Alestorm: RPS Social Club Meets March 19th

Valhalla awaits!

Calendars and alka seltzer at the ready, ladies and gents! And, uh, axes, apparently! The details of the second ever RPS social club have been fixed, and they are as follows: March 19th at The Blue Posts pub in London. More details, an amazing promotional poster and some similarly amazing name tags await on our forums. After the jump I’ll do my best to persuade you to come, but up here I’d just like to give thanks to noble RPS reader Siri for making this all happen. Siri! You are one classy lady, and the energy you’re putting into this can only strengthen the already-mighty RPS community. Now, onwards!

Why should you come? Because there’ll be booze and great conversation, obviously. Also I’ll be there, meaning there will be opportunities for you to touch my shoulder and whisper things like “Quinns you are so strong”, or trap me in a corner, grill me about my Fallout: New Vegas review and make me wish I’d stayed at home watching Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals because that guy is a food magician.

In all seriousness though, the RPS pub meet-up that I attended during the Eurogamer Expo last year was an incredibly enjoyable night. In case you haven’t noticed, the RPS comment threads alone are the politest and funniest of any gaming website, and that translates into a community which is every bit as wonderful in person. Who wouldn’t want to get drunk with you guys?

If you’re Scottish or Australian and ready to bemoan the fact that this is all happening in London again, why not start a Social Club contingent of your own? Get a place booked, start a thread on the forums and you bet your antlers we’ll get you a post on the RPS front page too.

Any veterans of RPS meet-ups reading should feel free to add their experiences to the comments. Let’s get something started!


  1. Dozer says:

    What you say? I’m semi-Australian, but I live in Bath,which is only about fifteen minute’s fast walking from London!

  2. McDan says:

    Grrr, stuck up north for this eventingness… Far too poor to come down. Which is annoying because when not up here I’m about an hour away from London.
    What a shame.

  3. KingCathcart says:

    My memories of the last (EDIT: Eurogamer) Meet-O-Chat are vague, but I believe I ranted at Kerion then ran out of the pub at the end of the night shouting “Walker is the best writer” to Alec and Quinns.
    Am I still allowed to come to this one?

  4. Kieron Gillen says:

    That wasn’t the last Meet-o-chat!


    • Quintin Smith says:

      I didn’t say it was! Back in your retirement crate!

    • BaronWR says:

      So, the truth of why KG can’t make it to the meet is revealed!! I thought all that stuff about him “getting married” sounded a bit unlikely!!

      Seriously, the last one of these (which I don’t think got front-page billing) was a blast. This one we’ll even have our own room so we don’t have to confuse members of the public.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Quinns: I wasn’t talking to you, child.


    • President Weasel says:

      I am not sure I approve of this “having our own room” business. Back in my day (read: the previous meet) we had some tables in the back of a crowded pub, not labelled in any way. The “wait at the bar until you see a guy in a geeky T-shirt, then summon the courage to interact with a stranger and find out if he is here for the meet” should be a rite of passage for everyone.
      Also, I remember when this website was all fields.

  5. Hoaxfish says:

    So, what are the chances of all the older folks who turn up being paranoid about looking like pedophiles when the younger folks turn up?

    • Temple to Tei says:

      *wonders which camp he falls into*

    • President Weasel says:

      I have travelled through time from the year 1974, and I fitted in fine at the last meet.

  6. Ginger Yellow says:

    “March 19th at The Blue Posts pub in London”

    So, is that Blizzard Europe’s local then?

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Blizzard’s pub is in Ireland, of course.


  7. Mungrul says:

    Which Blue Posts?
    Just tapped the name into Google maps, and there seem to be quite a few.
    Berwick Street?
    Newman Street?
    Kingly Street?

    Edit: Bugger, should have read more closely.
    Move along, nothing to see here.

  8. apricotsoup says:

    Wait, have you booked Alestorm the band?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      I didn’t know Alestorm was a band! I was just riffing off of hailstorms/Bulletstorm. I am sorry for any disappointment.

    • Dominic White says:

      Alestorm are very silly and would totally fit in at an RPS meet. Saw em live once, and pretty much all the audience was singing along.

    • Vexing Vision says:

      I for one would be very much tempted to fly over to London for both RPS and Alestorm. :)

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

      I saw the title and thought, “What a cool reference to pirate metal”
      Alestorm are an interesting band, just too heavy for me.
      Now that I say that, of course Quinns would know about a metal band. He too short on Iron…

  9. Daave says:

    I’ll be there! I’ve recently moved to London and am a bit low on local friends so this will be right up my avenue

  10. Jonathan says:

    Why are you singling out Scots and Aussies as whining bastards?

    Besides, we all know that you hoity-toity hivemind lot are too feeble to venture outside your comforable southern baronies into the wilds of the North for mingling and uncomfortable stroking.

  11. CMaster says:

    Any chance this could be a travelling thing?
    London’s a bit pricey to get to for a night down the pub is all.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Getting anywhere outside of London for a pub night is prohibitively expensive and also requires finding a place to crash, if you don’t live in London. :P

    • Xercies says:

      Yeah but that’s the same thing if you live far away from London and there’s a London meet

    • CMaster says:

      I was anticipating you’d get different people turning out at a non-London one.
      I don’t really see what you’re trying to say though. Yes, for Londoners to go elsewhere would cost them money – but probably less than it would cost rest-of-the-country types to get to London. And I’m sure some reader would happily offer a room, or a few people pool for a travelodge room for whatever members of the hivemind attend.

      Birmingham, Manchester, maybe York/Leeds, maybe Edinburgh, maybe Derby/Nottingham seem places that cover other areas of the country, have good transport links and will have a good number of locals. Leaves the southwest a bit out to dry though. Oxford/Bristol accessible enough but not so close to London as making that worth it on its own?

    • Schmung says:

      Bristol seems a good best for those in the South West and Wales.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      @CMaster: I thought you meant permanently moving it outside London for some daft reason – and on rereading your post it makes no sense.

      The Hivemind should totally start dispatching its members elsewhere in the UK to organise nights of wild drinking and partying, though.

    • Groove says:

      “The Hivemind should totally start dispatching its members elsewhere in the UK to organise nights of wild drinking and partying, though.”

      Yes, this. It’s a bit outside of the job description, but pinning a random into the corner to moan about your New Vegas review would be rude. And confusing.

    • Siri says:

      I’m afraid I neither have the time or money to travel the country and set up RPS SC meets, so if anyone wants something to happen in their local area they should get off their butts and do something about it. I’m sorry everyone in Minshull Vernon, but you’ll have to do this yourselves.

      Unless you pay me to do this full-time, of course. I’m happy to arrange an RPS SC gathering in every shire if you’ll finance my lavish lifestyle.

      Also, a party of four is better than none. It doesn’t always work out with smaller groups, but it’s worth a shot. I’m happy to help if I can. :)

  12. AndrewC says:

    Siri is most awesome. Mad props to her.

  13. JackShandy says:

    Are there actually enough australian RPS regulars for a meet-O-Chat?


    • tomeoftom says:

      Ah, Perth. Your laconic lifestyle does not make up for being one of the most isolated cities in the world. Unless you happen to be in Perth as well? (I’ve actually met Quinns, in the most unlikely circumstances.)

    • Quintin Smith says:

      That was you? At Charing Cross bus stop at 3am?

    • drewski says:

      There probably are enough of us, but too spread out to be logistically feasible.

    • tomeoftom says:

      Yes! Haha! Hello again, Mr. Man. An absolute pleasure meeting you and your girlfriend. I’ve started my journo degree! Which is terrifically interesting. How are you faring, across the many ponds?

    • zbillyboob says:

      Sounding off but I think this will die unless it’s taken to the forums.

  14. Duffin says:

    “or trap me in a corner, grill me about my Fallout: New Vegas review and make me wish I’d stayed at home watching Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals because that guy is a food magician”

    you just made me splurt tea all over my monitor and keyboard. :(

  15. alice says:

    God I live on the wrong continent.

  16. TomA says:

    Ah this sounds like a blast but unfortunately I live too far up north for one night, instead I’ll simply have to brave the streets of manchester for a night out, looking out for shady students with their hoods up selling baby teething powder in little plastic bags because their loans have ran out and avoiding ladies of the night.

  17. Staggy says:

    This is within staggering distance of my workplace. Tempting, tempting…

  18. The Lord of Leisure says:

    I want to go to there! And of all things I can walk home from there too! WOOO!

  19. Triangulon says:

    Sounds sweet like tropicana. Although I do hope it doesn’t end up being as controversial as it’s beweaponed namesake.

  20. Alex Bakke says:



    • Jonathan says:

      That is not a properly-formed haiku.

    • drewski says:

      Train ticket costs lots
      But to meet RPS dudes
      Totally worth it

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      Hmmm, hopefully when this gets off the ground a bit more we’ll start planning ahead by a few months, so people can take advantage of cheap(er) tickets.

    • Triangulon says:

      I like trains.

  21. HexagonalBolts says:

    Social club manchester…?

  22. cjlr says:

    Anyone up for RPS Meet-O-Chat: British North America edition?
    There’s gotta be somebody who can get to Toronto (or, that end of the province in general?)


  23. Araxiel says:

    And after reading the headline I thought you guys got Alestorm to play a gig.

    Because of false advertising I will not come! And only because of that. It’s not like distance or work could hold me back.

  24. Norskov says:

    Would any of the Danish readers(we are at least a few) be interested in a Social Club in Odense? Or Copenhagen would probably make more sense, since the swedish and norwegian readers could join too. So, Social Club Scandinavia any one?

    • Jonathan says:

      I like that while us UK-ites are complaining about London being too far you fancypants continental Europeans are trying to get multiple countries together.

      This is why we lost the wars.

    • BaronWR says:

      Or it could be to do with the fact that you can quite easily get the train from France to Germany for the same cost as it takes to get to Birmingham here…

    • Norskov says:

      After actually thinking about it, it would probably be cheaper for the norwegian readers to go to London :P

    • drewski says:

      You don’t really pay any different in the EU if you rock up on the day and try to buy a ticket.

      And if you book in advance in the UK, fares are generally a lot cheaper. In fact, if you book RIGHT NOW you can get a fare from Birmingham to London on March 19th arriving at around 5pm, so plenty of time to tube it to the pub, for £10.50.

    • BaronWR says:

      This man makes sense. Do it!

    • CMaster says:

      Problem isn’t always so much cost (though it is a factor) but getting back again.
      Advance tickets bought right now would cost me an (already pretty steep) £50, but cheaper than the standard return cost of £80. It would also involve over 5 hours on the train, and having to leave the pub at ~21:00 to get to KC for the 22:00 train back. Driving (if I could) would mean similar costs in fuel + wear, plus prevent the consumption of aforementioned ale.
      Might be all right for those coming from Brum mind.

  25. Eukatheude says:

    Oh, i’d love to come.
    Though roughly 1000km to get there are quite a put off for me. Have fun.

  26. Pijama says:

    There is this little problem called “THE ATLANTIC OCEAN” for me, though. I am sorry gentlemen. :(

  27. matte_k says:

    Would love to come down and meet everyone, but sadly 9 days is not enough time for me to make the necessary travel and cover arrangements to abscond from work and come get plastered, more’s the pity :(

    I’m sure you can toast absent friends though :)

  28. TheTourist314 says:

    I have to go all the way from America… I would totally go if I didn’t have to swim it.

  29. cjlr says:

    My fellow North Americans:
    we can make something happen. I know it.

    Er, well, if you’re anywhere in eastern Canada or the northeastern USA. And you could stomach an interval with your good ol’ internet buddy cjlr.

  30. Kieron Gillen says:

    To state the obvious, RPS Yanks should do a PAX EAST meet-up.


  31. Schmung says:

    More notice required next time. Need two weeks minimum to make a jaunt to that London affordable.
    sadface and so forth

  32. Tom OBedlam says:

    Well, gee… I guess I can probably make that…

  33. Ayam says:

    Can we make it fancy dress, please? PC gaming cosplay would rock. Bagsy Super Meat Boy! *phones up Lady Gaga for that outfit*

  34. Daffs says:

    Can I request, really hard, a Meet-o-Chat exactly one month later (or thereon), as I will be in London then? Come on RPS-types, you can do this for me!

    • Siri says:

      Which date? The 16th, since that’s the nearest Saturday?

      Unless it coincides with something likely to steal people’s attention, WE WILL DO IT 4 U!


  35. EBass says:

    I would really really love to come but I’m otherwise engaged that weekend I’m afraid.

  36. DrugCrazed says:

    You mentioned Alestorm:


  37. uncleb says:

    I need a minimum four weeks’ notice, due to being a professional, having a job, family commitments and shit like this and that and everything else. But seriously, the last event was the same. Sort it out. I tell most people three months.

    Seriously, booze and gamers? And I have to miss out because there isn’t the foresight to arrange a piss up in a rat infested brewery with a quest giver right outside? Unforgivable.

  38. Pantsman says:

    Dammit, I’d love to make it, but circumstances have conspired to make the 19th unworkable for me. Those circumstances being, specifically, that on the 19th I will most likely still live about one third of the way around the world from London, in Vancouver.

    Ah well, maybe next time!

  39. televizor says:

    That’s on my birthday. Not gonna be nowhere near London, though…

  40. wiper says:

    The one weekend of the month that I’m not near London. You massive tossers.


  41. Stephen Roberts says:

    For a person with a social calendar as empty as the space between Paris Hiltons ears, I find myself hilariously otherwise engaged. At a party in Islington. Goddamn. Seriously, I do three social things a year! What are the odds!