e.g. pretty much any medic saw is a straight upgrade over the stock one.

    • Kdansky says:

      If you had mentioned a pyro axe, you would have had a point, but the medic saw is a bad example: You don’t want less damage and no crits when you melee (because that is your last resort) but extra charge instead. You’re in a horrible spot when you’ve got your saw out, and getting more charge is very secondary. Getting lucky with a crit and surviving is very useful.
      On the other hand, keeping 20% if you die is great, but losing maximum health is a big deal. So no, the basic saw is certainly not bad.

      Pyro axes on the other hand: Axtinguisher is plain better than the standard axe.

      But all in all, the difference is incredibly minor, as with both classes, melee weapons are a distant last choice anyway.

    • Mutak says:

      Fair points, but i think they count against Battlefield Heroes as well. In BH you can buy outright better weapons. In TF2 there’s usually at least some strategic trade-off being made. Even though i have played enough to find plenty of options, i still play with a lot of the vanilla primary and secondary weapons in TF2 because of those trade-offs.

      As far as skill goes, well a noob is a noob in any game.

  3. HeroJez says:

    Ha! Mum jokes. :D

  4. Senethro says:

    This game was so slow, boring and awful, I don’t understand why it got more successful the more microtransactions were added.

    • Heliocentric says:

      In the early days a voice chat group of 5 commandos could take on 20 other players. It was the arcade nonsense turned up to eleven.

      Imagine a scale of realism to apeshitcrazy. Arma on one end, bf2 square in the middle and heroes half way down to madness.

      Its such a shame they got greedy.

  5. Solcry says:

    I used to play BFH – absolutely loved it. And then they changed the real money-game money ratio and basically threw away their whole motto of, “Paying money doesn’t give you an advantage in the game,” and made a new one of, “You must pay to be competitive.” It was a little irksome.

    • Alez says:

      I too left the game because of the price change update. I actually really enjoyed the game, didn’t have that much fun in a game in a long while.
      I tried it recently and not only did you have the bullshit prices, now the enemies had some Tier 1 guns that are way too powerful compared to the standard.

      Seriously now, they said they won’t have paying for an advantage….but then they had people pay for an advantage. That’s just silly

    • Mattressi says:

      Yeah, I’m another registered user with multiple high level characters who left once they brought in the “pay to win” business model. Being forced to use only the starter weapons (only viable as the gunner) and not being able to heal yourself or repair vehicles made the game suck. I noticed a swift drop in player numbers (even people who’d previously bought clothing items) and realised it just wouldn’t work anymore. Apparently after I left they added jetpacks and even more OP weapons which you can only buy with real money, but I honestly haven’t played since I left ages ago. It was fun while it was free.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    They screwed it when they added pay for jetpacks and pay for overpowered guns. You shouldn’t be able to buy power.

    • SimonHawthorne says:

      They screwed Kieron’s Mum when they added pay for jetpacks and pay for overpowered guns. You shouldn’t be able to buy power.

      Edit: I already feel awful about this. I don’t know Kieron and I don’t know his Mum. I’m not a close buddy of Kieron so shouldn’t make jokes about his Mum.

      Can someone else make it?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I’m not sure I see your logic. They ruined it so much that it now has 7 million players.

      I quite liked the game, even if you do get an advantage from paying. It’s just a casual 20 minute break, that’s what I play it for, and it’s a satisfying diversion. And honestly, I much prefer it to the utterly soulless and bland Bad Company 2.

    • godgoo says:

      Opinions, opinions, when will they learn?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Simon- high five!

    • Quintin Smith says:

      (Over Kieron’s mum!)

    • Meneth says:

      @DrGonzo: 7 million registered users.
      How many of those still actually play the game is unknown.

    • SimonHawthorne says:

      Quintin – I would, but unfortunately my hands are a bit busy…

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Poor Kieron’s mum. And on the International Women’s Day no less.

  7. Zanpa says:

    I played this game to unlock the M1 Garand in Bad Company 2.
    It was absolutely terrible.

  8. Thunderkor says:

    I really liked it in beta, but when it went live I lost interest because I deemed it too expensive to gear up my character the way I wanted to. I haven’t even experience the shift to definite pay to win or the addition of jetpacks personally. Shame, because it was really fun there for a while.

  9. Bungle says:

    This website is causing the Flash plugin to crash the Opera browser. The problem started yesterday. Please fix it!

  10. My2CENTS says:

    I got an account on this piece of shit game just because i wanted Veteran, then when i wanted to delete my Persona they said fuck No, so this are 7 Mil Persona’s, not 7 Mil accounts count on that.

  11. RegisteredUser says:

    Rather be playing RTCW:ET for true great justice. Still the best class based team-MP-FPS.