The RPS Bargain Bucket: 730 Days

In the time that I have been writing this column, the earth has now successfully orbited around the sun exactly twice. Yes, the bargain bucket is two years old, or at least it will be on Monday. How much have you managed to spend in the last 24 months? What’s your best deal yet? Has your approach to spending money on games changed? And most importantly of all, have you visited yet?

Rome: Total War [Gold] – £1.25/€2.50/$2.50
The Total War game that I spent far more time with than any of the others, and still considered by many to be the highpoint of the series. Whilst I always found the battles to be grand in scope and cinematic in scale, I was always more engrossed in the campaign map than the battlefield. Perhaps that’s why I ended up autoresolving battles, and eventually just quitting and playing Civ. This isn’t on sale for much longer, in a few hours it’ll be replaced with another Total War deal. This Total War: Collection Pack, including Total War: Shogun 2: Total War is on sale too.

Saints Row 2 – £2.36/€3.38/$6.78
When you’ve not got any aspirations for aping Hollywood with your virtual city, you can fill it with fun toys like the now infamous poop truck. Here’s wot John thought of this disgusting, puerile and wonderful game:

Most of the story missions put their emphasis on indoor sequences, or using cars for minimal transport between bouts of murder. And this really is about murder. There’s none of GTA IV’s sentimentality or imaginative justification for your actions. This is no-holds, all-out butchering. It’s the game the Daily Mail thinks GTA is. In fact, I’ve a feeling it’s the game that’s trying incredibly hard to make sure to be that.

This will register on Steam, but apparently some people have been getting the German (censored) version from Steam, but the GamersGate download will be uncensored and in English.

Batman: Arkham Asylum [Goatee Edition] – £5.08/€10.18/$10.18
This has been available for a little bit cheaper in the past, but not by a lot and this is still a bat-tastic deal. Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of 2009, and one of the best comic book games ever. Even better than that one where you walk around as Rorschach opening doors and pushing levers. Arkham City is currently riding high on the “Games wot I am anticipating” list, smack bang between The Fancy Pants Adventures and From Dust. Alec was kind enough to tell use wot he thinks of AA, and there’s also a demo here.

Gray Matter – £17.99/€13.86/$28.93
Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
Jane Jensen’s latest game went against the prevailing market trends somewhat when it was announced to have a full retail price attached to it. Now, it’s available for roughly half the initial price, which is probably a much easier pill to swallow. There’s a demo here, assorted confused RPS coverage here and then you’re on your own. I wonder if that coupon will ever expire…

Deal of the week
Everyday Shooter – £3.96/€5.72/$7.96
UK coupon: “madness”, USA coupon: “hangover”.
Delightful acoustic-indie twin stick shooter with pretty sounds. What makes this game not quite so everyday is that it’s comprised of several levels, each with their own graphical style and musical accompaniment, and each has a combo system or trick for you to solve and then master. You only get a short amount of time on each level, so the onus is on you experiment with the enemies in the levels. I bloody love this game, and it doesn’t seem to get much attention. Real shame there’s no demo, but here’s some magic internet video footage of the first few levels. It’s available worldwide from both the UK and USA site, and it’s the same price on both.

Also of note:
All the battlefields have 40% off at EA store.
Majesty 2 – £3/€4/$4. Kingmaker expansion – £1.40/€1.80/$2.
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time – £2.99/€4.99/$4.99.
Crasher – £4.08/€5.10/$5.10.
GOG Gems of Gaming promo.
20% off everything at Direct2DriveUK/Direct2DriveUSA. UK coupon: “madness”, USA coupon: “hangover”.
GamersGate 5th birthday sale.
Games for Windows continues to be a waste of space by having Singularity on “sale” for £39.99.

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  1. Kaputnik88 says:

    I hear an awful lot of this TW autoresolve nonsense RPS! Lewie, fair enough if you’re going to win by a landslide(or lose by one) but when you have even the tiniest chance to inflict serious damage to your enemy it is your duty to do so! (this makes campaign strategy more interesting in general) at least IMHO.

    But ranting done now

    Happy Birthday bargain bucket :D

    • Fede says:

      Kaputnik88 is correct, but if you prefer to autoresolve I suggest you to try Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis 3, which has more satisfying depth in the campaign map.

    • Carra says:

      I also end up autoresolving most of my battles.

      Probably why I enjoy Europa Universalis: Rome so much.

  2. Meat Circus says:

    THQ pack, 2009 Christmas Steam sale. Best gaming bargain ever, isn’t it.

    • Sarlix says:

      I don’t know, is it? How much did it cost?

    • Nomaki says:

      I second this.
      £250ish of games for £25/£30.
      Best deal ever.

    • bascule42 says:

      Yep…I’ll go for this. (They did it as part of the 2010 Summer Madness sales too). Though it acted like a moderate casino win on me, (or as the case may well be, 4 lines of cocaine), and got me hooked on Steam sales. I spent way too much this Chrimbo just gone, but hey; Cheap games FTW!!!

    • A-Scale says:

      Why was/is it the best bargain ever? You don’t get all future THQ games free do you?

    • bob_d says:

      Ha, yes! That’s the pack that started me buying unplayable numbers of games from Steam.
      @A-Scale: The pack had about 30 games in it, including all the Dawn of War games/expansions that existed then, the Red Faction games, the various Company of Heroes, Metro 2033, Saints Row 2, Titan Quest(s), S.T.A.L.K.E.R., plus a number of others. No other sales pack has had so many good games for so little, nor are they likely to.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Well, I got all the Dawn of War games/expandalones and all of the Company of Heroes games/expandalones and Stalker and Saints Row 2 and Full Spectrum Warrior and Frontlines and Titan Quest and…


      Oh yes.

  3. Po0py says:

    Wish someone would do a Wot I Think on Gray Matter.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Wot I think: “Ooh, I’ve never heard of this game. Who’s it by? Jane fucking Jensen? OH DEAR.”

    • Vague-rant says:

      So its some sort of Hentai game with Jane fucking Jensen? How do I put that into Metacritic?

    • Towercap says:, the most decent adventure gaming website that I’m aware of, didn’t seem to think much of it. ):

      You can read the 3.5/5 star review here: link to

      Get Gemini Rue though. It’s wonderful.

    • Blackberries says:

      Richard Cobbett gave it 74 for PCG.

      “A welcome return for one of adventure gaming’s patron designers, if not quite a glorious return to form”. He found the writing and characters to be great, but the puzzles less so.

    • Richard Cobbett says:

      The puzzles are dreadful and the pace is glacial, but the character beats include some really fun things, and the story is an endearingly unusual one – if mostly because of the rationalism vs. spiritualism premise. Since I only had 400 words or so for the Gamer review, I later I wrote a much longer thing on my blog, but beware – it has massive spoilers in it. As in ‘everything is discussed, including the big mystery’ level spoilers. Don’t read it if you plan to buy or play the game.

      link to

      As far as Wot I Think style stuff goes, I’d probably sum it up as ‘a game that adventure fans will like, but was was in development for far, far too long, and shows more cracks than polish as a result’. It’s a game I’m glad I played, but definitely no Gabriel Knight, and not an adventure I’m ever likely to want to fire up again.

  4. Eclipse says:

    Everyone should take the first Divine Divinity from Gog at $3.59, it plays wonderfully with the hi-res \ widescreen patch and it’s a great game

  5. trooperdx3117 says:

    Ah game for windows live, bless them for trying, and why the hell hasnt singulartiy come out yet on steam as well?

  6. Flint says:

    Can you link your retail copy of Majesty 2 to Steam? I’d be interested in the expansion sale but not got the Steam M2.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I am fairly sure you cannot, and you need to have the Steam version of the base game to get the expansion from Steam. Sorry.

  7. Anthile says:

    Gray Matter is 15.40€ for me, Mr Procter. And when the coupon is applied, it even goes down to 13.86€!

  8. pupsikaso says:

    Ever since I was introduced to the Bargain Bucket I’ve bought almost all of my games on sale. The only ones that I haven’t are indie games, and a handful of ones that I was very very eager to get as soon as I can.
    I confess I don’t visit savygamer much. Instead I just check in at all the major digital distribution sites (steam, d2d, gamersgate, gog) once a week on the weekends to see if there are any games I’d like to play on sale.
    Of course, I also check the bargain bucket every week, but so far this year I haven’t bought a single game listed. This is because I either already have the games listed, or they don’t interest me enough.

    Thanks a bunch for sticking around and keeping a sharp eye out for great sales, LewieP!

    Oh yeah, the greatest sale for me was getting Metro2033 for like 10 bucks.

    • Sarlix says:

      Metro2033 is on sale now for £5 @ with free delivery link to

      Ignore the the bit in the reviews about getting a free copy of Red Faction Guerrilla though. It seems they have stopped that.

    • Soon says:

      There are several decent £5 deals at play.
      Including Batman, Call of Pripyat, Bioshock 2, Alpha Protocol, Thief Collection…

    • Carra says:

      There comes a point where you have most of the games that you really would like to buy.

  9. patricij says:

    The guy behind Everyday Shooter is kind of a dick -he promised several fixes (menus controllable with a gamepad for example) YEARS ago and, if I’m not mistaken, nothing was done since then. He was even bold enough to state he doesn’t have enough time, because he is developing a new game. I wouldn’t give him a cent for anything.

    • pupsikaso says:

      The only one that is kind of a dick here is you with your entitlement complex.

    • Nidokoenig says:

      I think most people agree that if someone promises to do something, you’re entitled to expect them to follow through with it, so I don’t see why you think that’s a complex. Between that and not being able to ascertain what kind of DRM the D2D version uses, I’m not going to buy it. It’s not as if there’s a huge drought of shmups to throw my money at.

    • patricij says:

      you know what? I don’t really care what you think. If you like being pushed around,,then fine,but I most certainly don’t. He’s not kept to his word and that’s not how the cricket is played in my book. FYI: I paid the bloody full price for it, 10 euros at that time only to be ignored as some pesky bug. I think the ability to control the whole game with a gamepad is a pretty basic feature, especially for a console port like this; it’s not like a complete graphical overhaul, for Christ’s sake!

      Nidokoenig: exactly… the game itself is kinda hit or miss, I think. I really loved the art and music, but a bit in two minds about the gameplay…it’s definitely not for everyone (it grew old fairly quickly for me, especially the hard and tad tedious levels) and the videos are not all that representative of the actual feel

    • Veracity says:

      Whether it’s worth getting especially cross about I dunno, but this is fairly accurate, at least as far as I remember. The PC version came out with bugs of moderate significance* that the developer said would be patched. He then disappeared, ignored attempts to contact for comment, and nothing has been heard on the matter since. It doesn’t matter much if you’re charging ten quid or twenty pee, that’s still a bit embarrassing. If you can’t commit to at least basic post-release support on PC, with all its horrors, you probably shouldn’t be asking for people’s money.

      *Not being able to navigate menus with a pad isn’t a bug, mind. The game didn’t support analogue movement (it was supposed to – shot direction is 8-way by design) and controller input is prone to stuck directions.

    • Navagon says:

      What’s with the trend of saying everyone who has ever expected anything has an entitlement complex? There are plenty of annoying over-expectant selfish assholes out there. So why not keep all the entitlement comments focussed on them?

      Expecting someone to live up to their promises is not an entitlement complex or any approximation thereof.

  10. Pemptus says:

    Some random Gray Matter traits: short, kinda budget-looking, stiffly animated, with wonderful music, either affecting or painfully soppy storyline or somewhere in between(depending on what kind of person you are), a couple of interesting puzzles, a couple of annoying ones, a few minor plot holes, and a rather dissapointing ending.

    I haven’t played any other Jane Jansen game, so not sure how it measures up. Definitely not top-notch.

    Overall I enjoyed it. Despite the flaws, the story got to me, and that’s what matters. The retail price was way too much though, the bargain is a bit more like it.

  11. amandachen says:

    Crazy Machines Everything Pack is 15 quid on steam. Pretty good value
    link to

  12. Heliosicle says:

    Managed to get Lara Croft and TGoL for 50p on D2D thanks to them giving me $10 store credit towards Rome TW which I didn’t get for pre ordering Shogun and using the 20% off, not a bad deal!

  13. Fwiffo says:

    A little known thing is Rome: TW has a strong modding community, allowing the game to be improved with all sorts of stuff the later games added and nicer graphics and whatnot. So yes, it’s cheap because it’s oldish now, but you can modernise it somewhat.

    • oceanclub says:

      Ooh, got any links? Am particularly interested in ones that upgrade graphics/fix issues without actually changing the gameplay.



    • Kaputnik88 says:

      Hey Oceanclub!!

      link to…&released=1&style=def&theme=def&game=99&type=def

      link to the moddb page for Rome ;) , I’d recommend Europa Barborum, if you’ve played Rome too many times before, makes it hugely in depth, accurate and different from the standard game.

      Theres also a Lord of the Rings mod but if you have med 2 kingdoms, I’d advise downloading for that.

      Hope that helps!

    • Vandelay says:

      Not sure about graphics enhancements, but there have been a few mod suggestions in the bargains thread on the forum. Sound like some pretty good stuff, although I think I’ll play them vanilla to begin with. Anyone know if Shogun 2 is going to have decent mod support, after the ditching of it with Empire?

      Currently downloading all the Total Wars now (Medieval 2 finished as was typing.) Not played one since Rome quite a while ago, so looking forward to seeing what I’ve been missing the last few years and trying out Shogun 2 next week (plus, most importantly, showing off my fancy new TF2 items.) Is Empire really not worth playing at all?

  14. Ricc says:

    One of my best deals was Alpha Protocol for $2.50 on Green Man Gaming thanks to savygamer! They changed the price to $25 a few hours later. The key still activated on Steam.

    Oh and for a while D2D mistakenly gave away free Mafia 1 when Mafia 2 came out. Also caught that thanks to savygamer. :D I can only recommend checking the site often or subscribing to one of the categorized RSS feeds!

    • malkav11 says:

      I don’t think that was a mistake – preordering Mafia II got you Mafia on Steam, it would make sense if they’d extended that deal to other sites as well.

  15. Dominic White says:

    One of the big Gamesgate sale items is Resident Evil 5 for $15. If you have a buddy to play it with (seriously, find someone), it’s amazingly good fun. The entire thing is designed from the ground up with two players in mind, much moreso than any AAA game I can think of. The whole thing is set up like a buddy action movie, too.
    The series has evolved way past horror now. RE5 is about a couple of professional monster-slayers/secret agents on a mission to stop a cackling supervillain and his army of mutant fiends.

    Also, the port on it is really good. Forget RE4 (which was farmed out to Ubisoft, who fucked it up so badly it launched without a lighting engine – fullbright ahoy!) – Capcom did this one in-house, and even added a special ‘tons of monsters’ survival mode that only PCs could handle. My only gripe with the PC version didn’t get any of the DLC, which was apparently quite good.

    • airtekh says:

      I’ll second this. I had great fun in Resi 5 even when playing it single-player.

      Probably worth mentioning it uses Games for Windows Live. Personally, I didn’t have any problems when playing it, but your mileage may vary.

    • TheApologist says:

      I’ll second this – I really enjoyed it in co-op with a friend. Played it on PS3 so don’t know about the quality of the port but other recent Capcom ports have been fine.

      With the exception of a shitty end boss, it was lots of silly fun. But then, are there end bosses that aren’t shitty?

    • Nick says:

      The port is top notch, at least it was for me anyway.

    • jaheira says:

      Yes it’s an excellent port of a great game. Fun with just one player as well, the AI for your companion is good enough.

  16. Om says:

    Batman link not working for me

  17. airtekh says:

    I’m currently playing Saints Row 2 and it is a very sloppy port; but there is some fun to be had and is probably worth it at that price.

    There is also a weird bug when run on Windows 7 which causes the game to run at 1.5x normal speed. I managed to correct this with Saints Row Powertools. You adjust the speed of the game in a text file – 80% seemed playable enough for me, it might depend on how powerful your computer is though.

    • Fwiffo says:

      Oh thankyou so much. I was lamenting this very thing last time Saints Row 2 came up on here. Now I can finally enjoy it properly.

    • mwoody says:

      Gentlemen of the Row. GENTLEMEN OF THE ROW.

      You need two things for SR2: a co-op partner and Gentlemen of the Row.

  18. iLag says:

    if you don’t care about where to buy Rome Gold from, go to D2D(US) instead and use the coupon, that will save you some cents.
    Everyone look out this evening when the Rome deal will most likely (pure speculation on my part, to be honest. but quite likely, I’d say.) be switched with a Medieval 2 Gold deal. Its price was recently reduced to 9,99€, so 2,50€ for Medival 2 + expansions is awesome (Kingdoms has never been cheaper than 3,74€ before!)

    • iLag says:

      oww, bad prediction then. good thing I bought Medieval 2 Complete for 2,50€ when GreenManGaming had it a couple of weeks ago.

  19. iLag says:

    oh, and Fate of the World for cheap money here: D2D(US) – $7.96 (use promo code HANGOVER) link to

  20. Freud says:

    Company of Heroes is on sale on Gamersgate for about $3. If for some reason anyone hasn’t played it, it’s a very solid RTS.

  21. Maltose says:

    Gray Matter is only $19.99, or $17.99 with the coupon code.

  22. noobnob says:

    On Singularity deal from GFW for 39 quid: the game is 50% off, from $49,99 to $24,99 on the US page only, but for some reason the deal banner shows on every region-specific GFW page.

  23. Chucrute says:

    Bad Company 2 is 9.99 USD on Impulse. It’s available for US and Canada.

  24. TheApologist says:

    The Bargain Bucket is great stuff – a must read for me every week.

    Thanks, Lewie

  25. Stense says:

    I recently played Batman for the first time after having picked it up in a sale before. I was really very pleased by it. I don’t really know the Batman universe in any detail much past the films so I didn’t really know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect such an enjoyable cross betwixt (in my estimation at least) Metroid Prime, Splinter Cell and Beyong Good and Evil.

  26. Carra says:

    The bargain bucket did change how I get games. Pirating games has been replaced by just waiting until they are available for a fifth of their original price. And I must have bought close to 200 games during bargain deals.

    As for the best deals? The indie bundles. Plus on steam the entire Eidos catalogue for the price of one game: the new batman game, the hitman games, tomb raider games, thief, deus ex,… Yes please.

  27. Heliosicle says:

    saints row 2 off of GG is the german version meaning Powertools which fixes the game crashes it and its permanently german despite changing the language to english.
    I’m pissed.

    edit: wish I’d read this on the steam forums before
    “IMPORTANT: DO NOT BUY SAINTS ROW 2 FROM GAMERSGATE! All of their keys for the game activate as the German censored release on Steam, even if you live in a country outside Germany!”

    • Vinraith says:

      Wait, I’m confused, do you mean you registered your key on Steam and got a German version, or do you mean that you downloaded it directly from Gamersgate and got a version that doesn’t require Steam? Most versions of SR2 are Steamlocked.

      Regardless, you should write to GG customer support, I’ve had generally very good experiences with them.

    • iLag says:

      of course the version sold on Gamersgate does not -require- you to activate the game on Steam – think of it as an added bonus, if you like – so there’s really no reason to get a refund when the version you can download directly from GG runs perfectly fine in English, right? sooo… I really don’t get your problem here (as long as you’re not one of those people who need to have every single one of their games on Steam. still – since the product page on GG doesn’t mention Steam, it’s no Steam game as far as they are concerned. and they are right.)

    • Heliosicle says:

      Well having downloaded 12gb worth of game off of steam I’d like for it to have worked. I contacted steam support asking them if they could revoke the game from my account and add an english version. Otherwise I’ll just download the GG version.

    • mwoody says:

      The part you’re missing: the Gamersgate download is inexplicably one patch behind everyone else, without a way to update it. So you have a version that 1) has already-patched bugs, 2) can’t play online with the rest of the world, and 3) can’t use any of the excellent mods. But they also give you a Steam key, which would be a great way to circumvent these problems EXCEPT, as already noted, it unlocks a censored version with its own bugs and some menu text in German.

      Maybe I wouldn’t feel that way if I’d actually bought it on Gamersgate, but from the sidelines, that is an amusingly incredible amount of fail for the release of a game that’s been out for years.

    • Xan says:

      Yeah I had that same problem with SR2.
      This is what Steam Support replied to me:

      “This is not an authorized re-seller of Steam CD Keys. Please do not complete any purchases with this vendor.
      Only CD Keys included with retail copies or purchased from authorized retailers will be allowed.
      Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. ”

      and GamersGate replied this:
      “We are investigating the case and we will check if the serials are really german. Note that it is quite common that downloadable versions of games from most providers sometimes do not work with the original retail copies, or copies from other download providers due to the fact that the games are tailored for each specific provider. We are not cooperating with other providers, so we cannot guarantee any compatibility with their games, since their copy may be changed in some way. Our games are rarely changed now, so they mostly work with the retail copies. ”

      but I didn’t get any update if it’s really a German key or not.

      I bought the game when it was on sale last year.

      Is the game really one patch behind? That should be emailed to GamersGate support then so they add the latest patch.

  28. DrGonzo says:

    I have to make my obligatory comment about how SR2 is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. So many otherwise intelligent people seem to love it and I don’t understand why. I suspect it’s a contrarian anti GTA 4 sentiment rather than anyone actually liking it. If you are looking for a silly fun alternative to GTA Just Cause 2 is excellent fun.

    I think it could possibly be the Zero Punctuation attitude. If it makes a good sentence then it’s a good game, eg ‘ it fires lightning and shurikens’ what more could you want? Oh right yeah, a good game.

    And of course god forbid a game for wanting to be more mature or possibly having any meaning or original gameplay mechanics.

    Ahem, sorry ’bout that, it is my uncontrollable reaction every time Saints Row 2 is mentioned.

    • MajorManiac says:

      Apart from the uncomfortably violent cut-scenes, I enjoy Saints Row 2 because its fun nonsense.

      Just Caues 2 is also fun silliness, but is very shallow by comparision. I enjoy these and GTA games but for different reasons.

      This responce isn’t to say your opinion is wrong, as the way you feel is absalutely valid, but I just want people who haven’t played these games to know an alternative perspective.

    • godgoo says:

      I concur, but not because I hate games that are purely about fun (i enjoyed just cause 2 for a time). I honestly felt like I somehow had a different game on my hdd to the one my respected friends and relied upon writers had recommended to me when I played SR2.
      Best to just put it out of your mind.

    • malkav11 says:

      If I’d had severe performance issues with both console and PC versions of the game I probably wouldn’t like it either. But while the PC port is rubbish and works properly only on some, mostly very beefy computers, the console version has no issues for me and so I can only conclude that either your console or your copy of the game was damaged at the time. There shouldn’t be any other circumstances under which a game works for some people on console and not for others, due to the uniformity of the console hardware design.

      And I happen to like both GTA IV and SR2. GTA IV is gorgeous and has some lovely dialogue and writing and I adore the Euphoria physics. Unfortunately, the side activities are largely unrewarding and I struggle with the driving, which makes a few of the missions really obnoxious. Meanwhile, SR2 rewards you with in-game unlocks for practically everything, has an infinite garage, and is gleefully silly, violent fun across the board with only one or two exceptions (I’m not wild about the Escort side activity, just because of how obnoxious it is). And it has one of the best, most flexible character creators in the business. It also has hilarious cutscenes and dialogue, but makes no pretense of maturity or telling a serious story. And I think there’s a place for both directions.

  29. MajorManiac says:

    Happy Birthday Bargin Bucket, and thanks for the great work Lewie. You are personally responcible for me both saving and spending allot of money. :)

  30. A-Scale says:

    I haven’t even read the bucket yet, but I want you to know that it genuinely makes me so happy I squirm and almost squeal when I see that it is posted. I think it’s because I’ve gotten so many excellent deals because of it. Thank you!

  31. DojiStar says:

    Sweet, I share my birthday with Bargain Bucket! Or at least the two-days-early column posted today. I’ve definitely scored some good deals because of it. Although, like MajorManiac above pointed out, I’m not sure spending more money on more games is “savings” now that I think about it…

  32. Delusibeta says:

    The Rome: Total War deal has been replaced with Medieval 2 for £2.50 (75% off). link to

    Annoyingly, only the vanilla game is discounted: Kingdoms is still a fiver.

    • Vandelay says:

      Damn. Had a feeling that would happen. It was missing from the complete set, so was hoping to pick it up really cheap, even if it did mean getting base game again.

      I assume tomorrow will be either Empire or Napoleon, maybe even both.

    • Colonel J says:

      Nuts that is annoying, I thought it was the Med II Gold edition too until you pointed that out.

    • iLag says:

      try Direct2Drive (US). it’s not $2.50, but it’s better than the Steam deal, I guess.

    • Colonel J says:

      Is it still possible to buy from the US D2D store if you are in UK?
      I’ve tried it every which way (see forum thread on PC Bargains) in an attempt to get Med II TW Complete and Fate of the World at US$ prices and I get bounced back everytime I hit the checkout button.

    • iLag says:

      that’s strange indeed, seems to be working fine here (NL), maybe just a temporary hiccup? at least I hope so, otherwise D2D won’t ever see my money again (has anybody ever seen their prices @ D2D(EU)? ridiculous!)

    • Colonel J says:

      I’ve just resolved it, but not sure why. I created a brand new account, using a different browser, and bought Fate of the World and Med II Complete in US$ at 20% off, no problems :)

      The previous D2D account was unused so far for purchases and had nothing on it to link it to a UK address (other than my IP) so it beats me what was going on. Whatever I tried to add to my cart I could only checkout in £ but not in $ or €.

  33. AlexV says:

    Batman still GFWL crippled, though? Guess I’ll keep waiting, though with ever decreasing hopefulness. Maybe once it reaches GOG…

    • mattjb says:

      Sadly it is still saddled with GFWL. An otherwise excellent game, well-ported, but the lone drawback is that GFWL. The developers got pissed on by their publishers when they decided to saddle their game with that half-assed service.

    • bob_d says:

      It is pretty annoying to have to deal with GFWL to play the game single player. It would be nice if they dispensed with that at some point

  34. Gabe McGrath says:

    Happy birthday Bargain Bucket – you are full of goodness, like a Lindt ball, but less prone to melting on a fine day.

    • Berzee says:

      It’s the only thing I buy in Borders. They should get rid of the books in their brick-and-mortar stores and just sell those truffles. Wall to wall truffles.

  35. bildo says:

    Been to the website once. Love the deals, hate the website. It’s a pretty shit design probably will never go back to it as long as you post the best stuff on RPS :X

    I do however, love the information that it contains and you! Way to go!

    • Berzee says:

      It’s pretty basic design, but as it’s all deals-of-the-moment, there’s not much reason to be able to browse through pleasantly-laid-out archives. :) I think it suffices very well.

      I don’t read it because at the moment I’m in a place where I have enough time to read about games but not enough time to buy 5,000 cheap games and play them all, which is what the Bargain Bucket tries to make me do every week while I’m enjoying my two dollars’ worth of internet words! O_O

  36. Navagon says:

    Happy Birthday, Bargain Bucket! What do you want to be when you grow up? A Value Vat?

  37. Hardtarget says:

    fucking finally.
    Napoleon Total War is FINALLY on sale by itself. I don’t think this has ever happened before as I’ve been waiting. 7.50 is a bit more than the 5 I was hoping it would go for but I’ll take it.

    (also fuck you shogun 2, tricked me once by getting me to pay full price and pre-order Empire, NEVER AGAIN)

  38. itsallcrap says:

    The best deal I found on here yet, since you ask, was Age of Empires 3 with both expansion packs for ten Microsoft points – epecially since I aleady had two hundred just sitting there because they aren’t worth enough to buy anything else.

    I swear that must have been an administrative error. The very next day it was back up to thirty quid.

  39. Fumarole says:

    How much have you managed to spend in the last 24 months?

    In the last two years I have spent $910.31 on 129 games, with the average price at $7.06. Still cheaper than playing hockey though.