A Korea In Tanks: Theatre Of War 3

Some men, taking their tank for a walk, yesterday.
The third Theatre Of War game posits a trip to Korea, and it might be a pleasant excursion for the hefty RTS, which previously made gamers feel tired with its stodgy presentation. This time around it’s looking significantly more dynamic, with a non-linear campaign that adapts to your wins and fails, and lots more toys to direct the carnage with, including the ability to get right down with the vehicles and look around with binoculars to judge line of sight and such. Witness such things in the trailer, below. The game is out on the 25th of March.


  1. Sunjammer says:

    why do tanks hate trees so much?

    • Moth Bones says:

      Trees remind them of what they can never be.

    • pepper says:

      Its revenge for other games. Remember all those games in which you couldnt knock down the most pathetic looking wall or tree with your tank? Now they finally have lost there invulnerability its time for revenge!

  2. Baka says:

    There should be Golden Raspberry Awards for puns.

  3. Stranglove says:

    This looks rather excellent. I do hope helicopters can be used as an in game unit, as the halftracks in TOW2 could be.

  4. bildo says:

    hmm…the geography does not strike me as Korea. The lack of trees, textures on the mountains, size and shape of mountains. Yeah, that doesn’t look like Korea. Still looks like fun tho!

  5. theleif says:


  6. Vinraith says:

    with a non-linear campaign that adapts to your wins and fails

    An RTS campaign that allows strategic context is a rare and beautiful thing, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.