Aliens On A Plane: First Prey 2 Trailer

Man On The Floor On A Plane! 'I've HAD IT with this man on the floor,' etc

The first Prey 2 trailer has dribbled onto the internet, like a splodge of molten entertainment. You’ll find it contained after the jump, but be forewarned- it’s an entirely live action affair, containing actual humans actually reacting to imaginary stuff. Thanks to RPS reader Gabe “Fear Factory” McGrath for sending this in.

EDIT: Oh, snap! This isn’t useless at all. It corroborates what Kotaku was saying about you playing not a Native American, but a Federal Marshal, and if that’s true- well, in the same post Kotaku say Prey 2 will be an open-world game with you playing a bounty hunter on an alien planet. This game just got very interesting. More details after the jump.

Previous Cynicism recorded for posterity:

What do these actual people actually tell us? Well- that there will be ALIENS in Prey 2. Also, their spacecraft. Which is a bit like saying there will be guns in it, or walls, or a main menu. Me, I’d be much more interested to hear about what they’re doing with the mad Cherokee mythology of the first game, or its physics-rending alien tech (click here to watch how Prey ended). C’mon, Human Head!

Tell you what, this video would be a lot more interesting if Prey 2 hadn’t been announced already, huh? We could have had fun speculating on the alien design, thinking it was a teaser for Half-Life: Episode 3, getting disappointed when we realised it was Prey, the whole bit. What a shame.

But really, this live-action short matches everything Kotaku posted about the game, which is that it’ll tell the story of the original game from a different perspective, and that that perspective will belong to a US Federal Marshal who quickly gets transported to an alien planet where he works as a bounty hunter with “multiple ways to complete each objective.”

Kotaku also say this: “We don’t know much more about the game, but we were told that one twist to the first-person shooter mechanic is the ability to grip ledges for cover and a heavy emphasis on platforming.”

Heh. Did this game just get catapulted up into “One to watch” for anybody else?


  1. derFeef says:

    Stupid… “I have a gun and I am shooting at the light with the human-like silhouette in it!”
    But I kind of like the idea that is is a parallel story to the first game.
    I still want Tommy – with spiritwalking and all.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      My problem with Tommy is that he’s an idiot who has never seen a science fiction, fantasy, or horror movie in his life. The “big twist” is ridiculously telegraphed for him, and yet as the player I have to scream at my own avatar (from a first person perspective) to GODDAMN STOP A MINUTE AND LISTEN TO WHAT GRANDPA IS SAYING YOU JACKASS WHERE’S THE “TAKE YOUR MENTOR SERIOUSLY” BUTTON!?!

      So the story is shit, the first third of the game is pure tedium interspersed with little interesting bits… and yet I still like the game. Because once you get to around that 1/3 mark, the game becomes fantastically fun right up until Tommy gets his comeuppance for being a complete douchebag and it’s just a pity others had to suffer because the idiot shoots his gun when I press my mouse buttons but he won’t listen to me when I’m screaming into my microphone.

      And then the game has the balls to copy the ending to Super Mario Brothers: The Movie.

      But in between that tedious first third and the awful ending there’s some seriously wonderful level design. Especially when you get the hovering shuttlecraft. In other words, there’s 2/3 of a seriously awesome game in there, and it’s a pity the protagonist does his best to ruin the whole thing.

      But yeah: Tommy being gone is seriously good news to me. Anyone who would let [SPOILER CENSORED] happen to [SPOILER CENSORED] because he wouldn’t take an extra minute or two to listen to the old guy who turned out to be right about everything up to that point, doesn’t deserve a sequel. Plus, him not being the protagonist actually makes the ending to the first game ironically humorous instead of just braindead stupid.

  2. Iskariot says:

    I sure hope there are no live action cutscenes in the game itself.

    • Benny says:

      You mean all C&C’s live cutscene pioneering work is for nothing?

  3. Javier-de-Ass says:


  4. Stijn says:

    Meh, I liked the native American touch in Prey, however (in)accurate it actually was. “Open world bounty hunter” sounds somewhat like Borderlands, which is pretty cool in itself, but seems to be a far cry from Prey 1.

  5. Hellraiserzlo says:

    The first game hooked me because of the cool alien world exploration, sounds like they are keeping it.

  6. Flint says:

    “Did this game just get catapulted up into “One to watch” for anybody else?” Quite the opposite actually, open world FPS with emphasis on platforming really doesn’t sound too appealing to me, and the mild interest I had in this after somewhat enjoying the first one has more or less vanished. Ah well.

  7. DaftPunk says:

    After watching this video i downloaded DEMO of Prey 1,never played the game so lets see if its really good as some people say :p

    • MadTinkerer says:

      I haven’t played the demo, but if it’s set in the first third of the game, bear in mind that it starts out like:

      boring room / pointless “controversial” bit inserted to try to boost sales / boring room / wait, this is fun! / boring room / gross thing / boring room / hey, this is neat! / boring room

      and then it becomes:

      oh this is fun / hell yeah we’re flying! / oh man, that just happened! / this spirit-walking puzzle is pretty fun / more flying! / suck it, baddies! / now this is how you do a corridor shooter / shut up Tommy you idiot / woo! more flying! / awesome gravity defying puzzle / funny radio cameo / jumping around and shooting on planetoids / shut up and listen to Grandad you idiot

  8. Gabe McGrath says:

    Haha, dunno where my new “Fear Factory” middle name came from… all I remember was emailing a tip in, then a hand covered my mouth with this funny smelling rag.. then I woke up in a bathtub of ice.


    Hopefully, one day I’ll get “Mr_Staypuft” as my middle name on an RPS tip. That would rock.

    (serious reply below)
    It’s pretty well made, for a (long) teaser trailer. Will be interesting to see if they keep the uniqueness of the first game, even if the main character has changed.

  9. mrwonko says:

    Does anybody else remember the plane in Prey? This may be it…

  10. TsunamiWombat says:

    Ugh. Whitewash ahoy.

  11. konrad_ha says:

    At first I was like “live-action trailer, meh.”, but now I’m like “GIEHV ME TEH GUNZ TO SHOOT TEH ALIEN BASTERDS – RWAHRHRR!!!”. This looks rather exciting and the first Prey was great fun despite all it’s flaws.

  12. Teddy Leach says:

    I want these motherfucking aliens off this motherfucking plane.

    • battles_atlas says:

      This Marshall seems like something of a loose cannon to me. I’m no expert on relevant rules of engagement, but I’m pretty sure that insta-unloading a clip in the direction of a glowing light (and the cockpit) in a pressurised passenger cabin is not cool.

      I do hope that he gets results.

  13. kifter says:

    Disappointed to see you playing a boring been done to death character, but seeing as the gravity and portal puzzles were good in the first game, looking forward to the platforming heavy game play.

  14. Madlukelcm says:

    “EDIT: Oh, snap! This isn’t useless at all. It corroborates what Kotaku was saying about you playing not a Native American, but a Federal Marshal, and if that’s true- well, in the same post Kotaku say Prey 2 will be an open-world game with you playing a bounty hunter on an alien planet. This game just got very interesting. More details after the jump.”

    I dunno, i hope this doesn’t end up being some crappy over the top action hodge-podge. I LOVED the original for which I seem to be part of a minority, and change can be a great thing, but that description is an entirely different game.

  15. hanneswall says:

    Having seen the screenshots in the magazine previously mentioned here I can say that it looks pretty good.

  16. Kilrathi says:

    Good news, but when in the the Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch will Steam sell Prey again? I bought it during the X-mas 2009 Steam sale but my brother was too late to buy it because they “ran out of cd-keys” for the game. It’s been over a year and still no Prey availability. GOSHHH!

    • Matt says:

      Just buy a retail copy – Prey is one of the few non-Valve games you can register on Steam.

  17. syntax says:

    That was…. really bad. Plus, it didn’t tell us anything about the game.

  18. Navagon says:

    Simply being Prey 2 makes it one to watch. But the decidedly more conventional character is going to take a real toll on things. What’s going to happen to spirit walking, etc?

  19. Greg Wild says:

    Spiffy trailer.

    But I too really hope they keep the mad mythology of the first game. That gave it serious character.

  20. brog says:

    I have to wonder why they screwed up the ending of the original game if they’re not even going to use the same character for the sequel.
    (SPOILER: he spends the entire game crawling back from the brink of death because he refuses to pass on until he’s completed his quest, then he dies a dramatic and heroic final death in which his body is utterly consumed by ultimate fire. a quite satisfactory ending. but.. then he get right back up from that because SEQUEL.)

  21. Grinterloper says:

    I for one cannot wait to play as another white american male protagonist.

  22. Spliter says:

    “grip ledges for cover and a heavy emphasis on platforming”
    I really hope this doesn’t mean chest high walls all over the place and third person action which forces most of the levels be on the horizontal (hello console gamers!) plane rather than like in the first one when the world turned and twisted on itself.

  23. frenz0rz says:

    Bugger, I accidentally told the video that I was born in 2009, and now I cant find a way to watch the trailer. I am not 2 years old, damnit!

  24. Psychopomp says:

    “an open-world game with you playing a bounty hunter on an alien planet.”

  25. Ziv says:

    I actually really liked the first prey but never finished it (twice). I can’t remember why… It was fun but I think it either got annoyingly hard or just annoying… Should I give it another go before this one comes out?

    I remember the game being seriously gross, especially to my young mind at the time (and again at a later age when I tried to replay it). It was pretty remarkable since I’m not easily grossed out and it left a mark on me (the bit in the beginning with his father? One of my gaming moments).

    Hell, I’m gonna try reinstalling it.

  26. DOLBYdigital says:

    Could be interesting, I’m getting Mirrors Edge mixed with Strangers’ Wrath vibes for some reason in my head. Either way its now on my radar and I look forward to some more ‘real’ videos. Wait… is this coming out in 2011. Wow, crazy year

  27. Araxiel says:

    The most memorable part of Prey was the sequence in which you see somekind of meteroid displayed in a glass vitrine. Later you’re being shrunk and teleported onto that meteroid and fight enemies on it, with gravity and all. That was pretty awesome. The rest was very solid alienshootery.

  28. RegisteredUser says:

    I am sick and tired of these motherfuckin aliens on this motherfuckin plane!

  29. adonf says:

    “not a Native American, but a Federal Marshal”

    Hey, maybe he’s both. You know, in this modern age American Indians can be cops like any other man. Or woman.