Battlefield Play4Free: Trailer2Watch

I'd like to go to all the effort of building a tank with a gun that fires out a giant one of those BANG! flags.

Battlefield Play4Free is unacceptable. The title, I mean. It looks like it should be some ramshackle shop that briefly appears on the road that runs behind the high street. The one with offers in the window written in pen, and a guy behind the counter with a recent prison tattoo on his knuckles. “Yeah, I can yet ya Battlefield. Nah, sorry, I only take cash.”

However, that’s what those shifty-looking sorts at EA and DICE have chosen for the second free-to-play incarnation of Battlefield, following on from the slightly disappointing (but highly populated) Heroes. All serious this time. There’s a new trailer for it – a proper one, not some shaky cam footage – below.

This is how baby tanks are made.

This is the game’s view of Oman, which if the overthrow fever spreads that way could become frighteningly realistic.

The game is currently in closed beta, to which you can sign up over here. I have a beta suggestion for them. CHANGE THE NAME. Good heavens. Here are some other suggestions off the top of my (extremely tired) head:

Battlefield: War For The Poor

Battlefield: Fight For Free(dom)

Battlefield: No Subscription Conscription

Okay, those were rubbish. But here’s a crazy idea:

Battlefield: Play For Free.


  1. Davee says:

    Looks pretty much like I expected it to – an updated/somewhat different version of BF2.

    Might give it a try, but I don’t think I’ll be playing it long.

  2. WombatDeath says:

    Battlefield: Play For Free



    That’s the sound of having eaten a lot of cabbage. I’m not sure why you feel that the game should be evoking gastrointestinal bloat, but I’m enjoying the prospect of a few rounds of Battlefield: Play For Free followed by a mercifully brief dip into Call Of Duty: Black Ops.


  3. Mr Chug says:

    I blame Left 4 Dead. Admittedly, it had a reason for having a 4 in the title, but it’s irresponsible of Valve to let other people think they can get away with needless substitution.

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      You can’t blame Valve for other companies being lazy.

  4. Anthile says:

    Because poor literacy is kewl.
    On another note, I can’t wait for 2 Worlds 3: Left 4 5’o Clock Tea.

    • Dhatz says:

      and if theres a sequel: “uninvited guest at your 6”

    • McDan says:

      And then to finish off the trilogy: “Awkwardly waiting for them to take the hint and leave at 7.”

  5. Bilbo says:

    It might be because I’ve just watched The Killing Fields again on the BBC, but I sort of can’t get excited about sanitized computer war games right now.

    Which oddly sort of implies I get excited about the horrific side of it. Which isn’t what I mean at all. More that having been bombarded with the ugly side of it for the last couple of hours, I’m now feeling a little resentful of our cheap thrills. I’m not just trying to troll here – does anyone else feel where I’m coming from with this?

    It could go places, from a game design perspective – and if we want the medium to be taken seriously as an art form, after all, the shocking scenes such as “that MW2 level” would carry a lot more impact if they weren’t sandwiched between sequences that would make Michael Bay blush.

    • Commisar says:

      while I understand your points, this is supposed to be completely fictional, with a made up enemy, the MEC fighting the US

    • Bilbo says:

      Yeah, I get that. Isn’t it essentially just Battlefield 2 but free?

    • Benny says:

      Yeah i understand what you mean. I know of no game which really portrays the aspects of war, other than possibly some RTS games, or some of the WW2 manshoots. But even they get caught up in the grand speldor of it all.

      The thing is when you have a blank canvas, as you do in games, the artist’s imagination is the only limit at least as far as art style goes. Of course if you want your subject matter to be taken seriously then a cartoony world might not fit it well. The same goes for game design to setting. You set it in a real(ish) world conflict then your game design should work with that too, and personally i feel so many games miss that point.

    • Adam says:

      I get you too. But let’s not forget, its a game. Game are for entertainment value 1st and foremost. And are meant to be enjoyed, much like a move, only more interactive.

    • Bilbo says:

      Well, some are. Most, even. But not all, and to be honest I’d counter that games actually tend to be about making money first and foremost – and you don’t have to be jingoistic in your treatment of conflict to make a profit.

    • dangermouse76 says:

      I think you have had a perfectly normal reaction to seeing the brutality of war through the powerful medium of film. And that has jarred against your sense of fun and entertainment you get from a war game which has similar themes.

      It only proves that you are human so I wouldn’t worry.

      On another note…and I am not trying to be controversial here but I have yet to play a war game that nails the horror and dehumanising nature of battle.

      And I don’t want to either. There are other sources for finding out this information. Relatives, the news documentaries, films. If you played a game that showed you some of the realities of war you would end up with shell shock in your bed rocking backwards and forwards for the next 10 years …. and drooling.

      I want a good narrative and an enjoyable game mechanic not a VR history lesson. But you never know they may make that game one day and I may love it…never say never.

    • Bilbo says:

      Yeah, by and large I agree. I guess as someone with an interest in game design, new angles and ideas of tone always seem pretty appealing, but there’s definitely an offset there that a war game that compromised fun for realism too much would probably wind up being a fairly depressing experience. You’re totally right, that’s not what we play games for – at the moment, and in the future as you say things may evolve. I think games can be as powerful a medium for making a point as film can – I remember playing a simple flash game (sadly can’t find the link right now) in which the player fights insurgents in a village by bombing them from the sky, inevitably causing collateral damage and in turn causing civilians to transform into insurgents. It was open and shut and not desperately fun but it communicated much more about the nature of modern warfare in those two minutes or so than MW2 does in its entire six hour, gajillion dollar campaign.

  6. Delusibeta says:

    I’m in the closed beta. Due to the NDA, I’m not going to bother going into details, but I think it’s a bit meh. Open beta is next month (or, if you have an account with a recent Battlefield game, March 31st. Yes, Battlefield Heroes is included in that), so you’ll all see soon enough. (Details: link to )

    • zeekthegeek says:

      I’d go further than you and say it’s simply awful. Not just ‘meh’.

    • Ogun says:

      I’m also in the beta and don’t want to violate the NDA either – but if I was going to give a single word review it would also be ‘meh’. If I was going to use a memepic, it would be that one of the big russian-looking guy that says ‘SON I AM DISAPPOINT’.

  7. Xocrates says:

    That reminds me that I’m actually in the Beta for this thing. Sadly I got in just prior to the Steam Christmas sale where I got both Bad company 2 and Battlefield 2 so I never really gave it much time.

    It didn’t seem bad, but there were I few decisions that felt… weird, to say the least.

  8. liance says:

    I find it upsetting that five or so years after I last played Battlefield 2, I can still recognize the map those screenshots appear to be taken from.

  9. Moni says:

    I think they really should be avoiding the colon in the title.
    Battlefreeield, perhaps?

  10. mod the world says:

    If you like Battlefield and free games then i recommend to download the Empires mod, which was JUST released on Steam. OFC you need a game from Valve to play it, but is there anyone out there who hasn’t got one? I don’t think so.
    Here you go:
    link to

    • Player1 says:

      OMFG there’s a new version out and it’s now officially on Steam!! That’s fantastic news! Loved to play this mod some time ago. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Shadram says:

    A tank with a big BANG! flag has to be the best idea ever. The Brits could have used it instead of the “my dog’s got no nose” joke to beat the Nazis. It could also bring peace to the middle east. Get building, John!

  12. negativedge says:

    Battlefield: Awful Trailer Music

  13. wazups2x says:

    Play4Free games are the worst thing to ever come to gaming.

    More like Pay2Win

  14. deuterium. says:

    It was ok. The UI and launcher is absolutely horrendous though and bugs out frequently. Then you have to contend with the ‘free games’ community. Limited feature set and overall quite disappointing.

    Might tide you over until BF3 if you’re a fanatic, though.

  15. athropos says:

    This game is a steaming pile of shit. DICE needs to stop wasting time on this garbage and give BF3 all their focus.

  16. Stinkfinger75 says:

    They lost me when I saw the jets which I believe threw the balance in BF2 completely out of whack.

    • Ushao says:

      On some of the maps the jets were too much. But to be honest, taking out a cocky bastard bombing me with the main gun of my tank was always a most satisfying feeling.

  17. Farkeman says:

    its more like an alpha …

  18. Tei says:

    Maybe this is a bit too much BF games. I love then all, but maybe theres a point where EA will find his worst enemy will be EA, since to sell new games you compete with people that have old games,.. like Microsoft tryiing to compete against Windows XP.
    I could see a point to all of then, as all have different and maybe are for different people.

    Also, the formula for BF games have not evolved since BF1942. Maybe is the best formula ever, or maybe is possible that is a optimum local. We don’t know. Mods have not tried to change the formula, but thats (maybe) because modding whas somewhat limitting (?) (????) in BF games. Whatever, maybe here we have to blame the modders (not the devs) for failing to try new things.

    • Joshua says:

      The problem with changing the formula is that you will get angry people everywhere. You got one group which says that if you make a different game it should get a different name, and others which say that a game should atleast innovate lest it becomes a cash cow.

      But Battlefield has innovated quite a bit. With it’s squad system, destructible buildings, etc. There is always stuff to sweeten up the gameplay.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      Modders haven’t tried to change the formula?

      The Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod is running Insurgency gamemode on most servers, nowadays.
      In it there are no more flags or anything like that, instead the Blufor has to find hidden caches on the maps, while Opfor tries to defend those (without giving away their position), so quite a radical change I would say.

  19. ross_angus says:

    Kill the bots!

  20. BooleanBob says:

    Counter-conventional use of numerals in game titles is making me nervy. And now they’re doing it at cross purposes! What sense am I supposed to make of it? Who is Thi, and why are they ‘for’ F?

  21. Crimsoneer says:

    No Battlefield theme? Sadness.