And Also: The Secret World GDC Trailer

I’ve already talked a bit about The Secret World presentation at GDC today, now you can see the trailer they showed us at the end of the session. It’s embedded below, and shows off lots of locations and monsters, as well as talking up some of the big features. Good stuff.


  1. niffk says:

    i have no doubt this game will be broken severely upon release, but be charming and unique enough for me to keep playing through the bugs and inevitable buggy barely-tested patches. see: anarchy online.

    despite this, god damn am i excited.

    • niffk says:

      jesus, i just realised i’ve been playing anarchy online on and off for 10 years.

    • Blackberries says:

      I’m really hoping this will at least realise some of its potential – even if it has to do so in a slightly imperfect, slightly broken fashion. I don’t play any MMOs, but of the up-and-coming ones, this is the one I am most intrigued by.

      Please be good. Please be okay.

  2. Adam says:

    Geez, what are they trying to do? Edge in on WOW. Does look cool though.”I know kung fu”.

  3. GunFox says:

    Why does every MMO game that has modern pistols insist on your character using two? Look at them when they use two, it looks fundamentally unnatural. The weaver stance (or variants thereof) looks much more badass and is ultimately much easier to animate because it is a very natural stance for humans.

    There is no combat situation where pistols akimbo helps at all. Even in terms of volume of fire, you can put substantially more rounds down range using one pistol, than you can with two, due to the massive speed penalty that comes with using two. Obviously a single pistol is going to be far more accurate as well, which for pistols, is very important.

    And for god’s sake, the only weapons that you would ever fire from the hip in combat are squad support machine guns. Even then that is an emergency tactic and requires additional training to even manage with any sort of accuracy at all. Not even shotguns are fired from the hip. (Nor would I walk into combat with a breaching shotgun, as is shown several times in the video)

    Games continue to claim that they let me make the character I want to make, but all the clothing and face changes don’t matter a bit if he wields weapons like an idiot and the weapon choices read like some bad hollywood action film. I want to make a professional. Stop forcing me to make a petty gangster.

    • Theoban says:

      Well my character is going to have fifteen guns coming out of every orifice. AKIMBO

    • niffk says:

      people like hollywood effects with their guns in games – thank john woo, the matrix, etc. if it were truly realistic we’d stop full-auto firing unless there was a suppression mechanic, too.

      i guess you could just use a rifle. bolt actions are usually done fairly well in games, and stay away from the hollywood hip-firing akimbo assault rifle crap.

    • GunFox says:

      So does that mean 30 guns coming out of every orifice?

      Or 14 guns akimbo, and one poor lonely one?

      So how many guns total are we talking here? Like is it 15/30 total for your nose? Or does each nostril count as a separate orifice?

    • Theoban says:

      15 in each, the lonely one at the top writes bad poetry and pines for fellowship with his comrades in gunnery

    • Hallgrim says:

      Yeah you should email them and educate them on all the modern, professional tactics used to combat junkyard golem…

    • Danarchist says:

      I am actually more accurate from the hip with an fn fal than I am holding a pistol with 2 hand and aiming =P It just depends on how much practice you have with something.

      But you are right, you can lay down way more fire with one hand holding the gun and the other slamming clip after clip into the grip. With two pistols you can always “armpit load” but its still way slower and leaves you pretty exposed for a VERY valuable few seconds.

      Two guns, held horizontally of course, looks way cooler though.

    • SimianJim says:

      Plus the John Woo dive increases the accuracy of dual pistolling by a factor of approximately 3 billion

    • McDan says:

      They must implement more John Woo style moves. Everything should, it’s how I travel all the time. Very efficient.

    • GunFox says:


      The narrative loses all meaning when you fail to provide an appropriate background to said junkyard Golem. If I am completely over the top action hero, then how am I supposed to be surprised at all at anything? Sci-fi and Fantasy frequently fails to understand that you should only change what you absolutely need to. The more grounded in reality your universe is, the better the consumer can relate, and the more gravity each situation has.

      My favorite example of this would be from the SWAT series. Specifically SWAT 4 and the serial killer level you encounter relatively early on. The player’s team and the majority of the house itself are all so very normal, and set a wonderful backdrop to the level so that when you descend into the basement and start finding plaster casts of people, you find it unnerving. I’ve play countless video games, many of which are horribly gory or paint some of the most awful scenes imaginable, but that one serial killer in the basement strikes home the hardest because the BACKDROP gives it scope.

      It’s like seeing a picture of a battleship by itself without a picture of a person next to it in order to provide scale. Without that person, you can only guess how large it is. Without a baseline to relate to, there is no sense of weight or scale of a situation or narrative.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      Well my character is going to have fifteen guns coming out of every orifice. AKIMBO

      Theoban, yesterday.

  4. Tehrawk says:

    I half expected them to tell us about their “real time weapon change” feature. Plus there is a good chance there are giant enemy crabs.

  5. catmorbid says:

    Ooh! All those big monsters with giant guns shooting at people from point-blank range looks so exciting and thrilling and stuff. I mean, they’re like standing around next to each other and just shooting and nothing happens – oh wait, something does happen: My brain fucking dies because of how dumb it looks :)

  6. sasayan says:

    Those are some of the most interesting looking monster designs I’ve seen in a while.

  7. JibbSmart says:

    Badass-looking giant with a wrecking ball bigger than me? I’ll run up to him and mash the “attack” button until he goes down.

    EDIT: It’s so, sooooo beautiful. But what a waste.

    • DrazharLn says:

      inorite? How hard must it be to implement combat that doesn’t look like crap in an MMO?

      Still, I’ll give it a go if it has a free demo, it may be more fun to play than it looks.

  8. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    Orange and blue, I see you.

  9. The Magic says:

    The “Product not yet rated” guy has a lovely voice.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      that also doubles as his dirty talk

    • Quine says:

      Which he reserves exclusively for Peggy_18…

    • westyfield says:

      The ‘PEGI 12’ voice always sounds a bit surprised, as if he’s not sure that it should be allowed into the hands of 12 year olds.

      ‘PEGI 12? Really?’

  10. Torgen says:

    I wonder if there’s enough “canon” in the Lovecraft universe to base an MMO on? Of course the licensing fee would probably be so high as to drive a man mad.

    • ChromeBallz says:

      I don’t think this is based on Lovecraft at all, more like influenced. It’s not limited to just Lovecraft, it can draw on other inspirations and settings.

      Though personally, the first thing i thought of when i saw the first trailer was “YES! They made a Mage: The Ascension MMO!”

      Didn’t put the link to Lovecraft untill a lot later, and even now, the Mage feeling dominates it for me.

    • Arglebargle says:

      No licensing fee on Lovecraft. Pretty much public domain. The literary agent (Derleth) was much more interested in trying to maintain interest in the body of work. There were times when Lovecraft’s writing was on the extinction train.

    • Torgen says:

      @ ChromeBallz: Right, this game is drawn on all sorts of modern conspiracy theories/late night AM radio talk shows/etc, not really Lovecraft. I was pondering the hurdles to making a Lovecraftian MMO.

      @ Arglebargle: That’s encouraging. Gives me something else to ponder (as opposed to, you know, actually starting work on a game.) :P

  11. Chris D says:

    Yep, not interested. Really not. And I shall continue telling that to my face until it loses that ridiculous grin.

  12. sirchen says:

    it does look neat.

    Looking at these environments,…they are so utterly different – will it be a coherent world where you can just travel from one place to another, is each zoned or worse, are most of them put into individual group-based dungeons?

  13. Nick says:

    I wish people would stop wasting such great ideas on MMOs.

  14. Stevostin says:

    I read before that design may not be the best, but really, it’s great. Some monsters in that trailer are really exciting which is not a small point considering how much monsters are on the market !

  15. crainey92 says:

    Looks cool but reminds me of the things we were seeing of Fallen Earth before that released, which was a major disapointment for me. Any MMORPG fan knows rightly that you just have to wait and see.

  16. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I just want the sequel to Dreamfall… bloody MMO’s -_-

  17. Bishop says:

    It looks like they just interviewed lots of student artists and put their portfolio work straight into the game. They all look really good, but together? Really?

  18. Consumatopia says:

    EDIT: Nevermind, I should have read the Interesting Things About The Secret World article before I wrote this. I take back everything I wrote here.

    But there is a weird mismatch between the alternate reality game subtlety that article discusses and the sort of flashy particle effects magic battle on display here. If I’m a magical conspirator in the real world, I would think I would want to find a more discrete fighting style when I’m fighting my competitors.

  19. Ertard says:

    New England and beyond?!


    • neolith says:

      First highscores for MMOs, now places beyond New England – oh boy, what will they think of next?

  20. thebigJ_A says:

    From all the things they released about the game earlier, I was hoping for a horror/mystery type of experience. Something maybe Lovecraftian.

    This just looks like running around killing monsters. Yes, it looks really good, and maybe plays well, and the rejection of classes is interesting, but it isn’t at all what I hoped for.

    Obviously this impression is just based on this one trailer, so I may be totally wrong. Maybe all the creepy stuff and mystery is in there. I hope so.

    • Ergonomic Cat says:

      The trailers are going to show the combat and the action, because watching someone work out a puzzle doesn’t make for gripping cinema. But if you read articles about the game, they’re putting in exploration, they’re putting in quests that lead you to google to do research to determine next steps, they’re adding things like ‘figure out which way the birds are flocking to find your next quest”, and the like. They’re working hard to provide things that aren’t combat that also are not crafting.

  21. Freud says:

    Looks interesting. But in the end all MMOs tend to gravitate towards repetitive gameplay simply because there is no way to create enough content to satisfy players who want to play a lot. Hope they will do well though, simply because they are trying to create a somewhat unique game world.

  22. BunnyPuncher says:

    I dont want freedom of progression.

    I want freedom from progression.

  23. outoffeelinsobad says:

    But can I make my character a pretentious old man?

  24. Valvarexart says:

    I am hoping this will be decently polished when it’s released, and that they actually get a big playerbase!

    I would not want another Mortal Online, with dead cities everywhere etc…I am waiting this one out, amigos!

  25. Hidden Thousand says:

    No one tells me what to love, Shoes forking. Sheesh.

    I know it is largely due to Tornquist’s writing, but I felt somewhat cheated by Dreamfall. Battle elements, too, were like a fifth wheel. I see Funcom is trying hard to make their MMOs less mainstream, at least, they have some good ideas. What I don’t like is that, as Nick said, good ideas are wasted on MMOs. And there’s serious risk that this game won’t be as shiny and exciting once it is released.

  26. The Hammer says:

    Man, I reeeaaally hope this doesn’t break my heart with a crappy subscription system like APB did. I suppose it’s a given that this is going to be a monthly payment MMO, which means when it comes out I’m gonna have to put serious thought into whether or not I can afford it, and what I have to ditch (Hello, World of Warcraft).

    But woah. That looks like no MMO on the market. It’s fucking stylish. And those locations? So varied and so scrumptious. I hope the game has a strong exploration aspect to it. HOPE.

  27. YanDaik says:

    “Secret world is a game where you play who you want to play”. ORLY? I want to play that guy with tentacles and chainsaw, or last demon with wings. can i?

  28. lowprices says:

    Why is it not just a Longest Journey MMO? Or better yet, another proper entry in the Longest Journey series? Come on, Funcom, sort it out.

    Yeah, I am going to get this, and play it, and probably enjoy it, but I shall do so while frowning at my moniter, because it isn’t EXACTLY what I wish it could be.