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The RPS Bargain Bucket: 730 Days

In the time that I have been writing this column, the earth has now successfully orbited around the sun exactly twice. Yes, the bargain bucket is two years old, or at least it will be on Monday. How much have you managed to spend in the last 24 months? What’s your best deal yet? Has your approach to spending money on games changed? And most importantly of all, have you visited yet?Rome: Total War [Gold] – £1.25/€2.50/$2.50
The Total War game that I spent far more time with than any of the others, and still considered by many to be the highpoint of the series. Whilst I always found the battles to be grand in scope and cinematic in scale, I was always more engrossed in the campaign map than the battlefield. Perhaps that’s why I ended up autoresolving battles, and eventually just quitting and playing Civ. This isn’t on sale for much longer, in a few hours it’ll be replaced with another Total War deal. This Total War: Collection Pack, including Total War: Shogun 2: Total War is on sale too.

Saints Row 2 – £2.36/€3.38/$6.78
When you’ve not got any aspirations for aping Hollywood with your virtual city, you can fill it with fun toys like the now infamous poop truck. Here’s wot John thought of this disgusting, puerile and wonderful game:

Most of the story missions put their emphasis on indoor sequences, or using cars for minimal transport between bouts of murder. And this really is about murder. There’s none of GTA IV’s sentimentality or imaginative justification for your actions. This is no-holds, all-out butchering. It’s the game the Daily Mail thinks GTA is. In fact, I’ve a feeling it’s the game that’s trying incredibly hard to make sure to be that.

This will register on Steam, but apparently some people have been getting the German (censored) version from Steam, but the GamersGate download will be uncensored and in English.

Batman: Arkham Asylum [Goatee Edition] – £5.08/€10.18/$10.18
This has been available for a little bit cheaper in the past, but not by a lot and this is still a bat-tastic deal. Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of 2009, and one of the best comic book games ever. Even better than that one where you walk around as Rorschach opening doors and pushing levers. Arkham City is currently riding high on the “Games wot I am anticipating” list, smack bang between The Fancy Pants Adventures and From Dust. Alec was kind enough to tell use wot he thinks of AA, and there’s also a demo here.

Gray Matter – £17.99/€13.86/$28.93
Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
Jane Jensen’s latest game went against the prevailing market trends somewhat when it was announced to have a full retail price attached to it. Now, it’s available for roughly half the initial price, which is probably a much easier pill to swallow. There’s a demo here, assorted confused RPS coverage here and then you’re on your own. I wonder if that coupon will ever expire…

Deal of the week
Everyday Shooter – £3.96/€5.72/$7.96
UK coupon: “madness”, USA coupon: “hangover”.
Delightful acoustic-indie twin stick shooter with pretty sounds. What makes this game not quite so everyday is that it’s comprised of several levels, each with their own graphical style and musical accompaniment, and each has a combo system or trick for you to solve and then master. You only get a short amount of time on each level, so the onus is on you experiment with the enemies in the levels. I bloody love this game, and it doesn’t seem to get much attention. Real shame there’s no demo, but here’s some magic internet video footage of the first few levels. It’s available worldwide from both the UK and USA site, and it’s the same price on both.

Also of note:
All the battlefields have 40% off at EA store.
Majesty 2 – £3/€4/$4. Kingmaker expansion – £1.40/€1.80/$2.
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time – £2.99/€4.99/$4.99.
Crasher – £4.08/€5.10/$5.10.
GOG Gems of Gaming promo.
20% off everything at Direct2DriveUK/Direct2DriveUSA. UK coupon: “madness”, USA coupon: “hangover”.
GamersGate 5th birthday sale.
Games for Windows continues to be a waste of space by having Singularity on “sale” for £39.99.

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